The Landowner And His Wife

Chapter 101: Group Fight (Part 1)


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Ma shi was shocked senseless. Hands trembling, she held onto the divorce letter, staring at the upside down piece of paper blankly. She only understood the hand print. She raised her head and looked at Liu Changqi, “You divorced me…. You’ve really divorced me….”


Liu Changqi said fiercely, “Go back, take your things and get lost!” Then he turned and called out for Liu Xian’er, “Go back and help your mother pack her things!”

Liu Xian’er herself was stunned. Forgetting to cry, she stood up. When she heard Liu Changqi call for her, she was trembled in fright and quickly agreed. 

Liu Yun’er was also shocked. Honestly, the person she feared the most was her father, because her father’s beatings were very painful. Now that her father was determined to divorce her mother, she was utterly stunned and didn’t know what to do. 

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Liu Changshi and Liu Changgeng were still softly speaking to one another. “If she goes home today, it’s very likely that people will be coming over to make a big fuss!”


Liu Changgeng said, “Oh, it will definitely happen! I know Ma shi’s brothers! We need to quickly inform the Village Head about what happened. For us to complete the formalities, we will need the Village Head’s approval. And just in case a lot of people from their village come over, we will need to ask the Village Head to help us gather some reinforcements on our side…. Quickly go and find Yuan Hao and let him know what happened. Get him to ready some people! I will go to the Village Head.”

Liu Changshi agreed and turned to look for He Ruyu and update her on the plans. Liu Changgeng too, looked to make sure that his wife and children were fine. Unconsciously, both brothers drifted over to where He shi was standing. 

“You guys head home first….”

Liu Changgeng had just said that when Liu Changshi quickly interrupted. “Wait, wait. Erge, it would be best if all of them were together. Wouldn’t Ruyu be afraid, all by herself at home?:”

Liu Changgeng thought for a moment before understanding. He said, “Then they should head to your place. Your home is nearest and any news would reach your place first.”

Liu Changshi nodded, while Liu Changgeng started again, “Shu’s mother, all of you should go to Fourth’s place. Xu’er, Shu, all of you go there. If there is a big fuss here, close the door and whatever you do, don’t come out. I will get someone to guard your door. Dad, mum – you should go with them too….”

“We won’t go.” Liu Gao shi came out from the room. Very coolly, she said, “Since my son wants to divorce his wife, if the Ma family wants answers, then your father and I must be here to provide them! Furthermore, even if the Village Head comes over, there must be some family elders here. Even if they don’t want to be reasonable and start a fight the instant they arrive, your father and I must be present to watch! Otherwise, no matter where we go, they would definitely hunt us down! Since that’s so, it would be better just to stay here.”

“Mum, both you and dad aren’t young anymore….” Liu Changgeng wanted to reason with them. 

Liu Gao shi waved her hands impatiently, “Say no more. Your father and I can’t hide from this!”

Liu Changgeng couldn’t refute that. He shi quickly said, “Then we won’t leave either. We will stay in the room and accompany mum and dad. If they fight, then fight! Who’s scared of them!”

Liu Gao shi shook her head, “What are you women doing, trying to join in? There are still the children to consider. In the chaos, what if the children were to get hurt? Make sure you take Tao with you as well. Nothing can happen to these children. Also, take everything in the kitchen with you – you can start the meal over there. When it’s done, just bring some over for us. Don’t nag. Quickly go and pack everything over. Don’t let them smash and waste everything in my house.” Saying this, she turned and went back into the room. 

In the Liu family, what Liu Gao shi said carried weight. Liu Changgeng and Liu Changshi could only look at each other and try to think of a way to try to persuade them again.


He shi and He Ruyu didn’t dare to be slow. They quickly entered the house to help them keep up all their items. Most of the things were kept into the chests. Originally, Liu Gao shi and Old Man Liu were in their festive best to celebrate this day, but now, they changed back into ordinary wear. 

Liu Hong’s and Liu Changshi’s previous rooms were all mostly emptied, so it was enough to just lock their doors. 

Liu Changgeng and Liu Changshi went back into the house to try and persuade Liu Gao shi to leave. But all Liu Gao shi said was “Relax, they won’t dare to touch your father and I. If they dare to touch us, I will just lie down on the floor directly, and you can send me into town! I will bankrupt the Ma family!”

Although Liu Gao shi spoke so resolutely, Liu Changgeng and Liu Changshi couldn’t help but worry. The two brothers went to discuss the matter again when He shi asked, “What about the things in the kitchen? Should we move them or not?”

Liu Changgeng nodded. “Move, definitely move them. Move them over to Fourth’s place and prepare the meal there. Even if they were to come, they should only be here tonight or maybe tomorrow. We still need to eat, and if dad and mum can be persuaded, we will eat there tonight!”

He shi nodded. She and He Ruyu then started to move all the items from the kitchen over to Fourth’s place. Liu Shu, Liu Lin and Liu Xu’er all started to help out. Liu Shu softly said, “Our family has too few people…. I’ve heard that dashenzi has six or seven brothers.”

Liu Lin then corrected, “Dage, that’s wrong. She is no longer our shenzi!”

Liu Shu nodded. 

Busy moving things, Liu Xu’er thought to herself that this divorce was not necessarily bad. With Ma shi in the family, she really kept making trouble for them. And if she had stayed on, she would probably only create bigger and bigger troubles! It was just that she didn’t know how much trouble the Ma family would bring? Would they really start a big fight?

But in this matter, she couldn’t help. She could only obey her elders. 

They packed everything in the kitchen, and brought them all over to Fourth’s place. He shi had even transported all the dishware over, scared they might get broken.  Liu Changgeng and Liu Changshi were ultimately unable to persuade their parents to hide. 

Instead, Liu Xian’er had come back. She explained that her father had already chased her mother off – he chased her to the village entrance. Then he told her to come over to look after Liu Tao. 


Liu Gao shi sent Liu Xian’er over to He Ruyu. 

Liu Changgeng and Liu Changshi saw that they couldn’t delay any longer. They could only leave their parents  and go to update others in the village. 

He shi told the children to stay with He Ruyu – they were not to leave! – before heading back by herself to the old residence. Worried, Liu Shu told Liu Lin to watch over the rest before accompanying He shi back. 

At this time, Ma shi still hadn’t left. Although she was at the village entrance, she still needed to find some transport to get back. If she couldn’t find any transport, she could only walk. Ma shi’s maiden village was at least a half day away. Of course, if she were to happen upon a cart, she would get there much quicker. 

He shi stayed at the old residence for a while before Liu Hong and Yuan Hao came by, faces all pale. Liu Hong joined He shi in trying to persuade her parents to hide, but they refused. There was good reason not to, after all, the family elders needed to be present! They couldn’t all hide away!

Finally, Liu Hong could only get Yuan Hao to find more people to help protect these two! Yuan Hao agreed and hurried off to get help. 

Liu Changshi had already gone round the entire village to look for support. Those on good terms with the family all agreed to help. The instant they heard any commotion at the village entrance, they would head over. 

Actually, there was no need for all this. If someone from out of the village tried to harass one of their own, no one in the village would stand idly by. Although people in the village frequently fought with one another, they would all be especially united if an outsider tried to bully one of theirs. As long as anyone saw them do it within the village, that person would immediately raise the alarm. 

Liu Changgeng had gone to update the Village Head. The Village Head could only sigh – why all this fuss over the New Year? But of course, he also assured them that if outsiders were to come and make trouble, then the rest would definitely come forward to help!

It was only then that Liu Changgeng could relax. 

After the two brothers had finished their tasks, they returned to the old residence. It was only then that they found out that Liu Xian’er had been by. No one was sure where Liu Changqi and Liu Yun’er were. Liu Changgeng then went to look for them in Liu Changqi’s home and saw Liu Changqi tidying the house. 

Liu Yun’er had refused to go to the old residence, staying instead in her own room.


Liu Changqi angrily said, “Ignore her! She’s stubborn as a mule! Just like her mother! Everyday, she goes around scolding others, hitting her brother and sister. She’s a heartless wolf!”

Liu Changgeng’s brow furrowed. But he couldn’t ignore this matter, so he dragged Liu Changqi over to the old residence. Liu Changqi didn’t want to – he wanted to stay in the house and wait for the Ma family to come. After all, if they were to come, they should only make a fuss at his house!

Liu Changgeng shook his head, “If you’re by yourself, wouldn’t you be killed by all of them?! Furthermore, they would definitely still go over to the old residence to look for dad and mum!” Saying this, he dragged Liu Changqi back to the old residence. When they got back, he asked Liu Gao shi, what should be done for Liu Yun’er?

Liu Gao shi got angry. She could only get Liu Hong to go over and drag her back to her own house. Originally Liu Hong wanted to go to her sisao’s house, but she couldn’t leave Liu Yun’er by herself. And Liu Yun’er didn’t get along with her erge’s children. Furthermore, Liu Gao shi advised her, “Go back to your own home. Why should you get mixed into this affair? It’s not certain that nothing would happen to your sige’s place! Quickly bring Yun’er back to your house!”

Liu Hong could only head over to Liu Changqi’s and drag a reluctant Liu Yun’er back to her home. 

Everyone had assumed that the Ma family wouldn’t get here that quickly – after all, it would take some time for Ma shi to get home?! Who knew that by the afternoon, the village entrance suddenly became extremely rowdy! From a distance, everyone could see a group of people holding onto iron spades and wooden staves rushing toward the old Liu residence!

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