My Rival Film Empress, Is Actually My Online Girlfriend!

Chapter 55 part 2

Backstage onlookers sighed involuntarily at the scene.

Yan Tang was even more dismayed, berating himself, “How could I have been so careless!”

Sporting a victorious grin, Yan Yi reached out to help Yan Shiqing to her feet, intending to broadcast this scene live.

Yan Shiqing held Yan Yi’s hand and was helped up.

However, the next announcement from the broadcast took everyone by surprise:


“Yan Yi, eliminated!”

“What the hell!” Shen Yuchuan blurted out in disbelief. “What just happened?!”

The director decided to replay the footage for the bewildered audience.

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Witnessing this, Shen Qiaoyu also breathed a sigh of relief, her gaze glued to the live broadcast more intensely than before.


Yan Shiqing, with a smile, thanked Yan Yi, saying, “Thanks for handing me the victory.”

Yan Yi, in shock, stared at the name tag in her hand, her fingers clenched around it, speechless for a long time.

Seeing her reaction, Yan Shiqing couldn’t help but add, “I know we can never reconcile, so let’s leave it at that, let’s compete not just for this one, but for every challenge in the future.”

Hearing this, Yan Yi suddenly looked up, her gaze determined, and declared, “Fine, let’s see who will excel.”

Their voices filled the live broadcast room, but the audience, unaware of the underlying meaning of those words, simply assumed the two had a rocky relationship.

But Shen Qiaoyu perceived things differently. At this moment, she regarded Yan Shiqing with a new level of intrigue, recognizing her as a truly formidable woman.

A simple sentence had managed to kindle the competitive spirit in her adversary.

For Yan Yi, this could be seen as a silver lining.

Confined by the shadows of her past and stubborn to a fault, she was unable to move forward.

A clear goal can rejuvenate someone’s spirit.

Yan Shiqing could have left without a word, but she chose to ignite a challenge in front of the live cameras instead.


She pondered, “Does Yan Shiqing still hide many aspects of herself that she doesn’t know?”

Suddenly, Shen Qiaoyu snapped out of her thoughts and shook her head to clear her mind.

Why did she feel compelled to understand Yan Shiqing?

This must be madness.

The day’s task concluded satisfactorily for everyone except Shen Yuchuan, who shamelessly claimed hunger after his loss and borrowed some food from the others. Afterward, they followed their routine of bathing and having dinner, leading to a quiet night where they sat on their beds, each engrossed in their own tasks.

Holding a boiled egg, Yan Shiqing rubbed it on her forehead. She then turned to lie on her back and muttered, “Hmph, I was the reason we won today, but you wouldn’t even massage my forehead.”

“Please, this has nothing to do with massaging your forehead, okay? I would gladly make boiled eggs for you but don’t expect to trick me with that. I’m not falling for your usual tactics.”

Shen Qiaoyu seemed quite indifferent as she quickly sent a message to Qingning:

“I’ve taken care of everything. The director said we have the day after tomorrow off. Let’s meet.”


Shen Qiaoyu didn’t expect such a fast reply. She couldn’t help but jump up, her lips curling into a smile.


It wasn’t until Yan Shiqing gave her a disapproving look that she sat back down with restraint, hearing a low hum of disapproval.

What is she humming about?

Shen Qiaoyu thought to herself. She would soon have a romantic day out with her girlfriend, and Yan Shiqing could find somewhere cool to stay.

But she had done great today. She was indeed the reason why they won.

With that thought, Shen Qiaoyu got out of bed, chatted with Qingning while peeling an egg, and handed it to Yan Shiqing. “Here, eat this egg. You’ll feel better tomorrow.”

Yan Shiqing: “…”


She wanted a forehead massage, not a boiled egg!

She quickly buried her head under the covers, annoyed. “I don’t want it. You can eat it!”

Shen Qiaoyu felt helpless.

Hey, she didn’t appreciate the peeled egg.

So, she ate the egg herself and headed to the bathroom to wash up.


But just at that moment, Qingning sent her another message.

“I’ve changed my mind.”

Shen Qiaoyu: “!!!”

She hurriedly tried to respond but then received another message from Qingning.

“Take a picture for me in the style of my swimsuit, ensuring that you pay close attention to the details. Oh, and there must be real ‘water’ in your underwear—no faking it. Winking.jpg”

Shen Qiaoyu’s face flushed instantly. ‘What the heck,’ she thought. Yet, she compromised. After spending quite some time in the bathroom, she finally emerged with a photo that was close enough. Freshened up, she walked out with a fire in her belly.

She resolved that the day after tomorrow, she would need to confront Qingning properly.

That thought made her ears heat up once more.

Returning to her room, she noticed Yan Shiqing gazing happily at her phone, cheeks pink with excitement.

Pulling out some medicated oil, Shen Qiaoyu called to her, “Do you have a moment? Let’s apply this quickly so we can get some sleep.”

“I’m free!” Yan Shiqing put her phone aside, but the image from the photo lingered in her mind, refusing to be shaken.

In the photo, Shen Qiaoyu wore low-rise, red lace panties that hugged her hips, highlighting her slender yet muscular legs. An upward gaze would reveal the faint definition of her abs. Droplets of water adorned the fabric, trailing down her legs…

That night was a struggle for Yan Shiqing.

As Shen Qiaoyu applied the medicated oil, Yan Shiqing felt a sour ache and numbness in her thighs. The oil’s warmth penetrated her muscles, its intense heat and Shen Qiaoyu’s rough touch nearly breaking her resistance.

Thankfully, the quilt concealed her, and Shen Qiaoyu remained oblivious.

After they had both applied the medicated oil, they turned off the lights and lay back to back in the dark.

Shen Qiaoyu received a message from Qingning:

“Meet me at Ming Sui Hotel, Room 1089, the day after tomorrow.”

“I miss you so much. Just looking at your photo gave me quite a reaction.”

“I miss you too,” Shen Qiaoyu texted, with a smile playing at the corners of her lips as she held her cell phone.

As she chatted with Qingning, she gradually drifted into sleep. Unknowingly, she turned onto her left side in her slumber, completely unaware that a woman had slipped into her embrace. In her deep sleep, a hand slowly made its way downward.

In the darkness, Yan Shiqing was as nervous as she had been the night before, her head held high, tears brimming in her eyes but not falling, and her lips slightly parted as if to make a sound, yet no sound came out.

She knew this was not enough, that it could only provide a brief relief, but for now, being able to do even this much was quite comforting. After all, being in a relationship with her in public was pure folly, akin to a fool’s dream; thus, under the cover of night, her actions became even wilder.

The following day, Shen Qiaoyu found that Yan Shiqing was having trouble getting up. She couldn’t fathom what Yan Shiqing had been doing at night. Was she staying up late playing on her phone? But why did she seem so exhausted? Shen Qiaoyu, however, refrained from asking too many questions and instead went to boil eggs, reasoning that since they weren’t consumed last night, they would surely be eaten this morning.

Indeed, Yan Shiqing was too exhausted to even peel the boiled egg and handed the task over to Shen Qiaoyu.

Resigned, Shen Qiaoyu peeled the egg. Fortunately, the day’s schedule included a spring outing, where they could relax without any demanding activities.

The outing was delightful, with a gentle spring breeze and leisurely conversations under the sunshine. They even had a picnic, which made the atmosphere lively and boisterous.

The day flew by, and that evening, Shen Qiaoyu fell asleep swiftly, looking forward to meeting Qingning the next day. She almost woke up laughing from her dreams.

However, in the dead of night, Yan Shiqing refrained from making any extra moves. She simply allowed herself to be held, with a contented smile curled on her lips. She snuggled comfortably into Shen Qiaoyu’s arms and fell asleep.

The following morning, Shen Qiaoyu awoke to find Yan Shiqing gone, but she didn’t pay much thought to it. After all, Yan Shiqing had mentioned she would be with her partner.

Shen Qiaoyu promptly got out of bed, applied delicate makeup, let her hair down, and dressed in a turtleneck sweater and tight jeans. She looked fresh and crisp, ready to meet Qingning.

Arriving at the hotel reception, she successfully obtained the room key, her heart fluttering with nervous anticipation. She made her way to room 1089, took a deep breath before standing outside the door, and then, finally, she used the key to enter.

Upon entering, the style of the room struck her as reminiscent of New Year’s Eve, much to her surprise. Qingning had actually transformed this hotel room. The floor was coated with a plush carpet, and beyond the floor-to-ceiling windows lay a tranquil lake.

It seemed that Qingning had not yet arrived.

However, Shen Qiaoyu’s gaze quickly noticed the array of tools displayed on the bed — whips, ropes, various small toys, and many different styles of clothing, all of which were quite revealing.

Her ears turned unconsciously red as she wondered whether Qingning might actually have been there already.

Just then, a sound from the bathroom caught her attention.

Her heart skipped a beat as she approached, and indeed, she heard Qingning’s voice coming from within.

“Come in~”

As the bathroom door swung open, Shen Qiaoyu’s heartbeat accelerated and her fingertips started to tremble uncontrollably. Yet she couldn’t resist stepping inside.

The room was filled with steam, suggesting that someone had just showered. A strong scent of roses wafted through the air. She took a few hesitant steps forward and whispered, “Where are you?”

“Right here~”

Qingning’s voice emerged from behind her, and almost instantly, Shen Qiaoyu felt a soft body press against her back. A blindfold slipped over her eyes, and a warm breath caressed her ear, sending tingles through her entire body and making her heart race uncontrollably.

She couldn’t help but smile and ask, “What’s all this for?”

“What do you think~”

A moist hand slipped inside her high collar as Qingning’s fingertips glided slowly over her neck, delivering a light kiss to her earlobe, then a playful nibble. “Qiao Qiao, I’ve missed you so much~” she whispered seductively.

At that moment, the touch on Shen Qiaoyu’s neck set it ablaze. Her vision submerged into darkness, her ears radiating warmth. Overwhelmed by the rising heat, she could no longer restrain herself. She turned abruptly and, guided by touch alone, pulled Qingning into an ardent embrace.

Her skin was slick and unbelievably soft. Shen Qiaoyu held her close and reached up to lift the blindfold, eager for the revelation that awaited.

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