Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 83.3 Bai from the word white birch, and Rong from the word banyan tree (3)

Mu Chongyan watched his Little Sweet Cake treat this Kuku so affectionately that his heart felt sour and angry, his posterior molars nearly getting grinded off.

Kuku watched his brother go out with the man without giving him a chance to speak, and clenched his quilt tightly, gritting his teeth.

Bai Rong and Mu Chongyan arrived at a place several meters away from the ash wooden house. After sweeping a look at the surroundings, seeing that there was no figure in sight, Bai Rong hesitantly spoke up, “Chongyan…I have something to tell you……”

Seeing his Little Sweet Cake look nervous and antsy, Mu Chongyan raised a hand and gently settled it on Bai Rong’s shoulder, soothing him, “What’s the matter? Tell me.”

“I… “As soon as Bai Rong opened his mouth, his heart started to beat uncontrollably quickly and he immediately swallowed nervously, tightening the hold of his clothes. “I… Can you promise not to get angry with me!”


“…I won’t get angry with you.” Although Mu Chongyan thought Little Sweet Cake’s words were a little strange, even sounding a little nervous, it was impossible for him to get angry with Little Sweet Cake, this was of no doubt.

“I…” Bai Rong gritted his teeth fiercely, opened his eyes wide and stared at Mu Chongyan as if he were betting all his luck. In fact, his voice was even trembling nervously, “Chongyan, I …I’m actually not a little star pet, I’m a human!!!”


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“R’x dsv ydtau.” Jyk Ssdt pbssj bkp blye yde pvyale yv bkp vslp, “Jwv……es usw vbkdj…R’x hlau pvaydtl, hlau ycdsaxyz, sa hlau…”

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“Very very happy…..?” Bai Rong raised his small face and looked at Mu Chongyan with misty eyes.


“…En, I’m very very happy…” Being stared blankly by such dark, clear eyes, Mu Chongyan’s heart immediately melted into a puddle and he hated that he couldn’t give everything to his Little Sweet Cake to express his feelings, his voice exceedingly gentle, “My Little Sweet Cake is now an incomparably excellent young boy who can exceed in anything he does in the future. You don’t need to worry about being discovered by others and having your little pigtails grabbed onto(1)……” While saying this, Mu Chongyan rubbed the back of Bai Rong’s head, as if there really was a little pigtail there, and chuckled, “Tell me…why would I be unhappy?”

  1. To grab onto someone’s pigtail means to grab a shortcoming or evidence of wrongdoing

If he had learnt all of this when his Little Sweet Cake was still small, he might have been more worried. After all, humans who could shrink were even more rare than the little star pets who knew how to make cards, and the consequences of being discovered were far more dire, but now his little sweet cake had already grown taller, he naturally only felt happy….as well as fortunate.

Seeing Mu Chongyan look at him with serious and deep eyes, Bai Rong’s nervous heart gradually calmed down, and even… slowly became a little bit happy and shy, his eyes shifted around and his cheeks revealed a sweet and soft dimple, “Chongyan, you’re mistaken, I am not a young boy anymore, I’m already nineteen years old.”

“Nineteen years old?” Mu Chongyan rubbed Bai Rong’s head dotingly, “You silly fool… You’re still not an adult even at the age of nineteen, you can only become a young man after one year so there is no mistake that you are still a young boy…”

“…That’s right.” Mu Chongyan paused and said, “How did you shrink and run into that auction?”

“I don’t know.” Bai Rong shook his head, “I was originally doing an experiment when it suddenly exploded. By the time I came to, I had already shrunken down to that size and was lying inside the crystal glass case, that’s where I also met Kuku…”


“Yeah, Kuku’s the little star pet in the crystal glass case. He’s now my younger brother so you can’t bully him.”

“…Okay.” Mu Chongyan nodded, “I’ll do as you say and won’t bully him.”

“Great!” Bai Rong curved his eyes happily and revealed his two small canines, “Also… Chongyan, let me tell you that Kuku is amazing. I taught him how to drive a mecha, and he’s already learnt it well. Chongyan, you should treat Kuku as a human being. Don’t treat him as a star pet…”

“Okay…” Mu Chongyan couldn’t help feeling his heart sour a little, “I’ll listen to you, and treat him as a human being, specifically your little brother, okay?”

“Okay!” Bai Rong happily dug into Mu Chongyan’s arms,and rubbed against them gently, speaking in a sweet voice, “Chongyan, you are the best!”


The feeling of the young boy pouncing into his embrace was completely different to that of the little star pet leaping into his arms. Mu Chongyan’s face instantly burned, and a soft numb feeling immediately filled his chest. In the end, the feeling slipped into the depths of his heart, turning Mu Chongyan’s whole body completely stiff, and his ears scarlet red. He was just about to ask Little Sweet Cake where he had been conducting his experiments before, and whether he was a citizen of Sheng Ya until these thoughts fizzled out…

In his daze, Mu Chongyan looked into the distance, the thoughts in his mind chaotic. In the past, he was able to let Little Sweet Cake think of him as his lover or as a “wife”, but now…he couldn’t allow this to continue..

Little Sweet Cake was only nineteen years old, how could he understand what love truly was? He couldn’t let him go “astray”…

Completely unaware that he himself was just twenty and a half years old, and also not realizing the faint feeling of disappointment and reluctance of having resolved to correct the naive Little Sweet Cake “misconception”, Mu Chongyan patted Bai Rong’s shoulder lightly, “Alright… go back to sleep.”


Bai Rong nodded and rubbed his eyes. He was indeed a little sleepy, but after taking two steps, he turned around and said, “By the way, Chongyan…My name is Bai Rong. Don’t call me Little Sweet Cake tomorrow…”

“Bai Rong……” Mu Chongyan repeated these two words earnestly and gently, “Alright, which character for Bai and which character for Rong?”

“It’s Bai from the word white birch, and Rong from the word banyan tree.” Bai Rong yawned, “Also…tomorrow we are going to hunt rumble beasts, I’ve already saved some ash coins, and we’ll almost be able to save enough on the day after tomorrow. By then, we’ll be heading into the safe zone.

“…… I see.” Seeing that Bai Rong was really sleepy, Mu Chongyan didn’t ask how they had managed to save up so quickly, instead, he slowly stepped forward and said, “If you’re tired, go to sleep. “

Even though the thought of his Little Sweet Cake sleeping with another person still made him very upset, he still held it back because he knew that ‘that person’ was not a real person


The next day, the sky was still slightly dark when Mu Chongyan sat up with two dark circles under his eyes. He folded the bedding and quickly washed up in three minutes. He then poured the two cups of water he had saved into a small basin, and waited for Bai Rong to wake up, before handing it over to him.


“Little…” Mu Chongyan swallowed the words “Little Sweet Cake” that almost got blurted out and said softly, “Rongrong, this is for you to wash up with.”

He has such a close relationship with his Little Sweet Cake that calling him by the name “Bai Rong” sounded too estranged….Mu Chongyan thought confidently.

“That’s a lot of water!” Bai Rong’s ears turned red when he heard Mu Chongyan’s term of address for him, feeling a little shy, but upon laying eyes on the amount of water, his embarrassment flew straight into the clouds and he looked at Mu Chongyan with great surprise.

One should know that it had been two days since he had last washed his face properly. His Chongyan was really virtuous and caring!

Lu Ya opened his eyes in a daze, and seeing the blinding image of the two people early in the morning, he let out a groan and buried his head under the quilt.

He had a hunch that such “tragic” days would be happening more and more in the future…

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