The Guide to Capturing a Black Lotus

Chapter 15: Bamboo Forest and Green Apricot(3)

[Miaomiao & Liu Fuyi]

The river was filled with an immeasurable amount of water. Moonlight shattered on the water’s surface.

Moonlight turned into a river of broken silver that escorted the steadily traveling passenger ship. Bright lanterns were hung up on the ship, seemingly a harmonious lump of yellow light. It seemed to give the cold moonlight a brushstroke of warmth.

“Excuse me, honorable guests. This is our ship’s unique Peach Blossom Wine.” A hand extended out and put two exquisite and delicate wine cups onto the small table swiftly.

The night’s wind on the deck was cold. The cool air blended with the fragrance of wine as it bore its way into sleeves.

”Come, Miaomiao.” Fuyi’s side profile was lit up by light from the lanterns. It was unspeakably elegant.

Under this kind of romantic atmosphere… it was no wonder Ling Yu would fall deeper and deeper.

“Brother Liu—-” Miaomiao quickly accepted the wine cup Fuyi handed to her, “Thank you very much, I can pour for myself.”

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“Sigh, no wonder.” Fuyi helped her refill her wine, “You aren’t a demon hunter. Demon hunters live a life like duckweed without roots, drifting about everywhere. Blood-relations and romance are things extremely distant to us.”

“Are you the same too? Miaomiao fixated her gaze on him.

“Yes.” There was a shallow smile in his eyes, “Not just me, Yao’er is the same. As for Ah Sheng…” He smiled while shaking his head, “Ah Sheng is still young. He’s still a clingy child.”

Miaomiao swallowed a mouthful of saliva. She didn’t dare utter a sound. Liu Fuyi was so pitiful, there was nearly a green cloud1 [1] Green cloud: Aka making someone wear a green hat; Basically means to steal ya gurl. Stealing someone’s significant other/boyfriend/girlfriend. floating above his head yet he still didn’t know that Mu Sheng and Mu Yao weren’t actual siblings. He still thought Mu Sheng was just a ‘clingy child’.

“So you’re saying that you and Mu Yao are already used to this method of getting along?”

“…” With Mu Yao being brought up, Fuyi’s perpetual warm demeanor broke and a few vestiges of helplessness appeared. “I don’t know what’s going on with her recently.”

The wine had reached the bottom of his heart and his body started to warm up. It was like a radio was turned on, “Come to speak of it, Yao’er and I have personalities that are too similar. Perhaps it’s not a good thing.”

Miaomiao was thinking that this line of thought had some reason behind it.

“This is actually quite a simple matter.” She helped Liu Fuyi fill his cup and watched as he subconsciously downed cup after cup, “You both are overthinking. Actually…” She paused for a moment as her face grew complicated. “As long as you two sit down and speak from your hearts, in two hours, no, perhaps everything will become cleared up in just an hour.”

“Speak from our heart?”


Yet, Liu Fuyi gave her a bitter smile, “Too difficult.”

”How difficult can it be!” Miaomiao’s heart was leaping about out of anger, “Just say the thoughts you’re hiding in your heart! How could that be difficult!?”

Liu Fuyi shook his head. A meaningful smile surfaced on his face, “All these years Yao’er and I have become accustomed to doing everything ourselves. We can’t say that we’re lovers… but we can’t call ourselves partners either. We’re interdependent on one another but we also compete with each other. In these feelings of ours, we’re afraid of losing to the other; Once we lose we lose everything…” He looked at Miaomiao with a pitying gaze, “You’re still young so you wouldn’t understand.”

Miaomiao felt like her heart was stabbed with a needle upon hearing this.

Oh right, she was someone who’d never experienced romantic things before. Based on what could she act as an emotional counselor for young sweethearts?

[Mu Yao & Mu Sheng]

“What time is it?” Mu Yao sat by the side of the bed with her skirt spread out and her face full of exhaustion.

The demon hunter skill she trained in was extremely powerful but it also was inordinately exhausting. Everytime she trained, she would need to sleep for a very long time. Fortunately, she wandered about and didn’t need to act as family master so she was very free and unrestrained. This time, she had surprisingly slept all the way till nighttime.

“The moon has already come out. Sis, are you hungry?” Mu Sheng’s beaming expression popped up next to the headboard. His lashes were thick and his black pupils were gleaming as he looked at her below. His attitude exuded a desire to be pampered like a passionate little puppy putting its paw on the side of the bed; Desiring to leap over and lick its owner’s face.

He had meticulously changed into a new robe to cover up his wounded body. He had combed till it was no longer messy and other than his face appearing a bit pale, he completely didn’t look like he had just experienced a fierce battle just now.

Mu Yao’s clothes were spread out on the bed and her eyelashes drooped down. Her cheeks were suffused with a red glow from just waking up not long ago and she surprisingly looked rather cute.

Unfortunately, her expression was very elegant, “I don’t have any desire to eat.”

”But sis, you haven’t eaten anything much all day.” Mu Sheng was acting both coy and coaxing at the same time, “I’ll go look for some food and help you bring it into the room, how does that sound?”

“Ah Sheng. I feel like I heard Fuyi’s voice just now.” Mu Yao turned her head towards him. Remarkably, there was some panic in her expression.

Mu Sheng’s face immediately fell. Even his tone had changed, “Yes. He came over to call Ling Miaomiao to drink wine.”

A light flashed through Mu Yao’s eyes before she closed them, “Forget it.”

“Why does sis have to look for him? I can accompany you too. Do you want to play Go?”

It was truly strange. It was reasonable to say that Ling Miaomiao stealing away Liu Fuyi’s heart was the best outcome he could ask for. Yet, why was it that those two people could go drink wine, watch the moon and have a jolly good old time while he and his sister seemed like they were abandoned and discarded? The atmosphere here wasn’t just heavy, his sister wasn’t even willing to eat anything.

“Perhaps I can also accompany sis in watching the moon? It’s very cold out, if you want to then you’ll need to wear more…”

“No need.” Mu Yao opened her mouth but there was a gloominess she couldn’t suppress coming through in her tone. “Stop being a bother Ah Sheng, let me have my peacet.”

“Sis, what’s wrong with you?” He squatted down next to Mu Yao’s body but the act of squatting down pulled on his wound. He scrunched up his brows and a layer of cold sweat appeared on his forehead.

All of this, Mu Yao didn’t notice at all.

”I dreamt about… her.” Mu Yao’s expression was ash-grey. She muttered through her lips, “I dreamt about mother and father, she caused them to…”

“It won’t happen.” Mu Sheng grabbed her wrist rightly as his expression grew grave. “I will protect you. I won’t let that kind of thing happen ever again.”

She closed her eyes as she gave him a light smile. Her face was so white it looked transparent, “Stop boasting Ah Sheng. You can’t even defeat me, how could you defeat her? If I start from today onwards, if I just put more effort into practicing… if I try a little harder…”

No, not this! Mu Sheng’s eyes turned even darker as he shouted a silent shout in the depths of his heart: I can do it! As long as you allow me to, I just need you to allow me…

[Miaomiao & Liu Fuyi]

The bottom of the bottle of Peach Blossom Wine very quickly came into view. At the end of their drinking session, the wine had petals of unfiltered sediment floating within.

Miaomiao had drunk till she was dizzy. She felt her temples jumping constantly and her tongue felt like it was tied up. She wanted to just lay down on the table.

“Brother Liu, let me give you… a suggestion…”

“Tell me.”

“In… the future, you have to… keep your distance… with the opposite sex… this way, Mu Yao won’t get angry.” She raised one finger, “Especially if you meet… a young miss with… a noble identity… and a delicate appearance. You have to stay far, farrrrrr away from her.”

A single Princess Duanyang of royal descent completely tortured the male and female leads till they were just two pieces of bitter melon.

Liu Fuyi kept his silence, smiling as he rubbed her head, “Are you drunk?”

“…” Miaomiao angrily knocked his hand away, “Did you hear what I just said?”

“I hear you.” Liu Fuyi sounded aggrieved as he stuffed a small bowl into Miaomiao’s palm. There was the beautiful silhouette

of the moon floating in the bowl. He stared at her small eyes with his own big ones.

“What… is this? A poached egg?”

Liu Fuyi couldn’t hold back his laugh: It’s water, there’s only sobering medicine in it and nothing else.”

Ling Miaomiao’s expression instantly turned into despair, “Not even willing to give an egg… so stingy…” After she spoke, she grandly lifted her face and drank the entire bowl. However, her lips were like a leaking pot, more than half of the water was spilled, wetting her clothes.

Upon seeing this, Liu Fuyi’s brows leaped up. He felt some pain for his hard to come by sobering soup.

After Ling Miaomiao finished drinking, she flopped onto the table, “What’s going on… why am I so sleepy…”

”It’s the effect of sobering soup. You’ll be fine soon.” He lightly sighed, “When a girl isn’t in her home, it’s best if she maintains her clear conscience at night.”

Ling Miaomiao’s head was full of chaos. One moment there was Mu Yao’s sulky face and the other, Mu Sheng chasing her with red light oozing out from his entire body. She had a migraine and couldn’t help but groan.

“What?” Liu Fuyi neared her to hear what she was saying.

“Brother Liu…” She asked quite ambiguously, “What is a reversed talisman?”

Liu Fuyi’s brows scrunched up: “Where did you hear that?”

“Eh?” She didn’t answer his question, “Why is the Mu family unable to draw reverse character talisman?”

Liu Fuyi paused for a moment before slowly replying, “Not just the Mu family, all upright demon hunting families cannot draw reverse character talismans.”

”Because, that is an evil path.”

The sobering medicine’s effect was very strong. Miaomiao managed to break out of her struggle at that moment and instantly became very awake. It was just that her head still pained her greatly. She felt weak all over and for a time, wasn’t able to get up.

Her heart was leaping about: “How evil is it?”

“There was once a demon that pretended to be a demon hunter and infiltrated a demon hunter family. With a single reverse character talisman, the entire family died violently…”

She could feel Liu Fuyi’s voice getting nearer and she felt panicked inside. Forgetting what she wanted to ask, she immediately replied with what she remembered of the plot.

According to the original plot, after the drinking session under the moon, Ling Yu turned drunk. It was the plot of Liu Fuyi carrying her back. On the way back, Mu Yao obviously saw them and turned very jealous. The lovers then argued until they separated on bad terms. At the time, Ling Miaomiao had relentlessly cursed the shameless Ling Yu six feet under.

“It’s late, I’ll send you back. You don’t need to worry, after another hour or two, you’ll be able to move about as you please.”

T-th-this is??? He was carrying her?

No can do! I don’t want to die young!

In a panic, a name continuously found its way out of her mouth and spilled through her lips: “Ziqi…”

Liu Fuyi froze: “Ziqi?”

His brows slowly loosened as an enlightened expression took over his face. He understood in an instant: This was the reason why this delicate little young miss was willing to sleep in the wilderness and suffer with them.

Young girls yearn for love. It was most fearless and ignorant.

He subconsciously put on a smile as if he found the situation funny: “Sigh, I’ll go call Ah Sheng over then?”

”No no no!” Miaomiao was so terrified she shot up, “Ah! My head… my head hurts so much… hissss…”

[Mu Yao & Mu Sheng]

“No matter what, I’ll take revenge for father and mother.”

Mu Yao tightly clenched her clothes. Her delicate face was filled with unwavering resolve. Her eyes were filled with a freezing glint, “I can’t put my hope in anyone. I can only count on my own strength to accomplish anything.”

”Sis, why do you always have to assume responsibility for everything? Do you not trust me?” Mu Sheng’s face was already very pale. He was basically forcing himself to stay squatting there, he could feel the wound on his lower abdomen ripping. Warm blood continuously seeped out, causing him to feel clear-headed.

“It’s not that Ah Sheng.” Mu Yao slowly turned around and put her hand on his shoulder. Her voice softened: “You and I are different. You are the hope of the Mu family, I will strive to do my utmost…”

Darkness seemed to bubble up from the depths of Mu Sheng’s eyes: “Even if I’m an outsider?”

”Don’t say anymore.” Mu Yao’s face instantly grew colder, “You will always be my little brother. Don’t say anymore nonsense. I will get angry.”

Yes, the Mu family is straightforward and upright in your eyes. As for me, I ought to feel great gratitude.

He let down the curtain and left the room. His body was shrouded with damp and freezing cold air.

This cold feeling couldn’t even be offset by the warm yellow lanterns on the ship. Not even a smidgen on warmth.

The ship was quietly traveling forward. The moonlight shone down on his thin figure. It was unknown how long he stood outside of the cabin but he stood there until both his shoulders were covered with frost. He kept rubbing his arms to gain some warmth when he heard a sound traveling over. His face was filled with pleasant surprise as he looked at her.

Her line of sight moved down to the hand that covered his abdomen. She asked doubtfully: “…What happened to you?”

[1] Green cloud: Aka making someone wear a green hat; Basically means to steal ya gurl. Stealing someone’s significant other/boyfriend/girlfriend.

TLN: Juggling tl’ing between ‘work’, school and my other tl’ing job is quite tiring :0 At least I’m somewhat acclimated now.

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