Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 87.2 The Strongest Wife (2)

In the absence of weapons and tools, the difficulty of capturing the beasts alive was quite high.

The two juvenile male firetooth beasts quickly ran to the group of people, with angry roars in their throats, and blood-red eyes gleaming fiercely.

Mu Chongyan picked up a stone and threw it, accurately hitting the left eye of the firetooth beast on the east side. The firetooth beast raised its head and roared, feeling both pain and anger, leaping on its hind limbs.

Mu Chongyan held a machete across his chest, and did not hide or avoid when the firetooth beast rushed, so he pressed the sword against its pair of fangs, and then kicked out his right leg abruptly, sending the beast flying.

In the next instant, the machete was completely broken into three pieces.


Before the firetooth beast got back to its feet again, Mu Chongyan leapt quickly and rode on top of it, quickly strangling the firetooth beast’s neck with his left hand, and clenching his right hand, punching the head of the beast constantly.

After more than a dozen punches, Mu Chongyan reduced his strength upon seeing the beast struggle less.

“Chongyan, tie it up first.” Bai Rong quickly took out a rope and ran over.

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“Gal usw kdfwale?!!!” Jyk Ssdt zssjle yv Nw Iwd’p yax, yde iwknjzu vssj swv y nzlyd vsolz, “Twaau wr yde vkl kv wr vs pvsr vbl czsse qzsokdt.”

“Eykv y xkdwvl.” Yw Ubsdtuyd pweeldzu pyke, “R byhl y valyvxldv elhknl. Rv xktbv cl wplqwz vs vau kv.”

“Treatment device?!” Lu Ya, who was originally worried, appeared shocked in an instant. “That treatment device that is more expensive than a mechanical car?!!! A low-level small treatment device costs 30,000 ash coins! When did you buy it, Brother Mu?!!!”


“I brought it from the star region we originally came from. I can’t tell how it would work here. After all, when it was designed, we didn’t take into account the radiation particles and other factors here.” Mu Chongyan took out a silver flat metal box that was the size of his palm, and pressed the button twice. A green light was immediately projected from one side of the box.

Mu Chongyan aimed at Lu Kun’s arm and irradiated it for a full minute and a half before the wound slowly healed.

“This, this is too… too amazing!!!” Lu Ya was already surprised that he couldn’t close his mouth.

This treatment device…must be intermediate or even advanced level, right?!!!

On the other hand, Mu Chongyan was not very satisfied. This miniature treatment device was developed by Ma’er. If they were in Sheng Ya, it was enough to cure the wounds Lu Kun had within ten seconds. In here, it actually took a full minute and a half, which showed that the efficiency certainly had lowered.

“Thank you.” Lu Kun was shocked and grateful.

Making good friends with Bai Rong and Mu Chongyan was perhaps the best thing he had ever done.

“There’s no need for thanks.” Mu Chongyan put away the treatment device, and once again held down the two faintly struggling firetooth beasts, looking at Bai Rong’s distressed little eyes, he wanted to laugh, and said with a smile, “Oh no…… There’s four new holes.”

Bai Rong cast a puffed look at Mu Chongyan, his eyes filled with helplessness to his wife.

They had just bought it and used it for the first time, and now it had 8 holes. The damage rate was so high yet his wife was still smiling!

“Not good…” Bai Rong’s angry face suddenly changed, “Two more firetooth beasts are coming!”

“Go!” Mu Chongyan pulled Bai Rong into the cart, and then called Lu Ya as well. He then pressed the struggling firetooth again, and said to Lu Kun and Kuku, “I’m going to have to trouble you two to pull a little quicker.”


“En, no problem.” Lu Kun said and held a lever with Kuku on the other side, dashing off quickly.

Under Bai Rong’s real-time reports throughout the whole process, the group of people rushed out of the gathering place of the firetooth beast.

Four hours later, the group returned to the safe zone.

The sky was getting dark, and Bai Rong decided to go to the mercenary guild first to hand in the task, and to raise the level of the mercenary group by one.

The level of the mercenary group was determined according to the difficulty of the task and the level of the mutant beast paid. For example, if a mercenary group pays an x-level advanced level mutant beast to the mercenary guild, and completes at least two x-level advanced level mutant beast missions in a month, they could register as an x-level mercenary group but if they wished to maintain this level, they must pay the same level advanced level mutant beast of this level and complete at least two similar missions each month.

The firetooth beast was one of the three third-level advanced mutant beasts, and Bai Rong and the others planned to pay one firetooth beast. The remaining firetooth beasts happened to be able to complete task one and three, so their tough guy mercenary group could register as a third-level mercenary regiment!

The group couldn’t help but appear a bit happier as they hurried to the mercenary guild.

After handing over the mission requirements in the guild and paying the extra firetooth beast to the mercenary guild, the tough guy mercenary group was finally officially promoted to becoming the eleventh third-level mercenary group in zone D. At the same time, Bai Rong’s mercenary level had also been upgraded to third-level!

And, according to the rule that members of the group one level lower than the group leader shall not exceed 30% of the total number of group members, Mu Chongyan and Lu Kun were promoted to second-level mercenaries.

Speaking of this, Bai Rong felt a little guilty towards Kuku, but if it wasn’t Kuku, then it could only be Lu Kun. After all, if Mu Chongyan and Kuku’s level were raised, Lu Kun and Lu Ya’s level wouldn’t and even if they didn’t have any objections, Bai Rong would probably feel a little uncomfortable.

But Kuku didn’t mind that much. Although mercenaries wouldl get some privileges when they upgrade their ranks, such as ash coins reduction or exemption, his brother has always paid for his ash coins, so even if he cared a little, he only cared about his brother giving Lu Kun the quota because that would mean his brother would be the one paying more and the one who would be suffering more was his brother!

Feeling Kuku’s sensibility, Bai Rong decided to buy a good weapon for Kuku, it has to be at least better than the quality of the black handcart!


After handing in the two tasks, Bai Rong had one hundred and sixty-five ash coins in his hand. According to Lu Kun’s proposed 80-20 split, Bai Rong gave 33 ash coins to Lu Kun.

There were still 132 ash coins left, adding it to the original 26 he had, Bai Rong had a total of 158.

“Kuku, Chongyan, let’s go to the weapon shop.” Bai Rong looked at the two of them, and said with a face that seemed to say, “Let me spend money for you! Let me spend money for you!”

“Okay……” Mu Chongyan smiled and rubbed Bai Rong’s hair, “Let’s pick out a weapon.”

Kuku snorted secretly and pursed his lips. His brother obviously wanted to buy him a weapon the most!

The group went to a small arms shop and was dazzled by all kinds of weapons, but in the end they chose a jet-black machete and an exquisite black bow.

“This is the second best weapon in our shop. This machete is made of intermediate metal, which can withstand the fangs of the firetooth beast. It only costs 80 ash coins, which is very cheap!”

“Such a thin piece costs eighty ash coins?!” Bai Rong frowned, “You aren’t digging a pit for me, are you!”

Although the metal handcart was made of low-grade black metal, it weighed more than one ton and was enough to make several thousand machetes, costing only 100 ash coins. Meanwhile, the price of this intermediate black metal shouldn’t be so different!

“Brother, this is intermediate black metal, of course it’s going to be expensive.” The salesperson smiled, “Intermediate metal is priceless in Zone D. This is already a bargain.”

“Don’t lie. The same kind of intermediate black metal only costs a dozen ash coins in Zone C, you guys are too corrupt!” A man suddenly interjected. Bai Rong turned his head and realized that it was the same red-haired man he had seen in the mission hall before.

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