Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 73.2 Long Time No See (2)

Bai Rong, “That many?!!”

“It’s my fault. I forgot to prepare information about the Star Region Alliance and give it to you.” Mu Chongyan placed his chopsticks down and said calmly, “This alliance is mainly made up of star regions that are above Level 4. However, the star region council only has 50 seats, among them, 30 belong to three Level 9 Star Regions, 32 belong to Level 8 Star Regions and the remaining 50 belong to Level 7 Star Regions, and Sheng Ya only occupies 1 seat among them.”

“Among the attending group who came this time, apart from the chairman and a couple of staff members——Spell Card Masters and Mech Warriors and such, there are also 30 people who are from the remaining star regions, 1 from a Level 9 Star Region, 11 from Level 8 Star Regions as well 18 from Level 7 Star Regions.”

“Are these people a part of the evaluating committee?”

“You could consider it like that. Their opinions are also taken into account, however, only those who come from Level 9 and Level 8 Star Regions are regarded more heavily.”


“Oh…” Bai Rong nodded. He already knew this. No matter how much society has developed, those who were strong held more power with their words compared to the weak.

“Then, does this have anything to do with us?” Bai Rong raised his head and looked at Mu Chongyan, feeling a bit worried. He remembered that the royal family had to gather their best mech warriors and spell masters and form a partnering group to welcome the committee, and even accept a duel to “swap pointers from the friendly exchange”.

If Mu Chongyan were to go, he would be exposing his secret in front of those forces hiding in the dark. But If he didn’t go, how else would he explain his absence…

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“Psd’v osaau.” Yw Ubsdtuyd pxkzle kd yrrlyplxldv, “Mblal’p psxlsdl obs nyd blzr.”

Jyk Ssdt’p lulp talo okel, “Ebs?!!”

“Mbl plnsde rakdnl, Paspp.”

“Mbl plnsde rakdnl?!!” Jyk Ssdt nakle swv kd pwarakpl yde pwprknksd, “Ebu oswze bl blzr usw?”

“The second prince..” Mu Chongyan paused, the corners of his mouth revealing a hint of lukewarm smile, “Two days ago, Du Han found quite an interesting piece of info.”


“Huh?” Bai Rong looked at Mu Chongyan’s unhurried appearance and got really impatient, “Quickly tell me! You’re making me anxious!”

“Don’t worry. This info was that the second prince Dross and the third princess Fenya had never gotten along since they were young.”

“Ha?!” At first, Bai Rong was taken aback, then, he suddenly felt a little happy, “That’s good news. However…what does this have to do with you asking the second prince for help?”

Mu Chongyan picked up a piece of fish maw and put it in Bai Rong’s bowl, “The second prince knows of Fenya’s true character and has never taken a liking to her. However, he can maintain a harmonious relationship with her on the surface, the smile on his face never leaving in general situations. People say that he has evil intentions under his smile so…”

Mu Chongyan paused, the look in his eyes turning slightly serious, “So he would be a good starting point.”

“Chongyan, you…” Astonishment could be seen in Bai Rong’s eyes as he finally understood what Mu Chongyan was planning to do.

“That’s right. I plan to look for the second prince…to disclose my true identity.”


“Tomorrow.” Mu Chongyan’s hand paused and his pitch black iris restrained the coldness as he slowly said, “The second prince is the most suitable person. He has his own backing force so I believe that he would not only be able to keep my secret confidential but also help facilitate things for me.”

“Then…have you already set up a meeting?”

“We did. We set it up just this afternoon, you don’t need to worry.”

“Ok…” The worry on Bai Rong’s face didn’t seem to dissipate in the slightest, “Then you have to be careful too. Even though he’s biologically your second brother, you haven’t been close to him for 20 years.”


“En, don’t worry.” Mu Chongyan gently rubbed Bai Rong’s head, “I’m sure this second brother of mine…will be quite trustworthy. Be good and eat a little more.”

“…..Ok.” Bai Rong lifted his little bowl, “You should eat a little more too.”


Bai Rong drank half a bowl of soup and recalled another matter, saying, “Chongyan, does Du Han have more time these days? How did he have the time to check up on the royal family’s matters again?”

“En, the Lei Meng hacker those forced hired had been lazing off recently so there’s no one to keep Du Han busy.”

“The hacker hasn’t been coming to bother us anymore?” Bai Rong beamed in joy, “Did that person already leave?”

“I’m not too sure. However, because that Lei Meng hacker hasn’t invaded our territory these past two days, Du Han had been having too much free time and had managed to pick up several clues of those forces. It would probably take a week to be able to latch onto an even more important clue.

“That’s great!” Bai Rong’s eyes curved into a smile as he chewed the rice in his mouth, feeling that he could eat another half a bowl of rice.


At this moment, in a certain suburban villa in the city center.

The whole villa hall was surrounded by a gloomy air and several impatient and angry people stood everywhere, arguing restlessly about something. A youth laid on the table in the center of the hall with blackened blood dripping from his head, forming a pool on the ground. His pale face revealed a slayer of grey color and his eyes were wide open in anger.

“Lei Ya, Ma Si is one of your people. Since the matter has reached this point, you can take up the responsibility of reporting to our superiors.”


“Based on what, Wright. The one who took the lead this time was you, so now that something like this has happened, shouldn’t you take responsibility for it?” Lei Ya’s eyes turned red, a whip suddenly appearing in her hand, wrapping around the chattering middle-aged guy, “I’ll let you handle Ma Si.”

At this critical moment, Ma Si had actually killed Opiela by accident. She didn’t want a dunce like him anymore! The amount of trouble that went with it wasn’t something she’d like to take on!

Ma Si kneeled down at the side with a pale face but was quickly kicked away by Lei Ya. Her sharp shoe hitting the center of his chest. The words Ma Si wanted to cry out were choked down with a mouth of blood and he laid on the ground, convulsing nonstop.

“You idiot!” The more Lei Ya looked at him, the more annoyed she felt. With a wave of her wrist, she withdrew the whip and ruthlessly lashed the man on the ground twice. Two deep scars that nearly revealed the bones immediately formed on the man’s face.

If it weren’t for Ma Si’s older cousin being an S Class Spell Card Master, how could she have promoted this dunce. Now that things had come to this point, it was better to deal with him now!

“That’s not a bad whip you’ve got there…” A small smile appeared on Wright’s face just like the usual and his voice was gentle and polite, “Was it created by Master Te Cai?”

Lei Ya glanced at the smiling man, “Why, are you also lacking weapons?”

“Of course. After all…I could never dislike having too many good weapons…” Wright looked at the person twitching on the ground, smiling, “Actually, I don’t mind undertaking other matters, it’s just that..this Opiele was the the third best hacker in Lei Meng Star Region, there’s too many things involved that it’s not too easy to shoulder the responsibility..”

“You’re Wright! With your brain, do you even need to worry about this?” Lei Ya cast Wright a glance, “Just make up something and then put out the notion that Opiela’s death was caused by other star regions. To you, something like this should be easy right?“

”Hahahaha….Lei ya, you think too highly of me.” Wright looked at Lei Ya and cast a glance at the boy whose face was dripping with blood out of the corner of his eye, an indiscernible cold smile appearing on the corner of his lips, “However, since you said it like this, I might be able to lend a hand…”

“What condition do you have?!” Lei Ya’s sharp eyes pierced Wright’s face.

“Not much..” The small smile on Wright’s face remained unchanged and he reached out a finger and slowly said, “One hundred S Class Intermediate Spell Cards and 10 SS Class Spell Cards.”


“Why don’t you just steal them instead!!!” Anger immediately suffused her whole face and Lei Ya’s silver teeth nearly grinded blood out, “That’s impossible!!!”

“Then our deal’s over…” Wright yawned before smiling and saying, “I’m tired, I’ll be heading off to sleep.”

Seeing Wright really leave, Lei Ya clenched his fists tightly, his sharp nails digging into his palm as he said through gnashed teeth, “…Fine, I agree.!”

A bemused smile appeared in the depths of Wright’s eyes as he elegantly turned around and gently said, “Great. Now then, just carry Ma Si over to my place.”



The next day.

Originally, Bai Rong’s height today surpassed the minimum required to operate the mech, however, because Mu Chongyan needed to go find the second prince this morning, Bai Rong could only suppress the excitement and restlessness in his heart, restraining the desire to call Mu Chongyan to bring him to the AS Mech Union to try out the mech.

Bai Rong turned his computer on and logged into the virtual city, preparing to create a few spell cards for a test run. Even if he couldn’t make SS Level Intermediate Spell Cards and advance into an SS Class Spell Card Master, he could first attempt to make a SS Level Basic Spell Card.

Inside a restaurant in the city center, Mu Chongyan who was disguised as a gloomy uncle, walked in the corridor of the top floor, stopping before the door at the very end and raising a hand to knock on it.

“Come in.” The second prince’s lazy voice rang out.

Mu Chongyan didn’t respond and merely turned the doorknob slightly, pushing the door and stepping inside.

A cold-faced Grace stood by the door, and beside a white table facing south sat the second prince, Dross, with a teasing smile on his face.

“Sit. You don’t need to be reserved. I didn’t think you would find me for such important matters.”

Dross then pointed to the seat across him and said, “I haven’t seen you in a long time. I almost thought you were going to start a feud with me because of Fenya’s matters.”

In truth, he quite liked this Mu Chongyan. His character was upright and his constitution was remarkable. He had a good impression of him and more importantly, the way he handled matters conformed with his beliefs. He admired him very much and…at times, he felt an inexplicable closeness to him.

Even though they had kept a cordial relationship for many years, it had still been three or four years since he had last officially met with Mu Chongyan.

Mu Chongyan also didn’t act too cautiously, nodding before walking over, pulling the seat and sitting down. He then calmly looked at Dross and said, “This matter is very important so I suggest the second prince to first dismiss any other people.”

Dross placed one hand on the table and rapped on it, smiling, “Then…Grace, can you please take your leave.”

“Yes sir.” Grace lowered his head slightly before turning around and leaving.

“Can you talk about it now?” A faint smile hung on Dross’s eyes as he stared straight at Mu Chongyan, “Just what kind of important matter is it?”

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