Seduced By a Married Teacher

Chapter 38 T*tty f*ck (H)

“Daddy, Little Guo’er feels sore and itchy. I really want it…”

“Good Guo’er. First, let daddy play with your n*pples first alright? Use your n*pple clamped t*ts to service daddy’s big c**k. If you do it well, I’ll give you a reward…”

“What reward?”

“If Little Guo’er performs well, Daddy will use his c**k to f**k your little pussy hard from behind!”

“Mmm…Daddy has to keep his word ok…”


Tang Guo looked at her own man affectionately as the heat beneath her abdomen grew more restless.

Cheng Yuzhou reluctantly let go of his hands kneading Tang Guo’s br*asts, unzipped his trousers, and released the eager beast between his legs.

Then, the man firmly supported Tang Guo’s arm and let the petite girl kneel on the soft, dark green, low backless sofa.

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“Hiss…Little Guo’er…Don’t torture daddy anymore…”


Cheng Yuzhou’s sexy low voice revealed a hint of pleading and faint grievance.

Tang Guo blinked her innocent big eyes craftily, then held her two big br*asts with both hands, firmly sandwiching Cheng Yuzhou’s c**k before squeezing it and rubbing up and down.

“Mmmm… so good…”

Cheng Yuzhou couldn’t help but groan. His dry and hot palm gently stroked Tang Guo’s soft and glossy black hair.

Tang Guo’s chest was very soft so every time she squeezed them, Cheng Yuzhou’s c**k was tightly clamped, the feeling not inferior to the sensation of thrusting his c**k into her sweet hole.

At the same time, it was different from pounding her cave which was very wet and slippery, instead it felt satiny and dry.

Perhaps because the girl’s body was still growing, or because of Cheng Yuzhou’s caresses day and night, Tang Guo’s br*asts had grown from a D cup to an E cup, perfectly describing her as a baby-faced big t*t beauty.

However, Cheng Yuzhou’s meat stick was far too massive, and it was also very thick and long. Though she was giving him a t*tty f**k, the glans at the top as well as a small section of the upper meat stick was still exposed.

Tang Guo sat on the dark green low sofa, while giving Cheng Yuzhou a t*tty f**k and gently licking the gl*ns that kept spitting prec*m out.

“Ah….Little Guo’er…continue licking…don’t stop…”

Tang Guo greedily swallowed the overflowing pre-c*m into her belly, and occasionally used her nimble tongue to draw circles on the gl*ns, pleasuring Cheng Yuzhou so much he almost couldn’t contain himself.

The small golden bells on her n*pple clamps kept ringing incessantly, occasionally even bumping against Cheng Yuzhou’s c**k, adding an extra ‘oomph’ to their little fun.


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