Untypical Divorce

Chapter 7.3

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Jian Yi An maintained her elegant demeanor and politely asked, “May I ask, is Mu Yu not at the company?”

“He just received a notice that someone is critically ill, he’s gone to the hospital.”

“Notice that someone is critically ill?” She was greatly alarmed. “Who is it?” Could it be her father-in-law? When was he sent to the hospital?

“Who knows.” Song Qi Hong’s tone was impatient, “Just that it isn’t the chairman.”


Not father-in-law, then who would it be?

Jian Yi An pondered and didn’t think her husband had any friends that were hospitalized. As she was pondering, Song Qi Hong’s sharp voice suddenly penetrated her ear.

“You must be very pleased with yourself recently, right?”

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“I’m not afraid that I won’t be able to find work.” Song Qi Hong angrily raised her voice. She was only unable to accept this, why was she who had remained by her ex-boyfriend’s side as his secretary for nearly two years still unable to change his mind? She originally thought that after he divorced, the two of them would have the opportunity to get back together. Unexpectedly, he actually decided to turn the contract marriage from fake to real. “Don’t think you’ve won, Jian Yi An, Mu Yu is merely momentarily finding it interesting. His personality is like that, the more challenging a game is, the more he likes it!” She hatefully spouted. Pausing for two seconds, a trace of malice flashed through her bright eyes. “Do you know why he pursued me at that time when we were in school?”


“Go on.” Jian Yi An encouraged with a smile yet not a smile.

“Because I made him look bad. When he first came to school, his grades were very bad, only obtaining the qualifications to attend by relying on his family’s donations. I look down on this kind of young master the most. He asked me to dance at a party; I rejected him, do you know what he did?” Song Qi Hong lowered her lashes and the corner of her lips lightly hooked, containing obvious provocation. “From then on, he worked studiously, diligently studying hard, obtaining first place for the semester’s finals.” 

“Consequently, you accepted his pursuit?” Jian Yi An intelligently derived.

“Correct!” Song Qi Hong arrogantly nodded. “I like men that are smart and strive to be better, Mu Yu is the same.” She crossed her arms in front of her chest, maliciously making fun of her. “He’s only playing a game with you because you defied his expectations and roused his competitiveness, don’t you ever think he’s begun to fall for you.”

Jian Yi An quietly stared at her. “These words, I’m likewise returning them to you.”

“What?” She froze.

“According to what you said, Mu Yu has also never truly loved you. He only treated you as the object of a difficult pursuit, he was also playing a game with you.”

“You!” Song Qi Hong hadn’t expected that her own provocation would be met with her opponent counterattacking with her own words, she was momentarily embarrassed and at a loss.

“You’ve already been eliminated, Miss Song.” Jian Yi An sharply pointed out, her limpid eyes shone with a peculiar light. “It’s Mu Yu’s and my game now, it’s a showdown between me and him. As for which of us wins and which of us loses, there’s no need for you to trouble yourself over it.” With that, she gracefully left, no longer participating in a meaningless confrontation with her husband’s ex-girlfriend. Because the person that she had to defeat wasn’t her—


When Ke Mu Yu arrived at the hospital, that patient that had made him rush over urgently had temporarily escaped danger. His heart that had been dangling up high finally came down. With the nurse showing the way, he quietly walked into the intensive care ward, looking at that patient lying on the bed.

Her complexion was deathly pale. Having not seen her for many years, she had aged a lot. Time and illness had both cruelly left their traces on her body.


She was precisely Miss Dong, his last nanny.

Ke Mu Yu dragged a chair over, sitting down by the bed. Ever since his wife informed him that his Miss Dong was seriously ill, he appeared to be calm and collected on the surface, but he had actually secretly inquired about which hospital she was in and also gotten in contact with the doctor responsible for her treatment.

Originally, he didn’t want to visit her, only wanted to secretly look after her, to see if he could help her with anything at the end of her life and allow her to leave more peacefully. Unexpectedly, after receiving the critical notice from the hospital today, he hurriedly rushed over without thinking.

Actually what could he do? They only shared a brief fate, he had never thought that he would meet her again, and even more so, not thought of what he should say after meeting. Perhaps, he should thank her, thank her for once accompanying him through his most desolate childhood. Perhaps he could tell her, although he had always been cold to her, he actually really liked her. Yes, of all the nannies that had taken care of him before, the one that left the greatest impression in his memories was this one…

The woman on the sickbed made a weak, very slight movement.

He became apprehensive, leaning over to look at her carefully. She seemed to have woken, her eyelashes were shaking. After using a great amount of strength, she opened her blurry eyes.

A faint sourness suddenly rushed forth in his chest.

“Who are…you?” Miss Dong stubbornly widened her eyes, trying to recognize who he was.

His heart tightened. “I’m Ke Mu Yu, you were once… my nanny.”

“It’s…you ah.” She exerted strength to move the corner of her mouth, it seemed like she wanted to smile, but to no avail. “Your wife… came to see me.”

“Yes, I know.” His voice was gloomily hoarse. “Did she disturb you?”

She pursed her lips to replace shaking her head. “I’m very… happy.” A pause. “You’ve… grown up.”


The expression in her eyes as she looked at him was very kind, full of reminiscence. He was hit with regret, momentarily speechless.

“Are you…happy?” Her gaze slackened, visibly very very tired yet the joy was unable to be covered up. She wanted to ask about his current situation, wanted to know if the child she had once taken care of was doing well. Ke Mu Yu secretly clenched his fist, restraining all the emotions stirring up in his heart. “I’m doing very well, I came today because I want to express my thanks to you.”

She raised the tip of her eyebrow in doubt as if to ask why he was expressing his thanks.

His eyes slightly sharpened and he told himself that some things, if he didn’t say them now, perhaps he might never have the opportunity to say again. He had to bravely express the familial comfort he felt toward her.

“I’m very grateful for you for not taking care of me with excessive enthusiasm like the other nannies at that time. I actually didn’t like that they were so meticulous because that only made me blame my own mother more! Why is it that even a nanny without any blood relation could treat me well, but my biological mother couldn’t? I didn’t want to compare my own mother with the nanny because she…was my mother after all…” He suddenly paused, his voice stuck in his throat.

Because she was his mother, even though she always treated him coldly and never truly cared for him, he still loved her. Or it should be said that he wanted to love her. If he could love his own mother, it meant that he wasn’t a terrible child. He was worthy of being loved, worthy of his parents’ care.

He only wished that he could also be just like other children, to be loved by his mother and father…

Ke Mu Yu clenched his teeth, trying hard to squash the grievance in his chest, to find a crack to breathe through. “All the other nannies wanted to replace my mother in taking care of me. I know they all pity me, but I couldn’t accept it. Only you were very strict with me, like you didn’t care about me at all.”

“It’s not…like that.” Miss Dong’s lips trembled, wanting to explain.

“You don’t have to explain, I know you did it on purpose.” He dimly muttered. “I know what you were thinking in your heart, so I treated you that way. You did it to allow me to be at ease, allow me to stop struggling painfully in my heart because I was afraid that I would betray my biological mother.”

“You…really understand.” Her voice was feeble, nearly inaudible, but he could still hear that she was gratified.

She shakely moved her hand. He knew she wanted to hold him and actively reached his hand over.


The two of their hands grasped each other, they quietly looked at one another. Just a look, a smile, and many sorrows, much sadness, and happiness were said.

There suddenly came fragments of choked sobs from the door to the ward.

Ke Mu Yu turned around, startled, and met with a simple yet elegant face. It was his wife. She looked at him with yearning, her eyes filled with tears yet a slight smile spilled onto her lips.

That smile was indescribably transparently beautiful.

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