Seduced By a Married Teacher

Chapter 39 Fitting Room Fling (H)

“Mmm…it feels so good…” Cheng Yuzhou sighed contentedly.

“Mm…Unhh…” Tang Guo felt pain and numbness from the n*pple clamp and couldn’t hold back her whimpers.

All the mirrors surrounding the sides of the fitting room reflected the figure of a girl who had a pair of lusty eyes, a bare upper body and a short skirt, sitting on a low dark green sofa.

The girl was holding her br*asts, wearing fluorescent pink n*pple clamps, and was working hard to service the neatly dressed man with her bountiful mounds.

The girl’s fair and flawless skin began to turn a little pink, and it looked very cute and alluring under the warm yellow lights of the fitting room.

Accompanied by the ringing of the little golden bell on the n*pple clamps, the girl’s little cherry mouth also let out soft and charming moans, pushing the man’s arousal even higher.

Cheng Yuzhou began to use Tang Guo’s deep cleavage like a c*nt and thrusted whereas Tang Guo also cleverly squeezed her pair of big br*asts together tightly, leaving only an extremely narrow gap to accommodate the man’s thrusting.

The girl kneeling in front of the man had flushed cheeks, knit brows and tightly shut eyes. Her little mouth was agape as she let out soft cute moans of ecstasy from time to time.

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Tang Guo stuck out her tongue and licked her lips. After swallowing the s*men down, she scraped the remaining essence on her eyelid off with her finger.

The girl opened her bright eyes, and slowly put the tip of her finger into her mouth as Cheng Yuzhou hungrily watched her.

She then began to imitate the action of coitus, bobbing her head up and down to take the slender finger in and out of her lips.

Cheng Yuzhou’s d*ck immediately hardened again. Just as he was about to do something, Tang Guo spat out her fingers and held both br*asts, lifting them up as much as she could.

At the same time, the s*men-covered girl lowered her head and brought her cherry lips close to her snow white peaks, and stuck a tender pink tongue out, licking her essence-stained bunnies.


Cheng Yuzhou couldn’t help but let out a stifled groan, his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down.

Tang Guo didn’t swallow his c*m down immediately, she kept her tongue on her br*ast, curving the corner of her eyes and stared right into Cheng Yuzhou’s eyes.

The young girl’s beautiful face and lofty peaks were covered with male essence, a dollop of white cream sat on top of her small tongue, and a bright mirth appeared in her limpid watery eyes.

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