Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 88.1 A tough guy who knew how to protect his privacy (1)

Mu Chongyan and Lu Kun quietly left home and rushed to the largest entertainment mall in Zone D: Nuo Le Entertainment Mall.

It was said that Nuo Le Entertainment Mall was backed by the Huo La family, one of the three major families in Zone D, and the Huo La family is actually a branch of a large family in Zone B. That large family had a lot of power and its reaches were very long, monopolizing the entertainment industry in Zone C and Zone D.

However, that family didn’t have the ability to cover the sky with one hand in Zone B, it could only mutually restrict two other big families, presenting a three-legged situation. Moreover, the other two big families were a little disdainful of that family, thinking that it spent too much money on entertainment to get on the table. The two big families mainly spent their energy and financial resources on weapons and martial arts.

After hearing Lu Kun reveal this information, Mu Chongyan narrowed his eyes slightly. The news seemed to be orderly at first hear, but it was obviously problematic.

This family not only opened an entertainment mall in Zones C and D, but also opened a low-level black market in the mall, and even opened an underground fighting arena. The latter two were not simple at all, and the other two families probably knew everything but hadn’t taken any obvious action. There were only two possibilities. One was that they felt that the situation was completely controllable, so they didn’t care about it, and the other was that they actually wanted to manage it, but for some reason, they couldn’t control it at the moment.


However, these two reasons had nothing to do with him at present. He only needed to compete in a few rounds, save a few thousand ash coins, and get something for his Rongrong.

After chatting with the front desk of the mall, Mu Chongyan put down five ash coins and was led by a young woman through a gloomy “staff channel”. After going through many winding paths, they finally arrived at an open place with crowded streets.

“The underground fighting arena is at the innermost part of 11th Street in the black market, you’ll know when you go.” The woman guiding them, looked at Mu Chongyan and sighed secretly in pity.

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The two exchanged a glance, and measured Mu Chongyan with a trace of contempt in their eyes.


Although the person in front of them looked tall, he was not the tallest. There were many people who were more than two meters tall in the arena, and the muscles of those people looked more terrifying than theirs. This man…would probably be mercilessly crushed as soon as he gets on stage.

If this person relied on concealed tricks and hidden weapons… then maybe he’d stand a chance but….that didn’t seem to be the case at all…

Seeing that the two of them continued to measure Mu Chongyan but not speak, Lu Kun handed over the twenty ash coins he was carrying, “Requesting brothers to give more pointers.”

Upon seeing this, the two smiled. They accepted the ash coins and said, “Okay, if you want to go up the ring, this brother will take you in.”

Since you want to die so much, these brothers won’t stop you.

One of the men stayed behind while the other led the two of them forward, talking as they walked, “The arenas here are divided into three levels, ten low-level arenas, three intermediate arenas, and one advanced arena. If you want to participate, you have to start from the low-level ring. After winning ten consecutive games, you can go to the intermediate ring. Similarly, if you win ten consecutive games, you can go to the advanced ring. Do you see it? That’s one of the low-level rings.”

Following the direction the man was pointing to, Mu Chongyan happened to see a tall and strong square-faced man holding a slightly thin man’s arm with a malevolent smile. Raising his knee fiercely, he broke the man’s arms and grasped the neck of the howling man. He was about to throw him out of the ring but in the next instant, his eyes grew wide in horror as a dart suddenly penetrated his throat out of nowhere and he fell down with a bang.

“Do you see it, that’s the lowest-level ring…” The man smiled, “How about it, are you still going to fight?”

“I am.” Mu Chongyan’s face remained unchanged, “Can I dare ask how the division of profits is calculated?”

“It depends on the situation.” The man was a little surprised, inwardly sneering at Mu Chongyan’s ignorance. He paused and said, “Under normal circumstances, the low-level ring is 30%, the intermediate ring is 40%, and the advanced ring is 50% or even higher but don’t think it’s 20% less.” The man pointed to a screen, “In the fight just now, the final odds of the man who won were 2.3 to win, 3.3 to tie, and 1.2 to lose. Only forty people voted for him to win, there was no tie, but there were more than 300 losing voters. In the previous round, the dealer dug out the principal and winnings to the winners, and netted more than 6,000 ash coins. That man was able to obtain 1200 ash coins. What do you think, isn’t it a lot…”

“It’s a lot.” But definitely not by much. Mu Chongyan raised his head and glanced around, only to see thousands of people going wild in the audience. They were either excited, angry or resentful, their faces red from yelling frantically at each arena, which made them appear even crazier than a maniac.

“The money these people put in may be considered big in the low and intermediate rings, but it’s not the same in advanced rings.” The man glanced contemptuously at the audience and pointed to the high place. “Do you see that box? The VIPs who cast a random vote pay tens of thousands of ash coins, but they usually only cast votes on advanced rings, so don’t even think about it.”


“How are the original odds calculated?” Mu Chongyan glanced at the box and withdrew his gaze, not a little bit surprised at all.

It was only five digits, was it a lot?

Thinking that Mu Chongyan was putting up a facade, the man sneered, “The original odds need to be estimated by the staff. For example, the original odds of the man just now were 1.3 to win and 3.0 to draw and 3.2 to lose. I think you’re about the same. If you want to know the specifics, just go and sign up, and the staff will estimate by then.”

The man pointed to a screen marked with a yellow “six”, his tone mocking, “Ring number six is

about to wrap up. There are only two groups left. You should sign up quickly and let me appreciate your superb martial skills.”

Mu Chongyan acted as if he didn’t hear anything and found a station marked with the number 3 nearby to sign up. There were also three groups of players in front of him which gave him enough time to observe the fights.

Seeing that Mu Chongyan had signed up without saying anything, Lu Kun suddenly felt regret. If something happened to Mu Chongyan, how was he supposed to break the news to Bai Rong?!

“Mu Chongyan…” Lu Kun sat next to Mu Chongyan, watching the miserable howling on the stage, blood splattering everywhere. He clenched his fists subconsciously, “Are you sure you want to compete?!”

“I am.” Mu Chongyan’s deep and dark eyes swept through the dozens of arenas ahead, and his heart quickly measured the moves and countermeasures shown.


Lu Kun suddenly stood up, walked to the betting place and cast a “win” bet for Mu Chongyan, and then walked back.

“Did you bet everything you have?” Mu Chongyan smiled when Lu Kun took out ten ash coins to place a bet, and patted Lu Kun on the shoulder, “I won’t let you suffer a loss.”

“Ok.” Lu Kun did not say that because the name he used “Mu Nan” sounded like a newcomer, there were only two people who voted for him to win on the betting set.


After all, the mortality rate of newcomers here was too high.

The three rounds on the third arena went by very quickly. Two of them were won by a muscular man, and one was won by a small crafty-looking man with his hidden darts. This was not to say that the first two people won so openly. Although the use of insidious tricks was allowed in the arena, there were restrictions set in place. The number of insidious tricks in each game was not allowed to exceed three. If more than three tricks were exceeded, the bonus share will be cancelled and a fine will be imposed. The three tricks of the two muscular men were used up as soon as they got on the arena so it was just luck that they happened to dodge the opponent’s dark dart, otherwise, the two wouldn’t have been able to win either.

“The next round of the sixth ring, the contenders: Lei Mande, Mu Nan.”

A coquettish female voice suddenly sounded, and Mu Chongyan stood up expressionlessly, walking down the steps towards the ring.

Lu Kun clenched his fists from behind.

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