Untypical Divorce

Chapter 8.1

On that night that her mother passed away, he had told her there was no need to cry so brokenheartedly because everyone would leave one day, even if you use up all your tears, they won’t come back. At the time, she thought he was making fun of her and had a big argument with him. Now that she thought about it again, that was his clumsy attempt at comforting her.

Perhaps he never knew how one should console someone, so he could only share his own experience because he was used to everyone leaving— his nannies one after another, his own mother— Perhaps he had also cried before and in the end, he discovered that all the sorrow was in vain.

He said, when his mother left Taiwan, he hadn’t cried, perhaps he really hadn’t shed a tear? But not ever crying didn’t mean that he didn’t hurt. In fact, pain without tears was even more heartbreaking.

Jian Yi An closed her eyes, taking her time to imagine a four year old child on one side of the ocean, trembling as he held the phone, expectantly waiting to be able to hear the voice of his mother from the other side of the ocean. But what came from the phone was only the monotonous dial tone. Du! Du— The cold and monotonous dial tone continued to ring without any response. No one picked up the call, no one wanted to hear what he wanted to say. Her heart tightly seized and she took a shaky breath, her eyes and her throat pricked with extreme sorrow. Why had she been so stupid that she actually didn’t understand his true feelings at the time? Why did she think that was ill-intended ridicule? He put out a cry for help, yet her response was a heartless du du…

“You heard everything?”


After saying goodbye to the nanny, Ke Mu Yu left the ward and very quietly closed the door. He stood in front of his lovely wife.

Jian Yi An lifted her gaze, looking at him with misty eyes. He seemed to be a little embarrassed, a little sorrowful, yet he deliberately put on an expressionless face, displaying an arrogant demeanor.

“Why would your mom treat you like that?” She hoarsely uttered, not understanding how a mother could treat her own son so coldly.

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“Yw Zw.” Fbl pweeldzu prsjl wr.

“Ebyv kp kv?” Tl pvsrrle oyzjkdt.

“Ps usw byhl yduvbkdt kxrsavydv kd vbl yqvladssd?”

“Ebu?” Tl ydpolale kd pwarakpl.

“Let’s skip work!” She lightly curved her lips, her smile dying her eyes, lovely and sweet, “Let’s go to the seaside.”



Lovely spring sunshine and fine sunny weather.

Ke Mu Yu drove with his lovely wife beside him, speeding down the road toward the boundless blue sky. Jian Yi An sat beside him, humming lightly and leisurely watching the scenery flash by.

“Can you really skip work?” He looked at her happy appearance, smiling. “Didn’t you say that your company’s been really busy recently?”

“It’s quite busy.” She nodded her head, her bright eyes looking at him. A trace of craftiness lit up in her eyes. “But didn’t you also say before? Besides being loyal to my husband, I should be even more affectionate.”

“So you forced me to cancel the meeting in the afternoon precisely to be affectionate with me?” He appeared to be mocking yet not mocking her.

“It was you who said it was a boring meeting that you could cancel anytime.” She pouted like she was wronged. “If not, we can just go back.”

“We already came out, it’ll only be a waste of time if we go back.” Ke Mu Yu twitched his lips jokingly as he reached out to pat his wife on the shoulder. “Be good, since I promised to bring you out for a walk, I’ll definitely let you play happily.”

“What bring me out for a walk?” She coquettishly feigned anger. “Are you really treating me like a puppy?”

“Then quickly say ‘woof woof’!”

She puffed up her cheeks.

“Why aren’t you saying it? Say it for me, then your owner will ‘dote’ on you.”


“Who needs you to ‘dote’ on?” Really a nonsensical conversation!

“Be good, don’t be angry.” He teased her with ill-intent, reaching out a finger as if to shake her ‘paw’. “Come, shake hands.” Too hateful!

She was annoyed. She suddenly held onto that mischievous finger of his, sending it into her mouth, and used her pearly white teeth to give it a bite.

“Oh god…” He pretended to cry out. “Do you have rabies? I think I have to go get a shot first to prevent tetanus.”

Prevent tetanus my ass! She glared at him and continued to bite, but she was reluctant to hurt him in the end and slowly lessened the strength she used.

This no longer seemed like biting, it was simply licking.

Ke Mu Yu suddenly felt ticklish. From his finger to his heart, a bout of sweetness surged through his body. He was suddenly a little restless and he pulled his hand back in a hurry.

“It hurts?” She humphed twice, casting him a glance in satisfaction, thinking that he had been taught a lesson.

She wouldn’t think that biting like this could hurt anyone, right?

“Yes, it hurts. Forgive me, wife.” He cooperated with her humorously, pretending to be remorseful, satisfying her vanity as a woman.

“Since you acknowledge your mistake, I suppose I’ll forgive you!” She even put on the airs of a queen.

Ke Mu Yu felt it was even more funny, the gaze with which he glanced at her unconsciously contained a bit of doting.


“Do you know? Yi An, at that time when my dad arranged for me to go on a blind date with you, I was originally a little angry.”

“Angry?” She blinked, immediately understanding. “Is it because of my mom?”

“En.” He nodded. “Because I never expected that he had been hung up on his first love all along, and even wanted to play matchmaker with me and her daughter.”

“You feel that he has let your mom down a lot.” She understandingly responded.

He faintly slanted his lips, neither admitting or denying. After a while, he casted her a teasing glance again. “In the beginning, I was in no mood to go on a blind date with you. I just wanted to see which part of you was so sacred and how you looked.”

“I’m awfully sorry my looks have disappointed you.” She replied with mockery, very clear that she wasn’t some incredibly pretty woman that was beautiful as a fairy. In addition, she still deeply remembered that he once criticized her as stiff and dull.

“Not disappointed.” He saw through her unhappy mood and chuckled. “Just not as beautiful as I imagined. I thought the woman that had the ability to leave my dad hung up on her for half his life ought to be very remarkable in appearance and her daughter was certainly also very beautiful.”

“I’m truly sorry, I’m not beautiful at all.” The more she heard, the worse she felt.

“Indeed nothing great.” He rudely added insult to injury.

She was choked by his words. Clenching her hands, she tried hard to restrain herself from baring her fangs and brandishing her claws. “Then why did you discuss the contract marriage with me later?”

He only smiled and didn’t say anything. She suddenly realized that she had asked a stupid question. The reason he discussed conditions with her was of course to use this to teach his ex-girlfriend a lesson. It just happened that she was the most convenient to use. She angrily let out a cold scoff. He seemed to have heard it and turned his head over to look at her, his eyes like stars were bright and lively.

“What are you looking at?” She was unhappy.


He slightly pursed his lips. His starry eyes twinkled, looking like he had many things he wanted to say yet he was unable to say it after a long time.

“I just want to ask you, what exactly are we doing when we get to the seaside later? Don’t tell me that you want to go surfing with me even though you don’t know how?”

“I don’t know how to surf, but didn’t you say before?” She wickedly narrowed her eyes, “You really want to see me when I race.”

His sharp brows rose. “So?”

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