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  • The Noble Cannon Fodder Side Character Doesn’t Care About You

    Chapter 59: “I just want to tell you, I’m starting to chase you.”

    When Lu Xu Nan woke up, he was still a little dazed.

    He seemed to have slept for a long time and dreamt a very long dream, yet it had only been thirty minutes in reality and he couldn’t recall what he had seen in his dream.

    But he knew something was different. He seemed to have never felt like he did now, truly alive, he loved and was loved. This feeling was very mysterious. His chest was filled with flowing emotions and in comparison, the “past Lu Xu Nan” was even more like a programmed robot.

    Lu Xu Nan stared at the unfamiliar ceiling for a long while before realizing where he was.

    Oh, he had come down with a fever, Ning Yi sent him to the infirmary, his head felt heavy after taking medicine, he quickly fell asleep…No! Before he fell asleep, he also asked Ning Yi for her response, did she reply? How did she reply? Damn! He completely forgot! Where is she? She wouldn’t have left already, right?


    Lu Xu Nan whose consciousness had returned suddenly sat up in the narrow sickbed. When his gaze fell on the girl sleeping on her arm at the end of the bed, his action of lifting the blanket halted on the spot.

    So Ning Yi had been here keeping watch over him the whole time.

    This knowledge caused an extremely soft feeling to spread from the bottom of Lu Xu Nan’s heart, as if a warm parcel of water lived in his heart and just slightly tapping it was warm, hot, and comfortable.

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    He couldn’t help but stretch out his hand, his fingers wiped the tears that hung on Ning Yi’s lashes as he called her softly, “Ning Yiyi? Yiyi, wake up.”


    Ning Yi suddenly opened her eyes, her slightly parted mouth gasped for breath and panic that had yet to disperse remained in her eyes.

    Lu Xu Nan stroked the slightly red corners of her eyes lightly with the pads of his fingers, calling her back to reality from the nightmare, “It’s a dream, don’t be scared.”

    Ning Yi’s body trembled and unconsciously shrunk. Lu Xu Nan saw this and frowned. He didn’t know what she’d dreamed about to be so scared.

    Just when he didn’t know what to do, Ning Yi’s out-of-focus eyes focused again on his face. After staring at him blankly for two seconds, she unexpectedly rushed into his arms with a cry and tightly hugged his neck.

    Lu Xu Nan froze on the spot in shock, his arms open and frozen in midair. After a long time, he was finally called back to his senses by the sound of sobbing from the person in his arms.

    Perhaps because she was too hurt, he couldn’t hear Ning Yi’s thoughts and could only feel the surging sadness she was conveying.

    Lu Xu Nan somewhat stiffly placed his hand on the back of Ning Yi’s head. He stroked her hair as he clumsily consoled her, “Don’t cry, don’t cry, it’s all a dream, it’s fake, don’t be scared, I’m here…”

    Ning Yi’s crying attracted attention and the school doctor next door soon came over. She took in the scene in front of her and was surprised, “What’s going on here?”

    Lu Xu Nan felt the crying of the person in his arms pause. Knowing that this meant she was coming out of it, he raised his head and explained to the school doctor, “She was scared by a nightmare.”

    Hearing this, the school doctor didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, she said, “What dream did you have to be scared like this? Quickly help her up, have a cup of warm water.”

    Her little boyfriend only had a fever, look at how scared the little girl is, their feelings are so good!

    Lu Xu Nan indicated that he was pleased by the school doctor’s address. He rubbed Ning Yi’s head, warmly consoling her, “You’re awake now, it’s okay. Things are the opposite of what they are in dreams, don’t be scared. Sit on the bed, I’ll get you a cup of water, okay?”


    Ning Yi’s head was still buried with no movement. Just when Lu Xu Nan wanted to back up and take a look out of worry, he suddenly heard her nervous thoughts.

    Ahhh! Don’t move, don’t move!

    Lu Xu Nan immediately stopped. He felt Ning Yi tightly clutching his clothes to prevent him from moving.

    Heavens, why would you let me face such a situation! If I secretly wipe a little, will Lu Xu Nan discover that my tears and snot are all over his chest? Ahhhh, I can’t raise my head! Let me go back to sleep…No! Let me faint!!!

    Lu Xu Nan couldn’t help but lower his eyes and let out a light laugh. He raised his head and said to the school doctor, “Doctor Su, I’ll take care of Ning Yi here. You can return to the office, we won’t disturb your work.”

    Saying this, he pointed at the person in his arms, soundlessly making a gesture of a messy face from crying.

    “Alright.” The school doctor smiled as she nodded and said, “I’m about to get off work, you guys sort it out as soon as possible and come find me to get your temperature again later.”

    After she finished speaking, she also thoughtfully closed the door of the observation room, concealing them humbly.

    Lu Xu Nan placed his arm in front of Ning Yi and said, “Wipe, I’ll give you my sleeve too if it’s not enough.”

    Ning Yi’s body couldn’t help but stiffen, realizing that she had forgotten about this person’s mind reading ability.

    Anyway, since he had already heard, she might as well go for it. She grabbed Lu Xu Nan’s sleeve and rubbed messily, seemingly a bit flustered.

    Lu Xu Nan helplessly pulled his sleeve out. Using his other hand to pinch her chin and lift her face, his palm gently brushed over her cheeks, wiping away the tear tracks on her face.


    “Be gentler.” He said.

    Ning Yi watched him with red eyes, momentarily forgetting to move. Until the other person said “okay” did she awkwardly turn her face away, stand up, and sit down at the end of the bed, pretending to rub her eyes.

    Lu Xu Nan found it amusing. He flung his sleeve and purposely said, “Tsk, so sticky and wet…”

    Ning Yi bluffingly glared at him and said, “You’re the one that let me wipe!”

    If not for her pair of red eyes and her red face, it might be more persuasive.

    After crossing the most difficult threshold of confession, the initial inexperience and shame receded a lot. Looking at the girl with blushing red ears and cheeks, the “vile trait” hidden at the bottom of the adolescent youth’s heart awoke without a need to be taught.

    Lu Xu Nan pressed his tongue against his canine. His long and slender index finger lightly tapped the soaked spot on his chest, he said, “You’re the one who threw yourself in my arms first, if I don’t let you wipe, should I wait for you to thoroughly wet my clothes with your tears? Sticking to my chest, it feels pretty bad.”

    Ning Yi’s face became redder: …So angry.

    Lu Xu Nan quit while he was ahead. He turned around to pour a cup of warm water and handed it over.

    Ning Yi didn’t take it. He could only send it forward again, saying, “I’m just joking. In kindergarten, when you ate something you didn’t like, you would stuff it all in my bowl after a bite. I helped you eat it all. If I minded, I wouldn’t wait until now to start.”

    Only then did Ning Yi take the cup. After taking a sip, she felt very stuffy in her heart and she mumbled, “The one you’re talking about isn’t me.”

    “What?” Lu Xu Nan didn’t hear clearly.


    Ning Yi bit the rim of the cup, she said, “Nothing.”

    She tilted her head. Shocked, she discovered that she couldn’t recall any memory that had to do with kindergarten in the other world.

    Lu Xu Nan sat down on the bed opposite, he asked, “What did you dream about? To be scared like this.”

    Ning Yi’s train of thought was interrupted. The scene of her nightmare once again filled her mind. She involuntarily sucked in a breath of air and her voice also lowered, “I dreamt that mom and dad were in a car accident, my brother ended up in jail because of something at the company, scared me to death…”

    Even just thinking about it now, there was still a lingering fear in her heart. The feel of those scenes in her dream was truly too real. Obviously, it was just a nightmare, but it was like she had personally experienced it.

    Lu Xu Nan paused. He shifted his body, placing his palm on top of Ning Yi’s head and stroking twice, he said in a low voice, “It’s just a dream, all dreams are the opposite in reality, don’t be afraid.”

    “En, none of it is real.” Ning Yi nodded again as if comforting herself.

    Because of this nightmare, Ning Yi’s mood was clearly low afterward.

    Only when the school doctor took Lu Xu Nan’s temperature again and told them that his temperature had basically come back down did she recover a little.

    The two first handed in their sick notes to Liu Ming at the office before returning to the classroom for their backpacks. All the students had already more or less left.

    Lu Xu Nan was quick, he packed everything up first and waited in the corridor.

    Ning Yi took a look at him and hurried up. Just as she did the button on the bag, a hand reached out from the side and took the bag from the desk.

    She let out an “ah” and looked to her left. Lu Xu Nan had already hung the schoolbag on his shoulder.

    “Where’s that candy bag of yours?” He asked.

    Ning Yi’s attention was shifted. She pulled out the bag of candy from the desk, unzipped it, took out a piece of candy, and asked, “You want one?”

    Lu Xu Nan took it. He unwrapped it halfway, then sent it back. He said, “Eat one to cushion your stomach first, you don’t look too well.”

    Probably because she overexerted herself during PE, Ning Yi indeed felt a little dizzy and had some heart palpitations. Afraid that hypoglycemia would occur, she unconsciously opened her mouth taking the candy that was sent to her lips into her mouth.

    Lu Xu Nan stuffed the candy wrapper in his pocket and headed out of the classroom, “Let’s go.”

    Ning Yi stood up with the candy in her mouth. Only when the sweet strawberry flavor had filled her mouth did she belatedly blush.

    It’s not like she doesn’t have hands, why would she need someone to feed her? Moreover, aren’t that person’s actions a little too natural…

    Ning Yi poked her puffed up cheeks, thinking: Is there something different about today’s candy? It seems a little too sweet.

    After sugar has gone through the chemical reactions in the human body, a large amount of dopamine will be created which makes people feel happy.

    Ning Yi ate the candy and felt that her mood really did improve significantly, to the extent that she felt that the way home seemed much shorter and quicker.

    The two people said goodbye at the gate of the Ning family courtyard. She reached over to take her schoolbag, but when she was retrieving it, she felt resistance.

    Ning Yi raised her head: “?”

    Lu Xu Nan held onto the other strap of the schoolbag. In a lowered voice, he said, “Ning Yiyi, you still haven’t given me your reply…”

    !!! Again?

    Ning Yi, who was suddenly questioned again, was obviously panicked. Her eyes blinked more rapidly, her lips were pursed tightly, but her ears silently turned red as agate.

    When you discover that someone is more nervous than you, your nervousness will contrarily recede.

    A smile appeared in Lu Xu Nan’s eyes. He let go of the strap in his hand and lightly patted Ning Yi on the head a few times, saying, “Think about it slowly, no need to rush. I just want to tell you, I’m starting to chase you.”

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