My Rival Film Empress, Is Actually My Online Girlfriend!

Chapter 56 part 1

“Don’t take it off,” Yan Shiqing suddenly commanded, seizing her hand. She then lifted her head to kiss her lips, whispering hoarsely, “You’re not allowed to take it off.”

Their heated breaths intermingled, their tender lips brushing against each other lightly, which quickened Shen Qiaoyu’s heartbeat. However, she managed a helpless smile and asked, “Why?”

“Weren’t we supposed to meet?”

“It’s more fun this way~”

Shen Qiaoyu was taken aback by the response. Qingning leaned in close to her ear, teasing it with the tip of her tongue before chuckling playfully.


Her voice was low and enticing, a potent lure. Along with the moist, gentle stroke of a tongue at her ear, a tingling sensation rippled through her body.

Shen Qiaoyu’s heartfelt chaotic, as if a fire was raging within her, completely melting her resolve. She found herself unable to bring up the topic again.

Perhaps Qingning just wanted to start things this way, and they would naturally meet after they spent some time together.

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The woman in her embrace tried to push her away with her tongue, managing to stutter, “Just… just…”


“You should go take a bath too. I don’t like the smell from outside,” she managed to say intermittently, her tongue already entangled by Shen Qiaoyu’s.

As their tongues met, a wave of tingling sensations surged through them. Their tongues moved like cats lapping water – hot, moist, continuously swirling together. Their lips sucked and kissed each other, accompanied by the sound of swallowing.

Yan Shiqing’s cheeks had already turned red. She was captivated, gazing at Shen Qiaoyu intently. Her hands tightly embraced her neck, and their lips and tongues entwined, all while she remained tense.

Even though Shen Qiaoyu was blindfolded, Yan Shiqing was still afraid that she might see her, see her face, see her in this vulnerable state.

If Shen Qiaoyu knew that Qingning was her, she would distance herself out of disgust. But Yan Shiqing couldn’t refuse the request to meet with her, even if it meant hiding in her eyes like this. She yearned for intimate contact with her.

Just like that moment when Shen Qiaoyu’s hands were rough and hot, similar to when she applied the medicinal oil. It felt as if the oil was gradually spreading all over her body, seeping into her pores, causing a burning sensation throughout.

Her back pressed against the wall, unable to withstand the burning sensation. Shen Qiaoyu seemed skilled in massage, always finding the sore acupoints that made her muscles tremble with aching and numbness.

Yan Shiqing pondered that this massage didn’t seem like something a blindfolded person could do. As she was lost in her thoughts, her body trembled with pain and soreness. The exercise from the previous few days had already tightened her muscles, but now, her entire body felt relaxed.

It was at this moment that Shen Qiaoyu suddenly lowered her head and found her “cherry,” instantly popping it into her mouth.

Yan Shiqing tapped Shen Qiaoyu’s shoulder, feeling a slight hint of annoyance. It reminded her of how Shen Qiaoyu had clung to her that night, refusing to let go, like a needy child.

“You should go take a shower,” she said, lifting her head with a misty gaze, and lightly twisting Shen Qiaoyu’s ear.

“Can I take off the blindfold if I shower?” Shen Qiaoyu asked.


Yan Shiqing was taken aback. Her eyelashes trembled and she quickly replied, “No, you can’t.”

Taking off the blindfold would make it difficult to put it back on. What if there was a minute mistake and she would be discovered later? Many red flags flashed in her mind, making her anxious. She hurriedly added, “We agreed that it would be more fun this way.”

“Alright,” Shen Qiaoyu smiled. “Then let’s shower together.”

As she spoke, her fingers traced between Yan Shiqing’s lips, causing strands of “slippery water” to slide from the corners of her mouth.

Yan Shiqing was startled, her mind filled with thoughts of what would happen if they showered together and the blindfold got wet. What if Shen Qiaoyu took it off and saw her true appearance? What would she do then? She was still afraid, afraid that Shen Qiaoyu would discover her secret. But she didn’t regret coming here today. Even if she was found out, at least she had spent a blissful night with Shen Qiaoyu.

Sensing Yan Shiqing’s apprehension, Shen Qiaoyu turned around and put her down. She raised her hand to tease her, saying, “We’ve just started. Is that all you’ve got?” Her hands glistened with a watery sheen. While teasing, she began undressing herself.

Yan Shiqing’s bare feet stood unsteadily on the ground, she seized the opportunity to run. However, the sound caught Shen Qiaoyu’s attention. She swiftly reached out, embracing Yan Shiqing’s waist and pulling her into her arms. She laughed, “Where are you running off to?”

“I don’t want to shower,” Yan Shiqing glanced at her as she took off her sweater, her face already flushed. She couldn’t help but say, “It’s rare to see each other today, so let’s not waste time on this.”

Shen Qiaoyu felt puzzled. This shouldn’t be happening. Clearly, it was Qingning who made advances towards her, and now she suddenly doesn’t want to?

Thinking this way, she tested Qingning again, “Then what do you want?”

Upon hearing this, Yan Shiqing’s eyes sparkled, and she smiled, “Unless you stand still, I’ll help you.”

So she was waiting for this opportunity. Is this her new idea?


Shen Qiaoyu smiled, the corners of her lips raised high, and she replied, “Alright.”

So she truly stood still, putting all her clothes aside, allowing Qingning to help her shower.

The fine water streams washed over her body, and the warm water caused a thin layer of redness to appear on her skin.

Yan Shiqing initially tried to remain calm and composed. But later, as she looked at Shen Qiaoyu’s straight and upright posture, her gaze involuntarily stuck to her beautiful figure.

Shen Qiaoyu’s bones were well-proportioned, her limbs and waist looked strong, and although her cup size seemed slightly smaller than hers, it was still quite eye-catching.

In the end, Yan Shiqing couldn’t resist any longer. She turned off the shower, then threw herself into her arms, her fingertips touching her bikini line and slowly sliding, whispering, “Alright, no more shower…”

Once she made this move, things couldn’t be stopped.

In the steam-filled bathroom, Shen Qiaoyu’s ears turned red because of her teasing. Although her eyes were covered, she lifted her up just like before, pressing her against the wall and kissing her lips.

The two instantly kissed each other, sucking on each other’s lips, continuously changing angles, passionately embracing, their tongues inadvertently touching and fervently entwining.

Amid the interweaving scorching breaths, Yan Shiqing lost her ability to think after a while. Temporarily disregarding the issue of the blindfold, she tightly embraced Shen Qiaoyu, kissing her passionately.

The thing she had longed for the past few days, finally came.

It felt like a dream, with mist lingering all around, creating an unreal atmosphere. But Yan Shiqing could distinctly feel Shen Qiaoyu’s slender fingers dancing on her, similar to playing the piano, constantly pressing different keys.


She was akin to someone ailing from a serious illness, with a sickly blush spreading all over her body. At that moment, it seemed as if she was enduring divine punishment, with lightning striking her, shooting up from her spine to her mind, causing her brain to release dopamine wildly.

Her legs were hooked around Shen Qiaoyu’s waist, seemingly struggling and continuously moving. Yet, the bathroom was filled only with soft whispers, “Qiao… Qiao…”

“Hmm? You don’t like this?”

“No, it’s just that, I think you’re amazing.”

Both of them involuntarily curved their lips into a smile. Even just hearing Qingning’s voice made Shen Qiaoyu’s heart race.

In fact, they hadn’t known each other long, but Shen Qiaoyu couldn’t decipher why she liked Qingning so much, to the point of madness.

Continuing to kiss her, she released the longing that had built up over the past few days. Even though they later resorted to the simplest method, they could still feel each other’s intense heartbeats.

From the wall to the bathtub, then into the room, they remained tightly embraced. Moreover, Yan Shiqing’s body was so delicate that she could easily be lifted, like a fragile piece of porcelain.

Since Shen Qiaoyu couldn’t see anything, she allowed Yan Shiqing to lead.

Full of energy, Yan Shiqing led Shen Qiaoyu to the floor-to-ceiling window and dressed herself in a patient’s gown. She then handed her a “syringe” and whispered in her ear, “I’m sick, I need to take medicine. Doctor, can you treat me?”

Shen Qiaoyu’s heart pounded as she held the “syringe”, it’s a device with blunt ends on both sides, shaped like a p*nis.

Without hesitation, she lifted Yan Shiqing against the floor-to-ceiling window and carefully began to penetrate her with the “syringe”.

But Yan Shiqing clung to her, wrapping her legs around her waist and embracing her neck.

In the darkness, Shen Qiaoyu could only hear Yan Shiqing’s rapid breathing and feel her delicate mouth murmuring continuously, causing a cascade of “water” droplets to fall onto the floor. She also heard her gasping in what seemed to be immense pleasure, “Kiss me, kiss me, Doctor. So, I won’t feel the pain anymore.”

Feeling responsible for “injecting” her, Shen Qiaoyu quickly leaned in to kiss her.

Yan Shiqing tightly embraced her neck, constantly shifting angles as they kissed. Their tongues involuntarily entwined, sucking on each other’s lips, passionately locked in their embrace.

Later on, in order to treat Yan Shiqing’s “illness”, Shen Qiaoyu held her in her arms and repeatedly “injected” her with the “syringe”. Shen Qiaoyu took advantage of the moment when Yan Shiqing was leaning against the French window, seized her legs, and lifted them up against the window, to “inject” the “syringe” from behind.

But at that moment, Yan Shiqing softly pleaded, “Please put me down, I’m scared!”

From a distance, it was visible that Yan Shiqing’s legs were hooked around Shen Qiaoyu’s waist, while her upper body dangled in mid-air against the glass, gripping it with her hands, terrified.

Shen Qiaoyu pressed against her from behind, leaning close to her ear and chuckling softly, “Didn’t you just say that your illness is severe and you need to take a lot of medicine? I think this is the only way I can feed you more.”

“And you also said that this place is the most beautiful, where you can see the scenery on the left and the city on the right. Would you like to be with me in such a beautiful place?”

“I never said that!” Yan Shiqing instinctively retorted, her face flushed with a sickly red hue. Her body pressed against the glass, trembling. Fearfully, she pleaded, “I never said that. Put me down!”

From inside, only the view outside the glass was visible. However, she could see the bustling traffic below on the right side, constantly afraid of being seen by others.

But Shen Qiaoyu ignored her pleas, believing it to be her little trick. She responded, “Then why weren’t you scared on New Year’s Eve?”

“Liar”, she murmured softly, while kissing the back of her neck. Her voice carried a husky and inexplicably domineering tone. Her shadow moved forward again and again, enveloping the woman with an aura of dominance. Seductively, she said, “You like it, don’t you?”

Just by the fact that her insides were wet and slippery, with even some “water” droplets dripping onto the floor, it was evident that she liked it.

However, she had no idea that Yan Shiqing was already stunned, tears welling up in her eyes, her mind in a daze because of her words.

Yes, she liked it.

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