Pet Dog

Chapter 12.2 – Dog riding owner as a prelude, as soon as the owner who took the aphrodisiac came. (2)

WARNING : Do not attempt this with your/any pets/animals. 

Title: Pet Dog

Translator: System Yaoi


Chapter 12 Dog riding owner as a prelude, as soon as the owner who took the aphrodisiac came.



Su Xue had been lying on the bed early and was waiting for his master to come back. The setting sun outside the window gradually fell and the room darkened. The maid lit the lamp, and the candlelight flickered. The dim room was now filled with ambiguous light.

Wang Wang, why did the master not come back yet?

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Aw woo… the master is a bad master!


Su Xue thought that his owner not only let others lick the stick, but also inserted the stick into the hole behind the butt, he could not stand it, he could not accept the smell of others on his own body, let alone his master.

He injects his sweet juice full of his own scent into the body of others, so that the body of the other person is full of the smell of his owner.

Ouuuu… my master is too bad!

He was a poor dog. He wanted to go out to prevent his owner from inserting his stick into other people’s holes, and did not want to allow his owner to leave his scent on others.

The owner is only mine.

Su Xue jumped out of the bed, and was just about to open the door when his ears moved suddenly, and he heard the familiar sound of footsteps walking quickly towards the bedroom, it was the sound of his master’s footsteps.

Su Xue’s ears stood up immediately. He raised a claw, opened the door, and looked out. After a while, he saw his master’s figure appearing in a hurry.

The aphrodisiac in Yaju Garden wine was not very effective, so it was only used to cheer up the guests. However, Yue Xiujin’s body was sensitive and was not drug resistant. A little bit of aphrodisiac in his system had multiplied the effect on him by dozens of times, and it became even worse. The little boy had licked his genitals with all his abilities, but he could not find his release.

It was fine if he could no c*m, but his flower hole had also reacted, the lewd water gushed out without restraint, and the inside of the meat hole kept shrinking. For fear of Yue Nu’s discovery that he was an inters*x, he pushed the little boy Yue Nu away, and then he tidied up his clothes, and took off from there to come back home. The carriage hurried away.

In the carriage, Yue Xiujin felt his lower body was getting overwhelmed by each second passed by, his meat stick was swollen and painful, and the flower hole became abnormally sensitive. Yue Xiujin clamped his legs tightly, and it was obvious that the two flower lips were congested and swollen.

Along the way, Yue Xiujin did not dare to groan, he bit his lower lip, and let the water flow freely between his legs.

The carriage stopped at the back door of Yue’s house. At this point, Yue Xiujin began to tremble all over. He sat in the carriage for a long time, and tried to restrain his shivering legs, and moved out of the carriage step by step.


When the guard at the door saw him, he quickly opened the back door to let the young master in. Yue Xiujin’s face was flushed at this time. Fortunately, it was dark and the little guard could not see his face closely. He only nodded to the little guard, and walked into the door seemingly calmly.

Every time he took a step, his swollen pu*sy lips rubbed together and hole itched. The intense pleasure made Yue Xiujin no longer able to breathe. As soon as he entered his yard, he waved back at the maid who wanted to come forward to serve him as usual, and then he walked quickly to the bedroom.

Su Xue smelled the smell of someone else on his master from afar. He did not like the smell of the person called Yue Nu, but his master smelt of estrus, as if his sweat was full of the scent of seducing him.

Su Xue was angry that his master smelled of someone else, however he was pleased that his master exuded the smell of estrus.

Yue Xiujin could not pay attention to Su Xue who was following behind him sniffing his ass, and closed the door with a bang, the door almost caught Su Xue’s tail. Fortunately, Su Xue retracted his fluffy tail in time.

As soon as the door was closed, Yue Xiujin slid down with his back against the door and knelt on the ground, with his whole body limp. He bit his lip tightly and still could not stop the climax of his body twitching.


A large stream of lewd water sprayed on his crotch, penetrating the thin fabric, and drop by drop leaking onto the ground.

Falling on the ground, the s*x organ that ejected the sem*n was still under the pants, and there was no sign of his erection disappearing.

Su Xue smelled between Yue Xiujin’s legs, and the scent of estrus was even stronger than before. Yue Xiujin’s thighs kept shaking, and the damp cloth between his legs reflected the shape of his meat stick and flower hole, making Su Xue’s mouth turn dry.

Yue Xiujin grabbed the hair on Su Xue’s neck and said intermittently, “Bed…Take me to the bed…” When he was drunk in the past, Su Xue would drag him on the bed and call a maid to wait on him.

Su Xue got down and motioned to Yue Xiujin to climb on top of his large body. Yue Xiujin shuddered as he climbed on Su Xue’s body and hugged his neck. Every time Su Xue took a step, kinky water wetted his fur through his owner’s crotch.


When he walked to the bed, Su Xue leaned down slightly and let Yue Xiujin slide onto the bed.

Yue Xiujin unbuttoned his shirt with his trembling hands, the handsome face was already covered with sweat and when his shirt slipped off, every inch of his white skin had turned into a beautiful shade of red red. To top this attractive look, his two erect ni*ples appeared gorgeous.

A straight scarlet s*x organ stood proudly on the hairless lower body, with s*men and obscene fluid stuck to its gl*ns. Below the root of the s*x organ, the small fleshy pedicle stuck out of his plump pus*y lips, and the two flower lips were bulging open, revealing the bright red skin inside that kept shrinking. The fleshy mouth, and even the small chrysanthemum hole at the back sensitively began to clench.

Su Xue put his head between Yue Xiujin’s legs, and Yue Xiujin whimpered: “Don’t smell…ah… water is going to be sprayed again…” Before he could finish his words, he saw the flesh-blossom that had already turned bright red, it spurt out a lot of water. When Su Xue’s nose and face reached his tender hole, Yue Xiujin screamed, and squeezed his blooming lips while rubbing his erect pedicle on Su Xue’s nose. Yue Xiujin’s cold and irritating flesh tightened, his genitals became tense, and his flower hole spouted a stream of lewd water.

“Lick… I… Su Xue … Ah… can’t stand it…” 

Yue Xiujin did not expect that he would get high on the aphrodisiac. Obviously his body could not touch and bear the aphrodisiac at all. When the tender flesh rubbed against each other in the meat cave, Yue Xiujin just kept climaxing and spraying water.

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