Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 87.3 The Strongest Wife (3)

“We meet again, what a coincidence haha…” The red-haired man walked over familiarly, and smiled at Bai Rong. He then looked at the machete with an extremely critical look, “Although this machete is made of intermediate black metal, it is actually just a low-level weapon. Let me tell you that even swords made of advanced metal aren’t considered intermediate weapons. Don’t be fooled by him! Although Zone D doesn’t have good weapons, the price of this one should only be about 30 or 40 ash coins in Zone D at most. Anything higher is a scam. Go to the black market, there’s usually some that sell for 30 ash coins!”

“A high-grade metal knife can’t even count as an intermediate weapon?!!!” Bai Rong was surprised, “What kind of weapons can be considered intermediate weapons?!!!”

“The weapons in Zone D are too retrogressive. The regular weapons shops all sell low-level weapons. If you want to know about intermediate weapons, go to the black market or try entering Zone C. Although most of the weapons sold in the C Zone are also prefecture-level weapons, there are also a small number of intermediate weapons sold.”

Bai Rong’s eyes lit up and he eagerly asked, “Then can you tell me what the intermediate weapons are like?!”

“Sure…” The red-haired man chuckled, enjoying Bai Rong’s gaze, “Intermediate weapons are…”


“Pi’en, why are you here again! Didn’t I tell you to wait at the tool shop?!!!” A short-haired woman suddenly rushed into the shop, grabbed the red-haired man by the ears, “You think of your sister’s words as farts, don’t you?!!!”

“Ow-, sister, sister….gentler, I was wrong, I was wrong, can you please let me off……” The red-haired man grimaced in pain, “I didn’t want to see this little brother getting cheated so I ran over in chivalry……

“‘Let off’ my ass, you’re going back with me!” The short-haired woman didn’t even glance at the others, twisting the red-haired man’s ears as they left.

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“Mbkp kp yzps qsavu.”

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“Tso nswze vbyv cl?!” Mbl pyzlprlapsd’p lulp talo okel yde bl yzxspv fwxrle wr, “Rv’p yv zlypv pkmvu!!!”

“Mbld pkmvu kv kp.” Jyk Ssdt vssj swv y bwdeale ypb nskdp yde rzynle kv sd vbl nswdvla, “Zsw nyd nswdv kv.”

Stunned by Bai Rong’s sudden action, the salesperson opened his mouth, and a trace of annoyance flashed across his face. If he didn’t know that he was provoked just now, he would’ve been a stupid bear!


Not knowing what to say, the man counted the ash coins in annoyance and put them in his pockets, “Fine, leave quickly! But you can’t tell how much you spent on my shop, I still have to do business.”

“I know, you can rest assured.” Bai Rong happily stuffed the bow and quiver into Kuku’s arms, and then watched Mu Chongyan put away the machete, “Chongyan, do you think this knife is okay?”

“It’s not bad.” Mu Chongyan rubbed Bai Rong’s head with a smile, and said, “Let’s go.”

“Wait a minute…” Lu Kun spoke suddenly, placing ash coins onto the counter, “Boss, I also want this machete, here, forty ash coins.”

Boss: “……”


Just before the boss was angered into kicking them out, the gang finally left with the weapons they bought, and then went to the tool shop and bought a few bundles of ropes made of special materials.

After buying the rope, Bai Rong still had fifty-one ash coins left in his small purse. He felt that the remaining money was considerable. He should buy some delicious treats to reward the hardworking Chongyan and Kuku, so he stopped by the dessert shop and spent five ash coins to buy a box of cake.

Although it was expensive, Bai Rong didn’t feel pain at all when he thought of buying it for his wife and younger brother. As soon as he got home, he quickly took out a fruit knife and cut the cake in half, and then picked two beautiful plates and carefully placed the pieces on top without the slightest damage to the decorations.

When Bai Rong came out carrying the cake, Mu Chongyan had already changed his clothes and had gone to take a shower. Kuku had also ran back to his bedroom. As such, he could only put the two cakes on the table first, and wait for the both of them to come out.

The two moved very quickly. Twenty minutes later, Bai Rong waited for the two in the living room, and quickly pulled the two of them, pushing each piece of cake to Mu Chongyan and Kuku respectively.

“Chongyan, Kuku, you guys have a taste…”


Seeing Bai Rong’s eyes brightly at him, Mu Chongyan, who had no interest in desserts, also had raised expectations. He smiled softly and rubbed Bai Rong’s hair, then picked up the spoon, dug out a small piece of cake, putting it in his mouth.

“Is it delicious?” Bai Rong looked up at Mu Chongyan and swallowed silently.

The inferior cream aroma and the cake that was not soft, slowly melted away in the mouth yet Mu Chongyan unexpectedly found it delicious. He looked at Bai Rong, who looked like an excited and reserved gluttonous little cat, and the corners of his lips rose up to form a gentle smile, “En…it’s delicious.”

“That’s great!” Bai Rong’s eyes curved as he smiled, then he looked at Kuku, “Kuku…what do you think?”

“It’s delicious.” Kuku nodded as well even though he was not very keen on food.

But since his brother bought it for him, it was always delicious!

Bai Rong smiled more happily, revealing two cute canines, feeling more satisfied than eating it himself.

“Come… try it.” Mu Chongyan dug out a spoonful of cake and suddenly stuffed it into Bai Rong’s mouth, and asked softly. “Is it delicious?”

Suddenly feeling the taste of sweet cream filling his mouth. Bai Rong was startled, but before his brain issued a command, his mouth moved on its own.

Mmm…sweet and soft…delicious.

Although the taste couldn’t compare to Dizhi’s strawberry honey milk cake…, but this was fed to him by his wife himself, so it was incomparable and delicious!!

Seeing his Little Sweet Cake narrow his eyes in satisfaction, and his white cheeks bulging like a kitten obtaining dried fish, Mu Chongyan felt his heart turn soft, so he dug another spoonful of cake and delivered it to Bai Rong’s mouth.


Bai Rong subconsciously opened his mouth and ate it, but suddenly remembered that he had bought it for his wife. A trace of red flashed across his face. He quickly grabbed the spoon and dug a spoonful to feed Mu Chongyan.

“Chongyan…you eat too.”

“Ok…” Mu Chongyan opened his mouth, and the smile in his eyes was so gentle, “It’s delicious…”

Kuku looked at the two who mutually fed each other and snorted with anger, digging a large spoonful of the plate, and stuffing it coarsely into his mouth.

That playboy sure was completely unscrupulous, he could even take advantage of his brother while eating cake, it was simply maddening!

The problem was that his brother was also stupid, he was still happy after being taken advantage of!

After Bai Rong ate the cake, he ran off to take a bath while Mu Chongyan took advantage of this time to find Lu Kun.

“Is the entrance to the underground fighting arena you mentioned yesterday in the black market?”

“Yeah…” Lu Kun nodded, “Are you still insistent on going?”

“Yes, where is the black market, do you know?”

“I’m not clear about the details but I heard that the entrance seems to be in the largest entertainment mall, so there are a lot of staff there who know, you can just go and ask.” Lu Kun looked at Mu Chongyan, “The black market is open 24 hours a day, but the underground fighting arena usually starts late at night.”

“Alright, I understand.” Mu Chongyan nodded and turned back to the living room.


Bai Rong had already taken a shower and had returned to the room, wiping his hair with a towel.

“Rongrong…” Mu Chongyan’s voice suddenly came from the door, “Can I come in?”

“Sure, Chongyan, come in.”

Mu Chongyan opened the door and closed it gently. He then walked to the stool in front of Bai Rong and sat down, “Rong Rong, I have something to discuss with you.”

“What’s the matter?” Bai Rong stopped his movements and looked somewhat blankly at the slightly serious-looking Mu Chongyan.

Mu Chongyan took the towel naturally and wiped Bai Rong’s hair.

“It’s nothing particularly important, I just wanted to tell you, how about we go to Zone C in a week?”

“Zone C?” Bai Rong was taken aback, “Are we going so soon?”

That meant they would have to waste half a month of rent. It was non-refundable!

“En, I did the calculations and if we take on the mission of the third-level monster every day, the machete that I just bought will be scrapped after about a week, and it will be a pitfall to buy it again. It’s better to go to Zone C where the weapons are better and more cost-effective.”

“…” Bai Rong thought for a while, and found that the sooner they went to Zone C, the more cost-effective it would be. After all, weapons were a considerable expense, so he nodded in accord. “Okay…”

“Great.” Mu Chongyan raised the corners of her lips, his actions becoming softer. Of course, his proposal was not only because the earlier they went to Zone C, the more cost-effective it would be, but it was also because he was afraid that the longer they stayed in Zone D, the higher the chances of his Little Sweet Cake discovering him fighting in the underground ring.

Mu Chongyan’s movements were extremely gentle, and the palms of his hands were still warm. Bai Rong soon began to yawn in comfort, his head nodding off. Mu Chongyan gently held the back of his head and leaned it against his abdomen.

While Mu Chongyan dried Bai Rong’s hair, Bai Rong was already asleep, laying his head on Mu Chongyan’s abdomen. The expression in Mu Chongyan’s eyes became more tender, and he slightly bent over to carry Bai Rong, placing him gently on the bed.

Mu Chongyan unfolded the quilt beside him, gently covering Bai Rong. He then tenderly dropped a kiss on Bai Rong’s forehead, a smile hanging on his lips.

“Good night, wishing my Little Sweet Cake to quickly grow taller…”

Seeing Bai Rong dazedly rubbing his face against his pillow and falling deep asleep, Mu Chongyan turned and left, closing the door carefully.

Mu Chongyan walked to the living room and said to Lu Kun who was just about to lie down. “Lu Kun, I am going to take a look at that fighting arena now, shall we go together?”

Lu Kun’s eyes flashed with a faint light and he thought for a while before finally nodding.


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