Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 97.2 Could it possibly be….(2)

“In short, you must choose one of these two choices. The first choice is the best choice. So if you can choose one, choose the first one. If you can’t, then fall back to plan 2 because I definitely have to take his photo.”

“Oh……” Wu Ze nodded in ‘deep’ understanding.

Ze La’er looked at Wu Ze, and sighed inwardly. If Wu Ze were to leave him, he would’ve been devoured until not even his bones remained!

After Mu Chongyan drove back to the safe zone, they first returned to the Mercenary Guild to hand in the task requirements and received the 100,000 ash coins commission. They then handed over the giant crocodile corpses to the guild and raised their Tough Guy Mercenary Group to a seventh-level mercenary group.

After this, Bai Rong went to take on a few more giant crocodile beasts tasks, and handed in the rest of the remaining giant crocodile corpses.


“The giant crocodile beast task is worth so much money. Chongyan… let’s go again next time!” Bai Rong collected a total of 160,000 ash coins and stored them into the spatial button happily.

“Okay.” Mu Chongyan smiled, “but you have to rest well, at least until you gain about 10 kilograms at least.”

“Ten kilograms?!!!” Bai Rong’s eyes widened, “That’s impossible!”

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However, Bai Rong refused it without giving him a chance to speak up.


Glancing at Mu Chongyan with a very helpless and indulgent look, Bai Rong sighed in his heart.

Sure enough, the desire of wives to shop was very strong. No man could ever control them.

Not knowing what his Little Sweet Cake was thinking about. Mu Chongyan bought a lot of expensive fruits and supplementing tonics. After surmising that this was enough for Bai Rong to gain five or six kilos, he finally took the group back home.

“Brother Bai Rong!” As soon as Bai Rong entered the door, Lu Ya rushed over to him in excitement, “Did you already complete the task so soon?”

“We did.” Bai Rong smiled at Lu Ya, “How did it go on your side?”

“Very good!” Lu Ya suppressed his worship for Bai Rong, and replied earnestly, “We went to hunt sixth-level intermediate furtooth beasts, and it went smoothly. However, I sustained minor injuries, but after applying the medicine, my injuries have almost healed up!” Lu Ya raised his arm, and revealed four scars that were already starting to scab on his forearm.

“It’s better to treat it with a treatment device.” Bai Rong grew anxious upon seeing his wounds, and hurriedly took out the treatment device from his spatial button.

“…Okay.” Lu Ya raised his arm obediently to allow Bai Rong to easily treat him.

After a few minutes, the scars on Lu Ya’s forearm disappeared completely. Mu Chongyan was also holding a cup of freshly-squeezed holy emperor fruits and ginseng, and walking over.

After naturally taking his beloved in his arms, Mu Chongyan handed the juice to Bai Rong and said, “Rong Rong, take a bath after drinking the juice, and have a meal after your bath.

“Okay.” Bai Rong took a sip of the new fruit juice, and the sweet and delicious fruity taste immediately filled his taste buds, making his eyes light up, “It’s delicious!”

Quickly delivering the juice to Mu Chongyan’s lips, Bai Rong raised his head and said, “Chongyan should take a sip too!”


“Okay…” Mu Chongyan smiled and lowered his head to take a sip, “Mm, it’s delicious.”

“Chongyan, you drink too little.” Bai Rong’s sweet and soft breath hit Mu Chongyan’s chin, “Drink a little more.”

Mu Chongyan took Bai Rong into his arms again, and with an affectionate look in his eyes, he lowered his head slightly, “Okay.”

Lu Ya silently lowered his sleeves and left the sofa with reddish ears.

Sigh…there was new dog food being scattered every day…

Lu Ya had just taken a few steps when a knock suddenly rang from the courtyard. He immediately took a turn in the corner and walked out of the villa to the courtyard gate.

“Who is it?” Bai Rong stood within the iron gate, looking at the tall and handsome young man outside, “Who are you?”

“I’m looking for Mu Chongyan.” Ze La’er said with a gentle smile, “I’m the leader of the Zeze Mercenary Group, and I wanted to ask him for advice.”

“Zeze Mercenary Group?” Lu Ya frowned, “I’ve never heard of that name.”

“We’re usually low-key, so it’s normal that you haven’t heard of us.” Ze La’er chuckled, “Can this little brother help me pass this message on?”

“Just who are you calling little brother!” Lu Ya glared at Ze La’er. “What’s your name?”

“My name is Wu Ze.” Ze La’er laughed, “I’m sorry to trouble you. I really have an urgent matter to discuss with Mu Chongyan.”


“…..” Lu Ya hesitated for a while, thinking it would be better to leave the matter to Brother Mu to decide.

Walking back to the villa, Lu Ya opened the door and told Mu Chongyan, “Brother Mu, Someone is looking for you outside.”

“Who is it?”

“He said that his name is Wu Ze, and he’s the leader of the Zeze Mercenary Group. He has something to ask you about.” Lu Ya said in full detail.

“Zeze Mercenary Group?” Mu Chongyan frowned slightly. This sounded like a name that was made up on the spot.

“Yeah, are you going to see him?” Lu Ya paused, “If you’re not, I’ll tell him that.”

“Let’s meet him.” Bai Rong put down his cup and licked the remaining juice on his lips. “Since he knows Chongyan’s name, he should have done some investigations. Only when we meet him can we find out his intentions.”

“True.” Mu Chongyan nodded slightly, he also thought so too, “Will Rongrong come with me?”

“Of course!” Bai Rong puffed up his chest, “How can I let Chongyan go alone by himself, what if that person was a pervert?”

At this moment, Ze La’er was tapping on his watch, connecting to his teacher’s video.

A busy ringtone sounded from his watch before the call was picked up.

“Ze La’er?”


“Teacher.” Ze La’er glanced at the door of the villa and seeing that no one had come out yet, he said with ease, “Teacher, I’m outside the man’s house. He’ll be coming out in a while and I’ll secretly point the camera at him so you can take a look. What do you think?”

After thinking about it, he still thought that a video would be more reliable than taking a sneak photo. In the event that the sneak photo he took of Mu Chongyan would be blurry, it would’ve been a waste of effort to come here.

“…That’s fine.” The handsome man on the watch screen seemed to be suppressing his emotions, his right hand clenching again.

“Alright.” Ze La’er wanted to say something, but saw the villa’s door suddenly opening and Mu Chongyan walked towards him together with a tall and slim youth with a delicate face.

Ze La’er quickly turned his wrists back and placed his hand at the side.

Mu Chongyan walked to the gate and found that it was the man he saw in the morning. Displeasure immediately appeared on his face.

“Who are you?”

“My name is Wu Ze. I’m the leader of the Zeze Mercenary Group. I wanted to ask Mr. Mu for advice and was wondering if Mr. Mu could open the gate so we could have a good chat.”

Mr. Mu?!!!

The eyes of the man on the watch screen changed, and his knuckles suddenly tightened.

“Mr. Mu doesn’t have to worry that I would harm you. I came to you because I wanted to cooperate with you. You might as well open the gate”. Ze La’er smiled politely.

The patterned thick iron gate concealed their faces. If the gate didn’t open, what picture could he take?!

Mu Chongyan frowned, “If you have something to say, say it straight.”

Seeing Mu Chongyan wear an expression that he was gonna walk away if he didn’t speak up, Ze La’er secretly frowned. He paused for two seconds before sighing, “This…is an extremely important matter. It’s about the Alte Arc Step you use. I advise Mr. Mu to open the gate and have a good talk with me…”

“How do you know the Alte Arc Step?!”

Mu Chongyan’s eyes turned cold, and his stern gaze pierced Ze La’er.

“Because…” Ze La’er smiled, “I have already shown my sincerity, shouldn’t Mr. Mu show some too?”

“Sincerity?” Mu Chongyan laughed coldly, “Alright.”

Raising his hand to open the built-in password gate lock, Mu Chongyan pushed open the iron gates, “Mr. Wu Ze, what exactly do you want to talk about?”

“I wanted to talk about…” Ze La’er turned his wrist to the front, revealing the camera in the upper right corner of the watch.

Mu Chongyan, who had been observing Ze La’er, naturally discovered this movement and immediately grew angry. Other people may not recognize this decorative-looking watch but how could he not?!

A broken knife blade appeared in Mu Chongyan’s hand immediately, and with a turn of his wrist, the blade swiftly spun out!

Mu Chongyan moved so quickly that as soon as Ze La’er reacted, he heard a “swipe” sound, and the screen of his wristwatch had cracked, turning dark in an instant!

“You!” Ze La’er was shocked and angry. He knew this man had a high martial prowess, but didn’t expect him to be so horribly strong to this degree!

He could probably even fight on par with his teacher!

However, Mu Chongyan did not give him any time to stay surprised. With a cold face, he continued sending out attacks.

The two people on this side had already begun fighting whereas the man on the other side of the screen still had his fists clenched. His pupils trembled in excitement and anxiety and his chest heaved up and down violently.

This Mr. Mu’s eyes and nose…all looked like Luo Ersi1Luo Ersi is Shengya’s Emperor in case anyone had forgotten when he was young…

The similarities are too much!!

C-…Could it be that…

With a bang, the chair fell to the ground, and the man who was sitting on the chair had vanished without a trace.

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