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  • The Flower of Youth Blooms when He Smiles

    Chapter 14.1

    That New Year’s, she really wasn’t going well.

    Although Sheng Dian and Meng Jin didn’t say anything, she still felt miserable. Zhou Ningzhi called her home phone to encourage her not to give up. Jiang Jin teased her by sending funny expressions every night. Qi Qiao didn’t go and spend New Year’s Eve at Song Jiashu’s for the first time, coming over to play with her. Meng Shengnan was alone in the house, reading a book and listening to the repeater.

    The song, ‘Friend’ was on a single loop, Zhou Huajian’s voice made people want to cry when they listened to it.

    In the New Year, Kang Kai would occasionally accompany Meng Jin and ask about her academic situation. She temporarily put aside the matter of writing, and Kang Kai asked why.

    Meng Shengnan said: “My mother said that I need to learn from you and take the entrance exam to get into Peking University.”

    Kang Kai smiled.

    Kang Kai caught her red-handed once when she was at the bookstore reading a book. He asked her in return.

    “Didn’t you let it go?”

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    “Zlp, uswap yal ekqqlaldv.”

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    Meng Shengnan smiled and said that it was nothing. Kang Kai was still Kang Kai, she was still Meng Shengnan, but she had grown a bit older. In the bookstore, Kang Kai asked and she answered.

    “Nan Nan.”


    “If you like to write, then don’t give up. This sort of thing can’t be accomplished in a short period of time.”

    Meng Shengnan had already come around a lot by this time.

    “I know, my dad must have asked you to test my thoughts, right?” she asked.

    Kang Kai smiled and shook his head, patting her hair.

    A few days after Kang Kai went to Beijing, the second semester of high school started. The teacher used the same method for seating arrangements as the first semester. The top 20 students in the final exams could choose their own seats and the bottom ranking students had their parents called. Their group entered the classroom one after another and they all had a tacit understanding, she was still in the fourth row near the door and beside the window seat. They were familiar people in the same old place, everyone was still the same.

    At that time, everyone was rowdy at the beginning of the semester, and later it was said that Li Yan had been dumped. 

    The girl leaned in her seat every day, looking listless. Meng Shengnan had seen her crying before. It was break time before their self-study session two nights ago, and there was no one in the classroom. When she came back from her recitation, she saw Li Yan burying her head in her elbow, her shoulders going up and down undulately.

    Xue Lin had been right before2referring to Xue Lin saying ML only dates girls for around 3 months.

    The schoolwork in that semester increased, and Meng Shengnan had no other time available other than studying and doing questions. Even her guitar class was changed to once a month. She didn’t seem to have any idle time or mood to think about these sorts of things3referring to matters regarding love/school gossip, as if it had nothing to do with her.

    There were also discussions from girls in class.

    Meng Shengnan was doing homework with her head down, but her ears were always listening involuntarily. Xue Lin had wiped away her past humiliations with her final exam results and had come back to life. She always talked about interesting things happening inside and outside of school, unable to just take some time to rest.

    One day after class, she took out a piece of paper and asked Meng Shengnan.

    “Interesting, right?”

    Meng Shengnan took the paper and looked at it for a while, and asked, “What is this?”

    “A boy and girl’s destined fate rate.”


    “Look here, from A to Z, they are marked with numbers 73, 74 and up to 98. Each letter represents a two-digit number, and then you write down the pinyin of the boy’s name you like. For each letter, add the 2 digits together. Then, add the numbers up all together to get a number.4Okay, this maths is complicated but basically, let’s do an example for my name DIAN. Let’s say D=72. 7+2=9. Do the same for I, A, N and add the four numbers together, perhaps I end up with a 40. Then 4+0=4, that’s my number. Then, you calculate your’s. Together, the guy’s digit is first and the female’s digit is second, and that’s how to get your fate rate5i.e. If guy’s number ie 2, girl’s number is 1, your fate rate is 21%, or 0.21. Understand?”

    “Very interesting.” Meng Shengnan now understood it.

    Xue Lin smiled: “Of course.”

    “Whose did you calculate?” she asked.

    Xue Lin said embarrassedly: “Guess.”

    Meng Shengnan thought for a while, “Fu Song?”

    “Che, how boring is he.” Xue Lin said: “I calculated Chi Zheng.”

    Meng Shengnan’s eyes flashed, and her voice was faint.


    Xue Lin asked mysteriously: “Do you know why he changes his girlfriend so quickly?”


    “I’ve counted it, do you know what the number is after you add up his name in pinyin?”

    “What is it?”

    “A duck egg6i.e. A big fat zero.”

    Meng Shengnan licked her dry lips and blinked: “Is it accurate?”

    “Pretty accurate, do you want to calculate it?”

    Meng Shengnan immediately shook her head. At that time, Nie Jing had just returned to the classroom from the toilet and joined Xue Lin enthusiastically. The two of them calculated the only boys in their Class (4) and enjoyed it a lot. When class started, they were still invested in it

    There was a wave in the classroom, Xue Lin’s calculation method was passed around by all the girls in the class.

    During this self-study evening session, she was reading the history of Xia, Shang and Zhou7three dynasties in Ancient China, and her tablemate Nie Jing was sighing, in low spirits. She stopped and turned her head to ask what was wrong. The girl shook her head, said it was okay and then buried her head down again. Meng Shengnan didn’t ask any more, but was called on by Xue Lin behind her to ask an English question.

    “Why don’t I exchange seats to sit next to you, or you exchange seats to sit next to me?” It was inconvenient to speak loudly so Xue Lin suggested this.

    She called Nie Jing after.

    The latter was taken aback, glanced at Fu Song, who was looking down and figuring out his functions, and slowly nodded and changed seats with Xue Lin. The classroom was not particularly quiet, there were also whispering voices discussing questions and chatting with each other.

    Xue Lin suddenly understood after hearing Meng Shengnan’s explanation, “I’m so stupid, I confused the attributive with the apposition.”

    “Is it clear now?” Meng Shengnan smiled.

    “Too easy.”

    The two were talking when they heard Nie Jing asking Fu Song questions. The boy said a few words and that was it. Nie Jing said that she didn’t understand, and they went over it three times in a row. Fu Song became a little irritable, and his voice was a little impatient.

    “If you really don’t understand it then it doesn’t matter, this question is not important.”

    Xue Lin quietly turned her head to look and then turned back.

    “What’s wrong?”

    After asking, Meng Shengnan turned her head to take a look. Xue Lin said softly, “Do you know how much I calculated for Fu Song?”

    “Do you mean the rate?”

    Xue Lin nodded.

    Meng Shengnan shook her head, Xue Lin said it was 1. This year was 2005, the second year of high school. Fu Song studied more seriously and spoke even less. Other than saying a few words to Meng Shengnan when she asked him questions, he barely chatted. Most girls were sensitive and had realized it already.

    Xue Lin’s attention went somewhere else: “Your ballpoint pen is very beautiful.”

    On her birthday last year, Qi Qiao was very proud when she gave her this gift: “Your sister, I, went to a dozen shops to find one that suits your style, do you like it?” Meng Shengnan smiled and looked at Xue Lin. The latter said, “Can we change pens? ?”

    She nodded and passed the pen over.

    Nie Jing lightly poked Xue Lin with her finger at this time: “I want to do my other homework, can I sit back here?”

    The girl’s eyes were a little red.

    Xue Lin watched Meng Shengnan stick out her tongue a little, did not dare to ask anything and swapped back their seats.

    It was silent at night.

    Going home that night, Meng Shengnan sat on the desk in her room and finished her homework. Only one lamp in the room was on, a warm yellow color. She took a piece of white paper from the box on the side of the table, wrote down ABCD and the numbers related to each letter, calculating his number, and then calculated her own. He was 0, she was 5.

    First digit was the guy’s, the second digit was the girl’s. It was 5%, 0.05.

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