The Noble Cannon Fodder Side Character Doesn’t Care About You

Chapter 33: Worthy or not, isn’t it up to me?

Mu Wanqing was much calmer than Ning Yi. With one look at her expression, she immediately said in a small voice, “I will help you keep it a secret. The school uniform, I’ll give you the school uniform after school.”

“Aiii! What are you doing now? There’s no end to you, is there!” Ju Meng came over from the aisle in quick steps, yanking Mu Wanqing’s arm toward the outside, “Stop occupying my seat!”

Mu Wanqing didn’t get mad. She glanced at Ning Yi with a discreet look of a mixture of gratitude, being moved, and even adoration, allowing Ju Meng to pull her into the aisle. She even smiled with curved eyes.

As they say, one does not hit a smiling person. Seeing her like this, Ju Meng rather awkwardly took her hand back and mumbled to herself, “What are you smiling at…”


From that small stack of workbooks in her hand, Mu Wanqing took a notebook and gave it to her.  “Classmate Ju Meng, these are the notes that I organized for each subject. I originally wanted to give…”

Saying this, she glanced at Ning Yi again and her smile became deeper. She continued talking, “I hope it can be of help to you.”

The awkwardness on Ju Meng’s face became surprise, then gradually became a wavering humbleness. She looked toward Ning Yi as if she felt like her change in emotions had betrayed her good sister. Immediately, she pursed her lips and acted with rejection, stammering, “W- what are you doing? Someone who is kind for no reason is definitely up to no good! I, I definitely won’t fall for it!”

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That’s right, why doesn’t it hurt?


Ning Yi unconsciously swallowed her saliva.

Mu Wanqing knew that she was the one who sent her the uniform, and also knew that she wasn’t an ignorant and incompetent idiot. Looking at that moved and adoring look, she probably thought she was a top student little fairy that had secret difficulties.

What kind of f*cking joke was this? She was set to be the vicious villain, and in the blink of an eye, she became Cinderella’s fairy godmother? The character had broken beyond repair ah! Still develop my butt, what about the later parts of the plot ah!

The problem was that it had broken to this extent and she actually didn’t receive punishment? So–

Could it be that she finally so inexplicably escaped the plot’s control?!!

“It doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t hurt.” Ning Yi’s heart surged. She nervously licked her lips, using her chin to point at the notebook that Mu Wanqing left behind, testing the waters as she said to Ju Meng, “She gave it to you, you should just keep it. I think… actually… Mu Wanqing is a pretty good person.”

She said it!

Her head didn’t hurt! Relaxed and alert!! There was no punishment at all!!!

The Heavens have eyes ah, 1551, I’m finally free!

Ning Yi was so moved, she wanted to cry a little.

“Indeed… it seems like there’s nothing especially hateful about her.” Ju Meng opened and closed her mouth and followed up with another sentence with some difficulty. She turned to look at her strangely with her eyebrows wrinkled, asking, “Weren’t you saying you wanted to stay farther away from her this morning? Why are you suddenly…”

Ning Yi’s eyes spun and she said, “I just suddenly thought it through. They both have good grades, but don’t you think Mu Wanqing is much better than Yan Ziyun? She even organized notes for us! Yan Ziyun only knows to always insinuate that we have bad grades.”


Speaking of this, Ju Meng had plenty to say. She chattered on, “You’ve finally thought it through. When I scorned her in the past, you always said friends need to be understanding. Can she still be considered a friend? Every time you want to ask her a question, if it’s not playing games, then it’s reading novels. She never studies before a test and after the test, she oppresses the two of us. When she gets her hands on good learning resources, she never shares. Even though I don’t want them at all, I’ll be the first to find that secretive attitude of hers displeasing! When we have a meal together and my mom asks, she’s all ‘there’s no special technique, I just earnestly listen in class’. She’s making my parents think I’m stupid! I’m mad just talking about it!”

Speak of Caocao and Caocao will come. Coming back from the restroom hand in hand with Duan Beilei, Yan Ziyun walked into the classroom at the end of Ju Meng’s words. She sat down in the seat in front of them and asked, “What are you talking about? You’re so angry.”

Ju Meng said in displeasure, “What does it have to do with you?”

Yan Ziyun smiled on the outside, but not the inside as she replied, “It’s not like I’m asking you, I’m asking Yiyi ah.”

Ning Yi picked up a book and casually opened it. She lightly went “oh”, and said, “Just talking about someone that likes to put on an act and lie.”

“Pfft.” Ju Meng heard her and sneered aloud.

Yan Ziyun’s gaze looked back and forth between them. She felt like something was a little off about these two, but still suppressed her doubts and turned to asking caring questions.

“Yiyi, why didn’t you reply when I texted you yesterday ah? Nan gege went to find you to ask questions?”

Ning Yi hadn’t said anything, but Ju Meng already scrambled to speak first. “Of course! Not only asking, he even asked til it was very late! Yiyi and God Lu live next to each other after all. It wouldn’t matter even if it took until midnight, don’t you think? It’s just a matter of a couple steps.”

The corner of Yan Ziyun’s eyes jumped and the smile on her lips became a little shallower. “Really? That work assigned yesterday was quite difficult, you guys probably couldn’t do a lot of problems, right? Actually, you can call me to discuss it together, I can just tell the driver to send me over. It’s also been quite a while since I’ve visited Uncle and Auntie.”

Hearing this, Ning Yi couldn’t help but look up at her. She flipped the pages of the book, making it rustle. She said, “Can do them ah.”

A trace of contempt quickly flashed in Yan Ziyun’s eyes, yet she said, “Really? I didn’t expect that in the time I was absent, Yiyi, your grades soared ah? That’s really great.”


“It’s okay.” Ning Yi replied without much thought, not wanting to speak more. She lowered her head and continued to read.

Yan Ziyun was silent. Then, her lowered voice sounded a little aggrieved, “Yiyi, you didn’t contact me much this month when I was hospitalized. After I came back to school, Nan gege seemed like he also had some misunderstanding toward me, you help me…”

Ning Yi raised her head, pretending to cut her off after remembering, “I remember it seemed like a few days ago, Nan gege said you were older than him and told you not to call him ge?”

After speaking, she glanced at the other person’s simultaneously red and green face, thinking extremely contently: I already have the freedom of speech, is it still necessary for me to feign civility and listen to your insinuations?

Yan Ziyun grit her molars. She almost couldn’t hold herself back from saying bad things. If she hadn’t sent plenty of messages asking Lu Xu Nan just why he came to dislike her last night and in the end, was blocked, it wouldn’t be necessary for her to be soft and lower her voice to find Ning Yi to be the mediator now!

Yan Ziyun thought she endured in every possible way, but in reality, her expression and her eyes exposed her displeasure, ridicule, and resentment.

If it was before, Yan Ziyun wouldn’t so easily leak her emotions, but the fawning and flattering she heard during this period of time was really too much- to the extent that easily and unknowingly, her patience toward Ning Yi had sharply dropped.

Duan Beilei looked at Yan Ziyun’s expression, she used a not very loud voice to help her indirectly scold, “What are you pretending for? You can do questions by casually flipping some pages? Really, saying nonsense doesn’t make a paper…”

Ju Meng slammed her hand on the notebook on the desk, and said in a stern voice, “Were you permitted to talk? Rattling on and on about the same thing over there every day, you’re just like a fly buzzing.”

Duan Beilei was scared and trembling. She immediately felt like she was losing face and retorted, “It was originally like that ah. You have bad grades and lie as well, but you won’t permit people to talk about it?”

“You have evidence so you can just baselessly say people are lying? Having bad grades in the past means you must always have bad grades?” Ju Meng grabbed the notebook and waved it in front of her face, ambiguously saying, “Do you see it? The notes that the first in the year, Mu Wanqing, organized.”

Duan Beilei: “Isn’t that also because Ziyun let her? You just wait for the mid-term exam and see! See if that poorer than trash ugly can still get first!”


Ju Meng laughed: “If you can’t win against other people then it’s because you let them? Then me and Yiyi also deliberately made way for you guys and scored at the bottom!”

Duan Beilei: “You!”

Yan Ziyun, however, spoke at this moment. Her gaze withdrew from the notebook in Ju Meng’s hand, she frowned as she looked at Ning Yi. “How come you’ve ended up playing together with Mu Wanqing? How can that kind of person be worthy of playing together with us?”

Ning Yi returned her gaze indifferently. “Whether or not it’s worthy, isn’t it up to me?”

Yan Ziyun instantly understood what she meant–

I say Mu Wanqing is worthy, then she’s worthy of playing with me; just like how I say you’re not worthy, so you’re not worthy.

Yan Ziyun immediately felt her blood rushing up, feeling like she had been intensely looked down on.

She just knew that Ning Yi, this lowly person, was only putting on an innocent and purely good appearance! In reality, she always looked down on her in her heart! Wasn’t it just that her family was richer? Other than this, which part of her could compare to herself? Lu Xu Nan suddenly disliking her, blocking her, was definitely also Ning Yi’s doing behind her back!

Yan Ziyun couldn’t wait to rush to the back to make it clear with Lu Xu Nan right this moment, but the bell for class rang, breaking the hostile atmosphere. She could only turn around with a black face.

Ju Meng smiled as she leaned on Ning Yi and gave her a thumbs up. “Look at that face of hers, even blacker than the bottom of a pot hahaha! Awesome ah, Classmate Ning Yiyi, I didn’t even know you were so good at verbally butting people!”

Ning Yi raised an eyebrow and said: “Naturally.”  She didn’t put up with Dog Lu so much for nothing.

Finally enduring until the end of class, Yan Ziyun stopped Lu Xu Nan who had come out from washing his face in the restroom. “Nan gege, why did you block me on everything yesterday? Did Ning Yi make you do it? Did she say something about me to you? She’s deceiving to you…”

Lu Xu Nan impatiently cut her off. “She can’t deceive me.” No matter what she’s thinking in her heart, she can’t hide it from me, okay?

However, when Yan Ziyun heard this, she immediately confirmed her own thoughts.

As expected, it was Ning Yi’s doing!

Anger and hatred mixed in her heart, she impatiently said: “Nan gege, I don’t know what she said, but you can’t listen to just her side of the story and sentence me to death.”

Lu Xu Nan sneered, “If you do something bad, people will inevitably hear about it. What you’ve done yourself, you don’t know?”

Yan Ziyun was scared by his expression, she couldn’t help freezing on the spot.

Lu Xu Nan saw Ning Yi coming over this way from afar and was immediately anxious to no end. He thought an entire night and still hadn’t thought of how to interact with her! Must avoid her!

Thinking this, he immediately started to leave, but Yan Ziyun dragged his wrist.

“Nan gege, I…”

Lu Xu Nan reflexively shook her hand off, he glanced in Ning Yi’s direction with indescribable guilt. He was only relieved after seeing that her head was turned as she talked with Ju Meng and didn’t look this way.

He frowned in great annoyance and warned, “Stay a little farther away from Ning Yiyi. Don’t make me say it a second time.”

Finished speaking, he coldly glanced at Yan Ziyun who wanted to cry and directly left in large strides.

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