Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 97.1 Could it possibly be….(1)

Seeing a mechanical car pursuing them from behind unabashedly and openly, Mu Chongyan was a little unhappy. He immediately stepped on the gas pedal and swiftly drifted ahead, leaving not even a shadow behind for the pursuers.

Ze La’er in the car behind, “…..”

“Second Prince…” Wu Ze looked at Ze Le’er timidly, wearing a guilty expression on his face.

He didn’t deliberately lose them. The car was just so abnormally quick that he couldn’t catch up…

“…It’s okay.” Ze La’er frowned and glanced in front of him. “Didn’t they take a giant crocodile beast task. Let’s just head straight to the giant crocodile beast’s gathering area. Maybe we’ll bump into them there.”


“Understood.” Wu Ze also stepped on the gas pedal, and the mechanical car rushed forward with a ‘whoosh!’.

Because he was forced to accelerate, Mu Chongyan and his party arrived at the gathering place of the giant crocodile beast in less than an hour.

Bai Rong nearly threw up from the car drift and quickly downed the freshly squeezed juice Mu Chongyan brought him, the discomfort in his stomach successfully suppressed.

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“Ok…” Bai Rong nodded. He believed in Mu Chongyan’s judgment. It was just that, seeing the physical stature of the 1 meter long beast with robust limbs and ginormous fangs elicited a sense of fear in Bai Rong’s heart.


“Rongrong, are you able to tell which area within 800 meters has the least amount of giant crocodile beasts?”

“I’ll try…” Bai Rong closed his eyes and tensed his face, his brows furrowing slightly.

In the past, he could perceive the slightest movements from more than 500 meters away at most, so now, he hoped he could perceive past that distance….

After sensing for a while, Bai Rong opened his eyes and appeared a little depressed.

“I can only perceive to about 660 meters. There’s a rapid flow 600 meters to the northwest. That area has slightly fewer giant crocodiles, numbering about seven or eight. Moreover, there is no presence of a giant crocodile king.”

“That’s fine. You’ve already done a great job.” Mu Chongyan held Bai Rong’s hand and gently gave it a squeeze, “Then, let’s head over there.”

The three people surreptitiously headed to the place Bai Rong pointed out and after seeing that there were only 8 beasts present, Mu Chongyan immediately divided the work. He drew out the dark silver sword Bai Rong had crafted for him and with a cold glint in his eyes, he jumped up abruptly and instantly brandished several flashes of light.


Several angry howls immediately sounded and before Bai Rong could even retract the thought that “these crocodiles sure sound different from the ones on Earth”, the crocodiles had already begun to move, rushing towards them rapidly!

Mu Chongyan’s attacks were strangely precise, causing the heads and forelegs of the eight giant crocodiles to suffer considerable injuries, but even so, these giant crocodiles immediately closed the gap of ten meters in just one second.

Mu Chongyan jumped up once again, the long sword in his hand turning into a phantom. A dozen white lights flashed in between. Among the giant crocodile beasts, two had had their heads blown off!



The giant crocodile beast in the middle leapt up in fury, baring its fangs and pouncing towards Mu Chongyan.

The nine-meter-long giant crocodile was like a three-story building that was overturned, bringing about a cold wind that slammed against the three of them like a hard wall. Bai Rong staggered for a bit before quickly swinging his machete and started hacking away at the giant crocodile’s face.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

Three flashes of cold light immediately shot out, and with a turn of the giant crocodile’s head, the three cold lights hit the corner of the giant crocodile’s eyes, leaving a thin bloody scar. The giant crocodile howled in anger. Pressing down its forelimbs, it suddenly swept its 3 meter long thick tail towards Bai Rong!

The look in Bai Rong’s eyes changed drastically, and he hurriedly jumped to the side and rolled far away. Mu Chongyan quickly carried out a Tegran Arc Step and with a turn of his wrist, the long sword cut through the air, sending out a dozen consecutive attacks. The attacks congealed and landed a blast on the crocodile’s head!


A blood-colored crater suddenly exploded open on the giant crocodile’s head, and its tail missed the mark, landing on the ground just beside Bai Rong with a loud bang.

Bai Rong, who had just rolled out of place, took a fearful look at the giant crocodile. Seeing that the beast was dead, he immediately grasped the machete and threw it to the heads of the remaining giant crocodile beasts.

…A minute later, all eight giant crocodiles fell to the ground, but the three of them did not dare to relax, and immediately clenched their weapons tightly in hand. The giant crocodile beasts in the area who were attracted to the noise, grew more in number, and so, 10 more crocodiles appeared!

The roar of the giant crocodile, the sound of bodies slamming to the ground, and the sound of weapons attacking, all converged in a blink of an eye…

Another three minutes passed, and more and more giant crocodile beats could be seen rushing towards them. Mu Chongyan, who was already starting to show signs of struggle, leapt up in anger, turned over and swung his arm out. His long sword only left behind white shadows as he quickly sent out dozens of attacks. A giant crocodile king that measured about 10 meters long was left with a blood hole in the middle of its head!



The giant crocodile king let out its final cry before its body slammed heavily on the ground, causing it to rumbly slightly.

When the other giant crocodile beasts saw that the giant crocodile king was dead, they immediately turned around in panic, and ran away quickly.

Bai Rong panted heavily for breath while looking at the corpses of more than two dozen giant crocodile beasts around him, and a smile appeared on his sweaty little face.

“There’s twenty-three of them in total!” Kuku ran to Bai Rong excitedly, “Brother, once we’ve completed this task, we won’t have to do another task for a long time!”

His brother could finally have a good long rest.

“What do you mean we won’t have to do another task for a long time?” Bai Rong smiled and rubbed Kuku’s head, “I still want to make you more powerful weapons. Advanced weapon materials are not available for tens of thousands of ash coins.”

“But I think my current weapon is very good, there is no need to change it!”

“Of course you should.” Bai Rong shook his head, “This is only a level 7 weapon.”

“You won’t need to change it for at least a month.” Mu Chongyan walked over and handed Bai Rong a towel and a bottle of juice, “Rong Rong…After this, you should have a good rest. These weapons are already very good. Even though its power is only in the 7th level, the activation rate is at 10th level. In combination with these factors, this weapon is actually comparable to level 8 or even level 9 weapons, so in the coming month, it should be sufficient.”

“…Okay.” Listening to Mu Chongyan’s words, Bai Rong decided to rest for a few days, but it would be impossible for him to rest for a month.

Seeing that his brother didn’t listen to him, but listened to Mu Chongyan, Kuku felt depressed for a moment. However, upon learning that he would finally take a good rest, he was vaguely happy again.

“Rongrong, I’ve already taken eighteen giant crocodiles. You can take the rest.” Mu Chongyan specially bought the largest spatial button with 500 square meters in it, but didn’t expect to be able to kill so many beasts at once this time that his spatial button wasn’t enough.


“Okay.” Bai Rong untied the space button from his neck, took out the mechanical car, and put in the corpses of the other giant crocodile beasts.

Mu Chongyan got into the driver’s seat and Bai Rong pulled open the side passenger’s seat when his face suddenly changed.

“Not good! Another horde of giant crocodile beasts is coming, and by the looks of it, there’s also a giant crocodile king among them!”

“Get in quick, we’re leaving!” Mu Chongyan immediately started the engine.

Bai Rong and Kuku hurriedly pulled the door and got on. Mu Chongyan quickly stepped on the accelerator, and the car set off with a whoosh, leaving nothing but a puff of smoke.

Under Bai Rong’s ‘perceptive radar’ scan, the three of them avoided all abnormal movements extremely smoothly, including…Ze La’er, who was looking for them everywhere.

“Second prince, we can’t seem to find them, should we just go back?” Wu Ze felt a little frightened when he felt the ground around him tremble. Though his second prince could kill a seven-level and eighth-level monster, he himself couldn’t!

“Call me Second Young Master.”


“Awoo——!!!” An angry howl suddenly rang out, interrupting Wu Ze’s voice.

Hearing this fierce howl not far in front of them, Wu Ze’s face paled and he looked like he was about to cry, “Second Young Master!”

“Hey…what are you crying about?” Hearing a sob in Wu Ze’s voice, Ze La’er waved his hand helplessly, “Okay, okay, let’s go back.”

The moment Ze La’er uttered the first “okay”, Wu Ze moved his wrist and quickly turned the steering wheel. By the time Ze La’er had finished speaking, the car had already changed directions and was swiftly making its escape.

Ze La’er: “…”

With mouth slightly agape and feeling a sense of loss, Ze La’er tilted his head to look at the round-faced youth. He suddenly reached out a hand and pinched Wu Ze’s face.

“With the exception of calling you to eat, this is the fastest reaction time you’ve had.”

“I…” Wu Ze blushed and changed the subject: “Second prin….Young Master, are we still going to look for that person?”

“Of course.” Ze La’er leaned back in his seat, “Let’s go to the mercenary guild first.”

A person who was able to deal with a seventh-level mercenary in five seconds, would definitely be able to get out of the gathering place of the giant crocodile beast alive. This he was very sure of.

“Oh…” Wu Ze nodded, “But… why don’t we go directly to his house?”

In any case, they had already investigated him.

“If there were two people who want to strike up a conversation with you, one did it at your workplace, and the other secretly investigated your address and runs to your house, which one would you like better?”

“Of course the first one!” Wu Ze blurted out.

The one who investigated where they lived would be so annoying!

“That’s why we should first go to the mercenary guild.”

“Then… what if he doesn’t appear in the mercenary guild?” Wu Ze glanced at Ze La’er.

“Then we’ll go to his house.” Ze La’er said indifferently.

Wu Ze: “…”

Wasn’t that the same?!

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