Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 77.2 That Little Star Pet (2)

The rapid recovery cabin healed the injuries on his body. After the wounds stopped bleeding, the emperor’s complexion looked a little better than before, no longer ashy and pale. However, he knew clearly that his body had completely deteriorated, certain that the recent meal he had, wasn’t imbued with some low-grade virus, but a virus that destroyed his internal organs. However, because it was taken orally, the virus’s effect did not spread very quickly…

“There was indeed something strange about the embryos back then…” The emperor subconsciously rubbed the pocket watch on his chest, his eyes filled with sorrow and a flash of ruthlessness and he uttered each and every word slowly, “In the beginning, because Sheng Mu Hospital was the hospital with the most advanced medical technology in all of Sheng Ya, and your dad…had a good relationship with He Erya, treating her like a sister. I naturally felt no qualms allowing her to cultivate the embryo but I didn’t expect that…cough cough….cough, matter…”

“Father! “

Dross looked at the fresh blood coughed out onto his palm and realized that his father’s body hadn’t improved much at all. With red eyes, he quickly took out a transparent drug, “Father, don’t speak anymore. This vod drug was given to me by third brother. You might as well try consuming it. This drug can…”

“Dross…” The emperor waved his hand lightly, interrupting his words, “I’ll take it later, right now…there’s something I have to tell you.”


“Father, tell me…”

“After returning to the palace, first confine Fen Ya in the west hall, but don’t alert her. Just say that…cough, cough, we’re worried about her safety, and after that, you can act according to what the situation requires, to continue keeping a close eye on her or have someone else monitor her…it’s all up to you…”

“Father, you…” Dross’s nose started turning red. Why did it feel as though his father was making plans…for the future…

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“Wright!!! Quickly come up with a plan!!!” Inside a mech, Lei Ya screamed out sharply, her red nails severely shattered in half. The indignant look on her face looked twisted as she howled madly, “Wright! Quickly come up with a plan!!!”


Wright, who always had on a gentle smile, also looked very ugly at this moment. Three minutes ago, when he learnt that Mu Chongyan was completely unharmed, he felt a strong sense of premonition, however, he didn’t expect to meet Mu Chongyan’s subordinates just when he was about to retreat. He also did not expect that Mu Chongyan could actually rush to the eastern suburbs all the way from the central area within three minutes, killing dozens of S Class Mech Warriors along the way!

The sounds of Lei Ya’s screams and his subordinate mechs exploding continuously rang in his ear. Wright stared viciously at the elusive blue figure in the sky, clenching his pale and slender fingers one after another, but the corners of his cold lips slowly hooked up, revealing a gloomy smile. His already pale face turned even paler, his long eyes turning slightly red as though he was a poisonous snake on the verge of biting someone.

In less than half a minute, only six SS-class mech warriors remained whereas the rest of the S-class mech warriors had been wiped out. A chilly voice came out of Wright’s mouth, “Manda, Jager, Brandon, Hurad, the four of you go and attack Mu Chongyan, don’t face him alone! Meng La, An Ya’er, Ma Lamei, Te Ouma, the four of you do long-range assistance. Focus on firing SSS bombs at Mu Chongyan with all your strength. Mu Chongyan couldn’t possibly have an SSS-level defense card so you better launch with all your might and don’t retreat!!!

“Yes sir!”

“Yes sir!”


Eight SS-Class Mech Warriors suddenly cornered Mu Chongyan tightly. Mu Chongyan’s attack range was restricted for a moment before he knocked out two of the mechs closest to him. He then leapt and turned quickly, evading five light bombs that had come from all around him before quickly counterattacking, shooting down two of the mechs attacking from afar.

Seeing the two mechas go down but not take any damage, a serious look flashed in Mu Chongyan’s eyes, and he quickly broke through the attack circle, once again shooting the two mechs with 20 SS-class light bombs. Even though the two mechs did not explode, they could no longer get up. Mu Chongyan quickly dodged a small SSS-class flying warship that had finally been completely activated, continuously throwing several air bombs into the aircraft’s ventilation precisely and skillfully. Then, it quickly dodged all the warship’s attacks before going on the offense again.

The blood-stained blue mecha had almost become a phantom, its shadow hard to capture. Once the warship was bombed madly, it couldn’t even touch Mu Chongyan’s mech.

“Drew, launch a sky flare attack! “

“I-… I’m sorry, Lord Wright.” A voice replied black in fear, “It seems that the attack system is malfunctioning…it can’t fire the sky flare attack…”

“It’s malfunctioning?!! Wasn’t it still fine the last time Opiela modified the system?!!”


“Ye-…Yes, that’s right, but right now, no matter what instructions I enter, it can’t launch the flare attack..”

“Instructions?!! Like the ones you enter to initiate the ship?!!”

“Ye…Yes, but even if instructions weren’t entered for the initiation function, it would still carry it out within 3 minutes. However, for the attack system..this…wouldn’t completely initiate at all!”

“O! Pie! la!”

The scholarly look on Wright’s face had finally crumbled down and he ruthlessly chewed this name in his mouth. He turned and left the front compartment, opening the middle compartment door of the flying ship.

His voice instantly became chilly. “Mrs. Mu, shouldn’t it be time for you….to tell your good son to give way right now?”

“Gi-…give what way. What does this have to do with me?” On the last cushy chair of the middle cabin actually sat Mother Mu with an upper-class woman’s poise.

“Mrs. Mu…or rather, Ms. He Erya, we’ve already agreed to your previous requests despite how unreasonable they had been so can’t you fulfill this little request I have at all?”

Mother Mu immediately glared at him, furious, “W-…what unreasonable request have I ever made? I only told you to go and learn those medical biotechnological skills. If it weren’t because you refused to give us the information directly, did you think I would have agreed to come with you?!”

“Heh…” Wright chuckled. This Mother Mu became more and more stupid now that things had reached this point. Did she think he had no clue what she was trying to do? If it weren’t because she still had some use, would he have even let her onto the ship in the first place?!

However, right now, it looks like they needed to make some changes to the plan…

“Ms. Hei Erya, I’m afraid there’s one thing you don’t know…”


Mother Mu looked at Wright’s smiling face and said with a wary tone, “What are you trying to say?! I won’t go out!”

“It’s nothing much….” Wright smiled elegantly,  “It’s just that……a few days ago, I gave a lot of good things to your daughter Fen Ya…..”

“What did you do to Fen Ya!!!”

Upon hearing Wright mention Fen Ya, Mother Mu immediately grew furious. At the same time, she was a little flustered. She quickly stumbled towards Wright and glared at him angrily.

“What in the world did you do to Fen Ya?!!!”

“Oh nothing much…” Wright leaned down slightly, looking into Mother Mu’s eyes, “I only sent her a few bottles of beauty pills in your name as a good friend….”

“Beauty pills?!!”

“That’s right. These beauty pills are good things. After taking it, the whole skin will become whiter, tender and delicate, however…. if one suddenly stopped consuming this beauty pill…the body will slowly ulcerate until it becomes a pool of pus…”

“Wright, you bastard!!!”

“Wright, death is too light of a sentence for you, you…”

Wright mercilessly twisted Mother Mu’s wrist, maintaining the gentlemanly smile on his face, “Mrs. Mu, don’t worry, if she doesn’t stop taking it, your daughter Fen Ya’s skin will only get better and better, not to mention…I gave her enough to consume for half a year…”

“What exactly do you want me to do!” Even though feelings of extreme anger and worry overwhelmed her, Mother Mu’s head actually became clearer, “Do you just want me to go stop Mu Chongyan?!”


“That’s right. As long as you stop him, don’t worry, I will definitely come back in half a year, and then give your daughter more beauty pills. You don’t have to worry about me going back on my word. For one thing, I’m not willing to leave Sheng Ya forever. Secondly, even if I renege on my word, you’re there to take care of your daughter so her circumstances wouldn’t be too miserable…don’t you think so?”

“Wright, you…”

“Sigh…” Wright once again twisted Mother Mu’s wrist and smiled: “I advise you not to swear and beat people as you like. If you don’t follow my words, don’t even think about getting those beauty pills for your daughter anymore…”

“You-!!!” Mother Mu’s eyes grew wide in anger, but looking at Wright’s cold smile, she could only swallow her words, gritting her teeth and saying, “Fine. I’ll do whatever you say!”

Seeing the remaining six SS Class Mech Warriors being completely annihilated, the warship on the verge of going down, Wright’s smile revealed a hint of sinister chill, “Didn’t you say that Mu Chongyan treasures his little star pet the most? Why not start with his little star pet…”

“But that little star pet isn’t in our hands!”

“Heh…You don’t need to worry about this. Sometimes, you don’t need to have a hostage in hand to get things done…”

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