Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 73.1 Long Time No See (1)

Time flew by quickly and in just the blink of an eye, it was already the beginning of December. The last round of the mech semi-finals ended without any mishaps. Mu Chongyan used certain measures to convince the stubborn heads of the Sheng Ya military academy and was finally able to graduate smoothly.

At this period, Bai Rong also did a lot of things. He not only completed the tutorials Mu Chongyan had given him in the virtual city and reached the peak of a Level D Mech Warrior  but had also delightfully earned a lot of money.

Most importantly, he had finally grown to about 66 cm in size. He only needed one more day before he could finally try operating the mech in real life!

“Rong…?” Kuku looked at Bai Rong who suddenly started smiling and blinked in confusion. He reached out a hand and pinched Bai Rong’s face, “What are you smiling for?”

“I…mm, let go.” Bai Rong quickly pulled Kuku away from him and rubbed his face, looking at Kuku with dissatisfaction.


“I’ve already told you many times. Kuku, you can’t pinch my face, understand?!!”

He was the younger brother yet he kept insisting on pinching his face. He surely didn’t care for his dignity as the older brother!

“….Oh.” Kuku responded, but didn’t put too much thought to it.

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“R’hl yzalyeu alynble vbl Nlklazl Gan Usdvkdwswp Vklanl.” Iwjw nzlhlazu pyke.

“Nlklazl Gan Usdvkdwswp Vklanl?! Mbyv’p iwknj!” Jyk Ssdt’p lulp okeldle kd pwarakpl, “Tyhl usw yzalyeu qyxkzkyakgle uswaplzq okvb vbl ralhkswp ryavp sq vbl vaykdkdt?”

“Zlp, R’hl yzalyeu esdl ps.” Iwjw’p lulp alxykdle aswde yde okel, alhlyzkdt y pollv pxkzl.

“Iwjw, usw’al….vss yxygkdt!” Jyk Ssdt tyhl Iwjw y zswe ryv sd vbl pbswzela, qllzkdt pwarakple yde lmnkvle.

Rv zssjle zkjl bkp Iwjw bye y zsv sq rsvldvkyz kd vbl yaly sq xlnbp. Rq bl nsdvkdwle ynnsaekdt vs vbkp prlle qsa xsal vbyd y ollj, Iwjw nswze qkdkpb nsxrzlvkdt vbl obszl vaykdkdt hkels. Ju vbld, rlabyrp bkp pjkzzp oswzed’v cl kdqlaksa vs bkp.

Thinking of this, two determined fires lit up in Bai Rong’s eyes. He was also determined to work harder so that Kuku wouldn’t surpass him.


“Kuku, quickly take your computer and train in your room.” Bai Rong pushed Kuku into his room before promptly logging into the virtual star network.

To prevent Mu Chongyan from discovering Kuku, he didn’t add Kuku as a friend. Du Han and he other had also been preoccupied with finding those forces recently and hadn’t had time to invade Kuku’s computer and do an inspection.

That was why, even though they had already installed the newly improved firewall that Du Han had labored making with difficulty, into their computer half a month ago, at present, he hadn’t let any secrets slip out, feeling proud that he had concealed him very well.

After logging into the star network, Bai Rong spent five hours making 10 SS Class Virtual Spell Cards and 3 SS Level Virtual Spell Cards before picking the card with the best data to be given to Mu Chongyan later and wrapping the rest to be delivered to the imperial family.

In reality, during these days of nonstop training, his spell card ability had soared a lot. The SS level Spell Cards he made could easily reach the level of a top grade. The data of S Level Spell Cards also reached close to SS Level, lacking only about 600 or 700 Carters.

After making the spell cards, Bai Rong quickly tidied up and hurried to the AS Virtual Mech Union. Mu Chongyan had told him that if he put in a little more effort, he might be able to get a C Level Mech Warrior certification so he needed to strike while the iron was hot and advance into a C Level Mech Warrior within a week!

His wife’s level had already reached SSS Level and even though he had no certifications to show for it, he still knew of this. After calculating it, he was about 6 levels away from him! How could he not keep track of it secretly!!

Bai Rong trained arduously in the training room for 5 hours when Mu Chongyan came in. He had always been very supportive of his little sweet cake’s mech training. After all, as a mech warrior, he knew most clearly that during a critical juncture, instead of being someone who would wait for someone to rescue them, why not be someone who was able to fight?


“Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom——”

9 massive C Level guard plates rushed out like sly lightning and were instantly shattered apart. Bai Rong turned around with ease, operating the mech to return back to the ground.

“Chongyan, you came!”


“Yeah.” Mu Chongyan looked at the calm and tall mech in the center of the training room, feeling slightly proud on the inside as he started walking over to him.

“You did great.”

Hearing Mu Chongyan praise him, Bai Rong became even happier, revealing two canines as he excitedly said, “Chongyan, do you think I can take the C-Level Mech Warrior certification now?”

Upon hearing Bai Rong’s voice, Mu Chongyan knew that his little sweet cake was in a delighted mood. He chuckled and in the next instant, another mech appeared in the center of the training room.

“You still can’t for now.” Mu Chongyan used the communicator inside the cockpit to contact Bai Rong, “You can only take the exam inside the virtual city. The difficulty of the mech warrior level evaluation in the virtual city is a bit higher than that in reality, you still have to continue training for a couple of days.”

“Ah?” Bai Rong’s excited little face immediately turned bitter and he hemmed and hawed for a while before saying, “But the training you arranged for me is very different. I bought several C Level Sheng Ya Mech Warrior Training Tutorials and discovered that the training plan you’ve designed for me is harder than those and the intensity is a lot higher too so shouldn’t the results of my training not fall far behind?”

Mu Chongyan felt a bit helpless, “This and that are two different matters. Besides, if you didn’t pass this time, you would have to wait half a year before you can take the exam again. That is why it is never wrong to train until your level has stabilized.”

“Oh…” Seeing that Mu Chongyan didn’t disagree, Bai Rong heaved a sigh, “Alright…”

“Be good. After another couple of days, you should be ready for it.”

Mu Chongyan then pointed out a couple of movements to Bai Rong and after this, the two left the AS Virtual Mech Union together.

“Chongyan, I’m giving this virtual spell card to you.”

“This is…a Dual Wind Blade Card?!!” Mu Chongyan received it and surprise as well as excitement appeared in his eyes.


“Yeah. It’s a new card I made. What do you think, aren’t I amazing?” Bai Rong raised his head proudly and the words “Quickly praise me, quickly praise me!” was written all over his face.

Mu Chongyan rubbed Bai Rong’s head with a smile. His soft hair brought with it a hint of coolness, feeling extremely pleasant to the touch.

He deliberately exaggerated his tone, saying, “Little Sweet Cake is simply too amazing! One could even declare you to be a genius that can only be found once in every century!!”

“Hmph, naturally.” Bai Rong narrowed his eyes in content, looking like an obedient yet haughty cat who had his head being rubbed.

Mu Chongyan was immediately struck by Bai Rong’s cuteness and couldn’t bear to take his hand away, rubbing his head some more before softening his voice, “Be good and log out of the virtual city. It’s time for dinner.”

“En, ok…” Bai Rong watched as Mu Chongyan stored the virtual spell card into his spatial button and pursed his lips.

It was not that he was reluctant to have given that card to Mu Chongyan. It was because even though he was an S Class Spell Card Master, the highest Virtual Spell Card he could use right now was still a C Level. As Mu Chongyan had told him that his mech warrior level was in between D and C Level, it wasn’t suitable for him to use any virtual spell cards above C Level, otherwise, it wouldn’t be beneficial to his training and raising his battle skills.


Bai Rong heaved another helpless sigh on the inside before logging out of the virtual city.

After logging out, Bai Rong took a simple shower and changed into the new clothes Mu Chongyan had bought for him before running to the entrance of the crystal glass case.

In less than a few minutes, Mu Chongyan returned, wearing loose house pajamas with slightly damp hair. Water droplets hanging at the tips.

He looked as though he had just finished taking a shower.


Bai Rong’s face flushed red in an instant, however, upon recalling that this was his wife and that he had just finished showering as well, he calmed down.

An adult man shouldn’t feel shy towards his wife.

“Something big just happened, have you seen it?” Mu Chongyan skillfully picked Bai Rong up onto his arm and walked towards the living room.

“No, what happened?” Bai Rong furrowed his brows slightly, pondering about another important matter. At present, he was already at the height of Mu Chongyan’s knees. Wouldn’t being carried back and forth be too inappropriate? It looked as though….it was a dishonor to a tough man’s dignity.

However, upon recalling that Mu Chongyan and him had gone to watch a mech competition a week ago and seeing a three year old child carrying a Barbie doll next to them, was taller than him by two heads, Bai Rong felt a little dispirited.

He was now actually as tall as the little children playing with Barbie dolls in the interstellar era, how depressing…

“The people from the Star Region Alliance have arrived.”

Mu Chongyan placed Bai Rong on a little chair, “It’s the committee who have come to evaluate the Star Region Level of Sheng Ya.”

“Ha?!!” Bai Rong’s eyes grew wide in astonishment and he raised his head swiftly, “When did they arrive?”

“Just half an hour ago. They’re now being received as guests in the royal palace.”

“Then how long are they going to stay?” Bai Rong’s brows were scrunched tightly again. He didn’t want them to stay any longer, thinking that the inspections theory were going to be holding were most bothersome.

“Half a month.” Mu Chongyan gave Bai Rong a bowl filled with rice and vegetables before picking up his own chopsticks, “Usually, it wouldn’t last more than 20 days, however, this isn’t for certain.”

“Oh…” Bai Rong picked up a leafy vegetable with his chopsticks and asked, “How many people arrived?”

Mu Chongyan: “Usually, there’s about 60 people.”

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