The Landowner And His Wife

Chapter 80: Going Out To Earn Money


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After Liqiu1立秋/ Liqiu – Also known as the Start Of Autumn, it falls between the 7th -22nd day of the eighth month., the days started to become colder. In the northwestern region, the temperature changes within a day were quite extreme. At midday, the temperature would still carry some of the warmth of summer, but by afternoon, the day would start to get colder and colder. By the time it was dark, the wind would be bone-chillingly cold. 


At this moment, Liu Xu’er was at the old residence, sitting at the side of Old Man Liu and Liu Gao shi’s kang. Senzi was sitting next to her, waiting for her to crack walnuts for him. As usual, Old Man Liu was seated on the kang, with one leg under him and the other outstretched, smoking. Liu Gao shi sat at the side, sewing some shoe soles. 

The rest of the adults were scattered across the room. 

Old Man Liu took a puff and smoke started to curl from his mouth. Before starting his topic, he first warned Ma shi, “I called all of you here today to discuss some matters. If there are any issues, we will discuss it in a civil manner. If you dare to start a fight, you can get out!”

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Old Man Liu then said, “Then we will divide it four ways. You three brothers will get 700 wen, while I take 900 wen? Is everyone ok with that?”


Of course everyone was agreeable, so they all nodded their heads. 

Old Man Liu then said, “Liu Hong is getting married. You brothers will of course need to show some support, either in terms of money or in terms of gifts. When your mother was preparing items for her, Second volunteered to make a chest, a table and four little chairs as a set for her. Second’s wife also prepared a blanket and mattress filled with cotton for them. They brought it over a few days ago. I feel that what Second did is good. First and Fourth can also do something like this. What do you think?”

Ma shi let out a huge sigh of relief hearing this! She had thought that they would need to give money! This way, 700 wen should be enough. She quickly said, “We’re the First family, so we need to show our sincerity! Liu Changqi was just thinking along the same lines as Second! A few days ago, he had even gone to town to look at some furniture. We were just planning to come back and ask mum if we should get it for her!”

Liu Changqi had apparently actually gone to see something like that. He nodded and said, “That’s right. Mum, have all the furniture been prepared?”

Liu Gao shi nodded, “I’ve already asked someone to help me make it and they have already been lacquered. We will be heading over soon to check on them. Don’t worry about the furniture – store bought is not as reliable as those that are custom made.”

Liu Changshi then said, “I’ll just give money – one string of cash! I don’t know what would be good to buy, so mum, just help me buy something with it!”

Liu Gao shi nodded, “That’s fine too.”

Ma shi’s face immediately fell! A string of cash, she would need to fork out an additional 300 wen! She stared at Liu Changshi, hating him for speaking up. 

Liu Changqi then said, “Then I will give a string of cash plus 200 wen. I’m the eldest, I should contribute more than Fourth.”

Old Man Liu waved him away, “One string of cash is enough. Let’s make it fair for everyone, so that there are no quarrels about who gave more or less later.” He coughed and knocked the remaining tobacco from his pipe. “About grain, all of you were there from start to finish, and should be very clear about the matter. This year, the harvest was good, and there are fewer people to divide this between. After paying tax, there should be more grain than usual left. After we’ve milled it, we can divide up the harvest between us.”

With that, he signalled the end of the discussion, so the rest started to slowly make their way out. Old Man Liu then said, “You brothers, stay behind.”

Liu Changgeng, Liu Changqi and Liu Changshi stayed where they were. Liu Xu’er passed all the peeled walnuts in her hand to Senzi. She got off the kang and was in the middle of wearing her shoes when a shadow darted by. Seeing Senzi eating the walnuts, he snatched the entire handful over and ran out!


It was Liu Tao. All the adults in the room witnessed what happened. Liu Changqi was angered into shouting, “This brat!” and gave chase.

Old Man Liu shook his head, “How has that child been taught!”

Liu Gao shi was worried that Senzi would cry, so she quickly said a few comforting words. “Senzi, don’t cry! Nai will give you more walnuts. You can get your jie to peel them for you!”

Senzi had already eaten his fill. Also, he had learnt from his brothers and sister at home not to snatch food from others. So, when his walnuts were stolen, he was merely dazed, but not upset. He said, “Gege can have it. I don’t need more.” Then he realised there was still a small piece left in his palm, so he gave his chubby little hand a lick and swallowed it. Then he stuck his bum over the kang, wanting to get off. 

Liu Gao shi quickly lifted him off. She felt both heartache and pride at his response. “Senzi is such a good boy! He knows how to behave!” She planted a kiss on him and helped him put his shoes on. Then Liu Xu’er took Senzi out. 

Liu Changqi didn’t manage to catch up to Liu Tao. Liu Tao had taken off swiftly and headed home, passing by Ma shi. Scared that Old Man Liu had asked Liu Changqi to stay so that they could give more money for something else, Ma shi used him as an excuse and quickly shouted, “Mum, I need to hurry back! At night, I will come over to pass you the money.” Then she scurried off. 

He shi on the other hand, was not in a hurry to return. She headed to the kitchen to knead some dough, while Liu Xu’er and Liu Sen stayed in the courtyard to play. 

In the house, Old Man Liu had topped up the tobacco in his pipe and lit it. Puffing on it, he said, “Third’s matter. What do you think should be done? First, do you know what on earth he is thinking of doing?”

Previously, both Ma shi and Jia shi were in close contact, so it seemed that First and Third had better relations. But ever since Liu Changgui had returned to sell the land, and Liu Changqi’s dreams of moving to town had gone up in smoke, Liu Changqi had started to see things more clearly. His own wife wanted to compete in every way with Jia shi, but was fundamentally unable to. Added to the disrespectful way Third and his wife treated their parents, he had to distance himself from them. Otherwise others might accuse him of being an unfilial son. 

When he heard Old Man Liu’s question, he quickly said, “Ever since Third moved to town, I haven’t met him. The last time he came back, I didn’t say much…. I did ask him about his plans, but he just ignored me.”

Old Man Liu then said, “What on earth is going on, does anyone know? How much money does Third even have? How is he making a living in town now that he’s sold his land? Do you know what he’s doing? Does Third intend to rely on his wife? Is his wife’s maiden family able to continue to support them?”

Liu Changgeng and Liu Changqi both felt a little ashamed. They were his gege. Although Third’s conduct was abominable, it was not right for them to bury their heads in their own families and completely ignore him. Liu Changgeng said, “Then should I find a day to go to town to ask around?”


Liu Changqi quickly nodded, “I will go with Second!”

Old Man Liu thought for a moment, “I think it’s best to wait till after Liu Hong has been married. It’s happening so soon. I don’t want anything bad to happen at this time. Also, it’s not so good for you two brothers to go. It’s better for just one of you to accompany your mother to town…. Give me some time. I will think this matter over.”

The brothers agreed. Liu Changqi saw that Old Man Liu continued to smoke, but didn’t give them permission to leave, so he asked, “What’s up dad? Is there anything else?”

Old Man Liu nodded and said, “Fourth’s matter.”

Liu Changqi and Liu Changgeng turned to look at Liu Changshi. It was only now that they realised that Liu Changshi seemed a bit gloomy and quiet today. Like now – he stood, with his head drooping by the doorway. He looked restless.

Liu Changgeng then asked, “Fourth, did something happen?” Then realisation dawned on him. He smiled and turned to Old Man Liu, “Are you talking about his marriage?”

Old Man Liu nodded his head, “Yes and no.”

Liu Changqi laughed nervously, “Dad, why are you being so mysterious? What do you mean by that? Do you want to arrange a match for Fourth? Who’s daughter are you thinking of?”

Liu Changgeng glanced at Liu Changshi and noticed that he wasn’t smiling. In fact, his face was furrowed, and he looked as if he wanted to say something. Surprised, he asked, “What is going on?”

Old Man Liu then said, “You are very familiar with what our family’s financial situation was like before. When the few of you married, all the betrothal gifts were slowly saved up by your mother and I. Now, with Liu Hong’s betrothal money, although we’ve spent 5 taels to buy back some land, and although we spent a fair amount to prepare her trousseau, there is still some saved up. If he wanted to marry a bride, with you brothers chipping it, it’s not a difficult matter…. But Fourth refuses. He wants to earn the money for a bride himself.”

Liu Changgeng nodded, “That’s fine… Why isn’t that fine?” He felt that there was nothing wrong for Fourth to make this decision. Now that the grain was safely harvested, there was nothing else that needed to be done till the next year. For Fourth to go out and earn money – isn’t that the same as every year?

Old Man Liu whipped his head around to look at him, “Don’t be so quick to say it’s fine…. Do you know where he wants to go?”


Clueless, Liu Changgeng asked, “Where?” Where else could he go? There were only the few towns nearby? Seasonal work could be found there. Or if he had bigger plans, then maybe he was planning to go to Hanzhong or Xianyang City? But if he did, his expenses would be greater. 

Liu Changshi got impatient with the way Old Man Liu was dragging this out. It was as though he was building up to some dramatic reveal, trying to stir his brothers to stop him! So he answered, “I want to go to Ningxia Town to buy some red dates and goji berries!”

When the words dropped, both Liu Changqi and Liu Changgeng were gobsmacked! Ningxia Town was famous for its red dates and goji berries – they were even given as tribute to the emperor! And they were in high demand in the local marketplace as well. 

But, Ningxia Town was a very important military garrison. Outside town were Mongols and Tartars! Every year, Ningxia was raided a few times by them. These barbarians were vicious – if they saw a man, they would kill him, if they saw a woman, they would snatch her away. They were the biggest danger in this era. It was said that in Ningxia, there were over 100 000 troops stationed and battles took place frequently there. It was a warzone!

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