Mind Reader

Chapter 48

Coming out from Liang Chucang’s house, it was already nine o’clock at night.

The cold wind blew, and Su Yao leaned close to Liang Chuyuan, asking, “What were you and your brother talking about in the study? It took so long.”

When she walked out of the cloakroom, Liang Mo was waiting for her at the door, saying she wanted to show her around the house’s structure, and of course, she didn’t refuse. The house was large, and by the time they finished their stroll and returned to the dining hall, the two men were nowhere to be found.

“They must have gone to the study to discuss something,” Liang Mo said.

Su Yao didn’t suspect anything and, along with Liang Mo, started cleaning up the tableware, chatting and laughing until Liang Chucang and Liang Chuyuan appeared.


“Finished talking?” Liang Mo asked.

“Yeah,” Liang Chuyuan replied, but Liang Chucang’s gaze was fixed on Su Yao. He remained silent, his eyes betraying emotions that were ambiguous, seeming surprised yet suspicious.

Liang Mo suddenly remembered the question she had heard.

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Fw Zys’p blyav vktbvldle, “Idsop obyv? Mbyv R nyd alye xkdep?”

Nkydt Ubwuwyd dseele.

“Mbld bl osd’v vbkdj R’x y qaywe, okzz bl?” Fw Zys oyp xspv yqayke sq vbyv.

Why would he? You can lie to me for a while, can you lie to me for the rest of my life? He was indeed silent for a long time when he heard it, but in the end he didn’t raise any objections and just asked me… Liang Chuyuan to look away.


Su Yao became anxious and quickly grabbed his chin, looking into his eyes, “Asked you what? Tell me quickly!”

Liang Chuyuan smiled, “Treat you well.”

Su Yao breathed a sigh of relief, pushed his shoulder, “You’re annoying, deliberately teasing me.”

Are you happy?

Su Yao blinked her fingers, unable to hide her smile, “Just a little bit.”

Just a little bit? Liang Chuyuan lowered his head, getting closer to her, and as they walked along the path, their shadows under the streetlights were almost merging into one.

“Don’t tease me.” Su Yao turned her face away, feeling embarrassed to show affection in public.

Liang Chuyuan timely withdrew his body, grabbed her hand and rubbed it back and forth as a compromise, “My brother also confessed something to me.”

Telling Su Yao about Liang Chucang and Liang Mo was Liang Chuyuan’s original intention. He didn’t want Su Yao to be startled when she found out later.

But Su Yao guessed it first, “Is it… about him and Liang Mo?”

You knew? Liang Chuyuan was somewhat surprised. Did Liang Mo tell you?

Su Yao shook her head, “I guessed.” Then she said, “Big brother’s new house has Liang Mo’s cloakroom. After all, they are both successful individuals with their own careers and properties. They are just cousins. If they’re not a couple, they shouldn’t be living together, right?”


Very clever. Liang Chuyuan kissed her forehead to show his praise, Were you scared?

Su Yao thought for a moment and said, “Just a little bit, after all, you told me before that Liang Mo is the child your second uncle adopted.”

She remembered everything he told her very clearly.

Liang Chuyuan felt more and more fortunate to have her, he let out a sigh of relief, glanced at the moon, then lowered his eyes to Su Yao, Yao Yao, I will make your family also satisfied with me.

Su Yao’s eyes became moist as she stopped walking and hugged him tightly, “You have me, I will always be by your side.”

At first, she only saw the present and didn’t consider the future, her affection for Liang Chuyuan wasn’t even deep, let alone fighting for love and family. Although it hadn’t reached that point yet, Su Yao could see Liang Chuyuan’s kindness towards her, and since hearts are not made of stone, she had long surrendered to him. If it really came down to it, she believed she would stand by Liang Chuyuan’s side.

The warmth of their love was about to overflow, and Liang Chuyuan wrapped Su Yao in his coat as they walked briskly, eager to get home as soon as possible.

However, when they stood at the doorstep, Su Yao suddenly brought up a crucial issue.

“Did we forget to buy condoms at home?” Every time they had intimate moments, relying solely on withdrawal method wasn’t reliable. She took emergency contraception once, and it delayed her period.

Liang Chuyuan: …


After returning from shopping, Liang Chuyuan followed the instructions on the box and walked into the cloakroom, where Su Yao was tidying up clothes.


But she didn’t bring much, just barely filled half of the space with all her belongings. Seeing this, she turned around, “You left too much space for me.”

“It’s alright, I’ll have it filled up tomorrow.”

Su Yao immediately declared, “Don’t buy randomly!”

Liang Chuyuan seemed uninterested in this topic. He took off his wool coat and casually threw it on the dresser, then unbuttoned his shirt, his movements slow and deliberate, his fingers slender like a work of art.

Su Yao’s heart raced as she took two steps back, stumbling into a partition, and with a sudden loss of balance, she fell into the wardrobe.

Stammering inexplicably, she said, “L-Let’s go back to the room.”

There’s space here, let’s try it out.

Liang Chuyuan bent down, his head just brushing against the top of the cabinet. His shadow enveloped Su Yao completely, leaving her only able to see his captivating eyes.

The only source of light.

What do you say?

Su Yao’s lips were gently pursed, too soft and warm, as she hesitantly nodded.



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