The Landowner And His Wife

Chapter 99: Free-For-All


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Liu Yun’er was like an enraged bull. The moment He shi grabbed her by her collar and dragged her back, she crazily started to jump about, struggling frantically to get free! He shi started to lose her temper, and refused to let go, dragging her toward Liu Gao shi


Liu Yun’er was crazed with anger, she struggled wildly and when that failed to work, she suddenly twisted around and bit down hard on the hand He shi was holding her with! 

He shi gave a pained cry and released her! With her other hand, she slapped her, but Liu Yun’er had already rushed off. Liu Gao shi loudly scolded, “This girl, have you taken some crazy medicine or something?!”

Liu Yun’er turned and rushed toward Liu Xu’er! Liu Xu’er saw that her eyes were all bloodshot and red! She was surprised – it seemed she wasn’t the only one bearing a grudge against Liu Yun’er, Liu Yun’er also bore one towards her!

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Liu Yun’er clearly had a feud going with Liu Xu’er! She had gritted her teeth for several years, waiting for the chance to strike and pull out a few bunches of her hair! As such, the instant she managed to push Liu Xu’er down, she immediately stretched her hands out toward her hair!  Liu Xu’er however, didn’t lose her head. When she fell, she knew the situation was grave, so she immediately rolled away as fast as she could!


Liu Yun’er came up empty. With a ferocious grin and a bloody stare, she continued to grab at her!

Liu Xu’er hadn’t yet managed to regain her balance. She could only use her two hands to protect and steady her body while kicking out with her legs. But it was to no avail – although Liu Xu’er did manage to kick her, it wasn’t strongly enough to get Liu Yun’er off her. Luckily, her foot was just around Liu Yun’er’s jaw, so she persistently kicked out. Liu Yun’er had her hands in claws, desperately trying to grab at her, but she just couldn’t reach anything! Still, the situation was still rather precarious. At any moment, she might scratch her face!

Liu Gao shi finally managed to rush over. She left the fighting He shi and Ma shi for now, wanting to first separate Liu Yun’er and Liu Xu’er. She shouted, “Liu Yun’er, let go now!”

With one arm caught, Liu Yun’er was madly angered. Without caring who had come over, she used her other arm to give the other party a vicious slap!

That slap actually landed on Liu Gao shi’s head! Liu Gao shi was stunned! Old Man Liu saw what had happened clearly. He rushed over and lifted Liu Yun’er up, “How dare you hit your nainai?!”

Liu Yun’er vision had gone hazy with rage! She continued to strike out with her arms, nearly hitting Old Man Liu! With a shocked gasp, Old Man Liu quickly restrained her arms behind her back, “What is wrong with this girl today?”

And that was when He Ruyu came over. As she was still a new bride, and the sun had barely risen, a doting Liu Changshi had decided to escort his wife over. Although his new place was close to the old residence, he was still worried she might meet with other’s teasing. When the two of them had arrived, they heard the commotion in the courtyard. Liu Changshi quickly ran over to the doorway, and saw that everything was in chaos!

Liu Xu’er got up, also seeing red! She wanted to go over and hit Liu Yun’er but saw that she was already being restrained by Old Man Liu. Then she saw that Ma shi was still fighting with her mother. Without caring about all the rules that said the younger generation couldn’t hit their elders, she picked up the door bolt from the floor and ran over to where they were fighting!

Seeing her sister and dasao fighting so viciously, He Ruyu let out a startled shout and ran over. Liu Changshi had no choice but to rush ahead of her, swiftly taking over the deadbolt in Liu Xu’er’s hands. “What are you thinking of doing?”

Then, just in time, he spotted Ma shi’s fist and used the bolt to block it. With Ma shi occupied, He shi grabbed hold of her hair and gave her a fierce headbutt! Ma shi’s nose started bleeding, but she continued to stretch her hands out. Liu Changshi swiftly used the bolt to block the blow again. Finally Ma shi lowered her head to wipe at the blood. He shi edged her way around her, but Ma shi had no time to deal with her! Her blood was about to reach her mouth! He Ruyu quickly went and pulled He shi away.

“What happened? Is the New Year not lively enough? Why are all of you fighting so early in the morning?” Liu Changshi asked, tilting his head to look around. 

With Old Man Liu restraining Liu Yun’er, Liu Gao shi finally got up. She walked over to Liu Yun’er and gave her a hard slap. “Do you still respect your elders or not?! Are you crazy?!”


Liu Yun’er had completely lost all reason! The more she was beaten, the crazier she became! Especially now that her arms were restrained and she couldn’t move, she struggled even harder! She screamed out, “You just wait! All of you just wait! There will be a day when I pay all of you back!”

Liu Changshi was stunned. “What’s wrong with this girl?”

With Liu Yun’er crazily struggling, Old Man Liu didn’t dare to let her go. If he did, no one would be able to catch hold of her again! So he instructed him saying, “Fourth, go and call First over. This girl has gone crazy. She’s even hit her nai! She needs to be disciplined immediately!”

Liu Changshi agreed and rushed out of the house. At the courtyard door, he glanced over at He Ruyu. Seeing that He Ruyu was assisting He shi, and that Ma shi had her head still lowered, trying to stop the bleeding – clearly in no state to continue fighting – he hurried out. 

When Liu Changqi heard that Liu Yun’er had gone crazy, and had even hit Liu Gao shi, he was stunned. He went into the room and quickly woke Liu Tao up. After haphazardly dressing, he dragged him to the old residence. 

The moment he entered, he saw Liu Yun’er, crazily jumping about. She was twisting her head, baring her teeth, intending to bite Old Man Liu’s arm!

In a rage, Liu Changqi rushed over! Then he gave Liu Yun’er a hard slap! That one slap of his managed to knock her to the ground, unable to get back up. She had completely lost all strength. 

Old Man Liu was very angry. He scolded, “Look at how you’ve taught your child. She’s crazy! She even hit your mother….”

He hadn’t finished when Liu Changqi rushed at Ma shi and gave her another heavy slap! Ma shi cried out, and fell down! 

Liu Gao shi angrily said, “Beat her! It was this woman who taught her children so poorly!”

Having just arrived, Liu Tao didn’t know what was going on. But he could see that his father was beating his mother, so he started to loudly cry!

Liu Changshi shook his head. He stood at the courtyard door. Although it was still early in the day, there were people awake and peering in on what was happening. Seeing him at the door, they felt embarrassed to come over and gawk. They could only stand where they were and look over, with ears pricked in their direction. 


He Ruyu supported He shi up. Still rather shocked, she quietly asked, “What happened, jie? Why were you… fighting?”

He shi tidied up her hair before spitting at Ma shi. “A crazy woman has brought up a crazy daughter! She wanted Xu’er to find some work for them and when Xu’er didn’t immediately agree, that crazy girl started to fight!” She gestured as she spoke, “She picked up a rock this size to hit Xu’er! Crazy girl, mad girl! She really wanted to hurt her!”

So saying, she swiftly pulled Liu Xu’er to her and checked her over. Then she looked at her face carefully. He Ruyu had also rushed over to help tidy Liu Xu’er’s hair and dust off her clothes before softly asking, “Did she hit you? Xu’er are you in pain?”

Huffily, Liu Xu’er replied, “She didn’t hit me! But I also didn’t manage to hit her! How maddening!”

After being struck, Ma shi immediately got up and started to hit Liu Changqi wildly! She shrieked, “Beat me! Just beat me to death! Liu Changqi are you even a man?! After spending your wife’s money, you still hit her?! Who did I do all of this for? But you still beat me? Beat me then, go on, beat me!”

Liu Changqi was also overwhelmed with anger. He grabbed hold of her and rained a volley of blows on her! He hit her till the corner of her mouth and nose started to bleed! Old Man Liu saw  that the situation didn’t look right – First seemed to want to beat her to death! So he called out, “Stop! Do you really want to beat her to death? Changshi, quickly come and stop your brother!”

Liu Changshi came over and pulled Liu Changqi off. Ma shi immediately started to roll around on the floor. She wailed, “I don’t want to live… I don’t want to live anymore! I’ve been with your family for over 10 years. Liu Changqi, you’re not a man! You are incapable, and yet you still side with outsiders! Where did the money in the house come from? Where?! It was all from my maiden family! What kind of man are you…. Wuwuwu….”

Dragged away by Liu Changshi, Liu Changqi started to shake with rage!

Old Man Liu told Liu Gao shi, “Quickly close the door… We can’t let others watch. The New Year is coming, and yet our family has this to deal with!”

Liu Gao shi quickly told Liu Xu’er, “Xu’er, go and close the door!”

Liu Xu’er agreed and hurried over. Just as she was about to shut the door, Liu Changgeng, carrying Liu Sen and accompanied by Liu Shu and Liu Lin, came over. Seeing her try to close the door, he smiled and asked, “The sun has risen, so why are you closing the door?”

Liu Xu’er gestured to the courtyard, and on seeing the chaos, Liu Changgeng started to get an idea. He quickly entered, and after Liu Shu and Liu Lin got into the house, Liu Xu’er immediately closed the door. The new arrivals were greeted with Ma shi rolling around, while Liu Yun’er was crying on the floor, and Liu Tao wailing at the side. Liu Changshi was trying to calm a trembling Liu Changqi down. Thinking that his family must have caused the trouble, he didn’t say anything. 


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