The Guide to Capturing a Black Lotus

Chapter 16: Bamboo Forest and Green Apricot(4)

“What are you doing here?” Mu Sheng’s voice contained not a single wisp of warmth.

The moonlight reflected off of Miaomiao’s clearly defined eyes. She took a step forward: “I was waiting for you, I’ve waited a long time.”

Looking at his expression, he must’ve just gotten a handful of ash thrown at his nose. Now, she was currently sending her embrace to him. To add icing on the cake, wasn’t she basically sending him charcoal on a cold wintry night?

The river breeze flapped her sleeves and there was a mixture of the smell of wine and Liu Fuyi’s scented sachet still lingering around her body. He felt a surge of jitteriness inside: “You finished drinking so quickly, are you in a rush to join the next round?”

Ling Miaomiao’s expression changed in a split second as her eyebrows leaped up: “Why do you say that?”

”Did I say something wrong?”

Hoh? This snappy attitude of his… he must’ve just had a huge argument with Mu Yao. Ling Miaomiao spent a lot of time before she suppressed her anger with a faint smile: “Brother Liu and I drank wine together. What relation does that have? I’m not coming here looking for you to drink with me.”

Mu Sheng raised his eyes again. There was not the slightest desire to tease her in them. Impatiently, he coldly smiled: “Does Miss Ling have insomnia again? My scented sachet is useless. It doesn’t smell as nice as Liu Fuyi’s.

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The room shrouded in darkness was left with just the two of them. She turned her face around to look at him, there wasn’t a hint of a smile on it. “Is something wrong with your brain Mu Ziqi? If you’re injured, then treat it! It doesn’t matter if you don’t use medicine…” She watched the fresh redness oozing out between his fingers. Knitting her brows, she followed up with: “Do you have to torture yourself like so?”

Her expression was a rare serious one. It was almost like she was angry. However, she revealed a caring expression through her eyes; Very much like a certain person.

Mu Sheng’s expression turned sluggish as he removed his hand and looked at the mottled blood stains on his fingers. The blood on his clothes had already seeped through, as it slowly spread out.

”I’ve never used medicine.”

“Ah?” Miaomiao felt like her common sense was being challenged, “Then do you have some supernatural ability? Say, for example… self-healing and such….”


“Then you…” Ling Miaomiao felt a chill run up her spine. Tactfully trying to conclude her sentence, “Cough, for Young Noble Mu to have lived till now is quite a miracle.”

Mu Sheng stared at her without uttering a word. His expression was very dark and unreadable.

She lifted up her clothes and half squatted in front of Mu Sheng. Her tone grew soft: “Let me help you take a look?”

”No need.” He covered his wound once again. His expression was cold, “I don’t use medicine.”

“You don’t need to be so nervous.” Miaomiao felt a sense of defeat, “I’m not Dengtu Zi and you’re not a little lady…”1[1] Dengtu Zi: A famous lecherous character. A pervert.

She hesitated for a moment and looked all around before taking out the paper bag from the afternoon.

The rustling sound of the paper being opened alarmed Mu Sheng. There was a flame in his eyes that seemingly grew agitated; His pupils turned more and more into gleaming black light: “Didn’t I say it was fine?”

”You said that on purpose.” Miaomiao took out a steamed bun and pulled his fingers away from his palm before lightly putting the bun onto it. She was complaining with her mouth at the same time: “At first I wanted to send these to you and Sister Mu to try, but who would’ve thought that I would encounter you and someone else fighting? You were so fierce, you looked like you were going to eat people. Only idiots would forge their way over to send you food…”

Mu Sheng looked down at his palm.

The snow white steamed bun was round as a ball. Its surface was glossy and enticing. Right in the center, pieces of carrot were sliced and embedded in the shape of a five petal plum blossom. The white and orange contrasted with each other beautifully. The entire bun was refined and elegant.

Her voice was extremely clear and crisp, carrying with it the tone of a wronged official’s young miss.

“Don’t just look at it, try it.” Miaomiao was squatting in front of him. Her face was filled with excitement as she looked up at him. “It was made by my family’s beloved chef. It looks and tastes good…”

Mu Sheng turned his body around, avoiding her line of sight.

He didn’t like being looked at from below. He felt like, from that position she could see all the emotions running across his face. Just like how he always did the same to Mu Yao.

Miaomiao sighed in her heart again. She clenched her teeth and moved to another squatting position as she continued to shamelessly stare: “Have a taste of it. I promise you won’t be disappointed— you haven’t eaten anything yet right?”

As soon as she reminded him, he suddenly felt hungry. Mu Sheng had only taken a bite when he tasted a hint of sweetness. Lowering his head, he saw that the steamed bun was filled with glossy molasses. The molasses had already melted, pooling on the bottom of the steamed bun.

”Is it sweet? Does it taste good?” Ling Miaomiao started promoting her products as she crouched beside him. She smiled like an old lady who finally married off her daughter.

The sweetness melted into his mouth.

It was too sweet. How long had it been since he’d eaten such a sweet thing?

Suddenly, a strange hunger and craving overtook him, finishing the steamed bun in just a few bites. Miaomiao watched him as she rested her chin in her hand. She promptly put another one into his palm.

His gaze followed her fingers up and before landing on her thin arms. Continuing, she was wearing an ocean blue upper jacket… Further up, her fair and white neck… all the way to her eyes. Her smiling apricot eyes looked at him with expectation: “Eat, there’s still a lot more.”

Mu Sheng stared at her… this appearance…

This appearance…Many years ago, when he was beaten half to death on a main street, those aloof official’s daughters had looked at him with this good intentioned appearance.

If they had known that their charitably posing was just feeding a crazed dog, they would’ve run away in fright. They wouldn’t turn back until they entered their warm sedans. What well-intentioned people? He would tell them that when dealing with these people, there’s no need to be nice.

Hand to hand combat in the pouring rain. Lightning and thunder in the darkness accompanied by death; That was where he belonged.

He clenched his fist, he unknowingly crushed the plum blossom atop the steamed bun out of shape.

“Hey hey hey! Don’t squeeze it!” Miaomiao’s heart was filled with pain as she grabbed his wrist. There was no difference between her strength and a little kitten’s scratches. “If you’re angry direct it to me, don’t abuse the food!”

He relaxed his grip. His tone was dull: “I’m not hungry.”

Miaomiao made a hiss, seemingly ignorant of his change in mood: “Don’t be so reserved Young Noble Mu. I myself can eat three in one go! You’re a man yet you can’t eat as much as me? How does that make sense….”

Those deceiving scenes in his head slowly dissipated into nothing. He could faintly feel that the official’s daughter in front of him shouldn’t be put into the same category as those girls from his memories.

Not warm. Not delicate. Unrestrained and impolite. She was a freak.

Mu Sheng no longer bothered bickering with her. Taking her steamed buns, he also ate three in one go. His stomach felt obedient now and he felt comfortable all over.

Miaomiao was watching him from the side, feeling a pang of pain in her heart: She had just randomly said three… The black lotus had such a big appetite. If she had known earlier, she would’ve just said two so she could save one and have them to eat for a longer period of time.

She patiently waited until he finished eating before joyfully taking out ointment. The thick smell of chinese medicine spread into the air from her hand: “Now that you’ve eaten, let’s apply medicine ok?”

“Why do I still have to apply medicine?” Mu Sheng’s face fell once again.

”According to my family’s practices, when I was young and had to take bitter medicine, my father would first feed me a bit of sugar. With your mouth full of sweetness, the bitterness later on becomes less so.” Ling Miaomiao had a beaming smile on her face as she watched him, “How about you do it yourself, I won’t look?”

The black lotus tilted his head down, the depths of his pupils pitch black: “No need. I’m not that unreasonable.”

Ling Miaomiao gave him a look before minding her own business and taking off the cover of the ointment. While preparing, she was also muttering: “Young Noble Mu, if you want to live longer and accompany Sister Mu for a longer period of time, you have to cherish your life. Treat yourself better, if you rush towards death, wouldn’t it just be advantageous for others?”

Mu Sheng abruptly raised his eyes: “What did you say?”

Miaomiao looked up as well, her face covered with an innocent smile: “I didn’t say anything.”

She paused for a moment to look down at the ointment in her hand. She muttered to herself, seemingly out of nowhere: “You keep resisting… is it because this medicine doesn’t have any effect on demon inflicted wounds?”

“…That’s not it.” Mu Sheng tried to wipe the blood on his hands onto his clothes in a futile attempt. “In the past, it was always my sister who helped heal me.”

All the injuries she learned of, she would heal.

Those she didn’t find out about or those he didn’t want her to find out about, he would bear on his own, leaving it up to fate.

“Since it’s effective, hurry up. Your complexion looks awful…”

Is that so? He twisted his face into a mocking smile. His complexion was so bad, yet sis didn’t notice anything at all.

Ling Miaomiao hurriedly pulled open the drawer, taking out a pair of scissors and some gauze from her own bags. She even managed to get a decent basin of hot water.

“What are you doing…” Mu Sheng watched her figure flit back and forth and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “I’m not giving birth to a child.”

“Ah… is this not how you’re supposed to do it?” Ling Miaomiao was at a loss as to what to do. She stood awkwardly in place as she cursed inside: Trash TV shows! Why are you leading people astray…

”Come over here.” Mu Sheng raised his eyes, black pupils cutting across her face. There was a hint of a smile yet not quite: “Looking at your appearance, you’ve never helped someone apply medicine before?”

”Yes… I haven’t…” She was feeling somewhat guilty, pausing as she spoke. Finding some courage once again, she stuck out her chest, “I feel that I have quite a bit of experience. I’ve healed the leg of my family’s duck before. It’s leg had turned limp after being bit by a cat. I chased after it everyday to help it apply medicine and I basically forced it back to good health.” Her eyes glowed, “I’m awesome right?”

“…” He clenched his teeth, “Give me the medicine.”

”Fine…” Ling Miaomiao watched him undo his clothes with one hand and felt nervous inside, “Do you need me to leave?”

”Hmph.” He smiled at her without any clear meaning. His hand paused for a moment, “If Miss Ling wants to watch, it’s fine if you stay.”

Mu Sheng undid his clothes slowly, taking off his inner clothes above his waist. Then, he glanced behind him to see a frozen figure.

She really stayed to watch me.

Fine, she can look at me as much as she wants.

After he took off his clothes, Ling Miaomiao’s heart ‘thumped’.

Mu Sheng was very white. His back was just as white as his face. On his white jade-like skin were several old criss-crossing whip scars. Even the bloody hole going through his body weren’t as eye-catching as them.

“… Miss Ling, don’t just stare. Help hand the scissors to me.” He lightly tilted his head over to cast a sidelong gaze at her. His graceful and beautiful figure from the back was blocking the light. The eyes that he looked at her with were shining like a speck of light in darkness.

Faced with this kind of enticing person, Ling Miaomiao moved unconsciously.

“Wait a moment… why do you need the scissors… ah!”

By the time she reacted, the scissor’s mouth was forced wide open. She subconsciously covered her eyes with her hands as her heart thumped desperately. Through the seams of her fingers, she saw Mu Sheng looking at her coldly, his face frighteningly pale.

“You could’ve just washed it with water, there was no need to…” Ling Miaomiao felt like she was about to collapse as she watched Mu Sheng’s hand covered with blood. Along with the scissors soaking in a pool of blood, the scene looked just like a homicide case.

This world didn’t have anesthetics. Playing around like this, was someone really going to die?

“The places water demons injure, if you don’t remove them, will very quickly rot.” Mu Sheng acted like he just heard a joke. His forehead was also covered with a thick layer of cold sweat but he still smiled derisively: “Miss Ling, you looked like a brave white horse. I didn’t think that you’d have less courage than a rabbit.”

She saw that Mu Sheng’s blood was flowing out like a stream. The air was pervaded with a sweet smell. She couldn’t be bothered with the mocking tone in his words as she picked up the gauze and shakily pressed down on his wound, hearing him hold back a groan.

“Hurry and press on it yourself!” Miaomiao’s trembling grew even greater as cold sweat soaked her back, “Hurry! I’m afraid of hurting you.”

Yet, unexpectedly he dipped his blood-covered hand into the basin and used his hand covered with warm droplets of water to cover up her hand and push with force. This ‘press’ of his had the intention of self-abuse. But even under this kind of torture, he could squeeze out mocking words from the gaps between his teeth: “You can press down harder.”

Ling Miaomiao turned as immovable as a mountain. She looked calm and collected as well. However, the truth was that her body had nearly immediately turned numb.

Mommy! There’s a pervert here!

[1] Dengtu Zi: A famous lecherous character. A pervert.

TLN: So, I’d just like to say that having holidays is great.

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