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Chapter 49 (H)

Liang Chuyuan took off Su Yao’s sweater, leaving only a bra wrapping around her well-shaped figure. He pinched it and felt its softness.

Su Yao huddled her shoulders, feeling the coolness of the cabinet against her back, despite the room being warm. She felt a bit chilly.

“Hurry up…” Although they had done it several times already, she still wasn’t quite used to being naked in front of him, especially with the blatant gaze of a man that exposed every imperfection, making her inexplicably embarrassed.

Hurry up with what? 

Liang Chuyuan caressed her leg, sliding his hand up, reaching towards her sensitive spot, teasing, then withdrawing, not yet fully wet.


Su Yao suppressed a moan as she spread her legs, his fingertips touching her most intimate area, the colors blending together, distinct yet merging.

She never knew how captivating her expression was when teetering on the edge of desire.

Liang Chuyuan’s eyes darkened, he grabbed her leg and slid forward, kissing her passionately, while deftly inserting his fingers into her honeypot, making piston-like movements.

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Liang Chuyuan stroked her head. If it weren’t for her flushed cheeks, one might think she was earnestly working on something.


“Done,” Su Yao raised her gaze.

He nodded, sitting down and spreading his legs.

Su Yao: “…”

Feeling embarrassed, she followed his instructions and leaned closer to the wardrobe, but before she could settle in, Liang Chuyuan pressed himself against her. It was slippery inside, and with one thrust, he went all the way in.


Liang Chuyuan was always aggressive when making love, both passionate and fierce, yet there was also a hint of gentleness. He cared about her feelings and knew what she liked, hence his unrestrained actions.

And now, having saex in the wardrobe, the movements were even more intense.

Thud, thud, thud—

Wetness turned into dryness, and dryness turned into wetness. Su Yao hung softly on Liang Chuyuan’s body, unable to see what he was thinking, only enduring each of his thrusts. When he thrust harder from behind, she bit down on his shoulder, her teeth almost breaking the skin.

Liang Chuyuan frowned slightly, not because of the pain, but because he found it inconvenient to have saex in the wardrobe. Initially, he just wanted Su Yao to remember him whenever she came to change clothes in the future.

After glancing at the juices between them, he was somewhat satisfied. He pulled out, flipped her over, and helped her hands grasp the edge of the wardrobe, then continued from behind.

Su Yao’s buttocks were round and perky, arching up slightly when he inserted himself. Liang Chuyuan rubbed her tender skin and suddenly slapped it!


“Ah!” Su Yao winced in pain, her muscles tensing for a moment, and her passage contracting. She turned her head in distress, “It hurts…”

You could still see a glimmer in Liang Chuyuan’s eyes.

But it quickly disappeared as he soon controlled her neck, preventing her from looking over.

He then proceeded to spank her buttocks many more times.

There was no particular reason—he simply felt each spank made the penetration even more pleasurable.

“Don’t… don’t spank me anymore…”

Then why are you shaking your butt for me?

Su Yao had her back to Liang Chuyuan, so naturally she didn’t hear this thought. She continued pleading for mercy, rambling on, and soon embarked on a new round of banter.

Liang Chuyuan kissed her back tenderly, almost reverently. He pulled down one strap of her lingerie, slipped it under her armpit, and from top to bottom, gently grasped her fullness.

With just one hand to hold, it was incredibly smooth, and he loved it.

As her breast was kneaded and rolled between his fingers, Su Yao bit her lip, her legs trembling. She was on the verge of losing control.

“Chuyuan, Chuyuan, I feel like… I feel like I need to pee!”


Hearing this, Liang Chuyuan became even more vigorous. He excitedly pulled Su Yao over and made her kneel on the soft blanket-covered floor, thrusting even faster.

It was obvious he wanted to see her embarrassed.

Su Yao cried out in desperation.

However, the more frantic she became, the stronger her reaction below. Shedding a few tears and unable to hold back, she let out a stream of transparent liquid—

It was a gush of arousal.

Not urine.

Liang Chuyuan followed her release with his own intense climax, filling her with satisfaction. He flipped Su Yao over.

Did you enjoy that?

With tears still clinging to her eyelashes, Su Yao glared at him, “Come here.”

Liang Chuyuan approached.

And then, she bit down on his chin.

“Does it hurt?”


But Liang Chuyuan just smiled, Feels pretty good.

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