The Noble Cannon Fodder Side Character Doesn’t Care About You

Chapter 60: “Don’t be scared, dream good dreams, my little darling.”

Ning Yi froze on the spot.

No, what am I thinking about? I never planned to think about this thing! Why do you look so prepared? Furthermore, shouldn’t you ask my opinion for this sort of thing? What do you mean by simply notifying me?!

Lu Xu Nan had already headed toward his own home after speaking. After walking a short distance, he stopped as if he thought of something. He turned around and saw that she was still standing there, his tone was light as he waved at her and said, “Don’t stand there foolishly, aren’t you hungry? Quickly go in and get something to eat. Sleep earlier tonight, if you still have nightmares, you can call me. I’ll pick you up to go to school tomorrow.”

Ning Yi: ??? Hey, don’t you just go on and on by yourself!

Only when she watched Lu Xu Nan walk into the courtyard next door did Ning Yi finally knock herself on the head in annoyance, kicking the metal gate beside her as if to vent her anger.


Did Lu Xu Nan get possessed by a ghost? Why does he seem like a completely different person?! Also, was she under control just now? Why couldn’t she speak?! Must reject ah! The kind that’s even more resolute than rejecting Xu Xingji! Really crazy! Ahhh–

“What are you doing? Did our gate provoke you?” Ning Xiu’s voice came from behind.

Ning Yi turned around. Instantly, the face of the haggard and dejected Ning Xiu in prison sitting behind the glass in the investigation room from her nightmare overlapped with the one in front of her. She couldn’t help but quiver.

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Lkdt Dkw aykple bkp lulcasop, bl vlyple, “R pyu, obu yal usw pweeldzu ps ldvbwpkypvkn? Rv vwadp swv usw byhl psxlvbkdt vs ypj sq xl? Frlyj, pyu kv yde R’zz nsdpkela kv qkapv.”

“Zsw nyd’v fwpv nsdpkela kv, usw byhl vs rasxkpl!” Lkdt Zk plakswpzu pyke, “R dlle usw vs tkhl xl y twyaydvll, ds xyvvla obyv usw ldnswdvla kd vbl qwvwal, usw nyd’v es yduvbkdt vbyv calyjp vbl zyo!”

“…” Lkdt Dkw oyp pkzldv qsa yv zlypv byzq y xkdwvl, vbld bl nswzed’v bsze kv yde zywtble swv zswe okvb y “rqqv”. Mbl xsal bl zywtble, vbl xsal wdnsdvaszzyczl kv oyp, bkp ldvkal nblpv oyp qklanlzu hkcayvkdt qasx bkp zywtbvla.

Tl zywtble wdvkz bl oyp swv sq calyvb yde qkdyzzu cldv bkp kdelm qkdtla yde jdsnjle Lkdt Zk sd vbl qsalblye, bl pyke, “R pyu, obyv es usw vbkdj ycswv yzz eyu kd vbyv zkvvzl blye sq uswap?”

Ning Yi held her forehead, realizing that she had taken her dream too seriously.


She muddled her way out, saying, “Abiding by discipline and law is the cornerstone of building a harmonious socialist society! Am I wrong for reminding you to be a good citizen that contributes to society?”

“Yes yes yes, you’re right, you’re completely right.” Ning Xiu smiled as he bent over and picked up the schoolbag on the ground and slung it over his shoulder, hugging her as he walked toward home. “Let’s go home, my outstanding citizen.”

And at this time, heated discussion was taking place under a post called “LXN, this high mountain flower has finally been plucked” in the No. 1 Middle School forum.

[No need to say more, there are pictures as evidence. Everyone can recognize the location, right? Correct! It is precisely the place that everyone calls Couple’s Grove, so… Beautiful comrades, we can all be heartbroken together today quq [Picture].jpg]

– Wuwuwuwu, a killer head rub, I’m dead

– Isn’t that Number 1 God??? Fuck, I just finished writing my love letter, I wanted to study and strive with her and test into the same university 🙂

– 01 has always liked LXN, generally everyone knows this, right?! She’s never hid it, the two of them already have a childhood betrothal (Don’t attack me, 01 said it herself in junior high

– At this point, do you guys still not understand?! The male god also likes girls with good grades! 01 just tested first in the whole school and took down LXN, why are you guys still not going to study!!!

– Jealous, double harvest in both love and studies, a winner in life QAQ

– Pish, skipping class to date? You can do whatever you want if you have good grades? This is breaking school rules, no? No. 1 Middle School’s campus atmosphere is ruined by precisely this kind of person! If everyone is going to learn from this, then you might as well not go to school!

– Upstairs, what are you speaking so strangely for? I’ll have you know that during Class 1’s afternoon PE class, Teacher Chen has always had free time for the latter half of the class. If you don’t know anything, then don’t talk, okay?


– 53L, I am from Class 1. In Physics that was after PE, both of them were absent. If I don’t know, could it be that you know? If this isn’t skipping class, then what is? Hilarious!

– I’m going to die laughing, who of our class are you? I can smell your sourness even through the screen, Number 1 God is precisely skipping class and dating and still able to get first, if you can’t accept it then you do it!

– LXN had a fever, 01 accompanied him to the school infirmary. I happened to run into them turning in their sick notes to Liu Ming when I was delivering the English assignments to the office and overheard some.

– Lining up quietly. I left late today. I saw God Lu carry Number 1 God’s schoolbag for her, he even unwrapped candy and personally fed her…

– Fuck??? Back when I gave him handmade biscuits, he didn’t even directly look at me, you said he fed 01 candy? I don’t believe it 🙂

– Hmph, ╭(╯^╰)╮this is a collapse of his character! I don’t believe it either!

– Sigh, if I didn’t see it with my own two eyes, I wouldn’t believe it either. Good thing I braved death to take a picture [Smoking] [Picture].jpg

– ……Damn, I actually feel like these two in the photo look like a good match…

– Me too…

– Worship this Number 1 God for excellent performance on exams, Cupid’s arrow will hit you~ [Honor Roll Ning Yi no crown custom sticker].jpg

– Sticker has been saved, thank you, sister [Cup fist] Will redeem my vow when my confession is successful~

– Already forwarded


– Forwarded +1

– Forwarded +2

“Crash bang! Boom! Bam–“

Continuous sounds of smashing and breaking came from the second floor of the Yan family villa. The live-in housekeeper was already used to it, she took refuge in the kitchen picking through the vegetables, pretending she didn’t hear anything.

Yan Youlin who was sitting on the sofa in the living room listened for a while with a dark face and violently yelled, “Cui Xiang! Go up and call the young lady down, ask her what she’s having a fit again for today!”

Wearing an apron, the housekeeper came out of the kitchen shaking in fear. She pointed to a bruise that still hadn’t disappeared and said, “Sir, my face still hasn’t healed yet..”

This was created by the hardcover book that was thrown over when she went to call Yan Ziyun to eat a few days ago.

Yan Youlin was silent for a moment, then he waved his hand to dismiss her.

He let out a long exhale, stood up with his hands on his knees, and personally went upstairs and knocked on the door, “Ziyun, what are you smashing things for all of a sudden? You still haven’t smashed enough during this time at home?!”

The door was tightly closed, another series of sounds came again from inside.


Yan Youlin was furious. Bang bang bang! He knocked heavily on the door again several times, angrily saying, “Yan Ziyun, open the door, or I’ll have someone get the key!!”

The room got quieter inside and soon the door was yanked open from the inside. Yan Ziyun held the door handle. Refusal to be subdued written all over her face, she shouted at her father, “Aside from yelling at me all day, pushing me to go apologize to that bitch Ning Yi, what else can you do?! I would rather not have a dad like you…”


Yan Ziyun’s hysterical voice was cut off by a slap. She held her face and looked up in disbelief.

Pointing at her, Yan Youlin, hating iron for not becoming steel, said, “Because of those good things you did, several important company projects have already been intercepted by the Ning family, do you know how much damage it caused? You think you’re still playing house like children? I’m hard-pressed at the company every day, you’re already so big, why are you still not sensible?”

Yan Ziyun bit her lip and was silent for a moment, but still stubbornly said, “You don’t believe that it was Ning Yi who schemed to harm me! Up to now, I still can’t go to school! It’s all her fault!”

Yan Youlin shook his head, he said with a heavy voice, “Xiao Yun, even if Ning Yi really schemed to harm you, you have to face it if your skills aren’t as good as others! All’s fair in war, understand?”

Yan Ziyun’s lips were bitten until they bled. She stubbornly looked at her father, tears falling down like a broken string of pearls, the left side of her face still bearing a hand print. She looked very pitiful.

Seeing his daughter like this, Yan Youlin also couldn’t help feeling distressed and regretted slapping her out of anger. He lightened his tone and said, “Xiao Yun, if you’re so against apologizing, then let’s not. Since you feel that you can’t go to No. 1 Middle School anymore, how about Dad will help you change schools, or go abroad? Whichever school you want to study at, you tell dad.”

Yan Ziyun didn’t agree or disagree, she held her face with her head lowered. After a long time, she finally replied, “En.”

Yan Youlin rubbed the top of her head and said, “Then tidy up a bit in the bathroom and come down to eat, okay?”

Yan Ziyun said in a low voice, “I’m not hungry. Dad, you eat.”

There was nothing Yan Youlin could do. He sighed, shaking his head, but didn’t force her, “I’ll have them keep it warm for you, come down whenever you want to eat, alright?”

“En.” Yan Ziyun closed the door, shutting her father outside.

Yan Youlin sighed again at the tightly closed door, turned around, and left, shaking his head.

Inside the room, Yan Ziyun silently picked up the stuff on the floor one by one. When the iPad with a broken screen was picked up, the screen automatically awakened.

On it was precisely No. 1 Middle School’s forum page. Beneath the web-like cracks was a sneak shot of two people.

In the photo, a youth with a tall stature stood in the corridor. The light yellow evening sunlight shone in from the window, hitting his face, making his face appear extremely gentle. And the girl in front of him had her head lowered, her lips slightly parted to bite the candy in his hand.

Yan Ziyun stared at the side of the girl’s face on the screen, a crazy gloominess appeared from the depths of her eyes.

“Why do I have to hide all the way abroad? Why do you get to have everything? Mine! All these should’ve been mine originally! All’s fair in war? Heh…”

“I’m going to die from laughing, you and God Lu even have a CP name now, called ‘Xu Ni Yi Sheng [1] hahaha! Also, also, you don’t know how popular your stickers are in the school right now. ‘Forward Number 1 God, your dreams will come true[2]’, this won’t become our school’s slogan, right? Our schoolmates are too ingenious, hahahaha!”

Ju Meng’s fervent laughter came through the phone’s speaker.

Ning Yi looked at the stickers that the other person was sending over, utterly speechless, “Eliminate superstition, believe in science. Rather than forwarding stickers of me, it’s better to spend more time doing questions…”

Ju Meng laughed at her, “You’re no fun!”

Ning Yi shrugged, “I’m only telling the truth.”

Just as she wanted to set the phone that was on loudspeaker to the side and continue doing problems on the iPad, she suddenly saw a new notification from WeChat jump out on the upper portion of the call interface. It was from [Dog Lu woof woof woof [Poo]].

Ning Yi’s hand paused. She put the phone call in the background and opened the app that had a red notification.

[Have you gone to sleep yet?]

Ning Yi glanced at the time. It wasn’t even nine thirty yet.

Wasn’t this looking for something to talk about when there was none? She thought.

The next second, a picture appeared in the chat.

It was a picture of a geometry problem.

Ning Yi raised her eyebrows and sent back several question marks.

The other side replied immediately, but it was a voice message.

“Yiyi? Ning Yiyi? What are you doing? Why aren’t you saying anything to me? Hello? Your little cutie is calling you~”

Ju Meng’s voice called Ning Yi back to her senses, she coughed lightly and said, “I have to do questions, don’t only think about gossip on the forum, have you finished your homework?”

“Hey, don’t mention that sort of depressing thing!”

Ning Yi: “Go do it quickly, I won’t let you copy tomorrow.”

“…” Ju Meng was silent for a second, she resentfully said, “Ning Yiyi, you’re a heartless woman!”

Then she hung up.

She was clearly the only one in the room, but after a bit, she felt weirdly guilty and still chose to listen through the phone receiver.

Lu Xu Nan’s slightly husky voice that seemed to carry a smile with some laziness entered her ears.

– Teacher Ning, I can’t do this problem.

The ear that Ning Yi had up against the phone burned, taking on a crimson color.

She unnaturally pinched her earlobe and wrote the steps to the solution on scratch paper, took a picture, and sent it.

Five minutes later, an image appeared in the chat.

This time, it was a problem about functions.

Ning Yi sent the picture of the solution to the last problem over. She raised her head to look at the time and realized that it was actually already almost ten o’ clock.

She had actually conducted over an hour of math online with Lu Xu Nan over WeChat?

Ning Yi, feeling it was a little miraculous, stretched and sent a message telling the opposite party that she was going to sleep.

This time, all the way until she finished showering and laid on her bed, she didn’t receive a reply from Lu Xu Nan.

Ning Yi tossed and turned several times in bed. Finally, she couldn’t resist reaching out and groping for her phone for a look only to discover that there were still no new messages.

And he said he was chasing her! She taught him math for a whole evening, on the contrary, he was awfully good at destroying the bridge after crossing the river!

Ning Yi curled her lips and unhappily tapped on the screen. Just as she was about to throw it back on her nightstand, a new message from WeChat came with a “ding”.

The drooping corners of her mouth rose in an instant.

Ning Yi opened WeChat and saw a voice message that was no less than over a minute long.

She raised her eyebrows in surprise, tapping on it. Lu Xu Nan’s voice sounded.

“Sleep well, little darling, the curtain of night has already hung low, the head of the bead is full of roses, that accompany you to sleep… moonlight scattered on the ground, a light breeze blows, little darling, little darling…”

He actually sang her a lullaby.

Ning Yi was so surprised that her eyes slightly widened.

This song wasn’t very long, it was over very quickly. Only a very light sound of breathing remained.

Just when Ning Yi thought that this was the end, Lu Xu Nan’s voice came again immediately following.

“Don’t be scared, dream good dreams, my little darling.”

[1] 许你伊生 : takes the Xu from Lu Xu Nan and Yi from Ning Yi, sounds like promise you a lifetime/dedicate a lifetime to you (许你一生)

[2]og. 转发1神,梦想成真 : zhuan fa yi shen, meng xiang cheng zhen; it rhymes in Chinese

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