Untypical Divorce

Chapter 5.3

“…I know you have a lot of courage and you really like doing these kinds of thrilling activities like rock climbing and bungee jumping.” She continued complaining. “But I can’t. Going street racing or surfing are all fine, but as long as it’s high altitude, I’ll be scared.”

“You said it, then next time let’s go surfing.” He took advantage of the opportunity, immediately securing a promise from her.

“What next time? I don’t even know if I can make it out this time.”

She was still afraid?

Ke Mu Yu hooked his lips. He really wanted to mischievously make fun of her, but his heartstrings tightened unwillingly. “Don’t worry, I’m here. Nothing will happen to you, got it? When I was studying abroad in the US in the past, I could also fly small planes!”

“Don’t say anymore!” She didn’t want to listen to his great achievements of high altitudes and even more so didn’t have the courage to picture them. “You’re not allowed to fly planes in the future.”

He raised his eyebrows, who did she was to order him around? “Why?”

“Because I will worry.” She muddle-headedly spoke the truth.

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“Ebyv yal usw eskdt?”

“Jakdtkdt usw cynj bsxl.”

“Do we need to take the highway to our home?”

“Because the one we’re going back to is your maiden home in Taizhong.”

“Why?” She stared at him, stunned. After the two of them got married, he had always used the excuse that he was busy with work and had never accompanied her back home to see her family. Was red rain falling from the sky today*?

*下红雨: something unbelievable/unexpected is happening, similar to ‘the sun rising from the west’

“This is an exchange condition.” He mysteriously smiled.

“What exchange condition?” She continued to ask. He smiled and didn’t say anything, unwilling to resolve the suspicions in her heart.

Not half an hour later, the two of them arrived at her maiden home in the outskirts of Taizhong. Father Jian seemed to have long expected that they would come, cordially welcoming them at the door.

“Dad, how did you know we were coming?” Jian Yi An asked in surprise.

“Your husband didn’t tell you?” Father Jian was all smiles. “We agreed on it a long time ago.”

“You guys made plans?” She became even more puzzled, her gaze moving between the two men’s faces. Smartly, their words lined up very well with one another and didn’t reveal anything.

“Quickly come in, Yi An, Mu Yu. I personally prepared tonight’s meal, you guys give it a try and see. See how the results of this old man’s self-learned culinary skills might be?”

Father Jian welcomed the young married couple into the house. There were already an array of dishes set out on the dining table, they were all simple homestyle dishes. Amongst them, there were also Jian Yi An’s favorite basil fried egg and the spicy bean paste dish1 辣豆瓣角: I’m not sure what this dish is. that Ke Mu Yu liked.

“Dad, it looks like you really worked hard to prepare this!” Jian Yi An smiled as she praised her father, affectionately tugging him as she sat down in front of the table.

“Do you want to drink anything? There’s beer in the fridge.” Father Jian made to get up.

“Let me, dad.” Ke Mu Yu took the initiative to take over the task. He opened the fridge, took out two bottles of beer, and brought over three glasses.

“I don’t drink, is there juice or soda?” Jian Yi An asked.

“You don’t drink?” Ke Mu Yu raised his eyebrows in surprise.

“Our family’s Yi An doesn’t like drinking,” Father Jian explained, smiling.

Is that so? Then who was the alcoholic that drank til they were dead drunk that night? Ke Mu Yu amusedly shot a glance at his wife. She felt his teasing glance and quietly made a face.

In front of her father, she was a gentle and lovable daughter!

“Then drink this.” Ke Mu Yu found a bottle of Coke, opened it, and poured it for each of the three people.

“Dad, a toast to you.” He cleverly took the initiative to make a toast. “Wishing you health, may all your wishes be fulfilled!”

“Hehe, as long as you guys come back often when you have time, I will of course get my wish.” Father Jian’s mood seemed extremely joyful.

During the meal, there was unceasing laughter.

Jian Yi An watched her husband and her father converse. The two people spoke comfortably, harmoniously and happily, she couldn’t help but feel very surprised.

When did these two people become so familiar with one another? As if they had seen each other not long ago.

What was weirder was that Ke Mu Yu who had always been arrogant was acting like a good son-in-law in front of his father-in-law, gentlemanly and polite. Not only did he politely urge him to drink during the meal, he even scrambled to wash the dishes afterward. What was wrong with him? Jian Yi An couldn’t comprehend it. She sat in the living room chatting with her father. At the same time, she couldn’t resist looking toward the kitchen, full of suspicion.

Father Jian could make out her bewilderment. He leaned over and lowered his voice, “Actually Mu Yu came here to look for me before recently.”

“What?” She was shocked, her eyes turning to look at her father. “He came looking for you? When?”

“Just two weeks ago, he came and stayed for a night.”

Two weeks ago? Jian Yi An furrowed her eyebrows in thought. Wasn’t that when she thought she’d completed the divorce procedures with him?

“What did he find you for?” She quietly asked her father.

“He ah, asked a lot about your matters, both big and small. He inquired in great detail.”

“He asked about me?” Jian Yi An suddenly understood. “No wonder he knew I was scared of heights, so it turns out it was you who betrayed your own daughter.” She blamed her father, acting spoiled.

“What about this? Helping my son-in-law understand my family’s daughter, of course it’s something I should do!” Father Jian didn’t think that he had done anything wrong at all. “He not only asked what you were afraid of, he also asked about what you liked, the things you like to eat, the music you liked to listen to. I told him everything, including the matter during high school when you rebelliously followed bad examples and went street racing and dancing.”

She was shocked. “Please! Why would you even tell him that kind of thing?”

“Because he kept asking!” Father Jian felt quite wronged. “In addition, I think he was probably worried about you going to the nightclub before, so he wanted to know… Isn’t this all because of you? Not properly being their family’s good wife, what nightclub are you mingling at?”

Her mingling at a nightclub was also complying with the instructions from that good son-in-law of his! Jian Yi An found it hard to say anything, deeply experiencing the feeling of suffering in silence.

Ke Mu Yu finished washing the dishes and went to accompany Father Jian to play Chinese chess. Father-in-law and son-in-law both had their excellent abilities, neither yielded to the other. In the end, it was still Father Jian who outsmarted the opponent.

Jian Yi An could see that it was her husband that had purposely yielded. Her heartstrings couldn’t help tugging softly.

Strangely enough, since he could get along so well with her dad, why couldn’t he get along more amiably with his own father? Could it be that it was because his father was young, he was too romantically messy outside, angering his mom so much she left, so he was unable to forgive him to this day?

Thinking of this, she unwittingly felt a little distressed. Previously, she had always criticized him for not empathizing with his father. Perhaps she should also empathize with him a little more…

“Yi An, what are you thinking of?” A voice that carried a smile pulled her back from her hazy mood.

She came back to her senses. Composing herself, she turned to meet her husband’s clear handsome face.

“Where’s my dad?”

“He went to take a shower.” She nodded. Seeing his bright eyes shining as he stared fixedly at her, her heartbeat unwittingly became disorderly. “So you’ve already inquired everything about me from my dad.”

“Know yourself, know your enemy to win all battles.” He didn’t appear guilty at all.

“So you bringing me back here tonight was the condition for exchange that you promised my dad?”

“Uh huh.”

She looked at him cautiously. “Consider you capable.” Knowing to start with her father’s side to find her weak spots.

“Oh, by the way, we’re going to stay here tonight.” He informed her in passing.

“What?” She froze. “This is also a condition?”

He nodded, the corner of his lips pulling up with banter. “Tomorrow is the weekend, you don’t need to request leave again, it should be okay?”

“Okay, it’s okay, but… then where are you going to sleep?”

[1] 辣豆瓣角: I’m not sure what this dish is.

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