The Landowner And His Wife

Chapter 100: Take This Divorce Letter And Get Lost


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Old Man Liu was reprimanding Liu Changqi. After all, Liu Changqi was the man of the house, so Old Man Liu would naturally direct his words toward him, “Look at how you’ve taught your children! Why is she behaving so crazily? She took a rock and wanted to smash it on someone’s head – what was she thinking? Why are family members treating each other as enemies?”


“Who is her family member?! I am her enemy!” Liu Yun’er said coldly!

Ma shi was still rolling on the ground, accusing Liu Changqi of not being a man. The vein on Liu Changqi’s temple pulsed so fiercely, it looked like it was about to explode! Suddenly, he shouted, “I want to divorce this woman!”

Everyone in the courtyard was stunned!

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Old Man Liu was shocked and enraged! Hand shuddering, he pointed at Ma shi, then he turned and pointed at Liu Changqi, “Didn’t wait for you to agree? What kind of talk is that? Were you even considering it? You two…. What kind of match are you even trying to make?!” 


Ma shi protested, “Wasn’t it because there’s no more money to eat?! Xian’er herself agreed. How could I sell my daughter?!”

Liu Changqi angrily said, “I didn’t know it was a 30 year-old widower! When the matchmaker came by, I wasn’t at home. Ma shi told me about it after – she said nothing about his age, or the fact that his first wife had died! She just said it was someone from her maiden village and what not. Everything she told me about him sounded good, so I said, that sounds alright…. Then I added that we still needed to look into the situation. This woman didn’t wait for me to look into it, just said that I had agreed and accepted the person’s 10 strings of cash!”

He got angrier and angrier as he spoke. He pointed at Ma shi and said, “I should have divorced you long ago! Maybe then the children wouldn’t be this way! Before, thinking of our longstanding relationship, I couldn’t bear to do it. But now, you’ve destroyed Xian’er!”

By now, Ma shi could tell that he seemed to be serious – very very serious. And since she had exhausted herself in her earlier fit, her head had cleared a bit. She started to get nervous, so she stiffened her back and said, “On what basis do you divorce me? Which of the seven conditions did I break?!” 

“Too many?!” Liu Changqi bellowed, then he turned and entered the house. 

Ma shi stood up. She affected unconcern, dusting off her clothes and tidying her hair. But her expression made it clear. She kept muttering under her breath, and didn’t care about her still bleeding mouth and nose. Her eyes were wildly looking around. It was clear that she was extremely anxious. 

Liu Tao had been crying, but since no one bothered to comfort him, he eventually quieted down. 

Old Man Liu also entered the house, and suddenly, a voice rang out, “What are you searching for?!”

Liu Gao shi was shocked. She quickly hurried into the room. 

Liu Changgeng was about to go in as well, when he glanced over at He shi. He shi was standing to the side, completely unconcerned. He found it strange, so he went over to her before exclaiming, “What happened to your face?!”

He tilted He shi’s face toward him. A palm print showed up clearly on her face, and on her neck, there was a bloody scratch!

He shi huffed, “What happened? I had a fight! Are you still asleep or something?!”


Liu Changgeng stummered, “Fight… Who did you fight with?” He turned and looked at Ma shi, “Her again?!”

His tone was full of rage. He was about to go over when he was stopped by He shi. “Enough, enough. During the fight, you weren’t here to help. Now you want to make more trouble? Just stay here… Wait for dage!”

Liu Changgeng’s face was stiff, “Exactly what happened?!”

He shi dragged him to the side and softly explained what had happened. Liu Changgeng’s face became darker and darker with rage. With a fierce glare, he looked toward Liu Yun’er. 

Liu Shu and Liu Lin had long ago brought Senzi with them to ask Liu Xu’er what had happened. Liu Xu’er softly explained it, and had to hold back a similarly enraged Liu Lin from heading over and thumping Liu Yun’er. “Don’t go, erge…. The situation has become much more serious. The adults have already fought a few times. Now, we just need to wait and see what dabo thinks…. Even nai got hit.”

Livid, Liu Lin pointed at Liu Yun’er and scolded, “You’d best be careful! If you dare touch Xu’er, I will definitely not let you off!”

Liu Yun’er had no time to pay attention to them anymore. She was already about 13 to14 and understood what divorce was. She was fully aware of the seriousness of  divorce. She stood, fixedly staring at what was happening, and at Ma shi

Liu Changshi went in for a look before heading back out. He came over, and stopped an angry Liu Changgeng, “Dage is looking for ink and a brush. It seems he’s serious…..”

He shi angrily said, “Divorce is good! This kind of woman…..” He Ruyu tugged on her, so she stopped speaking, only hmphed. 

There seemed to be sounds of a dispute in the house, so Liu Changshi quickly went back in. He saw Old Man Liu dragging Liu Changqi, who was holding onto Liu Gao shi. Clueless, he went in and said, “Dage…. What’s happening?”

No one had the time to entertain him. Liu Changqi held onto Liu Gao shi and said, “…. Write it! Mum! This kind of woman is a disaster! She wrecked my eldest and would wreck the younger ones! Why is Yun’er so stubborn? Wild horses can’t hold her back! She’s full of malice! Who taught her? How old is Liu Tao? He’s not even as sensible as Senzi! Who taught him? You’ve said that the children haven’t been taught well by her. Now that your son wants to divorce her, why are you hesitating?!”

With him holding onto her, Liu Gao shi didn’t try to move. She stood there thinking. 


Old Man Liu was holding onto Liu Changqi’s shoulders and advising, “Everything can be discussed! Why are you doing this? So determinedly demanding a divorce? Is there no room at all for negotiation?!”

Liu Changqi turned around and said, “Dad! What is there left to discuss?!”

Liu Changshi walked in before helping support Old Man Liu. “Dad, why don’t you sit down first…. I think that dage’s decision is good! Even if we don’t talk about the children, and just look at dasao’s own character – what kind of reputation does she have in the village? She only knows how to eye erge’s Xu’er and get jealous! All day she’s picking fights and being petty, why should we keep a person like that…..”

“You shut up! You’ve no right to speak about this matter!” Old Man Liu turned and scolded Liu Changshi. Liu Changshi could only keep quiet. 

Liu Changqi was still speaking with Liu Gao shi, “This woman didn’t used to have so many bad habits. I don’t know when it started, but she keeps saying that the money in the house was all from her maiden family. She keeps saying that I’m useless. If not for the money from her maiden family, we wouldn’t be able to bring up our children! I work so hard out on the fields, but she just says that it’s nothing! She even says that I’m useless, if I had the ability, I would move the family to town…..”

“She really said that?!” Liu Gao shi asked sternly. It was clear that she too had started to side with him. 

Liu Changqi said, “She says it everyday! I will admit that her maiden family did give us some money. But it wasn’t me who asked for it! I’ve told her many times not to go back to her maiden family, and definitely not to ask for money from them. I was sick and tired of her always saying that her maiden family supported us. But even when this woman stopped returning home, she still continued saying that! Two years ago, when she saw Third move to town, she started to crazily say that! She kept talking about moving to town so much that even I started to think about it seriously! I wanted to move! Then this woman started to push me to ask you for money. It was only after I beat her that she stopped….”

The more she heard, the angrier Liu Gao shi got. She went over to the kang and looked at Old Man Liu. “I agree with him! We cannot keep a woman like that. We should let him divorce her!”

Old Man Liu said reprovingly, “Why are you siding with him now! How can he just divorce her? Is it that simple – of the seven conditions, which did she break? Did she not birth a son or take care of us?” Old Man Liu only knew of these two conditions for divorce. 

In this matter, Liu Gao shi was much more aware! She coldly smiled and said, “She stirs trouble with her speech, she speaks poorly of her husband! She doesn’t get along well with her sisters-in-law and persistently makes trouble in the family! There’s enough to divorce her several times over!” Saying that, she stared at Old Man Liu. 

Old Man Liu was speechless. He looked at her blankly and said, “What’s up with you? Are you seriously…. This is no small matter! You would need to find the Village Head, and …. The Ma family relatives are not to be easily provoked….”

“What about them! They’re not to be easily provoked, but we are? And even if they are, should we tolerate this woman making trouble in our family?!” Liu Gao shi’s voice got louder and louder as she spoke!


Old Man Liu’s head started to hurt. In matters like these, he would usually go along with Liu Gao shi. It was just that today, he felt that Liu Gao shi was not calm enough to think it through. After all, she had been angered by Liu Yun’er’s bad behaviour, and he worried that the incident had spilled over into her judgement of Ma shi. Basically, he felt that Liu Gao shi hadn’t properly thought through the ramifications!

But he was unable to win against his old partner. He looked at Liu Gao shi before finally managing to squeeze out “I’m not scared of them, I just think….”

“So long as you aren’t scared, that’s enough! I’ve also thought about this many times! This is really all my fault, I didn’t choose a good wife! But thankfully First still has his conscience! If he were like Third, and joined his wife in disobeying us, and ignoring us, we would have nowhere to cry! Since First said this today, that he wants to divorce this woman, then I don’t want First to have to suffer this calamity for the rest of his life! Divorce then! At least that way we can enjoy the rest of our New Years, without someone constantly stirring trouble!”

When she finished, she looked at Old Man Liu. “Well?!”

What could he do? There was no way that Old Man Liu could win against her. He took a few puffs of his pipe and said, “Whatever you want to do, go ahead.”

Liu Gao shi immediately went to write the divorce letter. Old Man Liu continued puffing on his pipe, completely oblivious to the fact he hadn’t yet lit it. After Liu Gao shi wrote the letter, Liu Changqi went over and put his handprint on it. Then he went out and flung it at Ma shi’s face. “Take this divorce letter and get lost!”

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