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  • Unconscious

    Chapter 71: Roasted Pear

    Xiancha Town, Huang Family

    The town Mayor, heads of various clans, and elders have all gathered.

    In recent years, due to strict control by the major immortal sects, incidents of theft and harm have been rare in the immortal sect.

    However, the Huang family had the misfortune of encountering such an incident. For a while, panic swept through the hearts of the people.

    Huang Shu still lay on the bed, his wound bleeding continuously.


    The thief who injured him seemed to know exactly how to deal with a lesser earth spirit like him. No matter how he practiced from now on, that missing piece of flesh could never be restored.

    The town mayor and clan leaders gathered around his bed, watching him struggle between life and death—a picture of agony and distress.

    “When will the immortal masters arrive?” Someone finally sighed.

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    At this moment, someone finally noticed the girl in Qu Manying’s arms: “This young lady…”


    Initially, they thought Qu Manying was holding her own daughter, but Huang Rang was indeed known to some in Xiancha Town.

    Qu Manying then placed Huang Rang on the ground but still held her hand, saying, “Exactly. This child got lost and met the two of us on the way. I inquired and found out she is my sister Xi Yin’s daughter, so I brought her back.”

    “Xi Yin?” As she said this, some people finally recalled that Xi Yin used to be the legitimate daughter of the Xi family! The town mayor immediately asked, “Where is Lady Huang?”

    A servant replied, “Lady Huang fell ill yesterday and still hasn’t gotten out of bed today.”

    “It must be due to last night’s intrusion by the thieves, causing her fright,” someone remarked.

    Qu Manying said, “Sister Xi Yin is unwell? I will go and see.”

    Of course, no one dared to object.

    Leading Huang Rang, Qu Manying followed her directions to find Xi Yin.

    In the small courtyard, Xi Yin was not lying down. She sat in the courtyard, gazing blankly at her surroundings. Huang Jun stood by her side and said, “Father was injured by thieves who broke in last night. Wouldn’t it be better if mother went to see him?”

    Xi Yin hardly reacted to her words. Her gaze remained fixed on the stone table in front of her. After a long while, she murmured, “Ah Rang is gone. Because her mother is so wicked, she won’t come back, right?”

    Huang Jun remained silent, so she continued to mutter to herself, “She’s always been like this since childhood… Always like this since childhood.”

    Separated by a mud wall, Huang Rang heard these murmurs.


    Layer by layer, memories were unveiled, revealing moments of unhappiness and needlessly causing her eyes to well up with tears.

    Qu Manying, tears in her eyes, stood at the courtyard entrance, choked with emotion.

    She shouted, “Xi Yin!”

    In the courtyard, Xi Yin looked up and saw Huang Rang by Qu Manying’s side.

    “Ah Rang!” She rushed over and embraced Huang Rang. But after a moment, her urgency turned into anger. “Where did you run off to? Instead of learning properly at your age, all you know is to roam around!”

    She raised her hand, preparing to slap Huang Rang.

    Qu Manying quickly grabbed her hand, shielding Huang Rang behind her.

    “Xi Yin!”

    she scolded. “You can’t just hit and scold a child recklessly!”

    Only then did Xi Yin take a closer look at her. “You are…”

    Xi Yin seemed to realize something, and her expression turned fearful. She slowly backed away and suddenly covered her face. “Why are you here? Go away! Go away!” Qu Manying had never anticipated this reaction from an old acquaintance. She was at a loss, but Huang Rang had expected this. —— It’s just that she refuses to admit defeat.

    Just like outside the dream, of a hundred years that she married the sect master of the Yuhu immortal sect. Despite knowing right from wrong, despite the cold and warmth, she still gritted her teeth and maintained an elegant facade.


    In the end, she stubbornly resisted, unwilling to be mocked by others.

    Thus, she did everything she could to warm someone who couldn’t be warmed. She bore all the trivialities and agonies, all for herself.

    She tugged at Qu Manying’s clothes, looking up at her, and said, “Save her, auntie, save her.”

    She was naturally astute and had long understood her most endearing demeanor. Her large, clear eyes were filled with innocence and pleas. Qu Manying’s heart melted.

    These enduring traits of Huang Rang would stay with her throughout her lifetime. Qu Manying affectionately tousled Huang Rang’s hair and said, “Ah Rang, why don’t you go play with your sister? We’ll tidy up your things in a little while, and your uncle will come to pick us up.”

    Huang Rang hurried over to where Huang Jun stood, her expression showing signs of weariness. Over the past few days, she had searched tirelessly for her.

    Yet, when she finally laid eyes on Huang Rang, her emotions weren’t as intense as she might have expected.

    She simply gently withdrew her hand from Huang Rang’s grip and, after a moment’s pause, asked, “Are you hungry?” Huang Rang felt a pang in her heart but couldn’t help breaking into a smile.

    In the past, she might have perceived Huang Jun as distant and unfeeling.

    She still held onto Huang Jun’s hand and said, “Hungry. I want to eat chives stir-fried with eggs and roasted pears.”

    “Oh.” Huang Jun then went to light the stove, preparing to cook for her.

    Qu Manying looked at the silent Huang Jun, her heart breaking. She said, “You must have heard about what happened to Huang Shu. Now that everyone knows, if sister Xi Yin wants to leave, Huang Shu won’t make things difficult.”


    “Leave?” Xi Yin coldly chuckled and said after a while, “Go where? Where can I go now? Do I have to return to the Xi family and be laughed at by everyone?”

    But even if she dared to face the ridicule, it’s likely her father wouldn’t allow her to come back. Xi Yin shook her head, tears falling like pearls, one after another.

    Qu Manying took a few steps forward, holding Xi Yin’s hand, and advised, “You can come with me for now, stay for a while, or take a break. In any case, leaving the Huang family for now is the best option.”

    “Go with you…” Xi Yin seemed to remember something and said, “Right, you married into the Ruyi Sword Sect.”

    She pushed Qu Manying away, saying, “So you’re here to mock me too? Are all of you, one by one, laughing at me behind my back? You must all be delighted to see me like this, right?”

    She spoke as if she were mad.

    Huang Rang hurried over, standing protectively in front of Qu Manying, afraid that Xi Yin might suddenly go mad and attack Qu Manying. — After all, what does Qu Manying have to do with this?

    The couple had come from far away to offer help, displaying unparalleled kindness and righteousness. Yet Xi Yin’s words were chilling to the bone. If Qu Manying were driven away by her anger, it was doubtful there would ever be someone so kind-hearted and willing to assist.

    “Mother, please don’t blame Auntie!” Huang Rang wanted to explain it to Xi Yin.

    However, Xi Yin’s response only twisted her expression further: “I knew it was you, this ingrate! You find the Huang family beneath you, so you’re trying to climb the lofty branch of the Ruyi Sword Sect, aren’t you? What kind of aunt is she to you? There’s no blood relation between you two, yet you act so intimate!”

    As she spoke, she tried to hit Huang Rang again. In that moment, Huang Rang was so frustrated that she wanted to leave. Only heaven knew how difficult she could be.

    Qu Manying intervened and stopped Xi Yin, saying, “Xi Yin, calm down!”

    Xi Yin roared in fury, “Get lost; I don’t need you to interfere in how I discipline my own daughter!”

    Qu Manying had no choice but to step back. She whispered to Huang Rang, “Be a good girl, go to the front yard with Auntie, and come back later.”

    Huang Rang shook her head and said, “I’ll wait for my sister to finish cooking. My sister’s roasted pears are delicious. Once she’s done, I’ll bring some over for Auntie and Uncle.”

    Glancing at Xi Yin’s frenzied state, Qu Manying hesitated and said, “But…”

    Huang Rang interrupted, “Auntie, please go. My sister cooks quickly.”

    Qu Manying sighed deeply and said, “Good child.”

    Although she was concerned, staying here would only agitate Xi Yin further, so Qu Manying left first.

    She immediately turned to Xi Yin and said, “Mother, do you think anyone cares about your current state of affairs? Who doesn’t know you married a useless and shameless husband, living a miserable and wretched life?”

    Xi Yin was so enraged by Huang Rang’s words that she felt like she was losing her mind.

    “You wretched girl, I’ll shut your mouth!” She charged forward, trying to chase after Huang Rang. Of course, Huang Rang wouldn’t let her catch up.

    She kept running until she was out of breath and stopped, panting heavily. Only then did Huang Rang go to Huang Jun’s side. She had prepared a dish of chives stir-fried with eggs and roasted a few pears.

    Huang Rang tugged at her and said, “Let’s take the pears to Auntie and Uncle.”

    “You go.” Huang Jun was taciturn and not one to be crafty.

    Huang Rang persisted, “Hurry!”

    In the end, Huang Jun gave in and followed her outside. The two sisters each carried two roasted pears, with Xi Yin’s curses echoing behind them.

    The front hall was already packed with people. Huang Rang, being small in stature, raised the pears and ducked into the crowd. Huang Jun stood behind, somewhat dazed by the crowd.

    Huang Rang made her way to Qu Manying’s side, calling out, “Auntie!”

    Qu Manying looked down and greeted her warmly, saying, “Good child, are you hurt?” She gently touched Huang Rang’s head, face, and limbs. Huang Rang handed the roasted pears to her, saying, “My sister made these. Auntie, would you like to try them?”

    Qu Manying accepted with a smile and looked for Huang Jun, who was standing at the doorway, mostly hidden by the crowd.

    Huang Jun was not as lively as Huang Rang and tended to be quiet. She was quite attractive, with a small, elegant nose, narrow almond-shaped eyes, and curled eyelashes. However, she didn’t pay much attention to her appearance, wearing plain clothing with a rather old-fashioned style.

    In a crowd, it was easy for her to go unnoticed.

    Qu Manying walked over to her, feeling a sense of tenderness. In this world, crying children get their way and receive treats.

    And so, those who don’t cry are left to silently curl up in a corner, doing the most, suffering the most, and eventually being overlooked by everyone.

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