Untypical Divorce

Chapter 6.2

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“In all these years, you haven’t tried to give her a call at all?”

“Why do I have to?” His tone was sharp. “Even if I called, she wouldn’t pick up.”

“What?” She was shocked.

“You think all families are just like your family, with love between parents and children, harmonious and happy?” He mockingly looked at her.


“Our family…is also not entirely without problems.” She stammered. “I’ve rebelled before, because he suffered a loss in his investment, my dad momentarily became possessed and embezzled public funds…”

“But if you made a call back home, they wouldn’t not pick up, right? When you’re hurt, they’ll urgently go to the hospital to see you, right?”

“You’re saying that your mom wouldn’t?” She didn’t dare believe it.

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“A spring night is painfully short, let’s stop wasting it.” He frivolously joked, easily embracing her shoulders and pulling her to lie down with him. “Go to ‘sleep1睡 is used here which can mean sleep or doing the do‘ now!” The keyword was specifically emphasized.


What was he saying?

She shyly struggled, her heartbeat speeding up. “You…stop joking around! Our marriage contract didn’t include a condition about going to bed (rolling in the sheets). Moreover, the contract has also long expired, you can’t force me!”

“Who’s forcing you?” He cut her off. “I only said to ‘sleep2He says 睡觉 here which specifically means going to sleep zzz‘, what did you think I wanted to do?”

“Ah!” She was at a loss.

“Or did you really hope that I would do something to you?” He blinked at her, teasing. “Although I really am a little tired, but if you insist I do it, I’m not incapable of working hard to summon an awe-inspiring—“

“Go to sleep!” This time, it was her turn to cut him off. Ashamed and angry, she gave him a glare, and pulled up the quilt, covering her burning face.

He smiled as he closed his eyes, no longer teasing her. Not two minutes later, she heard a rhythmic snoring by her ear.

No way, right? He fell asleep so fast. Startled, she got up to look at him. He slept peacefully. As a result of drinking too much in the evening, his cheeks were slightly dyed with the color of wine which made him unexpectedly appear a little bashful. So adorable… She unwittingly stared blankly, her heart quivering, her feelings mixed with some kind of strange tenderness and forlornness.

“Ke Mu Yu, you insist on keeping me by your side, what exactly is your goal?”

If it was to punish her, why not straightforwardly treat her worse? Why occasionally stir her heartstrings?

He wouldn’t want to let her fall in love with him, then ruthlessly dump her, right? Thinking she would foolishly fall into the trap?

“I won’t, I definitely won’t.” She painfully swore to herself. However, her blurry pupils rushed to betray her heart’s vow, going over every little line on the face of the person sharing her bed with yearning, unwilling to let go—


Early the next morning, Jian Yi An found a pair of bright shining eyes staring back at her. They were Ke Mu Yu’s. It seems like after sleeping for a night, he was full of energy, his mood very pleasant.

“Morning, wife.” He jokingly called.

She stared blankly. Her sense of reason warned her that she should get up and put some space between them immediately, but her feelings indulged her, telling her to continue laying in bed and receive his affectionate gaze.

“Morning.” She slightly curved her lips. Both people laid on their sides. There was less than a breath’s distance between them, his hand was even possessively hugging her slender waist. “Did you really wake up?” He asked, smiling.

“What?” She dazedly didn’t understand.

“Shouldn’t have woken up yet.” He spoke by himself, suddenly moving closer, and he lightly sucked on her lips.

She didn’t reject him.

Thus he became even more unrestrained, pecking more diligently, more meticulously, occupying every fine line of her lips.

She coquettishly moaned in dissatisfaction, shifting her body to snuggle closer to him, welcoming each of his sweet pecking kisses and also generously reciprocating him.

She didn’t want to push him away anymore, she’d long understood that it was futile. She actually wanted to hang onto him, yearning for his warmth and touch. Toward this enigmatic man, she had always been very tempted, uncontrollably moved…

“Mu Yu.” She softly called him, her little foot ambiguously drawing circles on his calf.

His lower abdomen suddenly grew taut, centering on his pubic region. His large hand held the nape of her neck as he sought her kiss even more fiercely, holding her as he rolled over. Pressing her down from above, his hands enthusiastically caressed the wonderful curves of the female body…


“Yi An, Mu Yu, it’s about time to get up and eat breakfast!”

The coarse voice that killed the mood came from outside, putting out the flame that had just ignited inside the room.

“Can we pretend we didn’t hear?” Ke Mu Yu asked hopefully.

“No.” Jian Yi An sadly shook her head. Their eyes met, then, with mutual understanding, they let out a sigh so long it practically reached the edge of the universe.

“Yes, dad, we’re coming.”

After spending a warm and pleasant weekend at the Jian house, the two of them bid Father Jian goodbye on Sunday evening. Father Jian stood at the door, reluctantly sending them off.

“Come again often in the future!” The elderly man urged.

“I know, dad, I will come back often.” Jian Yi An lovably promised.

“I’m talking about Mu Yu.” Father Jian really didn’t give his daughter any face. It turns out the one that he really longed for was the strange son-in-law that could accompany him to drink and play chess.

Ke Mu Yu smiled brightly, casting a taunting glance at the wife who was standing foolishly. “When I have time, I’ll come again, dad.”

After the two people got in the car, Jian Yi An very discontentedly nagged her husband. “You ah, don’t carelessly promise things that can’t be done. Your work is so busy, moreover—” She suddenly stopped.

Moreover, very soon, they might not be husband and wife anymore—


Ke Mu Yu seemed to see through her melancholic mood, he faintly smiled. “I will come again, I’ve only now discovered that your dad is actually pretty interesting.”

Interesting again? She lightly scoffed. “I think three people coming together like this occasionally, drinking and chatting, it feels pretty good.”

Stunned, she turned to look at him.

Could it be that he had placed the affection between father and son onto her dad? Then what about his own father? “I know what you want to say.” He saw through her thoughts once again, sighing playfully. “My relationship with my dad has always been awful since I was young, I don’t think it can be saved.”

“Not that you don’t want to save it?” She intuitively asked back.

He looked straight at the road ahead, his expression stern with both hands gripping the steering wheel. “Don’t talk about it anymore, I don’t want to ruin the atmosphere right now.”

“Okay.” Jian Yi An nodded her head and considerately stopped asking. Although she really hoped he could open his heart to her, she also understood that it was impossible to succeed on the first try.

As long as she could take a step closer to him every day, it was fine…

She smiled as she thought and took the initiative to turn on the radio. The two people listened to pop songs while they chatted.

Not long after getting on the highway, they reached the vicinity of their residence. When they passed by a supermarket, she suggested going in for a look.

“You want me to accompany you for a stroll through the supermarket?” He was surprised.

“Is it very weird?” She coquettishly feigned anger. “Don’t tell me that the great young master has never bought anything?”

“Of course I’ll buy things, but not at this kind of place.” He practically stared at the entrance of the supermarket with revulsion, there was probably a whole group of unnecessarily noisy grannies and middle-aged women, right? Haggling over chump change…

The more he had this kind of attitude, the more Jian Yi An wanted to give him a shocking lesson. She took his hand. “You go in for me.”

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