Chapter 72: Departure

Qu Manying came to Huang Jun’s side, holding a roasted pear made by Huang Jun in one hand and gently touching Huang Jun’s head with the other.

“Don’t be afraid,” she whispered.

“Since your aunt has come, she won’t leave you all alone.”

Hearing these words, Huang Jun didn’t show tears of gratitude; she simply nodded lightly.

Huang Rang held the roasted pear and prepared to comfort He Xijin.


The mayor and others were gathered around He Xijin, urging him to make a decision and catch the culprit for everyone. Huang Rang couldn’t push her way in, so she stood aside, holding the roasted pear.

Suddenly, the surroundings fell silent.

A figure in white clothes, as gentle as snow, entered the courtyard. The whole earthen-walled farmhouse seemed to brighten up because of him.

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“Master Xie, take a look at this wound.” The mayor quickly brought Xie Hongchen to He Xijin’s side.


In terms of seniority, Xie Hongchen was lower than He Xijin. In terms of status, He Xijin was the head of the Ruyi Sword Sect, while Xie Hongchen was the first disciple of the Yuhu Immortal Sect’s sect master. Although they were respectfully addressed as “Master” by others, there was still a slight difference in status.

Fortunately, Xie Hongchen didn’t mind. He greeted He Xijin with a bow and said, “Sect Master He.”

“Good… good,” He Xijin responded simply. Of course, no one would take issue with his brief words.

After exchanging pleasantries, Xie Hongchen walked over to Huang Shu’s bedside.

He Xijin immediately invited Xie Hongchen to visit the injury.

He said, “Please, Master Xie, examine the injury.”

Huang Shu was already lying on the bed, and upon hearing this, he widened his eyes.

The mayor and the clan leaders were all gathered there, and in front of He Xijin and Xie Hongchen, how could they not try to impress?

They sought help from someone; did they also want the Immortal Sect’s sect master and senior disciple to personally inspect Huang Shu’s injury?

Naturally, someone stepped forward and removed Huang Shu’s pants, revealing the wound despite his struggles.

There were many onlookers around, murmuring quietly. Sect Master He’s expression was serious, and Xie Hongchen’s face was grave.

“This bandit is skilled in the way of the sword,” he said.


Sect Master He grunted, neither confirming nor denying.

Xie Hongchen had to be led by other attendants to inspect whether there were any traces of bandits around the Huang residence.

But figures like He Xijin and Qu Manying, if they were to intrude into the Yuhu Immortal Sect, that might be another story. The Yuhu immortal sect array was powerful; they would surely have to reveal their true abilities. However, for a mere Huang family, they came and went freely; where would they leave any trace for investigation?

Therefore, as Xie Hongchen investigated, Qu Manying went to her husband’s side and said, “Don’t forget about the situation with Xi Yin.” He Xijin nodded.

When Xie Hongchen finished his inspection, he asked, “What’s the situation?”

Xie Hongchen shook his head, pondering in silence.

Only then did He Xijin ask, “Regarding the bandits who harmed and robbed people, they have not left…left… left behind anything…anything…any clues?..”

Everyone felt uncomfortable hearing his words and turned to Xie Hongchen for help.

Xie Hongchen was very courteous and added, “Indeed, given the current situation, since the bandits’ identity is unclear, we can only secretly investigate in the future.”

He Xijin nodded. The mayor and clan elders were afraid he would say something more, so they hurriedly asked Xie Hongchen, “But Master Xie, these bandits harmed people and looted. We can’t just let it go, right?” Naturally, these people were worried.

Xie Hongchen responded, “The Yuhu Immortal Sect will establish an Eye of World Perception formation in Xiancha Town to protect it from the disturbance caused by evildoers.”

With his words, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.


If the Yuhu Immortal Sect were to set up a formation in Xiancha Town, those rogues would think twice before coming back.

Huang Rang listened to their conversation while eating the roasted pear.

Outside the dream world, there was also an Eye of World Perception formation in Xiancha Town. She had forgotten the reason for its establishment long ago. She never expected that her family’s affairs would lead to the establishment of this formation in Xiancha town in this dream world.

Xie Hongchen was still shining brightly among the crowd. However, Huang Rang only glanced at him briefly before looking away.

She tugged at Qu Manying’s sleeve and said, “Aunt, Sister is skilled at needlework. Let her embroider a purse for you in the future.”

“Alright.” Qu Manying was determined that no matter what, she must take the two sisters out of the Huang family. As for Huang Shu, he lay on the bed, having been emasculated by the bandits in front of everyone last night. Today, his injury was on display for all to see, and his inner torment was beyond words.

Now, they were saying that the perpetrator couldn’t be found.

He could only whimper, and He Xijin leaned over to listen for a while. “Master..Huang…Huang…huang is..is worried about the family?”

Qu Manying approached and said, “It’s heartbreaking to hear about the head of the Huang family’s situation. My younger sister, Xi Yin, is also ill. I went to see her just now, and she can barely get out of bed.”

She looked at everyone and continued, “With these events unfolding in the Huang family and two sick individuals, it’s truly chaotic. Speaking of which, Xi Yin and I are also good friends. How about I take her back to rest and recover? It will also ease the burden on the head of the Huang family.”

With these words,He Xijin immediately added, “Xi… Xi’s family… and Qu’s family are indeed… indeed old… old friends.”

As soon as everyone heard the words of Master He, they actually understood the meaning of these words.


Xiyin was the legitimate daughter of a prominent family. It was only because she married into the Huang family that their ties were severed. Could it be that her family had heard of the incident and had specially asked Qu Manying to come and take her back?

It was quite possible.

After all, everyone now knew about Huang Shu’s injury. Would Xi Yin really have to endure widowhood by his side?

If it was indeed at her family’s behest, then their actions were completely justifiable. No matter how much Huang Shu protested, he couldn’t find a reasonable argument.

“No… no… You… you’re just bullying people…” Huang Shu lay on the bed, struggling to speak between gasps, sounding just like He Xijin.

He Xijin leaned over and tried to comfort him: “Master of the Huang family, your words… words… are not entirely accurate. My wife… my wife, and… and.. and Mrs.Huang and her daughters… have a deep connection.”

Huang Shu was almost left breathless by He Xijin’s persuasion.

Qu Manying chuckled inwardly but maintained her composure, saying, “The top priority for the head of the family is to recover. As for my younger sister, you don’t need to worry. I’ll take care of her.”

Huang Shu struggled to sit up, but He Xijin didn’t show any mercy. His sword techniques were precise, and Huang Shu’s injuries were worse than they appeared. He struggled a few times before falling back down, causing blood to flow from the wound like water.

“Why do you need to be so agitated, Lord of the Huang family?” The mayor and other clan leaders already understood at this point. They must be taking Xi Yin back to her family’s side.

The mayor approached Qu Manying, treating her as Xi Yin’s maternal family, and said politely, “When Miss Xi Yin married into our town, it was a joyous occasion for the whole Xiancha Town. We were also greatly honored. Now that Mrs. Huang is seriously ill, it’s a good thing for her to stay at your residence for a few days to recuperate.”

Qu Manying listened to these words, and though she felt uncomfortable in her heart, she maintained a smile on her face. She said, “I’ll thank the mayor on behalf of Xi Yin.”

Huang Shu, hearing this, knew that the matter had been settled. He could only gasp for breath, unable to utter a word of anger.

Huang Rang, who had just finished eating the roasted pear, was suddenly approached, and her mouth and hands were wiped clean by a handkerchief.

Qu Manying held Huang Rang’s left hand and Huang Jun’s right hand, saying, “Let’s go; we’re going to pick up your mother.”

Xie Hongchen’s gaze shifted, and he finally noticed the small figure of Huang Rang.

His gaze lingered on Huang Rang for a moment, but she didn’t look at him and ran away with Qu Manying.

In the courtyard, Xi Yin’s long hair was disheveled, and she wore a gray dress. She seemed like a weed in the courtyard, carrying an air of illness all over her. Qu Manying instructed Huang Jun to pack her things, and Huang Rang volunteered to help.

Huang Jun hesitated a bit and adjusted her dress before finally saying to Huang Rang, “I don’t want to go.”

“What?” Huang Rang almost couldn’t believe her ears. “Don’t you want to leave here?”

Huang Jun lowered her head and hesitated before saying, “But going to someone else’s home is also like being a guest.”

Huang Rang understood her meaning and said, “They are different. You have to trust me.”

She was shorter than Huang Jun, so Huang Jun had to lower her head to speak to her, making it quite hard to be convincing. Therefore, Huang Jun remained skeptical.

Huang Rang held her hand and said, “Do you want me to keep getting beaten? I can’t defeat Huang Zeng.”

Huang Jun shook her head, and Huang Rang said decisively, “Then let’s go.”

Huang Jun didn’t say anything more. Huang Rang was more patient with her.

After all, she was just an eighteen-year-old girl.

Even under the care of her biological parents, she naturally feared that leaving would lead to worse experiences.

“Aunt and uncle are good people. Sister,not everyone is like them,” she whispered. After listening, Huang Jun didn’t argue further and just focused on packing her things.

Outside the courtyard, Qu Manying said to Xi Yin, “I’ve already discussed this with the mayor and the others. With the situation at Huang’s and your illness, why don’t you come home with me for a while?”

“Come home with you?” Xi Yin’s temper flared like an irritated cat. She retorted, “Why should I go home with you? I know you’ve married a good husband, and you’re eager to show off in front of me, aren’t you?”

Here we go again. Huang Rang sighed inwardly.

Qu Manying patiently said, “Xi Yin, how can you think like that? Back at Jinsha Lake, when I first met my sister, she was riding in a splendid carriage, beautiful and charming, like stars adorning her hair.”

Xi Yin froze, and Qu Manying continued, “Do you remember? At that time, I was playing around and got pushed and stepped in the mud. It was my sister who let me onto your carriage and found your shoes for me to change into.”

As she recalled the past, her eyes were filled with warmth. “I’m a carefree person by nature. If my sister hadn’t reminded me, I wouldn’t have even known my shoes were dirty. When I climbed onto my sister’s carriage, I saw that even the carriage walls were studded with pearls. I was so amazed, I felt like a country bumpkin.”

She chuckled as she spoke, gently holding Xi Yin’s hand. “Ah Yin, I never intended to mock you. Look, you just stepped into the mud and dirtied your shoes and stockings. How about changing into something clean in my carriage? Does that sound good?”

In that instant, all of Xi Yin’s madness seemed to dissipate.

She stared at Qu Manying, lost in thought and speechless. Qu Manying said, “I’ll help you change into some fresh clothes and fix your hair.

“Let’s go.”

Before long, Master He had prepared a carriage outside.

Qu Manying supported Xi Yin as they walked out. Xi Yin had changed into a plain dress and wore a simple jade hairpin. She had become so thin that her bones seemed to show through, and the beauty of her youth was no longer apparent.

In the bright sunlight, Qu Manying helped Xi Yin into the carriage, and they set off slowly.

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