Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 72.3 Are you going to kiss him or not? (3)

“This is a summary of the various forces in Sheng Ya Star Region as well as star regions which are above sixth level.

“Ok. I see.” Bai Rong laid on top of the paper that was as long as his body, and looked at it carefully with his head down. He not only understood it, remembering each and every word by heart was of no difficulty to him at all.

Looking at the little star pet with his head down, then looking at the information extremely carefully, Mu Chongyan’s eyes showed a soft expression, and after a while, he turned the computer on and continued to do his work.

The warm light gently shone on the two people’s bodies as though sweetness was about to ooze out…

If only no news had suddenly arrived from Walter..


Mu Chongyan stared at the message on his computer screen and his original soft face abruptly turned black.

“Mu Chongyan, I will have fully recovered in just another hour. Wait for me. I’ll go to Du Han’s and find you. I haven’t forgotten what you promised yesterday! I will kiss Little Sweet Cake so don’t you dare eat your words!!!”

As if having detected that something was wrong in the atmosphere around him, Bai Rong raised his head, and realized that Mu Chongyan’s face looked really unsightly.

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“Ebyv’p tskdt vs byrrld yv byzq rypv dkdl?” Jyk Ssdt aykple bkp blye, zssjkdt yv Yw Ubsdtuyd nsdqwple.

“Mblal’p vos bswap zlqv clqsal Eyzvla tlvp blal.” Wsa lhlau osae Yw Ubsdtuyd wvvlale. bkp qynl talo eyajla.

Jyk Ssdt zssjle yv Yw Ubsdtuyd’p eyajldkdt lmralppksd yde nswzed’v blzr cwv cwapv kdvs y nbwnjzl sq elzktbv.

Tybybybyby, kv vwadp swv vbyv bkp okql oyp flyzswp!!!

“Fs…” Yw Ubsdtuyd ralvldele dsv vs byhl alyzkgle vbyv bkp pollv nyjl oyp zywtbkdt yv bkx. Rdpvlye, bl pyke hlau plakswpzu, “…Fkdnl R byhl rasxkple bkx, R byhl vs ldvlavykd bkx olzz, ds?

“Ah?” Bai Rong was stunned. What did his Mu Chongyan mean? Why was he acting abnormally….


“So why don’t we show your other side to Walter?” Mu Chongyan lightly kissed Bai Rong’s head, “That is to say, let’s show him your tough man side. Okay?”

“?!!!” Hearing the words ‘tough man’, Bai Rong’s eyes immediately lit up and his whole person became excited.

“Can I really…?” He thought that he could only show such a charming side to his own wife.

“You can.” Mu Chongyan carressed Bai Rong’s face, and said gently, “Walter suffered such a serious injury this time, we can’t be too petty, right?”

Even though he felt something amiss with his words, Bai Rong still nodded foolishly, “Yeah.”

“So, this time, you must prepare well. How about this. Let me help put makeup on you okay?”

“This……” Bai Rong looked at Mu Chongyan’s expectant gaze, and nodded in reluctance, “…Okay.”

He didn’t hold much confidence in his wife’s makeup skills!

…After half an hour.

Bai Rong looked at himself in the mirror, his eyes were like two strings of firecrackers that were burning, and his hands were so excited that they were about to start quivering!

He really underestimated his wife. This time, he had really opened his eyes and found a new level of respect for him!!!

Look at the lush beard that covered half of the face, the ferocious dark Luo Cha appearance, the hideous scars that spanned half of the face, the unruly wild hair as well as the bloodthirsty and domineering dinosaur clothing.


It was simply…too, too amazing! It simply can’t be described with just two words!!!

In fact, it was even more shocking than the tough man makeup he put on before!!!

Mu Chongyan silently deleted the design record in the makeup tool. He didn’t want to see such a surprise for himself when he returned home…

“Do you like it?”

“I do!!!” Bai Rong nodded vigorously, “I love it so much. It looks so domineering, so iron-blooded, so cool, so tough, so charming!!!”

Seeing Bai Rong’s extremely excited expression, the corner of Mu Chongyan’s lips twitched involuntarily, and he only spoke up after a long pause: “…Ok, once Walter arrives, you have to act more like a tough man. Raise your head, puff out your chest and exert that dominant air, do you understand?”

Bai Rong continued to nod his head vigorously, “I understand, I understand…”

Time slowly ticked to eleven thirty, and Walter’s greasy humming sounds finally sounded outside their bedroom door.

“Hi~~~” Walter pushed the door open with a bang, and his golden head of hair popped out, his smile flashing blindly, “Mu Chongyan, I have come for you~~~~”

His voice kept rippling up and down.

“Oh.” Mu Chongyan responded indifferently.


“Where’s Little Sweet Cake?” Walter walked in with jolting buttock, feeling very excited, “Where’s Little Sweet Cake? Where’s Little Sweet Cake?”

“Isn’t he right here?” Mu Chongyan stood up and took two steps to the side.


Walter, who was originally laughing very carefreely, suddenly froze. The muscles on his face that hadn’t reacted for a while, almost cramped up, his eyes widening in the shape of saucers, nearly popping out of its sockets. ‌

He was rendered so shocked, his voice choked, “‌W-……‌What the hell is this demon?!!!”

“You’re a demon!” Bai Rong became unhappy. He marched out gallantly and proudly but Walter didn’t feel surprised and excited, instead, he actually reacted like this. He was very displeased and very angry!

“L-l-l-l-l….Little Sweet Cake?!!!” The shock on Walter’s face grew more severe, and the air got choked in his lungs, turning his face red as he continuously coughed.

Bai Rong seemed to have been frightened, and he subconsciously glanced at Mu Chongyan. Mu Chongyan walked back to the bed, took Bai Rong in his arms, and said indifferently to Walter, “Are you still going to kiss him or not?”

“…Mu…Cough cough cough…Mu Chong cough cough, Mu Chongyan, you treacherous cough cough cough cough…” Before Walter could even finish his sentence, he coughed once again, feeling his heart, liver, spleen and lungs hurting.

Mu Chongyan’s face remained unchanged: “Are you still going to kiss him or not?”

“How could I kiss him when you turned him into that!” Walter had finally stopped coughing, and flew into anger like a golden furred lion that had been stunned by electricity.

“Why can’t you kiss him?” Mu Chongyan said, before lowering his head and gently kissing Bai Rong’s head.


Walter, “?????!!!”

When did Mu Chongyan’s taste turn so heavy?!!!

Mu Chongyan, “I’ll give you three seconds, if you don’t kiss him, the deal is over one…two…three, okay, scram.”

Mu Chongyan expressionlessly cast the dumbfounded Walter out of the room and asked Du Xiao to “send” Walter outside the villa.

Upon returning to the room, Mu Chongyan was in such a good mood, the corners of his lips hooked up slightly by 0.5 degrees.  However, when he looked down at his Little Sweet Cake, he suddenly realized that his Little Sweet Cake was unhappy.

Immediately knowing what Bai Rong was unhappy about. Mu Chongyan squeezed Bai Rong’s hand dotingly, and said gently, “Be good. Ignore Walter and don’t be angry.”


Recalling Walter’s reaction just now, Bai Rong crossed his legs angrily and waved his fist twice, “I won’t let him kiss me or touch me in the future anymore!”

“Alright. Let’s not let him kiss or touch you anymore.” A glint flashed through Mu Chongyan’s eyes which narrowed slightly and the corners of his lips hooked up lightly, revealing a very cunning smile.

“How infuriating, Walter is really too much. What a waste for me to have prepared this much!” Bai Rong buried his dark face in Mu Chongyan’s arms and his unruly hair became even more messy, “As expected, Chongyan is still the best!”

He had now seen it, no…he had now seen everything. No matter the appearance, personality, aptitude, constitution, figure, strength or even aesthetics of those people, they all couldn’t compare to his Chongyan at all!!

“…Alright.” Mu Chongyan’s smile grew even deeper as he gently embraced Bai Rong, “Be good. Let’s go to sleep.”

“Ok!” Bai Rong nodded strongly. He was going to focus on his two person world with Mu Chongyan and not waste his attention on others anymore!

Mu Chongyan looked at the angry huffing appearance of his Little Sweet Cake, and the gentleness in his eyes didn’t cease. Why did he feel that the Little Sweet Cake’s dark face also looked very cute…


The author has something to say:

Mumu is true love!

[Small Theater]

Passerby A (glowing face): After marrying my wife, I started to get up later in the morning.

Bai Rongrong (nodding head frantically in agreement): Yes, I couldn’t agree more. After my wife and I shared a bed, I started getting up late. Moreover, my wife also woke up late!

Passerby A (Surprised face): Oho, that’s pretty unexpected, brother!

Bai Rongrong (proudly raises his chin): Isn’t it!

Mu Chongyan (smiling and doting): Let’s go, stop chatting. (They’re not even talking about the same things…)

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