Untypical Divorce

Chapter 8.2

So when the two people arrived at Qianshui Bay in Sanzhi, she rented a jet ski and forced him to wear a life vest with her. Looking at the silly-looking life vest on herself, she felt that her usual heroic air had suddenly taken a hit.

“Because I promised my mom and dad that I won’t go drag racing anymore in the future. I said I won’t race on the streets, but I never said I couldn’t race on the water.”

She was smiling brightly, her eyes crafty and lively. Ke Mu Yu, seeing her, couldn’t help smiling and reaching out to rub her head. “You’re not scared that I’ll tell your dad?”

“You dare!” She stopped smiling and threatened him.

“OK, I promise I’ll keep it a secret.” He very tactfully guaranteed, then paused. “But why did you only rent one jet ski?”


“Because I’m going to carry you.” She spoke as if it was only natural.

“You? Carry me?” He was doubtful, would they still be able to move? A grown man was pretty heavy.

“Don’t look down on me.” She haughtily stuck her chin out, “In the past, I also frequently carried boys to drag race together.”

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“This is your so-called racing?” He disdained. “Isn’t it too slow?”


“Don’t be anxious, it hasn’t even started.” She stopped for a moment. “Alright, let’s go!”

As her words fell, she didn’t give him any time to react as she abruptly pressed on the accelerator. The speed sharply rose and drops of ocean spray attacked them head on like falling pebbles, mercilessly hitting the exposed skin not covered by their clothes.

The speed was too fast and the waves were too strong, Ke Mu Yu was practically unable to open his eyes to clearly see where he was.

Contrarily, Jian Yi An who should logically be in the same awkward situation however, didn’t feel like she was suffering at all. She was freely swaying the front of the jet ski left and right, arrogantly zigzagging on the ocean water.

“Is it fun?” She raised her voice to teasingly ask him in the midst of the wild wind and waves.

He naturally could not admit defeat. “It’s fun!”

“What did you say? I can’t hear clearly.”

“I said!” He yelled, “Can you go even faster?”

He dares provoke her? She subtly hooked her lips. Since he asked, then there was no reason for her to be polite. She wildly rushed forward, displaying her exceptional racing skills.

So awesome! Although Ke Mu Yu himself also had a passion for racing, even he couldn’t help but admire her skills and courage. She said she was an expert at racing and sure enough, it was true.

Unexpectedly, his wife was actually such a unique woman.

“Yi An!” He raised his voice and shouted, “Do you know what I wanted to say to you in the car just now?”



“Actually, you…look pretty good.” He muttered, a little embarrassed.

“What? I couldn’t hear you.”

“Jian Yi An, you, are, very, pretty!” He shouted into the wind.

“What was that, petty ghost.” She coquettishly feigned anger. She obviously heard it, yet still had him say it again, “Speak louder!”

Alright, he’ll say it!

He threw caution to the wind, opening his voice and heart, yelling to the sea and the sky. “My, Ke Mu Yu’s, wife is the most beautiful in the world!”

That’s more like it. Jian Yi An smiled happily, the wind and waves caught her eyes and his boyish shout captured her heart. “Not beautiful but dashing.” She corrected.

“What?” He was momentarily puzzled.

“My racing skills, don’t tell me they’re not dashing?” Saying this, she confidently jerked the front of the jet ski upward, creating a streak in the waves.

“I, Jian Yi An, am the world’s most dashing!”

“Really so shameless.” He laughed.


“What did you say? Do you not want to live? Just watch me!” She then streaked across the waves again and again, challenging the endurance of his heart, using this opportunity to punish him.

The two people raged on the waves for nearly an hour. They were both tired. Jian Yi An rode back to the beach and leapt off the vehicle. The jet ski, no longer under control, collapsed on the ground. She also flopped down on the beach.

“How are you feeling? Tired?” Ke Mu Yu teased.

“I don’t believe that you’re not tired!” She gave him a roll of her eyes.

He smiled, laying down with her, shamelessly resting his head on her soft thighs.

“What are you doing? Go away!” She kicked her leg in annoyance, “I’m aching all over from riding.”

“Then switch places.” He changed his position, holding her head and placing it on his own legs. “It’s more comfortable this way, right?”

This was more like it! She closed her eyes in satisfaction, laying together with him in the sunset. The rose-tinted sky hazily shone on her face, dying her in beauty.

He propped up his head with his elbow and fondly admired her.

“Yi An.” After a good while, he suddenly called her lightly.

“En?” She didn’t open her eyes.

“Actually the reason I often played pranks on those nannies, chasing them away, there’s another reason.” He said the words coming from his heart.


She shook, her jade lashes remained closed, slightly trembling. “What reason?”

He looked up at the gorgeous and colorful sky of the sunset and hoarsely muttered after a long time, “Because I knew none of them would stay for long. Sooner or later, they will all leave. I don’t want to allow myself to rely on someone that will leave.”

He didn’t want to allow himself to rely on someone that will leave.

She was shocked upon hearing this, her heartstrings seized in sorrow.

“You will…always be my rose, right?” He asked, full of hidden meaning. Yet she heard that desire that he could not voice, that he meticulously hid in his words— If you really want to stay, say you promise me, you will never leave.

“En.” She lightly nodded her head, knowing that this promise of hers meant embarking on the road of no return. From now on, whether he was sincere or playing a game with her, no matter who won and who lost in this showdown with him, she already had no way of turning back.

Because her heart had already been placed in his hands.

My, Ke Mu Yu’s, wife is the most beautiful in the world! Even now, thinking back on how he recklessly shouted, Ke Mu Yu still couldn’t believe it. His handsome cheeks even slightly heated up in embarrassment. He had no way of explaining his own craziness at the time, it was like he had lost all reason and also seemed his mood was too exuberant, so much so that he had to shout loudly in order to be able to express the emotions surging in his heart.

He was crazy, he had never made repeated declarations to any woman and also never thought that there was anyone worthy enough for him to take down his face like this, for him to humble himself.

He’d gone crazy, really gone crazy…

“You don’t have to look so happy, right?” A voice sharp as a knife cut toward his ears, calling him back from his perplexed mood. Ke Mu Yu abruptly came back to his senses, rearranging the expression on his face. Halting his childish action of spinning his office chair, he raised his eyes to look at the woman in front of him.

“When did you come in?” He apathetically asked, forcing himself to be calm.

“Just now, I knocked on the door several times, you still didn’t hear, so I came in on my own.” Song Qi Hong stared fixedly at him, her gaze mocking but unable to hide the hurt. “Is my resignation something that deserves so much joy?”

Ke Mu Yu raised his eyebrows in surprise. Dropping his gaze, he found that a letter of resignation laid on his desk.

“You finally decided to resign?” He took the letter of resignation.

“You already made it so clear, how can I not get it?” Song Qi Hong’s tone was sarcastic.

“Sorry.” He did his best to appear very sincere. “I won’t treat you unfairly. Although you asked to resign on your own, the company will still give you severance pay. I will also write a letter of recommendation for you.”

“No need! I, Song Qi Hong, still don’t need to go as far as to need my former boss’s recommendation in order to find a job.” She arrogantly refused his good intentions.

“This is also true.” He smiled indifferently. “Then I wish you well.”

Hearing his words, Song Qi Hong suddenly glared at him resentfully as if hating him for being too decisive. It was meaningless to regret or be depressed.

“I admit, I’ve lost in the game between you and me, Ke Mu Yu, but do you think you’ve won?” She angrily spouted the words.

He gazed at her, after a long time, he spoke lightly. “Honestly speaking, I never thought of playing any games with you.”

“What?” She was shocked.

“It was you who came to my side on your own to be a secretary.” He calmly explained. “As for me, the relationship between you and me has long ended the moment you betrayed me two years ago.”

“I know you’re unable to forgive me! So you got married with Jian Yi An to punish me, didn’t you?”

“You’re wrong. In the beginning, I wasn’t thinking that at all. It was you yourself who later willingly accepted this kind of punishment.”

Her breath caught in shock. “What…do you mean?”

He remained silent.

But there was no need for him to explain, she actually already knew. He was telling her that he originally had no intention of starting the game, it was her that started it herself and he was only passively playing with her.

“Then exactly why did you have to get married with her?” She interrogated, flustered and exasperated.

Ke Mu Yu’s eyes dimmed. “You don’t need to know this.” He signed her resignation. “The company will deposit your salary and your severance pay to your account on time.”

She took the resignation letter, crumpling it into a ball in her hand. “Mu Yu, before I leave, there’s something I have to tell you.”

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