Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 84.1 Awareness as a wife (1)

After the five people had breakfast, they rushed to the area where rumble beasts resided.

Bai Rong now had no problem walking for four or five hours in a row. Mu Chongyan had also quickly raised his limit due to his excitement yesterday, and could even run without much effort. Even though he still couldn’t run very quickly, the speed incomparable to when he moved at Shengya, fortunately, even after being able to run, with his originally strong combat power, it was more than enough to kill a rumble beast.

With the full fighting force of five people, seven hours later, twenty-one dead rumble beasts laid neatly in front of them.

Lu Ya’s eyes were shining brightly, his cheeks flushed with excitement, and finally he couldn’t stop himself from hiccuping madly.

Holy cow! He really didn’t expect that there would be a day where he thought rumble beasts were easy to hunt!!


Despite only being used as a stopgap.

Lu Kun was also shocked. He could see that Mu Chongyan was affected by the gravity and other factors here, and was sure that he hadn’t even used one percent of his original strength, but even so, he hunted rumble beasts with such ease that it made him feel incredulous.

He originally thought that Bai Ku was a rare genius, but now it seemed as if…Mu Chongyan’s aptitude and combat prowess were even more terrifying.

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“Jwv…” Jyk Ssdt qszzsole, zssjkdt wr yv Yw Ubsdtuyd, yde pyukdt okvb tldvzl nsdnlad, “Ubsdtuyd…Zsw byhld’v qwzzu yeyrvle vs vbl tayhkvu blal ulv, esd’v rwpb uswaplzq…..”

“Rv’p sjyu…” Yw Ubsdtuyd’p blyav qlzv pollv ulv pvwqqu. Tl awccle vbl vsr sq Jyk Ssdt’p byka okvb bkp svbla byde, yde pyke, “Zsw yde Nw Zy nyd blzr nzlya wr vbl asnjp kd vbl oyu. Mbkp oyu, ol nyd eayt vblx okvb lypl.”

“…Xjyu.” Jyk Ssdt alpktdle blzrzlppzu, yde iwknjzu bwaakle vs vbl qasdv, osajkdt okvb Nw Zy vs jknj vbl ckt yde pxyzz-pkgle pvsdlp swv sq vbl oyu qsa vblx vs eayt vbl awxczl clypvp vbaswtb.

“Txrb…” Iwjw pdsavle zktbvzu, yde ynnlzlayvle vbl eayttkdt prlle, bkp blye pzktbvzu aykple.

Mbkp tkydv oyp dsvbkdt prlnkyz, bl oyp sd rya okvb bkx obld kv nyxl vs jkzzkdt awxczl clypvp!

Yw Ubsdtuyd tzydnle yv Iwjw, obs oyp eayttkdt vbl clypvp okvbswv calyjkdt y polyv yde dyaasole bkp lulp.

Mbkp zkvvzl pvya rlv oyp ynvwyzzu nsxrzlvlzu wdyqqlnvle cu tayhkvu blal, yde nswze cakdt swv yzz vbl qktbvkdt pjkzzp bl bye zlyadle, bkp pvaldtvb oyp yzps yxygkdt. Gv vbkp xsxldv, bl oyp pzktbvzu pvasdtla vbyd bkx, yde oyp dsv y cye qktbvla.

However, as long as he got used to this place, the little star pet’s combat prowess wouldn’t be worth anything in his eyes.


While the sky was turning slightly dark, the five people transported the rumble beasts to the purchasing counter, attracting many people’s attention along the way. There were those who were jealous, and those who were envious. After all, the people who were able to hunt such a large number of rumble beasts eventually became mercenaries in the safe zone. Majority of the mutant beasts hunted were directly dragged back to the safe area for trading whereas here in the gray zone… a third-level mutant beast or a large number of second-level mutant beasts were extremely rare to see.

The person in the purchasing place was the same thin man whose nostrils flared when he looked at people. Upon seeing Mu Chongyan walk in, he put on a fake smile and prepared to make a mockery of him, but soon saw Mu Chongyan drag in seven rumble beasts. His eyes immediately grew wide and his face turned into the shade of pork liver.

“Lu Kun, Kuku, there’s no space left inside the room.” Bai Rong turned his head and yelled at the two people who had yet to enter the door.

Lu Kun handed the rope in his hand for Kuku to hold, walked in, and said directly to the man who appeared stupefied, “Manager Bi La, we’ve brought in twenty-one rumble beasts in total. Are you going to note it down?”

Seeing Lu Kun come over, the manager’s eyes lit up and he immediately put on a smiling face, walking out from behind the counter, “It turned out to be Lu Kun, what an amazing feat you have today, to have hunted so many rumble beasts all at once…”

“My friend helped.” Lu Kun glanced at Mu Chongyan, and saw that he didn’t have any intentions of interrupting, as such, he continued, “There’s seven inside the shop and fourteen outside. Please confirm it.”

“Ha…Haha, you never mentioned that you had such a friend before…” Seeing that the friend Lu Kun was referring to was actually the man he had “offended” before, Bi La couldn’t help but smile a little ugly. To be able to kill so many rumble beasts all at once would mean that he would have no problem entering the third-level mercenary group upon entering Zone D, and he had actually gone and offended him!

“What do you mean confirm? Just leave it outside and I’ll get someone to pull it later.” Bi La’s eyes squeezed into a fine line, and he smiled a little flatteringly, running to the counter to fetch sixty-five ash coins. He smiled and cast Mu Chongyan a glance, familiarly saying, “You brothers are great, to be able to make so much money quickly like those in the mercenary group…”

The muscles on Mu Chongyan’s face didn’t budge as he received the ash coins and handed it to Lu Kun before leaving, he didn’t even care about how much uglier the manager’s face contorted into behind him after seeing his response.

Lu Kun was stunned for a while, making a guess of what had happened, and after a quick count, he put two extra ash coins back on the counter, “Bi La, you gave us two extra coins, I’m giving it back.”

Since this Bi La had offended Mu Chongyan, and Mu Chongyan did not intend to use this to ease the relationship, there was no need for him to help build a bridge. Moreover… this Bi La had always been a stuck up person so he wasn’t really worth making friends with.

“These two ash coins were added only when I recalled how strong these grumbling beasts were, Lu Kun, what are you being polite for…” Although these words came out of Bi La’s mouth, a touch of resentment flashed across his heart due to the “ignorance” of the two.


“There’s no need for that. That would be embarrassing.” Lu Kun didn’t give Bi La a chance to persuade him and simply left the place.

Seeing Lu Kun coming out, Lu Ya rushed forward, “Brother, let’s go to the safe area tomorrow. I just saw two of Leillard’s subordinates sneaking past here. I suspect they’re going to rob us!”

“Alright…” Lu Kun agreed after thinking about it. The safety in the gray zone was too low, and the radiation was serious. If they stayed here for one more day, the physical damage Lu Ya received would only grow more serious. If it weren’t for the dark skies and dangerous night road, he would’ve led Lu Ya to the safe area by now.

“We gained sixty-three ash coins in total. Lu Ya and I will take 20, and the rest will go to you.” Lu Kun handed the bag of coins to Lu Ya, motioning for him to give to Bai Rong.

“Brother Bai Rong, don’t refuse this.” Lu Ya understood, and smiled, stuffing the bag into Bai Rong’s hand, and squeezing his wrist, “My brother and I have already benefited a lot today, you can’t refuse this!”

“But, this is too much…” Bai Rong couldn’t resist refusing for a while, and subconsciously looked at Mu Chongyan.

“It’s alright. Take it.” Mu Chongyan unintentionally pulled Lu Ya’s hand holding Bai Rong away, and pulled Bai Rong to his side. “Take it.”

Eighteen to twenty-four pieces were the amount he allocated for himself. This Lu Ya was quite a good person and his behavior was appropriate, truly a person worthy of his help.

“Okay…” Bai Rong nodded, pretending to put the bag in his arms, but actually putting it in his spatial button.

Adding the amount they earned today with yesterday’s, they had gathered a total of 52 ash coins which was not only enough to pay the entrance fee and overnight fee, with more than a dozen ash coins left,…they were able to rent a place to live in!

Watching his brother’s ambiguous interaction with a certain playboy, Kuku snorted in dissatisfaction.

Stupid brother, how could listen so obediently to that playboy’s every word. It really worried him to death!


After spending half an hour returning to the ash wooden house, Lu Ya happily cooked a large pot of vegetable paste and put enough lard before taking out the piece of salted bacon he had stashed for half a year, and cut it into pieces to stew, to celebrate that they were about to enter the safe area.

Bai Rong took out all the ash coins he had obtained in the past two days and put them in a light blue bag, which he then stuffed into the clothes sack. He then trotted to Mu Chongyan with his little baggage and with bright eyes, said, “Chongyan…this sack is for you.”

The family money must be given to the wife to handle! He was a tough guy who understood this familial philosophy!!

“What’s… in it?” Seeing Bai Rong look up at him obediently, Mu Chongyan lowered his head slightly and smiled softly, “Rongrong…this wouldn’t be all of your property, would it?”

“…I-It is…” Hearing Mu Chongyan call him like this again, Bai Rong’s ears turned red, his heart beating fast, and his hands clenched the little sack tightly.

They were clearly just ordinary words, but being uttered by Mu Chongyan’s magnetic voice…why did they make him feel strange…It was as if small paws were scratching at him…turning his ears hot…

“It really is all of your property…” Mu Chongyan was taken aback for a moment before his smile reached his eyes. His heart felt like a pot of golden syrup was boiling, sweet and bubbling.

His little sweet cake actually gave him all of his property to keep, showing that his position in the little sweet cake’s heart was very very high!!

Kuku and Lu Ya glanced at Mu Chongyan, who was smiling extremely brightly and softly, and one of them turned his head angrily with a “hmph” while the other covered his eyes and blushed.

“It’s better for Rongrong to take care of such precious things…” Mu Chongyan smiled and rubbed Bai Rong’s hair, “Don’t get me wrong, Rongrong, I didn’t agree because I don’t know how to manage finances, not because I didn’t want to. I was originally planning to put all my stuff in your bag as well…”

“…In my bag?” Bai Rong blinked.

“Yeah…I don’t know how to manage finances, and I can’t clean up very well. Can Rongrong help me?”


He spoke as if he was not the one who had grown 10 sets of real estate to 80 sets and sorted out things by the millimeter.

“…Okay, okay.” Bai Rong was taken aback for a moment before blushing and agreeing. Even though his and his wife’s roles were a bit reversed, it wasn’t important. Since his wife did not know how to manage finances, as a tough guy, he would take up the responsibility!

“Yeah…then I would like to thank Rongrong…” Mu Chongyan leaned down slightly and gently smoothed Bai Rong’s messy hair.

“No…no need for thanks.” Feeling the warm hand fiddling with his hair gently, Bai Rong’s small face flushed red, and he subconsciously held the little sack tighter.

Feeling the sweet and greasy atmosphere about to surround him, Lu Kun walked towards Lu Ya with a stiff face and unconsciously scooped up a bowl of mashed vegetables.

Lu Ya turned his head and glanced at him: “Brother…do you need help serving the rice? Okay, then quickly fill it up, I have to make the pancakes.”

Lu Kun: “… “

No, he just couldn’t stay where he initially was any longer.

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