Untypical Divorce

Chapter 5.2

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“And I was thinking that it must be very painful for you to wake up with a hangover and specially went to the convenience store to buy a hangover beverage for you!” He sought credit for himself.

“Give me a break!” She coldly scoffed, she wasn’t going to believe he would go through that trouble for her.

“Then you take a look, what is this?” A bottle of hangover beverage was placed in front of her.

She found it hard to believe, he really helped her buy it?


“Hurry and drink it.” He said, smiling.

She hesitantly took it and pulled off the cap, taking sips while she stole glances at him from beneath her lashes! What exactly did he want to do? Was this considered paying her back for her previous deception?

“Look at you, your brows are so tightly furrowed that they could squish a fly.” He commented leisurely. She blanked, subconsciously reaching her hand out to smooth her brow. Out of the corner of her eye, she met his teasing gaze and couldn’t help being annoyed. “Does your head still hurt?”

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“Ebs’p fsjkdt okvb usw?” Fbl alqwvle, ydtla cskzkdt shla kd bla nblpv, yzxspv vs vbl rskdv sq lmrzsekdt. “Tso nyd usw cwapv kdvs swa nsxrydu zkjl vbyv yde qsanlqwzzu vyjl xl yoyu? Psd’v usw vbkdj vbyv kv’p hlau awel? Rd vbl qwvwal, bso okzz xu nsosajlap yv vbl nsxrydu hklo xl?”

“Rq usw’al ps osaakle, R vbkdj usw pbswze fwpv alpktd. Ebu osaj ps byae swvpkel? Rv’p dsv zkjl R nyd’v aykpl usw, usw nyd fwpv zlkpwalzu pvyu yv bsxl yde cl uswa Yap. Il.”

Ebyv eke bl vyjl bla vs cl? G rlv jlrv yv bsxl vs rashkel bkx psxl yxwplxldv?

Fbl nzldnble bla qkpv. “R esd’v oydv vs.”

“Why not? Wasn’t that what you did all along these past two years?”


“That’s because I wanted to be able to properly play this character of Mrs. Ke, but now there’s no need to, our contract is already up!” She resoundingly and vigorously stressed it.

However, he skirted around the matter. “But we’re still husband and wife, you shouldn’t have forgotten that we haven’t officially divorced, right?”

“As long as you’re willing to let me off, we can immediately go get the procedures done and from here on out, you walk your path and I’ll walk mine!”

“What you said is right.” Ke Mu Yu muttered as he nodded. Her heart sped up, thinking that he was finally willing to consider it. To her surprise, he just shifted his bright eyes over, winking at her with malice. “But what should we do? I just don’t want to let you off.”

“You!” She was speechless with shock.

And he took his gaze back with satisfaction. Looking straight ahead, the corner of his lips carried a smile that was hard to detect, “Since your head no longer hurts, then we can begin our date.”

The so-called date was having a meal, watching a movie, then at sunset, taking a helicopter to roam Taiwan’s skies and admire the beautiful twilight. Jian Yi An stood rigidly on the helicopter pad, staring at that helicopter that was wailing mournfully just like a large bird, her breath stolen for a second by fear.

“We…have to ride this?” Her voice trembled. “This idea is nice, right?” He appeared very pleased. “This is the special itinerary that I came up with after thinking for many days. It can be considered a commemoration of our first date.”

He said this was a commemoration? He wanted to send her to hell!

Jian Yi An pursed her lips. Her feelings churned with anger, but were very quickly extinguished again by panic.

Because without saying any more, Ke Mu Yu was already pulling her along and about to get on the helicopter.

“Mu Yu, I think…we don’t necessarily have to ride this, I mean… there are many other fun things…”


“You’re scared?”

Just one sentence evoked her competitiveness. “Who said I’m scared?”

“Then that’s good.” He smiled wonderfully and took her hand. She didn’t have time to react before the two of them had already taken a seat in the helicopter.

The rumbling of the helicopter blades was like thunder, making her eardrums ache.

“Here, wear this.” He took note of her discomfort, considerately helping her put on earmuffs. The thunderous rumbling was gone in an instant and the world was peaceful. But yet her heart wasn’t able to be at peace. She subconsciously gripped the edge of her seat. She had a fear of heights, did he know? Perhaps this was actually the prank that he’d meticulously planned?

“Take off!” Ke Mu Yu instructed the pilot in front.

The body of the helicopter shakily lifted off like a giant bird heading into the limitless blue sky ahead.

This moment might be an unforgettable moment for many people, but for Jian Yi An, it was a torture that was hard to bear. She tightly shut her eyes, feeling the strong wind scraping against her cheeks.

“Yi An, look, it’s Songshan Airport.” Ke Mu Yu lightly patted her tense shoulder.

She didn’t move at all, her eyes flitting as she hypnotized herself. She doesn’t want to look, there isn’t anything to look at, she isn’t high up right now, she’s in a distant dream, this isn’t a helicopter, it’s a cradle, a soft and cozy cradle…

“What’s wrong with you? Open your eyes.” He shouted in her ear, “Look outside, it’s very fun.”

Fun? Although she was terrified, she was still a little curious. She cautiously opened her eyes.


Just stealing a quick look, it shouldn’t be that bad?

But she guessed wrong. As the ground that looked like a toy model came into view, the reverie that she had woven for herself vanished in an instant. This wasn’t a cradle in a dream, it was a helicopter. She was sitting in a vehicle that could fall from a high altitude at any time. The helicopter suddenly tilted and she cried out in fear, grabbing the arm of the man next to her in fear.

“Do you see it? It’s 101.” He pointed at the scenery in front.

“Please…let me get off.” She weakly muttered.

Of course, he didn’t hear her. “Do you see it?”

“Let me get off!” She shouted.

He finally heard and turned around and smilingly looked at her complexion that was pale as snow. 

“Are you scared? Yi An.”

“Yes, I’m scared.” She admitted.

“Don’t be scared, open your eyes and look, the sunset is very pretty.”

“I don’t want to!” She shook her head, refusing.

“Just look!” He continued to urge her.


“I said I don’t want to!” She fiercely refused, almost hysterical. “Stop messing with me! Ke Mu Yu, you’re really too much! You deliberately brought me here to take the helicopter, right? You just wanted to see me embarrass myself, right? I…take it as me admitting defeat, you let me get off!”

He looked at her thoughtfully, not uttering a word.

“I’m begging you, let me get off…” She was on the verge of falling apart and no longer cared about how she looked in front of him, feebly begging. “I’m really so scared…”

“Land.” He ordered the pilot, then turned to look at her. He sighed helplessly, seizing her shoulders. “Come here.”

“What…do you want to do?” Her teeth chattered, her eyes filled with transparent pearls of tears.

“I’m hugging you.” He pressed down the top half of her body, allowing her to cuddle on his lap. He patted her comfortingly like coaxing a child. “Fool, what’s so scary about this? It’s not much different from being on a plane, don’t tell me you’ve never been on a plane?”

“This is…different from being on a plane.” Jian Yi An chokingly retorted. Furthermore, every time she rode a plane, she would actually be a little fearful. Thinking of this, she couldn’t help burying her face deeper, both hands tightly hugging his waist, seeking a sense of security.

Really a little fool!

Ke Mu Yu gazed at her, finding it funny and feeling sorry for her. He tenderly stroked her hair. “I asked your dad, what were you scared of the most? He said you were scared of heights, but I didn’t expect that you were actually this scared, distraught to this extent.”

“I knew it!” She fiercely shouted. “You just want to bully me, am I right?”

Ke Mu Yu pondered, looking at the woman lying in his arms.

He did want to bully her, want to give her a minor punishment, want to see the woman who dared to pretend to be blind in front of him, who stole confidential information from his hands, who played games with him terrified til her eyes were wide open, weakly submit to him. He thought that seeing her this lost in fear, he would be very pleased and delighted, but he didn’t know why his chest clenched instead, hurt a little, and also overflowed with a sort of sweetness that was hard to describe. This woman who had so many faces… Her quick-wittedness made him angry, however her inadvertent fragility also made him feel distressed. What should he do with her?

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