Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 77.1 That Little Star Pet (1)

“!!!” Dross suddenly stiffened, turning his head to look at Emperor Luo Ersi stiffly, “Father, I…”

“What are you guys hi-…cough cough….. You cough cough cough cough…” The emperor suddenly started coughing violently, his imposing and cold appearance scrunching in pain, thick blood leaking out the corners of his lips.

“Father!!!” Dross immediately kneeled down in panic, taking out a medical instrument to treat the emperor, his dark and sooty eyes turning slightly red, “Weren’t you fine earlier? How could you…father, father, how are you feeling right now?!!”

“Dross.” A fishy taste surged from the emperor’s throat, his vision turning blurry. He tried to suppress the piercing pain striking all his organs. He lifted his eyes, looking deeply at Dross, “What are you guys…hiding from me…?!”

“Father, it’s a long story. Right now, you urgently need to be examined and treated. Let me first take you back to the royal…”


“Tell me!” The emperor’s voice turned sharp, years of suppressed and accumulated anger rendering Dross frozen.

“At once!!”

“I…” Dross lowered his eyes. He opened his mouth slightly, and quickly turned on his computer, sending Mu Chongyan a message.

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“You did a good job. What punishment are you talking about? Continue invading their program!”



Mu Chongyan re-opened the communication window with Dross, deleted all the words just now, and typed a few lines quickly, “You can say it, but be wary of any ears. Also: the usage of the vod drug is….”

Now that he couldn’t conceal his physical constitution anymore, after today’s battle, those forces will surely learn that his aptitude hasn’t degraded, rather, it broke through a  higher level. Moreover, Du Han has already managed to find the lair of those forces so there was no need to keep it a secret. Right now, he wasn’t afraid of keeping his identity a secret and letting those forces detect any key information, he was only afraid that he wouldn’t be able to thoroughly annihilate them into a million pieces!

After Mu Chongyan sent the message, he drove the mech towards the location Du Han had sent him hastily, breaking through seven or eight mechs who were blocking the road in the blink of an eye. He acted fiercely and swiftly, the blood-soaked mech appearing like the King of Hell taking lives. The people on the ground only saw a dark blue mech stained with blood, flashing through the air, leaving only a silhouette behind and the mechs who were causing havoc, throwing bombs around had all been quickly struck back, flying mid-air whereas the mechs who had been on the defense had turned into scraps of iron.

….On the other hand, after turning off the computer, Dross carried the emperor to the recovery cabin of a medium-sized aircraft to temporarily alleviate the emperor’s injuries. Then, he ordered the people to quickly rush back to the palace.

“Dross, are you still not going to say it?”

“I’m going to say it but…Father, this information is critical at this time so I can’t expose this matter now.” Dross glanced at the person piloting the aircraft ten meters away.

The emperor leaned weakly against the side of the recovery cabin, feeling his physical condition decline rapidly. He closed his eyes slightly and said, “It’s alright, Meng Te can be trusted.”


“Meng Te knows everything that has happened before and after your dad’s accident. You can have complete faith in him. In the future… if anything happens to me, he will assist you on my behalf, by then, you would..”

“Father, what are you saying!” Dross’s eyes had turned red as he clutched onto the recovery cabin, “You’ll be fine. Third brother has given me a drug that can definitely treat you!”

“Why in the world are you calling him third brother…..?!”


“It’s because…” Dross’s eyes grew red with rage, his knuckles turning white, “Because Mu Chongyan is my real brother and your biological son whereas Fen Ya is a fake!!!”

“What did you say?!!!”

Emperor Luo Ersi’s pupils promptly shrank, his eyes flashed with a hint of redness. His sharp and stern eyes stared fixated at Dross, like a wild beast lying in guard of its territory, waiting for a chance to land a fatal blow.

“Say that again!!!”

A strong pressure suddenly burst out from Luo Ersi, turning his body stiff. Dross took two seconds to recover his expression and bore the emperor’s invasive and cold gaze, hardening his resolve and saying, “Father, Mu Chongyan is my third brother, he’s the child dad tried to protect desperately!!!”


Dross looked at his father’s red eyes and gritted his teeth, taking out a report from the spatial button, and continuing, “A few days ago, I personally saw third brother bring out this report, and also personally tested and compared third brother’s genes with mine. The result proved that he is my biological brother! Fen Ya’s genes were forged based on the template of third brother’s genes. Even though I’m unaware of how they were able to obtain forging technology, I believe in third brother and I also believe in myself. Moreover, I still remember that when I was young, dad clearly said that he was going to give me a little brother, but it suddenly became a little sister. Dad also had an accident in the third month when the embryos had been cultivated to the point one could tell the gender from the outside!!! But now, that poisonous woman who harmed dad, harmed younger brother and even harmed you is still residing in the palace, posing as the third princess!!!”


Assuming that his father was still defending Fen Ya, Dros couldn’t help but feel a little angry. At the same time, he thought it was unfair to his third brother. He lowered his head, the corner of his lips showing a self-deprecating smile. He clenched his fist, causing blue veins on his arm to pop out, unaware that the emperor’s condition was gradually declining

“Father, you probably don’t know of this but third brother was injected with the virus by the force that planned all of this more than a month ago. That virus turned third brother’s constitution into a waste without his knowledge! If third brother hadn’t taken the risk of dying and consumed the drug that would destroy the cells of the whole body, even if he hadn’t been murdered to death by that force, he would’ve still been taken away by them to be experimented on…In that case, wouldn’t death have been a better option! You can’t deny third brother’s existence just to protect that snake Fen….Father!!!”

A mouth of blood suddenly spurted out, landing beside his feet, and upon seeing this, Dross’s complexion changed drastically. He raised his head abruptly, only to find that the emperor’s complexion was ashen as he laid inside the recovery cabin, the corner of his lips containing traces of blood.

“Fa-…Father…” Dross rushed to the side of the emperor, panicking incessantly. Self-blame and regret instantly overwhelmed him, his voice trembling, “Father…I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said those things, don’t be angry…”


“D…ross…” The emperor slowly raised his head, his voice weak, “Why do you think… Mu Chongyan… refused to tell me this early on…?”

Dross was taken aback, thinking that his father might still suspect Mu Chongyan. He explained subconsciously. “Father, don’t, don’t be angry… Third brother has his reasons for not telling you. When there was no evidence to prove that Fenya was a fake, third brother’s statement wouldn’t be of much use even if he spoke the truth. His identity as a prince can’t be revealed and he also can’t stay for long in the palace, otherwise, this would only alert the enemy. If those forces knew that third brother had cracked his genetic disguise, they would definitely come up with more ways to scheme against third brother. If that were the case, wouldn’t it be better for third brother to conceal his strength and confuse the enemy as to allow him to investigate those forces more safely…”

“Moreover… now that we are in this situation, it seems that what third brother had done was the right thing. We also can’t guarantee if those forces have planted a spy within the royal family. At least…Fen Ya is one, so if third brother tells another person about his true identity, he will have to bear the risk of his secret being leaked out. It is too unwise, not to mention that even if the third brother has told us early on, we actually can’t even help much. As far as strength is concerned, third brother is an SSS-class mech warrior. He also has subordinates like the top medical genius Ma’er, Sheng Ya’s number one hacker Du Han, as well as some other capable comrades. So, he is actually bearing the least risk by hiding his identity. Not only will it be hard for those forces to realize that something is amiss, he could also easily sneak past their defenses and investigate….”

“That’s enough.” The emperor suddenly interrupted: “You don’t need to…explain on his behalf.”


The emperor glanced at Dross and though there remained dark lines in between his brows, his eyes also had a touch of imperceptible softness, mixed with unignorable guilt and self-blame, “Do I look like I’m an unreasonable person who doesn’t understand his reasons and would punish and not acknowledge him…”

“Father, you……?!” Dross was immediately rendered surprised by his words. He had just thought that…

“I believe…what you say…”

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