Pet Dog

Chapter 12.1 – Dog riding owner as a prelude, as soon as the owner who took the aphrodisiac came. (1)

WARNING : Do not attempt this with your/any pets/animals. 

Title: Pet Dog

Translator: System Yaoi


Chapter 12 Dog riding owner as a prelude, as soon as the owner who took the aphrodisiac came.


Su Xue was feeling bored, the dog felt empty and lonely and cold. He was lying on a recliner in the middle of the yard, basking in the sun, and his tail was hanging boringly outside the recliner. Suddenly, he remembered something. He immediately squatted, his ears upright, alert to look around and found a maid servant in the yard busy with her own work, and no one paid attention to him. He jumped off the chair, wagging his tail and walked slowly to the corner of the yard.

In the corner, some common flowers and plants could be found and were full of greenery, dotted with yellow or red flowers, and were full of vitality.

Su Xue walked to the back of a relatively luxuriant flower bush, pinpointed the position, and started to dig the soil with his two front paws. People in the yard knew that Su Xue liked to hide things, Su Xue often buried the clean bones here as a cover, so that the servants in the courtyard thought that there were just some useless bones hidden here, so no one noticed at all. what Su Xue was actually hiding.

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I can take a shower and dry my hair in the afternoon, and go to bed at night to wait for my owner to return home.


The dog was happy and only had to wait for his owner to return home.


Yuejia was the home of merchants and the largest merchant in Dongcheng County also lived there. Since ancient times, the status of merchants was not high, but the business people were flexible and lived much better than farmers. Large merchants with big business were living an even more luxurious life.

Yue Xiujin was in charge of a part of the Yue family’s business. The next two concubines had reached the age of being able to take care of things. His father had successively given them some business training, but most of them were restaurants with quicker money and more oily water.

Yue Xiujin did not care at all. He did not expect much from his father. He did not really care about the family property either. His two half brothers who were born out of the family wanted to fight for the family property and could not get much. When splitting the family, he still wanted to take the majority. The remaining small part must be divided equally between the two of them. He just wanted to see how eccentric his father could be.

After Yue Xiujin inspected the industry he was managing, he went to Yaju Garden as usual and booked his own room to listen to the music.

Yue Nu remembered about the big dog which he saw yesterday, and still had some lingering fear. As soon as Yue Xiujin entered the door today, his nerves were tense, for fear that the big dog would come in again. Half an hour later, he still did not see the dog, he felt relieved, and boldly stroked Yue Xiujin’s chest.

“Master Jin, do you need Yue Nu’s service?” Yue Nu deliberately pressed his voice softly to make it sound more appealing.

Yue Xiujin felt a little moved. He was disturbed by Su Xue last night, and Su Xue agreed not to follow him today. It was just in time for his male roots in front to extinguish the fire.

Yue Xiujin’s thinking was simple, but forgot that Su Xue’s nose could tell whether the organ in front of him had been touched by anyone. If it had been before, Su Xue would only squeeze and feel bad in his heart when he smelled that the genitals in front of him had touched someone, and frightened the people who had touched his master. When he lured Su Xue to lick his flower hole, Su Xue had already pleasured him.

I believe that he will never let any part of his body be touched by anyone else in the future.

However, Yue Xiujin still treated Su Xue as an ordinary pet, and had never thought of changing the relationship between him and Su Xue. In his eyes, Su Xue was just a dog that was more human than ordinary dogs, and was only a dog from beginning to end. His thinking had never changed.

Even if he was at the climax of being licked by Su Xue in the morning, and had a soft kiss like a magic and was soft hearted, he just pressed in at the bottom of his heart, and did not dare to think too much about it.


The petite and exquisite Yue Nu was soft and warm. Yue Xiujin hugged him in his arms, and just let him inlaid in his arms. Yue Xiujin smiled, and raised Yue Nu’s chin, and said with a small smile: “But I have not had you in a few days. I cannot help it anymore.” 

As he said, he used his lower body to push Yue Nu’s ass. With this, Yue Xiujin discovered something was wrong. His male roots had been broken long ago, and he could harden them by just touching them. But this time there was no response.

Yue Xiujin panicked and knew what was going on. However, he did not show it on his face and still made fun of and made a joke of it to Yue Nu.

Yue Nu sighed: “Master, how can you blame others? Is it not because the dog you raise happens to bother you every time…”

“Su Xue would not be coming today, you blindfold your eyes and lick it for your master first. You can only get it on if you lick it hard.” Yue Xiujin patted Yue Nu’s buttocks.

So, Yue Nu quickly blindfolded his eyes.

At this time, Yue Xiujin took the wine glass and smelled it, and there really was a very good medicine in it for the guests. Yue Xiujin had never touched the wine in the restaurant. At this time, his sexual organs could not harden, and Yue Nu also showed fatigue when he put it in his mouth. 

I really need to use medicine to boost myself.

Yue Xiujin drank all the wine with an aphrodisiac in his glass.


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