Chapter 84: Harmony

Huang Rang beat up the chief of the Celestial Court.

After the beating, she twisted Di Yiqiu’s ear and dragged him all the way to the abandoned institute field. She ordered him to restore the field to its original state!

This incident shocked everyone.

Di Yiqiu was not just the chief of the Celestial Court; he was also the legitimate son of the Emperor Shi Wenyu.

Although he had been stripped of his noble title, it didn’t mean that he could be beaten by anyone for fun.


That afternoon, the three eunuchs of Fu, Lu, and Shou hurried from palace with the intention of punishing Huang Rang.

However, when they arrived, they found their own chief with panda eyes, working on the piece of wasteland that used to be Huang Rang’s trial field.

He was using a hoe to till the soil, but he had no idea how to do it properly.

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Initially, some people at the Celestial Court complained about the treatment of the chief.


Later, Huang Rang replanted the “weeds” that had been removed earlier. Three days later, the mosquitoes and insects gradually disappeared.

The people at the Celestial Court finally got a good night’s sleep, and from then on, no one ever complained about the chief’s treatment again.

After this incident, Huang Rang continued to send delicacies to Di Yiqiu every morning and evening as if nothing had happened.

Di Yiqiu also held no grudges and accepted her offerings graciously. They reconciled like children who had just had a quarrel. Observers noticed many differences in their relationship afterward.

Outside, the criticism and insults regarding Liangmi still raged on, but Third Dream had not made an appearance, rendering these attacks and condemnations ineffectual.

As for Huang Rang, she paid no attention—people were cursing Third Dream, so what did it have to do with her?

She continued her carefree existence at the Celestial Court.

Then, one day, an unexpected guest arrived at the Celestial Court.

It was Xie Hongchen, the Sect Master of the Yuhu Immortal Sect.

Everyone found it strange.

The Yuhu Immortal Sect was known for its focus on cultivation and spiritual matters, rarely involving itself in worldly affairs. Xie Hongchen almost never set foot in the capital.

So, his voluntary visit left everyone curious and puzzled.


Di Yiqiu personally welcomed him, and Xie Hongchen was as elegant and gentle as ever, dressed in his distinctive attire.

He took a seat in the reception hall and said, “I’ve heard that this past year, the Celestial Court’s chief has been busy with the matter of drought-resistant crops. The chief, at such a young age, cares for the common people; he is truly a blessing to the people.”

His words were polite, but Di Yiqiu’s face held a smile while his eyes remained cold. He asked, “Master Xie, your praise is too generous. However, I assume your visit isn’t solely to compliment me?”

Xie Hongchen nodded and said, “Chief, you are indeed straightforward. I’ve come here this time to offer a small token of goodwill to benefit the common people.”

After speaking, he performed a minor technique, and several wooden boxes from his storage artifact appeared in the reception hall.

Xie Hongchen continued, “Wealth is but a worldly possession, yet it can alleviate suffering. Please don’t refuse, chief.”

The chief casually opened one of the boxes, revealing neatly stacked golden bricks.

Money indeed had its allure! The Celestial Court had incurred substantial expenses, and the imperial budget allocations were insufficient. They were in need of funds in various areas.

The chief of the Celestial Court was hesitating, and Sect Master Xie continued, “I heard that Miss Ah Rang is studying at the Celestial Court. I would like to pay her a visit. Would you kindly arrange a meeting for her?”

The words “Huang Rang” seemed to touch a sore spot for the chief.

With a loud thud, the chief closed the wooden box, shutting out the glittering gold within.

“What’s the matter, Sect Master Xie, are you acquainted with Ah Rang?” The chief forced a half-smile.


Xie Hongchen sensed the change in his mood but remained patient. “To be honest, fourteen years ago, I had a chance encounter with Miss Ah Rang in Xiancha Town. Later, I learned that she had joined the Ruyi Sword Sect and even paid a visit there. So, you could say we are acquaintances.”

The chief cursed inwardly—fourteen years ago? That means you knew each other while I was still in my mother’s womb?

He returned to his seat, maintaining a fake smile, and said, “Sect Master Xie, what do you take me for? Do you think you can see the students of my Black Tortoise Bureau by bringing a few chests of gold and silver?”

With a wave of his robe, he added, “I must decline this gift. Neither you nor anyone else will be allowed to see her.”

Xie Hongchen’s eyebrows furrowed slightly. He hadn’t expected Di Yiqiu to interpret his words this way. He could only say, “chief, you’ve misunderstood. I was merely…”

The chief sneered, “Regardless of your intentions, I cannot comply. She is studying at the Celestial Court, and it is our responsibility to protect her from ill-intentioned individuals.”

He emphasized the term “ill-intentioned individuals” decisively.

Sect Master Xie, a person of high status, could not accept being labeled in such a manner.

He stood up and said, “This is a misunderstanding, chief. I should not have made this request. Please accept my apologies.”

With that, he turned and left.

The chief  walked a few steps to see him off at the hall’s entrance. Once Xie Hongchen had left, he instructed, “Li Lu, return this money to the Yuhu Immortal Sect.”

Li Lu had dispatched someone to collect the money, but upon seeing the contents of the boxes, he couldn’t help but feel tempted. He said, “Chief… the Jade Vase Immortal Sect has always been extremely wealthy. If Sect Master Xie insists on giving this gift, perhaps we should accept it. In the end, it’s for the welfare of the common people.”


However, the chief’s determination was evident. He said, “Return it!”

Today, he seemed to have taken leave of his senses… not even caring for gold. Deputy chief Li muttered to himself with a perplexed look.

However, the chief had clearly underestimated Sect Master Xie.

Even though he had been rebuffed, Sect Master Xie didn’t take it to heart. After all, Di Yiqiu was only fourteen years old, and who would take him too seriously?

Sect Master Xie calmly visited the Ruyi Sword Sect.

The He couple were much more welcoming to him. Qu Manying said, “Sect Master Xie, your visit is an honor, and we apologize for not welcoming you earlier.”

Sect Master Xie, who remained untouched by worldly matters, had become even more graceful and refined over the years. He replied with grace, “Lady He, you are too polite. I have come this time to both visit Master He and Lady He and to bring some small gifts for the Huang sisters.”

He specifically mentioned Huang Rang and Huang Jun.

He Xijin and Qu Manying were both experienced and composed individuals, so they naturally harbored some doubts.

Sect Master Xie indeed took out gifts from his storage artifact, displaying his meticulousness. While the gifts were intended for the Huang sisters, he also included some spiritual elixirs for He Cui and He Dan.

Qu Manying accepted these gifts with gratitude and repeatedly expressed her thanks.

Sect Master Xie, in his gentle manner, said, “I had the chance to meet Miss Ah Rang at the Immortal Sect last time, and I felt an instant connection. It’s a pity that she is studying in the capital now, and I cannot see her in person.”

With these words, his intention became quite clear.

Qu Manying understood the unspoken meaning but didn’t show it on her face. She simply smiled and said, “Indeed, it’s been over a decade, and the children have grown so much. On behalf of the children, I thank Sect Master for your generosity.”

Sect Master Xie left it at that and didn’t say much more.

The conversation turned to the current state of affairs regarding Liangmi. Sect Master Xie remarked, “Master Third Dream is truly a remarkable individual. In just a few months, he has cultivated such excellent crop varieties.”

He Xijin couldn’t help but agree, saying, “Indeed, he is.”

Being a highly intelligent person, He Xijin had a good understanding of Sect Master Xie’s intentions by now. He casually engaged in small talk, touching on various topics.

Qu Manying added, “It’s just a pity that Liangmi has a coarse texture, and there has been significant criticism in recent months.”

Sect Master Xie smiled and said, “In my opinion, this is precisely where Master Third Dream’s brilliance lies.”

“Oh?” Qu Manying looked intrigued.

Sect Master Xie remained gentle and patient as he spoke. “The matter of Liangmi has sent shockwaves throughout the court and the common people. I have personally visited the fields where it is cultivated. This crop yields a high output and does not rely on irrigation. Wealthy landowners have been eyeing it for quite some time. If it proves to be delicious, there will surely be hoarding in abundance. Once hoarding begins, no matter how high the production, it will become a scarce commodity.”

He analyzed further, saying, “At that point, even if Liangmi is unaffected by drought, its price will skyrocket. The poor will continue to endure hunger and suffering, looking on with despair.”

Qu Manying’s expression changed slightly, and Sect Master Xie continued, “However, due to its rough texture, it is less likely to be hoarded. As a result, food prices will remain stable, and people’s livelihoods will not be unduly burdened. In times of great disasters, it can even save lives.”

Every word he spoke exposed the intricacies of human nature. In this matter, both saving and harming lives were driven by human desires.

Qu Manying listened as if waking from a dream and sighed, “Master Third Dream is truly extraordinary. I’ve come to admire him greatly. I truly hope to meet him in person during my lifetime.”

He Xijin added, “In…in… every generation… th…there are many individuals with compassionate hearts…H…h..however, th..th..those who are truly understanding and harmonious are few.”

Sect Master Xie nodded slightly and said, “Master He speaks the truth. This person not only possesses a heart of compassion and justice but also a deep understanding of the world. With exceptional talent and dedication to the country and its people, he is a true virtuoso.”

Meanwhile, Huang Rang, who embodied the qualities of “compassion and understanding,” was in Di Yiqiu’s fief.

The land there was exceptionally fertile—a paradise for crops!

Thinking about it now, if she had known that Di Yiqiu possessed such a vast expanse of fertile land, why would she have ever complained about his youth?

What a missed opportunity!

The Liangmi seeds, now growing in such fertile soil, were naturally thriving.

The second batch of Liangmi with excellent characteristics will soon be ready for harvest.

With her hands behind her back, she walked through the fields like a general inspecting her troops, appearing very satisfied.

A tenant farmer was busy weeding nearby, and seeing her gentle disposition, he cautiously asked, “Miss Ah Rang, there are rumors going around that Liangmi is hard to eat. Why doesn’t Master Third Dream improve the taste?”

Huang Rang, upon hearing this, immediately became indignant. She glared and said, “Improve the taste? They don’t know the first thing about managing a household! Do they even know how much silver it took to develop the mother seed of this Liangmi? Master Third Dream is penniless; where would he get the silver to improve the taste? They are simply ignorant and delusional!”

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