The Noble Cannon Fodder Side Character Doesn’t Care About You

Chapter 32: Written as the female lead, read as the prophet

“S-standard answer?” Mu Wanqing raised her eyes to look at Ning Yi and asked again in confirmation.

Ning Yi thought Mu Wanqing’s expression didn’t look quite right. She gathered up the workbooks and took them back into her arms, randomly said an “ah”, and vaguely said, “En, correct.”

Then she wanted to leave.

Mu Wanqing unconsciously pulled her wrist and received a surprised look.


She licked her lips, thinking the uncontrollable thought in her head was simply a fantasy while she raised her hand, lifting the bag, saying: “That, Classmate Ning, this uniform…”

When the bag was being lifted, Ning Yi saw clearly what the bag was holding. The space between her eyebrows fiercely jumped. She immediately shook off Mu Wanqing’s hand and took a step back, saying anxiously, “W-what uniform? What are you doing? Don’t casually touch me.”

Seeing her resistant attitude, Mu Wanqing also froze. Wasn’t this reaction too nervous? Just like she was deliberately in a hurry to deny it.

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After speaking, she pulled Ju Meng’s wrist, turned around and walked away.


Ju Meng was pulled along in quick steps very far away before she said as she gasped for breath, “Ai, slow, slow down, Yiyi. Why are you running so fast? Could you be scared of Mu Wanqing?”

Ning Yi thought, I’m scared! I’m scared I’ll inexplicably garner too much favorability with the heroine ah! Hey! Why is being a villain so hard?

She waved her hand. “No, I just want to get farther away from her.”

Ju Meng didn’t place her heart on this matter either. She didn’t pay much mind to it and nodded. She clung to Ning Yi’s  shoulders and made eyes at her. “Last night, did your family’s Nan gege ask you about homework?”

Ask what homework ah? He looked for me to copy homework for him!

Ning Yi rolled her eyes in her heart. “Yeah, physics.”

“Aiyo~~~” Ju Meng shrugged and nudged her. “Don’t know if what you guys investigated last night was the interacting forces in hand holding or the friction between lips ah?”

Ning Yi: …God’s f*cking friction between lips = = I suspect you’re driving1我怀疑你在开车,但是我没证据。: “driving” in this represents something that can’t be described (winkwonk), but I don’t have evidence.

The two people conversed as they went upstairs, completely leaving Mu Wanqing behind.

She stood in the same spot, her finger softly stroked the lines under the uniform’s collar. Thinking back in detail on Ning Yi’s manner and actions, she felt more and more suspicious…

And after the very initial panic from thinking she was going to be exposed, Ning Yi also calmed down very quickly.

When she gave the uniform, Mu Wanqing didn’t see her at all. It was very probable that it was because she’d saved her again and again that she guessed the school uniform was hers. But as long as she denies it, this matter can only inevitably end like that.


After all, there were so many people with  uniforms in the small size at school, who could be sure that the set in Mu Wanqing’s hands was hers?

So when she saw walking toward her once again, Ning Yi’s guilty conscience had calmed down long ago. That is, if she didn’t hear those words when Mu Wanqing came near under the guise of collecting homework–

“Classmate Ning, I know the uniform is yours, your name is embroidered underneath the collar of the uniform.”

??? Perhaps you’re playing with me?! Even I didn’t know about this!

Ning Yi’s eyes uncontrollably widened. Her first reaction was to raise her hand and touch her own collar. Indeed, she felt some little bumps.

At almost the same time, some bits and pieces of fragments of memories suddenly came out from her mind.

In a large, bright and clean study, Le Baiqiu looked even younger than she did now. She hugged a little Ning Yi in front of her, her right hand holding her milky, round, and chubby little hand. She smiled as she said, “Yiyi is a big kid. Mommy will teach you to write your own name today, okay?”

Milky Dumpling Ning Yi’s voice was also milky. Holding a pencil, she raised her head and responded loud and clear, “Okay!”

Unfortunately, this novelty was quickly spent.

“Mommy, my name is so hard to write. Yiyi’s hand hurts.”

Le Baiqiu lifted her hand and lightly swatted her fair forehead, saying in displeasure, “You wrote just one row and you’re hurting? How come your hand didn’t hurt when you drew for an entire afternoon with your brother yesterday?”


Little Ning Yi guiltily held her head as she shamelessly whined and acted spoiled.

Le Baiqiu knew her own daughter best and ignored her. Remaining strict, she grabbed Ning Yi’s little hand as she wrote stroke by stroke. When she finished writing another row, she tapped the notebook. “Now you write it yourself. You have to finish writing a page today, understand?”

Little Ning Yi raised her head and looked at her strict mommy. She squeezed the pencil in resignation and wrote stroke by stroke.

Le Baiqiu stood on the side and watched for a while before she nodded her head in satisfaction, then got up and left the room.

Seeing the situation, Little Ning Yi immediately stopped. Biting the top of the pencil and looking at the blankness of the lower page, she was endlessly distressed.

At this moment, the door creaked as it was pushed open from the outside. A little boy wearing blue overalls rushed in like a cannonball.

Little Ning Yi saw clearly the person that came in and her pretty eyes lit up in an instant. Her eyes curved, she crisply called out, “Nan gege!”

Little Lu Xu Nan replied with an aloof  “oh” which could barely be considered a response. He threw the red brocade pouch onto the table and said, “Here, my mom told me to give it to you.”

Little Ning Yi opened the bag and took a look. Inside was her favorite fruit candy, wrapped in pretty colorful candy wrappers.

“Wow! So much candy! Thank you, Nan gege~”

Little Lu Xu Nan mumbled awkwardly, “What are you thanking me for, I’m not the one who gave it to you.”

“But it’s Nan gege that delivered it to me!” Little Ning Yi sweetly said.


Lu Xu Nan rubbed the tip of his nose. As if he was a little embarrassed, he looked away and waved his hand at her. “I’m leaving.”

“Ai– ” Little Ning Yi wanted to grab him, but forgot she was sitting in a chair and accidentally fell down. Fortunately, the floor was covered with a thick rug.

Little Lu Xu Nan who had already turned around heard the noise and immediately turned back and pulled her up. He said with impatience, “What are you doing? Can’t you be more careful? If you get hurt, I’ll get beaten by my dad again!”

Little Ning Yi grabbed his hand and wouldn’t let go. She stammered, “Nan gege, where are you going?”

“To play ball!”

“I, I also want to go…” Little Ning Yi bit her lip, pitifully looking at him.

Little Lu Xu Nan frowned as he looked at the little girl for a bit. In the end, he spoke unwillingly, “Fine, you go together with me.”

“No, no, mommy told me to finished writing!” Little Ning Yi pointed at the notebook on the table. She pulled him, not letting him go.

Little Lu Xu Nan was a little irritable. “Why do you have so many things ah?”

Little Ning Yi heard his tone, her little mouth couldn’t help pouting. Her eyes were watery, yet the hand that was grabbing onto him never let go.

Little Lu Xu Nan sighed like an adult. “Then you hurry up and write ah! I’ll wait for you.”

The little girl immediately turned from sad to happy. She climbed on the chair again, picked up the pencil, and started to write.

Student Lu Xu Nan stood on his tiptoes watching her write for a while, he complained, “Why do you write so slow ah?”

Little Ning Yi said with grievance, “I, I just learned, this is very hard…”

Little Lu Xu Nan’s eyes rolled, he said, “What’s so hard about this? Isn’t it just writing your name? I’ll help you!”

Little Ning Yi gave the pencil to him, full of gratitude. “Nan gege, you’re so good!”

Little Lu Xu Nan took the notebook and pencil, and didn’t get on the chair. He laid directly on the rug. Burying his head, he wrote. Soon, he crawled up again. “Here, I’m done!”

Little Ning Yi took it and looked at it. After the two and a half rows of characters was a string of 0’s and 1’s.

She awkwardly said, “This… this isn’t my name~”

Little Lu Xu Nan: “How is it now? You’re called Ning Yiyi, which is ling and yi! Aiya, let’s go already! Otherwise Tiaotiao and the others won’t wait for me!”

Little Ning Yi was instantly convinced. She happily followed her little gege out, carrying her little brocade pouch of candies.

When she came home after playing crazily, she was caught by Le Baiqiu and was scolded in the living room. On the side, Ning Xuemin held the notebook, trying to smooth things over. “Ning and ling, they really do sound about the same!”

Ning Xiu also nodded, “En, our Yiyi is really smart, she also wrote her name well!”

Le Baiqiu laughed in anger at her husband and son. Little Ning Yi stole a look at her mom’s face and ran into her older brother’s arms. “I knew gege was the best! But actually Nan gege is the smart one, Nan gege helped me write this!”

Ning Xiu: “….”

The scene changed. Little Ning Yi had grown a little, she was an elementary school student with two adorable ponytails. She stood in front of Le Baiqiu saying, “Mom, the teacher said there has to be an identifying mark on the school uniform. If not, it’ll get mixed up and lost after the performance!”

Le Baiqiu retrieved a needle and thread and asked her daughter’s thoughts. “Then mom will embroider the initials for your name, N and Y, okay?”

Ning Yi nodded, then very quickly shook her head, saying, “That’s not good, what if Nian Yu in my class also uses initials?”

Le Bai Qiu: “Then I’ll embroider your English name?”

But Ning Yi’s eyes turned and she said, “Just embroider numbers zero and one!”

Le Baiqiu smiled. “This can actually work, it definitely won’t be confused with anyone else’s.”

Ning Yi said very happily, “Yes, Nan gege came up with it~ It’s definitely different from other people~”

The memory clip flashed by. Ning Yi felt the bumps under her collar, and belatedly realized. Even though the uniforms wouldn’t get mixed up now, the imprint of “0” and “1” had always remained as a very very small part of her life.

Every time a new school uniform was issued, Le Baiqiu would personally embroider the imprint from her childhood even if she was busy. It was just that she forgot about this before.

Thinking of this, Ning Yi was suddenly bewildered.

Why would she use the term “forget”? The original’s life wasn’t hers to begin with ah. She’d just transmigrated her for only a month or so, wasn’t it very normal not to know these “little easter eggs”? But… those memories just now were distinctly natural like she’d experienced them before…

While Ning Yi was uneasy and confused, Mu Wanqing had already reached the conclusion she wanted through Ning Yi’s words and actions as well as her manner.

She watched Ning Yi’s reaction of uncontrollable shock, and didn’t know why, but the thought that she hypothesized yet didn’t dare to believe suddenly came up again. She continued, probing: “And that physics problem, you used Quiz King’s Number 1 God’s solution, you… are Number 1 God, correct?”

What the f*ck???!!!

If the school uniform thing was a bomb thrown in Ning Yi’s heart, this sentence of Mu Wanqing’s right now was an atomic bomb!

How would she still have time to think about the original’s memories that’d just jumped out? She looked at Mu Wanqing who was very close to her with eyes filled with alarm, her pupils shaking severely—

What the heck! You male and female leads, you also have prophetic abilities as part of your protagonist’s halos ah? The humble disguise that I adopted was exposed just like this?!

[1] 我怀疑你在开车,但是我没证据。: “driving” in this represents something that can’t be described (winkwonk)

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