The Noble Cannon Fodder Side Character Doesn’t Care About You

Chapter 58: Oh no, it really seems to be broken.

???!!! Oh my god, what kind of eight o’clock romance drama line is this? And why did I stutter? I should leave, right now! Immediately! Now! Ahhhh, I’ve gone crazy, why is my body out of my control?!

Ning Yi’s toes couldn’t help but curl. She felt that if she took off her shoes, she might be able to dig out another Mariana’s trench in the ground right now!

“Those are all my own words, and I don’t watch romance dramas…” Lu Xu Nan mumbled, showing a very embarrassed and aggrieved expression on his face. He tentatively asked, “Was what I just said very stupid?”

Uh…That’s not the case, just…ah!

Ning Yi subconsciously covered her mouth, then reacted after a while and wondered if she should hold her head.


Lu Xu Nan was still asking, “Just what?”

It’s just that it makes people unable to stand it! After listening, my heart is about to jump out! What the hell is this?!

Lu Xu Nan was stunned, then he was suddenly enlightened. A pair of shining bright eyes looked at Ning Yi, even his headache was tossed to the back of his mind, he asked, delightfully surprised, “You- you’re saying you like me?”

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Because of their positions, Ning Yi seemed to be held in Lu Xu Nan’s arms and his warm breath occasionally sprayed on top of her head. It felt like they would run into each other as soon as she raised her head. This made her even more afraid to move.


While Lu Xu Nan was still there wholeheartedly helping her untie her hair and didn’t notice that the distance between them and their postures were too ambiguous. He kept muttering, “I told you not to step back and move randomly. Now it’s good, several strands of hair have been torn off…”

Ning Yi felt like she was a kettle on the stove at this moment. She didn’t know where such a hot fire came from, making her face red and hot.

She lowered her eyes and stared at the school badge on the chest of the person in front of her, muttering and complaining, “If it wasn’t for you, how would I be here…”

Warm palms pressed against her scalp and rubbed gently. Ning Yi heard Lu Xu Nan’s voice coming from above her head, low and sounding quite gentle.

“Yes yes, it’s all my fault. Okay, does it still hurt?”

Ning Yi’s eyelashes trembled and felt the water in the “kettle” instantly “boil”.

Her face flushed, and she felt that steam was whistling and coming out the top of her head.

“It doesn’t hurt!”

Ning Yi shrank her neck and avoided his hand. She covered the area where she had been rubbed and rubbed it hard twice, covering up that electricity-like trembling sensation, and quickly jumped at least two meters away, warning him, “You stay away from me!”

Lu Xu Nan’s mouth opened, as if he wanted to say something, but in the end, he closed it silently. He hung his neck slightly, his lips were tightly pressed, and his eyelids drooped down, looking very depressed.

He looked a bit pitiful.

Ning Yi looked at him like this, and couldn’t help wondering if her reaction was a bit excessive.


After all, Lu Xu Nan could have not honestly told her about his mind reading ability, and moreover, he didn’t do anything excessive to her.

“I…I don’t mean that,” Ning Yi said with caution, “I just think it’s better for us to keep a little distance. After all, the thoughts in my head can be heard. This really makes me feel insecure…”

Lu Xu Nan was silent, and finally nodded as if he understood. He drooped his head and said in a low voice, “I don’t want it either. I was suddenly able to hear your thoughts suddenly out of nowhere. But don’t worry, it hasn’t been long since this ability appeared. It started the day you rescued Mu Wanqing in the alley, and it sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. What I’ve heard is actually very little…”

Ning Yi was startled when she heard him.

The day she rescued Mu Wanqing in the alley? Isn’t that the day when she accidentally changed the plot where the leads first meet? Could it be that Lu Xu Nan’s condition…was caused by her influencing the plot before?

She couldn’t help looking at Lu Xu Nan who raised his hand and wiped the sweat on his forehead. His lips were dry and peeling, and the color of his lips were pale.

Oh right, this person was still running a fever.

Thinking of this, Ning Yi’s heart suddenly became more uneasy. She couldn’t help but take two steps forward, asking, “Um…are you okay?”

“Huh? What?” Lu Xu Nan raised his eyes to look at her, the confusion on his face didn’t seem fake.

Ning Yi realized that this person didn’t even know that he was sick and an unnamed fire suddenly broke out in her heart. Her beautiful brows drew together, and she asked, “You have a fever, don’t you know?”

“Fever?” Lu Xu Nan raised his hand and touched his forehead, looking very surprised, “I have a fever? How can that be!”

As he spoke, his body shook and he seemed a little unsteady on his feet.


Ning Yi didn’t care about whether he had a mind reading ability or not, she ran up and helped him, saying “I’ll take you to the infirmary now.”

Lu Xu Nan shook his head, “No need, I just have a bit of a headache.”

He hadn’t had a fever for several years already, and he clearly remembered that he didn’t feel any discomfort when he was by the lake.

The grogginess hindered his mind and he only thought that he naturally couldn’t have a fever, but he was still thinking about the scene of Ning Yi hiding from him just now. He staggered as he insisted on walking to the side, “If I stay away from you, I won’t be able to hear. You don’t have to be afraid…”

Ning Yi was shocked, feeling like she had been pinched.

She grabbed Lu Xu Nan’s sleeve and prevented him from walking away. Aside from being moved, she was also a little angry, and interrupted him angrily, “What am I afraid of? I have no secrets that can’t be heard! Don’t run around anymore, you still want to keep walking around the auditorium, right?”

Lu Xu Nan was stunned by her yelling. He opened his mouth for a moment not knowing how to reply.

Ning Yi pursed her lips and looked away. Pulling his wrist and walking onto the shaded path, bluffing, “Hold on tight, otherwise I won’t help you if you fall!”

Lu Xu Nan followed her dazedly. His eyes fell on her hand holding his wrist tightly, and the corners of his mouth lifted uncontrollably…

The school doctor raised her head from behind the desk when she heard sounds and saw the two people standing at the door, she smiled, “Is there candy here? Why do you two keep coming to me? Who has something this time?”

Ning Yi familiarly greeted her, pushed Lu Xu Nan in, and said, “He has a fever.”


The school doctor glanced at Lu Xu Nan and motioned him to sit down on the stool next to the table. At the same time, she took a thermometer and wiped the bottom part with a cotton ball, told him to put it in his armpit, and asked, “Are you uncomfortable anywhere else?”

Lu Xu Nan couldn’t resist glancing at Ning Yi next to him, he replied, “I have a small headache, I don’t feel feverish, she’s just too worried.”

The school doctor looked at his expression of pretending to be calm but still unable to resist showing off and the “helpless sweetness” in his tone, and she couldn’t help raising her eyebrows.

So are you here to show affection or to see the doctor?

Ning Yi received the school doctor’s gaze, and she blushed as she glared at Lu Xu Nan’s back and said angrily, “Who’s worried about you?! If you hadn’t suddenly come out, I would already be in the classroom preparing for class now!”

The school doctor had an expression of clear understanding, “Oh, you’re skipping class to accompany him?”

Ning Yi: I am not, I didn’t…

When time was up, the school doctor took the thermometer, looked at the index, and frowned at Lu Xu Nan. “39.1, your ‘CPU’ is overheated and overloaded and you’re still laughing! I’ll prescribe some fever medicine for you to take now. Go take a rest in the observation room next door. If the fever doesn’t go away, we’ll consider administering a shot.”

Because she was worried that Lu Xu Nan wouldn’t have anyone with him if he had to get a shot, Ning Yi simply stayed and sent a message to Ju Meng to ask her to help her take leave.

Lu Xu Nan was still wondering how he suddenly got a fever while he took his medicine, but the sleep-inducing ingredients in the medicine made his already muddled brain even more drowsy. He thought and thought and his attention unconsciously fell on Ning Yi.

Ning Yi finished dealing with Ju Meng on WeChat, got up to pull the curtains to block the light, then took the disposable cup on the bedside table and filled it with hot water again. In the end, when she couldn’t find anything else to do, she returned to the chair at the end of the bed, confirmed that she was within a safe distance from being detected, and then took out her phone, preparing to solve questions.

But Lu Xu Nan’s stare had too much of a sense of presence. Ning Yi read the multiple choice question for five minutes and still couldn’t finish reading the content of the question. Finally she couldn’t stand it and raised her eyes and looked back, asking, “Why do you keep looking at me?”

Lu Xu Nan’s voice sounded a little hoarse due to drowsiness. He said softly, “You haven’t answered me yet.”

Ning Yi didn’t understand, “What answer?”

“Confession…” Lu Xu Nan looked at her with half-closed eyes and said, “I like you, what about you? Do you still like me?”

The memory that was deliberately forgotten with difficulty returned instantly. Ning Yi felt very uncomfortable. She unconsciously dug at the seam of her pants with her index finger, her eyes fell on the tiled floor, and the answer was a little incoherent, “What is ‘still like you’? I already said the original Ning Yi who liked you before wasn’t me… Besides, even if you like, the one you like is the Ning Yi who grew up with you, right? I’ve just transmigrated here for three months, what, what does it have to do with me…”

“No.” Lu Xu Nan denied instinctively. He felt something flit through his mind, but he couldn’t catch it in time.

He stretched his hand out of the quilt and pressed it on his chest, there was a touch of confusion in his eyes, “I don’t know how to describe it, but I seem to have lost a part of something very, very important. I feel that for a long time, I…I was like I wasn’t me…”

Lu Xu Nan raised his eyes to look at Ning Yi, the confusion in his eyes gradually becoming affirmative. “But now I’ve found it again, I feel that it’s become complete.”

Ning Yi looked at the young man on the hospital bed blinking his eyes very slowly. He seemed to be sleepy. Before he finally closed his sleepy eyes, he mumbled like a sigh, “The one I’ve always liked is you ah. Ning Yiyi, it was the case before and it’s still the same now…”

Bathump, bathump, bathump.

Ning Yi laid her hands on her heart and bent over slightly as if she was worried that it would jump out. Staring at her knees, she thought with some panic–

Oh no, it really seems to be broken.

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