The Landowner And His Wife

Chapter 81: Liu Hong Gets Married


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Sure enough, after Liu Changshi spoke, both Liu Changqi and Liu Changgeng immediately voiced their objections. Liu Changqi said, “Do you really need to go to Ningxia Town? Are you marrying a fairy princess? The maximum that most people give in betrothal would be eight or 10 taels of silver. So long as you save up, and borrow money, you should be able to afford that. Why travel so far?”


Liu Changgeng nodded. “That’s right. That place is too dangerous. Can’t you find work someplace safer? Do you really need to go all the way there?”

Liu Changgeng predicted their response, because that was the same response he had gotten from his parents. He didn’t try to defend himself, only saying “I’ve made up my mind. After Liu Hong gets married, I will go.”

Old Man Liu gave a loud hmph. “Every single one of you…. None of you listen!”

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“I’ve already told you and mum so many times. I’m going there this time to earn some money. With the money, I can do other things! I will only go this once!”


Liu Changqi finally managed to get a word in. “And if you do other jobs, you won’t be able to earn money?”

Liu Changshi turned and said to him, “Dage, you should be clearest about this. What kind of work can villagers like us find? Either it’s going to town to help with carpentry work, or construction work. We would make at most 100 plus wen. Can we really make enough money? All these years, haven’t you and erge been going out to work? Have you any savings? It’s always been that the money earned is immediately used, right?”

Liu Changgeng and Liu Gao shi had stopped speaking because the two of them were well aware that what Liu Changshi said had truth to it. But Liu Gao shi loved her little son – no matter how valid his point, she was unwilling to allow it. And since his mother opposed it,  Liu Changgeng obviously could not show his support. 

While listening to Old Man Liu and Liu Changqi’s verbal spar with Liu Changshi, Liu Changgeng had a sudden thought. He quickly asked, “Wait a moment! Let me ask you, how much money are you going to bring to buy the goods? If you don’t buy enough goji berries and red dates, it’s not worth the trip right? But if you want to buy more, do you have enough money? Also, have you gotten a buyer? What if nobody wants them? Then won’t you be stuck?”

Because his children were doing business, Liu Changgeng had also picked up a few tips from them. 

Liu Changshi then said, “Since I want to go, I’ve obviously given this  thought. I’ve already found a buyer….”

“Don’t tell me it’s the middlemen! Those people are really blackhearted! It’s not worth you making a trip like this!”

“It’s not the middlemen, it’s a dried goods store in Feng County Town. I’ve already spoken to their shopkeeper – so long as I have Ningxia goji berries and red dates, they will take all of it….. There are a few big families in Feng County Town who have already clearly said that they would accept these two dried goods. I can send it to them.” Liu Changshi was not stupid. He had clearly checked out the situation beforehand.

Liu Changgeng was stumped. He had nothing left to say. Old Man Liu was also left wordless. He could only puff angrily on his pipe. 

Liu Changshi then said, “Dad, mum, dage, erge, I know that all of you are worried about me. Please don’t – I am a strong young man, and I’m not dumb! If I really were to see Mongols or Tartars, wouldn’t I just run away? If I can’t run, surely I can hide? I will be by myself, so it shouldn’t be too difficult!”

Liu Changqi was dazed for a moment before asking, “So how much money are you bringing? If it’s only five or eight taels of silver, it’s not worth the worry!”

Liu Changshi answered, “I’m bringing 30 strings of cash. I’ve borrowed it from Yuan Hao. I’m also bringing my own money…. Two strings of cash.”


Liu Changqi was stunned, Liu Changgeng’s jaw dropped! Looking at Old Man Liu and Liu Gao shi, they were obviously aware of his plans. Their faces showed their helplessness. Liu Changgeng quickly said, “You’ve borrowed so much from Yuan Hao?! What if you lose everything? How would you repay him?”

Liu Changshi said, “Since I borrowed the money, then I will definitely return it. No matter what, I will complete this deal and return the money!”

He was clearly not going to listen to any of their protests. No matter what anyone said, Liu Changshi’s mind was made up. And what he said did make sense. As a young man, was he to just stay put and mind his 1.5 mu of land, dooming himself to an endless cycle of poverty? Since he had his own ideas, then why not allow him to give it a try?

In the end, after trying his best to change his mind, Liu Changgeng sighed and left. When he came out, he saw that his wife and children had already returned home, so he too made his way back.

He told He shi all this just before they turned into bed. He shi too felt that Liu Changshi’s plan was a good one, it’s just that the place he chose to do business was dangerous. However, if it weren’t dangerous, if anyone could do it, then everyone would have already gone to do it, and there wouldn’t be such rich rewards. 

He shi could only comfort Liu Changgeng by reminding him that Liu Changshi was a big strong man. He could look after himself. And the fact that he was striking out on his own, not relying on his parents or his sister’s betrothal money to marry his wife, was something to be applauded. 

The two of them hadn’t the slightest inkling of exactly which young maiden had caught Liu Changshi’s eye. 

Liu Xu’er didn’t know anything. In any case, she had already pointed out her uncle’s act of heroism to her xiaoyi. Her xiaoyi didn’t show signs of rejection; in fact, she seemed to be rather shy about it. So perhaps there was a chance. However, whatever happened next was not up to her. It was now all up to her sishu! 

In the next 10 days, Liu Xu’er busied herself sewing pouches and making braided cords, On the eighth day of the 10th month, Liu Hong got married. 

Just before this, Liu Changgeng had visited Yuan Hao’s place to drop off his sister’s wedding trousseau. Although they were all from the same village, it was the first time the brothers had been by. After Yuan Hao had confirmed his engagement, he had built a big brick house where his original home was. The main building had three rooms, with side rooms at both ends. Then at the left and right of the main building were two wings with three rooms each. Finally, there was a door, with two rooms facing into the courtyard. One was a room, the other was a storage area. The backyard was rather large. There were some green vegetables, carrots, grapes and luffa growing there. 

When Liu Changgeng returned, he smiled and told He shi, “The house is kept really neat and clean. It’s very good.”

He shi naturally was very happy for Liu Hong. On the eighth day of the 10th month, He shi rose very early. Before the sun had risen, she had washed up and made her way to the old residence. 


Liu Gao shi and Liu Hong were both already up. There was water being boiled in the kitchen. Even Ma shi had come over very early to help. 

After Liu Hong had bathed and put her hair up in a simple design, the matchmaker and quanfuniangniang1 全福娘娘/Quanfuniangniang – She is a “娘娘/niangniang”  (one of the ways of describing a married woman)  who is “全福/ quanfu” (Fu means good fortune/ lucky, while Quan refers to being complete/ whole). Hence a married woman whose fortune is whole. It is defined as someone who’s parents and in-laws are still alive, and they have both daughters and sons. Because she is such a “lucky” person, she is an auspicious person to have for a wedding.  arrived. 

Actually, He shi was herself qualified to be a quanfuniangniang. After all, both her parents and parents-in-law were alive, and she had both sons and daughters. However, the village had a quanfuniangniang about 40 years of age. Everyone in the village would get her to help with their weddings, and she was very familiar with the role. He shi was also needed elsewhere, and so, they had invited this quanfuniangniang to help Liu Hong with her makeup and comb her hair. 

At home, Liu Shu and Liu Lin had returned the day before. At daybreak, the entire family rose, washed up and had their breakfast before locking up their home and heading over. By the time they got to the old residence, Liu Hong was all ready. She was dressed in her embroidered red wedding clothes and on her head was a red veil. She sat at the side of the kang with her feet resting on a little table. She was wearing a pair of red embroidered slippers. On her waist was a five coloured braided cord with a tassel. On it was a scent sachet with crab-apple flowers stitched on it. It was a gift from Liu Xu’er. 

Liu Xu’er stayed in the house for a while. She heard mum, Ma shi and Liu Hong chat with each other, while outside, fireworks went off occasionally. When the firecrackers suddenly started going off in quick succession, Liu Xu’er knew that the time had arrived, so she quickly ran outside. 

Liu Shu handed Senzi over to her, and warned her to stay away from the door. Then he himself rushed to the courtyard door to block it off. Today, he and Liu Lin were key personnel. There were many things that Old Man Liu had instructed them to do, the first of which was to block the door and demand for red packets.

Liu Yun’er and Liu Tao were both there, along with the neighbours’ children. A whole group of children were there shouting their demands for red packets. The courtyard door was opened a crack by these children, and Yuan Hao started to toss in bunches of red packets to them. 

Some of the children hurried to snatch the packets, but Liu Shu and Liu Lin stayed by the door. They turned to look at their sishu – they would only open the door on his signal. 

Dressed in red, Yuan Hao expended a mountain of energy before finally managing to enter the courtyard. He went toward the main house and knocked. He shi and Ma shi along with some of Liu Hong’s peers were blocking the main house’s door, all demanding red packets. Sweating, Yuan Hao started to toss in numerous red packets, but the door wouldn’t open. The groomsmen started to get impatient and threatened that they were going to bash the door in. From inside, He shi asked – in the future, who will you listen to in your life together? Yuan Hao responded, “I will listen to Liu Hong….”

The men with him were getting antsy, “It’s not yet time to naodongfang2 闹洞房/ naodongfang – Refers to the custom of disturbing the bridal chamber on the day of the wedding. It’s a time when guests would banter and play pranks on the wedding couple. ! If you don’t open up, we’re going to ram the door! We’re really going to do it!”

As they made a fuss, Yuan Hao sent in a few more large red packets. Then they actually gave the door a couple of hard shoves before the door finally opened. 

Head covered in a red veil, Liu Hong exited the house with Yuan Hao. Stepping on  a red dyed hemp sack, they went over to Old Man Liu and Liu Gao shi to give their customary wedding bows. Liu Gao shi’s eyes were red. 


Liu Changgeng brought both Liu Shu and Liu Lin to the doorway. Eight strings of firecrackers were already hanging there. Now was the most lively part of the ceremony. When Yuan Hao and Liu Hong exited, they set off the firecrackers and the entire courtyard entrance was filled with smoke. 

After getting into the bridal sedan chair, the wedding procession wound its way around the village before going back to Yuan Hao’s place. 

The guests who had come to the Liu residence were then invited to take part in the wedding banquet. 

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