The Noble Cannon Fodder Side Character Doesn’t Care About You

Chapter 31: Solution.

Ning Xiu walked into the room and gently woke Ning Yi.

Ning Yi opened her eyes in a daze. Recognizing the person in front of her, she obediently called him, “Gege“.

Because she was laying on the desk, there was a red mark printed on her cheek. Her half-opened eyes appeared tired.

Ning Xiu instantly found his little sister adorable.

My family’s Yiyi is indeed the most lovable cutie in the world!


Ning Xiu, who originally wanted to ask what just happened, reached out and rubbed Ning Yi’s head, gently saying, “If you’re sleepy, sleep on the bed. Don’t do your homework anymore.”

Ning Yi obediently got up and went to bed. She lifted the blanket, and buried herself into her pillow, falling asleep in seconds.

Ning Xiu smiled as he shook his head, organizing her desk in passing. He closed the homework book that Ning Yi was just working on. Seeing clearly the name on it, his smiling expression instantly stiffened.

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This place doesn’t want me to stay? Then I just have to stay here!


Her parents, her elder brother, her friends were all here. Why make her leave?

Ning Yi stared fixedly at the person on the bed, a great strength growing in her chest and abdomen.

She opened her arms again, stubbornly rushing at the body repeatedly, again and again…

Lu Xu Nan rushed downstairs helter-skelter, tossing Le Qiu Bai’s inquiry as she came out of the kitchen carrying fruit to the back of his head.

He didn’t stop after rushing out the entrance, instead dashing along the sidewalk in the villa district for more than ten minutes before finally stopping. He bent over panting with his hands on his knees.

In this hot and stuffy period of summer, even the night air still carried the daytime heat that had yet to disperse.

Lu Xu Nan gasped for breath, his heart beat rapidly. There was even a little pain in his chest from breathing, but he still thought it wasn’t beating as quickly as that moment.

A drop of sweat fell from his forehead, dripping onto his lashes. The fragmented liquid pearls stung and made him instinctively blink.

Lu Xu Nan lifted his hand and wiped his eyes. His fingertips, traveling down, touched his lips. Immediately, they jerked away like they’d come in contact with fire.

Just now, he… actually kissed Ning Yiyi!

He’d really gone crazy!!!

Lu Xu Nan lifted a hand and pressed his heart, feeling the rhythmic beating of his chest against his palm, finally hearing clearly the sound of his heart from the violent heartbeat—


He liked Ning Yi.

Meanwhile, Ning Yi who repeatedly tried to go back in her body and repeatedly failed suddenly felt an immense pull through the link from her chest. Before she could react, she only felt her vision flash. When she opened her eyes, she had already obtained control of her body.

After Ning Yi felt happy, she was suddenly at a great loss.

She wanted to stay because she felt like her everything was here, but she obviously came from another world. Then what about her family and friends there? Why… can’t she even recall their faces?

This thought only came about for an instant. Her vision went white, and she very quickly sank into sleep…

In an upscale apartment in downtown Yucheng.

Xu Xing Ji was originally leaning against the headboard reading, His hand turning the page suddenly paused. He raised his head, looking out the window. He softly tsked, and raised his eyebrows in interest. “It happened again ah. Oh, this time is even faster than before? Really interesting…”

Morning light pierced through the clouds. The rundown Laocheng District awoke earlier than Xincheng District.

Mu Wanqing took down the uniform that was washed yesterday from the clothes rack on the balcony. She shook off the nonexistent dust on it, then carefully flipped the collar in preparation to iron it.

When her fingertips brushed over the underside of the collar, she suddenly felt a small area of bumps.

Did it not wash cleanly?


Mu Wanqing frowned and flipped the collar over, discovering traces of needlework.

Because there were many activities at school, a lot of parents were afraid their children’s uniform would get mixed up at school, so they leave a mark on the school uniform.

Looking at the embroidered mark, Mu Wanqing couldn’t help being delighted. This way, she could find out who the person that gave her the uniform was!

TO? Or is it LO? It didn’t look like either of them was it.

Mu Wanqing also found the same mark on the white tag on the inner side of the skirt’s waist. She placed the two together and inspected them in detail. In the end, she discovered that it turns out it wasn’t letters that were embroidered but numbers.

Numbers 0 and 1.

“Ling yi (zero one)?” Mu Wanqing mumbled, perplexed. When she repeated it a few more times, she was suddenly enlightened. “Ling yi, Ning Yi!?”

So… could it be that the one who secretly sent her a uniform and helped her, was Ning Yi again?

Mu Wanqing delicately stroked the embroidery at the back of the collar. The more she thought about it, the more she felt that these two numbers were a homophonic mark for Ning Yi.

Right ah! There was also only her who would reach out to help her again and again even if she herself got hurt, right?

Wave after wave of warmth emerged in Mu Wanqing’s heart.

She carefully ironed the uniform, found a clean bag to put it in, and pressed the safety knot that she had re-tied yesterday on top. She then picked up her half new, half old phone and logged into <Quiz King>.


In addition to practice questions, she used this app to earn points to exchange for daily household goods.

But <Quiz King>’s point accumulation system was very well-developed. Although it gave a large amount of exchange points to people who set records as a prize. To prevent people from repeatedly setting records to get points, only the first record set for each set of questions had additional rewards. Moreover, the record must exceed the bare minimum score set by the system in order to be effective.

Mu Wanqing, of course, also wanted to get the record prizes, but because she couldn’t balance accuracy and speed, she could usually only get points through quantity.

<Quiz King> would automatically record the user’s solution, but there was a delay.

In order to increase her problem-solving speed, Mu Wanqing would always immediately go look and learn their solutions after other people broke a record. This way, when she encountered similar problems in the future, she could then be faster at answering. After all, the points from breaking a record was much more than simply solving problems.

The one she paid the most attention to was precisely the Y_N0.1 that was currently very famous in Yucheng because Number 1 God would produce new records practically every day. Her solutions were also often cleaner than the standard method of solving. There would even sometimes be a different approach in her solution that could give people more ways to look at it.

<Quiz King> didn’t have the function to follow a user. Mu Wanqing skillfully entered Number 1 God’s username in the search box to look through her problem-solving records from the day before.

Unfortunately, the page displayed that Number 1 God hadn’t worked through questions last night.

Mu Wanqing was a little regretful. Just as she was about to exit and look at other people, her gaze fell on the username on the page and involuntarily paused.

When they first looked at Number 1 God’s user name, many people would subconsciously think that the last part was No.1, but when you really searched, you would find that one in the middle wasn’t a letter but the number 0. This originally wasn’t a big deal, it was very likely that it was because there couldn’t be duplicates during registration of a username, or simply conveniently entered.

But Mu Wanqing had just discovered the mark on Ning Yi’s uniform; her impression of 0 and 1 became particularly distinct.

If the middle of Number 1 God’s username was looked at separately, the front part was the initials of Ning Yi’s name in capital letters, the last part was a homophone of her name, and there was even a symmetrical meaning to it.

Could it be that Number 1 God was Ning Yi…? Hai! How could this be? Ning Yi’s grades had always steadily drifted within the last fifty places since she had entered the school. How could she be Number 1 God?

Mu Wanqing found it ridiculous as she shook her head, very quickly rejecting this thought that had popped up in her head.

The alarm rang three times before Ning Yi tiredly flipped over from her blankets and sat up.

Rubbing her temples, she kept feeling like she seemed to have forgotten something.

At this time, her belly suddenly had a strange and familiar feeling. Ning Yi’s body jolted, immediately realizing her great aunt had come. With this, how would she still have the inclination to try hard to think back on what she forgot? She flung open the blanket and ran to the bathroom.

Ning Yi kept yawning as she washed up. She was a little puzzled by her own mental state that was like she had stayed up for several nights or ran a marathon the night before, but her energy was indeed worse than normal on her period, so she didn’t take it to heart.

During breakfast, Ning Xiu asked if Lu Xu Nan had her do his homework.

Ning Yi blinked her eyes, not guilty at all as she applied some eye drops 1 She’s essentially distorting her brother’s impression of him for Dog Lu in front of her brother. “No, I myself originally also had to do it…”

Ning Xiu looked at his little sister’s willing appearance and momentarily didn’t know if he should get mad or feel sour first. In the end, he pursed his lips and sternly said, “I got it.”

Ning Yi tattled a little and her good mood grew exponentially. Even the discomfort in her stomach was suppressed a lot. After eating breakfast, she again deliberately danced a circle in front of him with Lu Xu Nan’s workbooks before happily leaving and taking the car.

Just when she was going to get in the car, Ning Yi saw Lu Xu Nan coming out from the neighboring yard pushing his mountain bike.

He had black circles like a panda, a very haggard appearance.

Ning Yi surmised that he probably didn’t sleep well last night, otherwise, he should’ve already been on the way at this time.

She took a look at the books she was carrying, raised her voice, and shouted, “Lu Xu Nan! You…”

Who knew, she’d just called his name and she hadn’t even finished speaking, but Lu Xu Nan suddenly turned his head, took a look at her, and seemed like he’d been scared. In a flash, he leapt onto his mountain bike with a swish of his long legs, his speed extremely fast as he flew past in front of her…

Ning Yi who wanted to return his workbook speechlessly scratched her chin. “…His rabies is acting out again ah? Weird.”

Different from Ning Xiu who always dawdled and created time to chat with his little sister, the driver very quickly sent Ning Yi to the entrance of the school.

Ning Yi yawned, thanked the driver, and got out of the car with the workbooks, walking toward the school.

“Hey, hey! Make way, make way!”

Ning Yi’s reaction was a little slow since she woke up this morning. Hearing noise and turning around, she saw two male students rushing over on bikes and momentarily forgot she had to dodge.

Suddenly, someone dragged her arm and towed her to the side. She barely avoided them.

“You’re okay, right, Classmate Ning?”

Seeing Mu Wanqing’s face, Ning Yi finally came back to her senses. She frowned and knocked on her forehead twice, feeling like her condition was a little weird.

“I’m fine, I spaced out just now.” She shook her head, speaking while she bent over to pick up the books that had dropped on the ground.

Mu Wanqing immediately crouched down to help her pick them up together, “Your complexion seems like it’s not so good, are you unwell…”

When her line of sight fell on a comprehensive electromagnetic induction problem on a workbook that the workbook had opened up to when it fell, her question was stuck in her throat.

This was yesterday’s physics homework exercises, she had also done them.

Her impression of this question was very deep because she had just solved the exact same question on <Quiz King> two days ago. Last night, she even used the excerpt of the solution from Number 1 God’s full exam in <Quiz King>.

And the steps written in Ning Yi’s workbook were actually also using Number 1 God’s solution?

Mu Wanqing was stunned, she picked it up and said, “This problem is very difficult ah, you…”

Mu Wanqing originally wanted to ask her if she also followed Number 1 God, but Ning Yi misunderstood.

She took the workbook, and subconsciously denied, “Oh, I didn’t even look at the question, I directly copied the standard answer.”

Hearing this, Mu Wanqing was startled.

But what the standard answer used wasn’t this kind of method ah!

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