Pet Dog

Chapter 13 – Doggy rides owner, giddy-up! (1)

WARNING : Do not attempt this with your/any pets/animals. 

Title: Pet Dog

Translator: System Yaoi


Chapter 13 Doggy rides owner, giddy-up! (1)


Still unable to shoot, the genitals swelled to the point of hideousness, protruding out blue veins, Yue Xiujin grabbed the genitals and moved it quickly, and the closed red mushroom head spit out a lot of obscene liquid, just he could not shoot no matter what he did. The wet flower hole did not stop dripping water, and the sheets between his legs got wet and crumpled.

Yue Xiujin almost lost consciousness, eagerly opening his legs to Su Xue, and let Su Xue sniff the scent of the nasty water between his legs. The droplets of lustful water fell on Su Xue’s nose, and some as clear as water obscene liquid sprayed directly on Su Xue’s nose.

He opened the small meat passage, and showed Su Xue the lewd flesh that turned tender red due to the aphrodisiac. The layers of lewd flesh were immersed in the sweet water, convulsively squeezing each other.

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Yue Xiujin opened his mouth instinctively, and Su Xue pushed the pill into his mouth. The original faint fragrance immediately filled Yue Xiujin’s mouth. Yue Xiujin did not taste anything particular. The pill turned into a pool of water and disappeared in his mouth. As if melted into his flesh and blood.


Su Xue sniffed the remaining two medicinal pills, and distinguished one that was curled on the tip of his tongue and reached between Yue Xiujin’s legs. Although Yue Xiujin’s chrysanthemum hole was softened by the kinky water, it was never opened. Su Xue’s tongue took a lot of effort to get in.

He rolled the tongue into a tube shape, rolled the medicinal medicine in the tongue, and then gently poke the chrysanthemum hole with the tip of his tongue, and the soft chrysanthemum gradually unfolded. Su Xue took the opportunity to insert the tip of the tongue into the soft acupuncture point, going a little bit deep into the chrysanthemum hole.

The folds of the chrysanthemum hole were flattened by the thick tongue, and the intestines were filled with the tongue from the outside to the inside. Every time it went a little deeper, Yue Xiujin’s meat stick bounced and the flower hole gurgled water out.

The back hole was born with no mating function. Su Xue used his saliva to moisturize the intestines and open them up. Perhaps because of the aphrodisiac, Yue Xiujin did not feel too much discomfort, instead felt a strange pleasure.

Su Xue’s tongue stretched to the bottom of the intestines and couldn’t get in anymore, he put the pill deep into the chrysanthemum hole, and then quickly pulled away from it. The pill was suddenly pinched by the intestinal wall, and it melted into water and dissolved in the intestinal wall.

It was only a matter of stuffing the last pill into the small hole in front of the master. Su Xue was wagging his tail and was about to take the last pill, but the jade that was stuck in the small hole in front of the master was too annoying. He unhappily lifted and held his master’s hand which kept thrusting and looked at the confused eyes of the master.

Wang! Master, wait, and I can make you forget this broken stone right away! My strong and sturdy male body will definitely make you ecstatic, my owner.

Su Xue thought confidently, lowered his head to bite the jade, and pulled out the jade without hesitation. The vividly carved gl*ns of the jade came out of the flower hole, bringing out a large sticky slutty water that was caught by the jade dildo. The enlarged flower hole turned into a straight hole, and the tender flesh squirming inside could be clearly seen.

Yue Xiujin’s lower abdomen contracted, and the moment the jade dildo was released, Su Xue took the opportunity to roll up the elixir with his tongue, and easily inserted his tongue into the unclosed flower hole, accurately placing the elixir at the mouth of the uterus. He pulled out his tongue quickly before the elixir melted.

The continuous orgasm caused the flower hole to become red and bright, and the two lips became thicker, while the chrysanthemum hole began to secrete liquid, flowing along the folds to the crevices. Yue Xiujin did not notice the change of his back hole at all. All he knew was that the two acupoints in the lower body were slowly getting hot, and the swelling pain that he could not vent from the meat stick made his gl*ns itch.

Su Xue was worried that too much water in his master’s flower hole would flush out the melted pill, and hurriedly inserted the jade dildo into the flower hole again. The empty flower hole ate the jade dildo again, and comfortably took the initiative to swallow the jade dildo.

Su Xue lowered his head and sniffed his master’s chrysanthemum hole. The liquid flowing out of the chrysanthemum hole had no peculiar smell, mixed with the sweet smell of the medicinal pill, it was obvious that the effect of the medicine had begun to develop. He spit out his tongue and slowly licked the chrysanthemum hole to stimulate the hole to absorb the medicine. Under the lick of the dog’s tongue, the sensitive chrysanthemum hole tightened the folds, and opened again.


Yue Xiujin only felt that the chrysanthemum hole was very comfortable being licked, and couldn’t help but lift his hips so that the big dog could lick his chrysanthemum hole in a better way.

His hand rubbed the top of the meat stick, the jade dildo comforted the flower hole, the big dog licked his blooming chrysanthemum, Yue Xiujin, who had three cool spots on his lower body, was to irrational, he turned over and lay down on his stomach.

On the bed, his buttocks were raised, this posture made the chrysanthemum hole between the buttocks exposed without anything hidden, and the wet flower hole with the jade dildo was also revealed.

The owner actually put on a mating posture.

Happiness came too quickly for the dog, Su Xue felt like he was dreaming. He felt it was disbelieving to smell his master’s chrysanthemum hole and his master’s flower hole below. Both small holes were waiting for him with water flowing out of them. Even the meat stick was dripping with water, and all the organs that seduced him were stretched out of his owner’s body.


Mating!!! Mating!!!

Mate with the owner!!!

I am a happy dog!!!

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