My Rival Film Empress, Is Actually My Online Girlfriend!

Chapter 56 part 2

But when she heard the phrase “liar,” her heart suddenly ached because she was afraid.

It wasn’t the fear of the height below, but the fear that such a big movement would dislodge the blindfold and reveal her face.

If her blindfold slipped in this position, she wouldn’t be able to fix it.

She couldn’t imagine how Shen Qiaoyu would react when she found out the truth.

She would surely be furious and push her away angrily.


Thinking about that, she would definitely feel terrible.

At this moment, it felt as if bolts of lightning were striking her body, causing her brain to release dopamine uncontrollably, making her whole body tingle. However, all she could focus on was her fear, her eyes filled with confusion, her lips slightly parted, making it impossible for her to swallow as strands of saliva slipped from her lips.

A scorching liquid flowed out, causing her body to tremble. But even so, it couldn’t capture her attention.

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Unable to stand on her own, her hands clutched a glass tightly.


Feeling this, Shen Qiaoyu had no option but to embrace her from behind and carry her to the bed.

The pair remained close, leaving wet footprints as if they had just taken a shower. Water droplets slid down from their ankles.

After realizing two hours had passed, Shen Qiaoyu considered taking a rest. She wondered if Qingning was hungry.

She asked, “Do you want to eat something?”

Instantly, Qingning’s mood brightened. Her crying stopped, and she swayed her waist. In a soft voice, she replied, “I haven’t eaten yet, so please feed me quickly.”

Upon hearing this, Shen Qiaoyu felt somewhat helpless. Her ears reddened, and her eyes grew dark. She asked, “You’re not crying anymore? Not scared anymore?”

“Yeah, I’m not scared anymore,” Yan Shiqing quickly tightened her blindfold from behind and relaxed. In a soft voice, she added, “Hurry up, I’m so hungry. I want to eat.”

Shen Qiaoyu chuckled, embracing her once more and kissing her passionately. She reassured her, “I’ll make sure you eat your fill today.”

“Mm, everything you feed me tastes delicious.”

“I’m so full.”

Everything before was pitch black, and she could only hear Qingning’s constant praises. After kissing her cheek for a while, she finally moved to her lips.

She reached to touch Qingning’s cheek, but for some reason, she was consistently denied. While gasping for breath, Qingning confessed, “I’m not good-looking. I have scars on my face.”


“Don’t say that. It doesn’t matter to me,” Shen Qiaoyu couldn’t help but sympathize. Cherishing her even more, she listened to her feeble voice. Only then did she temporarily forget about this matter and refrain from making any related requests.

Shen Qiaoyu didn’t want to hurt Qingning’s feelings. If she didn’t want her face to be seen, she would respect her wishes. She believed that one-day Qingning would be ready, and until then, she would wait patiently.

With this thought, Shen Qiaoyu passionately kissed her, their tongues intertwined as they expressed their affection.

Gradually, they seemed to forget everything, kissing deeply and releasing their emotions.

The woman shifted from lying face down to nestling in her arms. Her legs trembled incessantly as if she were struggling.

She continued “injecting” the “syringe” into her without pause.

As the sun began to set, Yan Shiqing didn’t want to move a finger. She became anxious and said:

“I need to use the bathroom. What should I do?”

Shen Qiaoyu quickly picked her up upon hearing this. However, it seemed like Qingning didn’t actually need to go to the bathroom.

Unable to control herself, she “watered” all over her, then lazily chuckled. “It wasn’t intentional”.

Shen Qiaoyu’s ears turned red, but a smile formed on her lips as she abruptly hugged her and kissed her, responding, “Alright, then I didn’t mean to do it either…”

“Qiao Qiao~” Yan Shiqing was forcefully held in her embrace, closed her eyes, and dazedly engaged in a passionate kiss with her. They kissed for so long that they didn’t have time to swallow, and strands of saliva unconsciously dripped from the corners of their lips.


In that moment, she was struck by waves of electric sensation, completely forgetting about the blindfold, nervousness, and fear. She wholeheartedly fell into the gentle trap of Shen Qiaoyu.

Shen Qiaoyu was also on the verge of obsession, continuously stirring her tongue and sucking on her lips. She couldn’t even count how many times they merged together.

But suddenly, it seemed like the blindfold was loosened, and a faint glimmer of light seeped in.

She blinked uncomfortably and intended to tighten the blindfold, resisting the urge to look at Qingning’s face.

However, at this very moment, the two of them were locked in a passionate kiss, and Qingning tightened her arm around her neck.

Shen Qiaoyu’s gaze uncontrollably fell upon her face. In an instant, her eyes trembled, freezing her in place.

In her arms, there was a woman covered in marks, her long hair slightly dampened by sweat, flowing like a waterfall. She resembled a radiant red rose in the morning light, her cheeks flushed, tightly closed eyes, and slightly parted red lips. She gasped for breath as she softly called out, “Qiao Qiao~”

The other person’s slender eyebrows curved, and those enchanting peach blossom eyes, even when closed, stirred the hearts of others. Her lips pressed against hers, emitting a series of loud sucking sounds. And that captivating little mole on the bridge of her nose was so tempting.

However, it simultaneously revealed a fact.

She was Yan Shiqing!!!

At that moment, Shen Qiaoyu felt as if her world had collapsed. Her fingers trembled slightly, and her heart instantly ignited like a raging fire, unable to contain her anger.

How could Qingning be Yan Shiqing?!


How was it possible?!

It’s impossible!


She denied it repeatedly in her mind, but the reality in front of her was undeniable, causing her heart to quiver. She desperately wanted to push the other person away and unleash her anger, shouting at her, “Why did you deceive me?!”

If Yan Shiqing was Qingning, then everything was a lie. Everything was fake!!!

She had been deceived so miserably, played by the other person’s hands!

At that moment, Shen Qiaoyu’s heart throbbed painfully. However, in the end, she remained frozen, unable to push the other person away or escape.

Because she knew that if she fled if she shattered this truth, she would completely break ties with Yan Shiqing.

Just the thought of that made her head throb, intensifying the pain in her heart.

She couldn’t forgive the deception, yet she couldn’t let go of Qingning.

Even if that Qingning was Yan Shiqing.

She must be under some kind of spell, being deceived so badly. She should confront her directly, curse her out thoroughly, and leave with her head held high!

But at this moment, the woman in her arms was gently rubbing against her, her legs caressing her waist. A tear slipped from the corner of her eye, and her body trembled as she cried out, “Qiao Qiao, why have you stopped?”

“Hurry up~”

She leaned in to kiss her gently, lost in her affection, utterly unaware that her secret had been exposed.

Shen Qiaoyu faced her with intense scrutiny. Then, with gritted teeth, she suddenly embraced her and resumed their passionate advance, all the while resolving her heart.


So, you like to deceive me? I’ll let you deceive to your heart’s content!

After all, the one at a loss here is you, not me!

Shen Qiaoyu suddenly thought.

This woman must be deliberately using this method to suppress her, to destroy her, to mock her.

She can’t let her succeed!

Why should she be the only one deceived?!

She must deceive her in return!

She could already picture the moment the truth would come to light. Yan Shiqing’s mocking laughter, surely she would say, “Oh, Shen Qiaoyu~”

“No, ex-girlfriend~”

“Aren’t you the virtuous type? Always talking about how many boyfriends and girlfriends I have? Don’t you despise me? How does it feel now that you’ve fallen into my hands? How does it feel to be with me, happy, right?”

“Ha ha ha ha! Fool, you’ve been tricked~”

Just thinking about it made Shen Qiaoyu’s eyes burn with anger.

No! She can’t let this little swindler off so easily!

It’s just playing with emotions, who’s afraid of who!

The winner is not certain until the last moment!

She wants to marry her, swindle all her assets, and then leave her penniless. At that point, the other party can only cling to her legs and beg!

Thinking about this, Shen Qiaoyu finally felt a bit better and stared intently at the trembling woman.

The woman’s cheeks were flushed, and tears clung to her soft eyelashes as she occasionally emitted helpless sounds.

In an instant, her eyes narrowed, and then she fiercely kissed her, biting her lips viciously while making a vow in her heart.

Yan Shiqing, if you dare to provoke me, you’re finished!

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