Untypical Divorce

Chapter 6.1

Of course he was sleeping in the same room with her, how could she ask such a silly question? Jian Yi An didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, staring at that man who had rudely occupied her bed from the moment he entered her room.

“My bed is very small, it can’t fit two people.”

“Who said it won’t?” He patted the bed. “A Queen size two-person bed. Not big yet not small, just right.”

Where was it just right? She raised her hand, pointing out the door. “You go sleep in the guest room!”

“Are you for real?” He coldly retorted. “Are you sure you want to let your dad know we sleep separately?”


“Of course…not.” She sadly lowered her hand, resentfully giving him a glare. This wouldn’t also be his motive behind bringing her back to her maiden home? To share a bed with her, to take the opportunity to eat her tofu?

“Then what are you still standing there for? Quickly come over!” He leisurely beckoned her.

She didn’t move.

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Was it ‘frying rice (doing the do)2炒饭 can refer to the dish or serve as a slang for doing it‘ or ‘stir-frying squid (firing someone)3炒鱿鱼 lit. stir-fried squid, but commonly used to mean firing someone’? She secretly mocked with sarcasm in her heart.


“It looks like you’re quite jealous.” He interpreted her expression on his own, wholly taking pleasure in it, grinning as he raised his right hand.

“Alright: I swear, these two years, I have never given her the opportunity to infringe on me.”

“Give me a break!” She scoffed. “What was that kiss I saw that day in the office then?”

“That?” He softly laughed. “I was purposely testing you out, didn’t expect that you would really give yourself away.”

“What?” She was alarmed. “You knew that my blindness was fake at that time?”

“Uh huh.” She felt very embarrassed. “Then why didn’t you expose me?”

“Because I was very curious what kind of tricks you were going to play next.” He paused, his lips twitched in self-mockery. “I didn’t expect that I was missing a move in this game of chess, and allowed you to steal away confidential information.”

She was in a state of confusion. “Then you…that day I pretended my head hurt, you also knew it was fake?”

“I also guessed before that it could be fake.” He shrugged. “But you really did often have migraines, I didn’t want to take risks. Furthermore, even if it was only a minor car crash, there could also be some repercussions remaining after suffering a concussion before.”

So he had considered the severity of the situation before deciding to temporarily believe her, could she take this as his care and affection for her?

“Then you being that…attentive to me, was also real?”

“You think I’m considerate?” Pleased, he raised his eyebrows, looking left and right before speaking.


“Answer my question!” She boldly commanded.

“Guaranteed sincere and true.” He smiled as he looked at her, his eyes so deep that they were captivating, tempting her to dive in.

But she didn’t dare, she was afraid of drowning.

The more he appeared to seriously guarantee things, the more she couldn’t afford to indulge herself and easily believe it, because she understood too well that personality of his that liked to play pranks. This sentence was most certainly teasing her. She cowardly changed the subject.

“Let’s…do something.”

“Okay.” He wholeheartedly agreed. “I wanted to ‘do’ it a long time ago.”

She choked, her face burning. “Not that kind of thing! I mean…I mean…”

“Let’s look at your photos!” He seemed to see through her bewilderment and considerately suggested. “I’ve really wanted to see your childhood photos since I came last time.”

Look at photos? That’s good too. In any case, it was better than lying on the bed with him, intimately close yet not able to ‘do’ anything.


She rolled over and got off the bed, digging out a few thick photo albums from the depths of her closet. She sat side by side with him on the bed, enjoying page after page. He always had to make fun of her. If he wasn’t picking at her hairstyle, he disliked that her style of dress couldn’t keep up with what was fashionable.

“Didn’t your dad say that you hung out with tomboys when you were in high school? How come there aren’t any photos from that time?”


“What do you want to see?” She rolled her eyes at him in displeasure. “If you thought that there would be photos of me in black sitting on a motorcycle, I’m very sorry, I’ve let you down.”

“There aren’t any?” He really showed a disappointed expression. “Then what about photos of drinking and dancing?”

“None.” She bluntly replied.

He carelessly yawned. She bumped his shoulder in annoyance. “Is it that boring?”

He happily laughed. “Alright, that fool that fiercely chased you in high school, there should be a picture of him, right?”

She was startled. “You even know about him?”

He snorted lightly. “I heard he and you met through street racing. Because he admired you a lot, he also worked hard to learn to race himself.”

“En, he really did work very hard.” Jian Yi An softly muttered. Speaking of the boyfriend that was her first love, her watery eyes became hazy with distress. “But I almost killed him! Once he competed with me, in order to win against me, he sped up too much when he was turning a corner and I wanted to block him. In the end, the two vehicles flipped over. That accident also scared my mom and dad.”

“So you promised them, in the future, you won’t go drag racing again, you’ll be their well-behaved daughter,” Ke Mu Yu said. This story he had already heard from Father Jian earlier. It was also at that time that he truly understood that he had misjudged her. She had more personality and was even harder to fathom than he imagined. Like a hidden treasure that was deeply buried, each time he dug, he was met with another pleasant surprise.

He had no choice but to admit, he had fallen in love with the pleasure of unearthing her.

“Then do you still keep in touch with that fool?”

“How could I? Afterwards, we just stopped talking.” She frowned slightly. “Also, stop calling him ‘fool’. He isn’t stupid at all.”


He couldn’t even race, he was precisely stupid! On top of that, he even makes his wife feel guilt-ridden because of this, even more unforgivable!

Ke Mu Yu scoffed coldly, displeased. His heart faintly churned with an indescribable taste of jealousy in his chest. “Now it’s your time to talk.” Jian Yi An closed the photo album.

“Me?” He stared blankly.

She stared at him, smiling. “I’ve let you look at the photos and told you stories, don’t you think you should reciprocate a little? This is called returning politeness for politeness.”

“What’s there for me to talk about?” He was evasive. “A typical young master’s life, you won’t be interested.”

He wasn’t willing to talk himself, then it would have to be up to her to ask.

While the atmosphere was harmonious, Jian Yi An grasped the opportunity to take out the question that had been lingering in her heart for a long time. “Do you get in touch with your mom often? How come she didn’t even attend our wedding?”

His expression was cold and indifferent. “Ever since she remarried, we haven’t been in contact.”

Then wasn’t it that year when he was fifteen? The two of them, mother and son, had lost contact that early on? Jian Yi An was stunned. She had grown up with her parents’ love since she was little and couldn’t really understand how a family related by blood could be so estranged. Even if his mother remarried, they could still continue to remain in contact, no?

[1] 炒 is the keyword here; it can mean the method of cooking or firing someone depending on the context
[2]炒饭 can refer to the dish or serve as a slang for doing it
[3]炒鱿鱼 lit. stir-fried squid, but commonly used to mean firing someone

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