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  • The Flower of Youth Blooms when He Smiles

    Chapter 14.2

    Many nights later, she didn’t know how many times his name was written on the paper. Then she collected the papers and crumpled up the lot, throwing it out in the bin, then continued on reading her book. In her impression, him and her had never truly looked at each other’s eyes, not even accidentally.

    They occasionally encountered on campus, there were always a group of boys with mischievous smiles.

    When they walked away, she would then slowly turn around and look in that direction for a long time. In the past, Sheng Dian had asked her how she felt, and she said she had a crush. Now, she didn’t know anymore, it seemed that all her attention towards him was subconscious. Sometimes she would be reading a book and flip to an interesting page, it was about the standard weight of girls.

    (Height minus 100) times 0.9 minus 2.5 (cm conversion)

    She thought of Li Yan, who was so, so thin, wearing a knee-length skirt, the hem of the skirt rising with the wind, her br*asts and b*ttcks volumptuous, the girl laughed like the lingering wind and sunshine. He liked that type, not her. She wore a huge school uniform to and from class every day, had short hair and weighed eighty-eight pounds1TL’s note: which is already very skinny.

    By the time the wind passed by, half of the semester had already passed.

    In mid-April, the school had begun preparations for the Summer Sports Games. That night, she stayed back longer in the classroom to do questions, and when she was going back home, there were not many people in the school anymore. The roadside lights flashed upon the ground, flickering. Meng Shengnan carried her school bag and speeded up to the bicycle port.

    She had just left the corner of the school gate, and there was a faint sound gradually echoing into her ears.

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    “Ebu yal usw zywtbkdt?”

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    “Uyd usw qktbv sa dsv, pyu kv?”

    Mbl xyd vssj y pxsjl sq bkp nktyalvvl, pzsozu aykple bkp lulp, yde zywtble nsdvlxrvwswpzu. Gp pssd yp vbl hsknl nyxl swv, Yldt Fbldtdyd’p calyvbkdt pvsrrle.

    Tkp lulp oldv esod, zssjkdt qasx bkp qllv wr vs vbl vsr: “Kwpv usw?”

    It was a contemptuous tone, she heard the class head’s voice tremble.

    “Li Yan likes you so much, how could you do this?”

    Meng Shengnan’s eyes widened sharply and her heart tightened. She had heard a really big news.

    He smiled even more mockingly: “So you blocked my way for her.”

    “So what if I did?”

    “On what basis?” He asked after a while.

    The class head was taken aback, as if he had made a very serious decision, he said: “On the basis that I like her.”

    “Oh.” He elongated the end of his word, which sounded even more ridiculing, “What does it matter to me that you like her?”


    He sneered: “Didn’t I just play around with her for a few months, if she wants to start something, tell her to come, what’s the matter with you?”

    “Chi Zheng, don’t go too far with your bullying!”

    In the darkness, his voice lowered, and although he said this in a careless manner, the words he said made people shudder.

    “Why, want to fight?”

    Meng Shengnan saw the class head take a small step back.

    Because he leaned over and lowered his head, took a puff of the cigarette and threw it on the ground, trampling it out; his gaze was full of coercion.

    “Want to try?”

    Although it was already spring, there was a chill all over. Meng Shengnan squeezed her fists very nervously, and made a noise before they could start fighting.

    “Class head.”

    The two boys turned to look at her at the same time, one was extremely surprised and the other examined her dangerously.

    “The teacher wants you to go to her office tomorrow.” Meng Shengnan bit her lip, pretending to be calm.

    This sentence was really full of loopholes.

    After she finished speaking, her eyes trembled slightly, and she looked at him for the first time. This fight was destined to be unable to go on, the class head with a 2 inch 4 waist froze for a while before he going ‘oh’. The other still had that devil-may-care attitude, snorted, lowered his head slightly and said a few words to the class head, yet his eyes were still fixed on her. Soon he put his hands in his trouser pockets and wandered away.

    The night was dark and the wind was so cold.

    Meng Shengnan’s legs were weak even until she got home, and her heart was still beating fast. How could he remember her, a girl who was indistinct and indiscernible. At that moment, the look in his eyes was playful, contemptuous, mocking and indifferent, it was very piercing.

    No one knew, that she rathered it not be an accident.

    Two days after that, it was the sign-ups for the Sport Games. Qi Qiao ran over from the Science Building to ask her about her thoughts. The two sat at her desk in the afternoon and chatted.

    Qi Qiao asked dissatisfiedly: “Why haven’t you come to find me these days?”

    “There has been too much homework and too little time.” Meng Shengnan said faintly.

    “Che.” Qi Qiao looked at her with contempt: “Why do I think that there has been something wrong with you for the past few days?”

    “Has there?”


    Meng Shengnan glanced at the sun shining outside the window, and moved away from this subject.

    “Which one did you sign up for?”

    “Let’s sign up for the 100-meter relay.”

    Meng Shengnan frowned: “Running?”

    Qi Qiao nodded, and said, “Long jump is okay too.”

    “Sign up for both?”

    “No, you choose one.”

    Meng Shengnan thought for a while and said, “I think long jump is okay, running…forget about it.”


    It was their self-study session in the evening, the class head went through the current status of the different sport events. He stopped when he passed by her as she wrote her name in the long jump column. This was the first time the two of them faced each other after that night. The boy took another look at her after she filled it out, and finally turned away without saying anything.

    Meng Shengnan was stunned for a long time before returning to her senses.

    The next day in physical education class, Ning Jing and the others were playing with sandbags and skipping rope. Xue Lin asked her which event she signed up for.

    Meng Shengnan said: “Long jump.”

    Nie Jing said: “I signed up for the 100-meter relay.”

    “There are no girls in our class who applied for the 3000-meter long run, but each class must have one person.” Xue Lin said.

    Nie Jing thoughtfully: “Really.”

    “Yes, 3000 meters, it’s terrible to even think about it. Besides, how embarrassing will it be if you can’t finish it, so many people will come to know about you.

    “If no one signs up for it, then will the teacher will force someone to?” Nie Jing asked.

    Xue Lin shook her head and shrugged.

    Nie Jing said again: “If you happen to get picked, you’ll have to do it even if you don’t want to.”

    “I know right.”

    As they were talking, Fu Song walked over and called Meng Shengnan. He bumped into the teacher on the way and was told to send a message to her.

    “The English teacher asked you to go to her office.”

    “Now?” Meng Shengnan asked.

    Fu Song nodded, and was about to leave, but was held onto by Nie Jing: “Come play sandbags with us.” Fu Song looked indifferent like always. After making Nie Jing cry that time, the girls seemed to have pretended nothing had happened and tried every means to not talk about the topic.

    Fu Song shook his head: “I don’t play this.”

    He left after speaking, Nie Jing was disheartened.

    Fu Song looked at the figure of Meng Shengnan trotting away, and suddenly remembered when he saw her at the door of the bookstore the day after the New Year. A man had rubbed her hair tenderly, while she smiled playfully and joked, and the man laughed. The wind around him slowly got bigger, and he looked away, walking to the other side.

    There was laughter and chattering coming from the small sports ground, and it was so quiet in the school building that you could hear a pin drop.

    Meng Shengnan went to the fourth floor. The wind from the corridor blew upon her neck. She hurriedly bent her elbow and pulled down the sleeves of her blue school uniform, and her canvas shoes fell gently upon the ground. As soon as she approached the office door, a boy walked out of it.

    The wind was raging even harder.

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