Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 84.2 Awareness as a wife (2)

The group of people ate a hearty supper before washing up respectively and preparing to rest. Mu Chongyan stood beside the laid bedding, and suddenly noticed a ray of light flashing from the outside. His gaze immediately turned cold and he picked up a bent knife, walking to the door of the house.

Bai Rong and the others also saw Mu Chongyan’s movements, and their complexions changed in unison.

Bai Rong walked lightly to Mu Chongyan’s side, his ears pricking up in attention. A soft sound came from outside the door and Bai Rong’s eyes flashed. A moment later, he gestured the number “8” to Mu Chongyan.

While they were hunting the rumble beast, it was then he had learnt of Bai Rong’s extremely keen perception. Mu Chongyan had no doubt about Bai Rong’s judgment, and motioned him to step back, putting his right hand on the doorknob lightly.

Making a gesture to Lu Kun and Kuku, Mu Chongyan’s eyes grew deep, and he quickly opened the door. In the next instant, the machete in his hand flew out, landing precisely  in the center of the brows of a square-faced man!


“Bang.” Before a miserable howl could even be uttered, the square-faced man fell backwards to the ground.

“Lu…Lu Manda!!!” The rest of the people were frightened by the sudden change, and immediately revealed a cruel expression, “Brothers, charge——!!!”

The remaining seven people viciously surrounded them. Lu Ya took out a torch, shining the golden-red light on the faces of these seven people, illuminating their twisted malice clearly.

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“Tdt…Tdtt Yladtt..,Tdtt Ylanu… Vzlypl..zldt xl ts…”

“Rq usw jsovso sdl xsal vkxl, R’x tskdt vs jkzz usw.”

“Ah no… no no no…” The man quickly stopped his movements, his face pale, “I won’t… kowtow anymore…”


“I’m going to ask, you’re going to answer. If you do well, we won’t kill you. Also, if you dare scream for help, I will immediately end your life.” Mu Chongyan looked heartlessly at the person on the ground with no warmth in his eyes.

“…I’ll say it…I’ll say it! I’ll say everything…”

Seeing the person nod desperately, Mu Chongyan motioned to Lu Kun to take the cloth out of his mouth. Lu Kun reached his hand out in disgust, and pulled out the dirty cloth.

“Who instructed you to come?”

“It was L-… Leillard.” The man sat on the ground tremblingly. He raised his eyes quickly and glanced, and found that even if he yelled desperately for help, there was no hope of escaping. His whole face was completely ashen, and he answered honestly with his shoulders drooped down in gloom.

“What did Leillard say, where is he now?”

“Lei… Leillard only said that he was going to give each of us five ash coins after we’ve done the job, and all the remaining ash coins will be given to Lu Manda. …..” The man glanced at the corpse of the square-faced man lying not far away, and shivered, “…Leillard…is in zone D of the safe zone. But I heard that… he seems to have climbed up to a family in zone D, and that family regards him very highly, it’s…likely for him to be taken to zone c.”

“Family?” Mu Chongyan’s eyes grew cold, “Which family?!”

“I don’t know about this… I only know that that family is one of the three major families in Zone D…” See Mu Chongyan’s face darken, the man immediately laid on the ground crying and begging, “Please… please forgive me, forgive me… I will never dare to hurt others anymore…”

“I can forgive you.” Mu Chongyan raised his eyes slightly, and looked at the man, “What is your name?”

The man was overjoyed, and quickly kowtowed again, he then recalled the words this terrifying man said and hurriedly stopped himself, saying with a pale face, “M…My name is Meng Ge.”

Mu Chongyan looked at the corpses on the ground and told Meng Ge, “Go find a place to bury these corpses. You can take whatever is on the corpses, but the corpses must be buried. If it is not completed by tomorrow morning, you…”


“I’ll do it!” A touch of happiness appeared in the depths of Meng Ge’s eyes and his face immediately became lax as he quickly promised, “I can finish it!”

Lu Mande and their group had originally dug holes ahead of time and were waiting for their corpses to be buried. He only needed to pull the corpses over, and bury them. The only difficult part would be shovelling the soil back but at any rate, he could temporarily keep his life…

Seeing that Meng Er promised refreshingly quickly, Mu Chongyan sneered, and the machete in his hand flew out immediately, hitting Meng Er’s throat!

“…You!!” Meng Er’s eyes grew wide, and he looked at Mu Chongyan in disbelief. He fell down on the ground and took his last breath.

Lu Kun looked at Mu Chongyan feeling a little surprised, but a little relieved, “…I thought you were going to let him go.”

“I was going to let him go if he hadn’t acted so obviously.” Mu Chongyan’s eyes grew colder, “Since they have already dug the pits for us, it means they must’ve made up their minds to kill us. Naturally, we can’t let any of them remain alive.”

“Then what should we do now?” Bai Rong looked at the corpses, his face a little pale. They couldn’t sleep in the house under such a situation.

“Lu Kun and I will dispose of the corpses, you, Lu Ya and Kuku should go home first.” Mu Chongyan looked at Bai Rong, his voice growing soft.

“I’ll go too!!”

“No, Lu Kun and I are enough. The more people there are, the more traces will be left.” Mu Chongyan rubbed Bai Rong’s hair, “Be good, you three should take care of the house. We will be back soon.”


“Brother, let them go.” Kuku pulled Bai Rong’s arm, “They’ll be back soon.”


“Ok.” Lu Kun also added, “I know a place nearby where you can hide the bodies, so we’ll be back in about two hours.”

“That’s…… ” Bai Rong looked at Mu Chongyan’s unyielding gaze and reluctantly nodded, “Then be careful…”

“Yeah.” Mu Chongyan pushed Bai Rong back to the house, “Go back quickly, we’ll settle everything soon. “


Bai Rong sat on the bed with worry and resentment on his face. After being strictly guarded by Kuku and obstructed from going out, his last plan to sneak away was completely destroyed. In fact, he didn’t quite understand why Mu Chongyan wouldn’t let him go, he had the keenest senses so if someone were to attack them, he could detect it in advance and give them a forewarning.

On the other side, Mu Chongyan and Lu Kun dragged all the corpses away quickly for disposal, and then changed their clothes outside. Fortunately, most of the people only had a wound on their necks so the amount of blood spilled was not much, making it easy for them to handle.

“I thought you were going to bring Bai Rong with you. After all, his perception is very useful.” Lu Kun looked at Mu Chongyan’s figure and suddenly said.

“Then you thought wrong.” Mu Chongyan looked at the ash wooden house that grew close with a gentle touch in his eyes, “Doing this is too dangerous and tiring. It’s even terrifying to some people. How could I bring him? Why didn’t you take Lu Ya?”

“Lu Ya’s too weak, he’ll only be in the way.”

“Even if he’s weak, he can still move a few corpses.”

“….” Lu Kun suddenly became tongue-tied, “it’s not the same.”

If Lu Ya also had such a keen sense of perception, he would probably take Lu Ya…..probably…..


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