Chapter 44 What’s Your Name?

Seeing Mu Chongyan wear a very mindful expression, for some inexplicable reason, Ma’er felt a hot blood rushing in his heart, and he immediately regarded this task as something that wasn’t inferior to testing for virus. He quickly rummaged through his spatial button and picked out a pure black cotton clothing that embodied Mu Chongyan’s temperament yet at the same time exuded a homey feel.

Mu Chongyan: “…..”

“Is there any other color besides black?” Wearing pure black clothing while lying inside the restoration chamber looked weird no matter which angle right?

“I also have a grey and a white one.” Ma’er was a little surprised that Mu Chongyan was acting picky and fussy today. In the past, he had never seen his boss care so much about his appearance…

“White it is then.” Mu Chongyan consciously coughed, avoiding Ma’er’s gaze of puzzlement.

On the other side, Bai Rong was currently soaking in the tub when the sky outside had suddenly gone dark.

Knowing that Dai Suo had placed him inside the spatial button, Bai Rong’s black eyes flashed in the dark. 

He was finally going to see Mu Chongyan soon!

After fumbling around in the dark and turning the lights on, Bai Rong quickly twisted his small body frame and stepped out of the bathtub before exiting the bathroom.

Once he returned to the bedroom and wiped himself dry, Bai Rong put on the littler tiger clothing he picked out before and made a turn in front of the mirror in satisfaction, appreciating his majestic air.

In the past, Mu Chongyan was enchanted by the splendor and aggressiveness from when he wore the king of the jungle’s clothing, so he had no doubts that this would definitely make Mu Chongyan happy!

Unwittingly, time had already reached 7pm, Bai Rong hung his head down sitting at the center of the living room.

It’s been so long, why haven’t they reached yet? He had waited so long the fragrance on his body had already dissipated….

Lowering his head to take a sniff, Bai Rong sighed. What a waste, the scent of the domineering tiger cub’s bath treasure could only linger for a short time after one soak….

It didn’t match the prowess of the king of the jungle even the slightest bit at all!!!

Bai Rong secretly denounced the bath treasure merchant in his heart until the outside suddenly lit up.

Have they arrived?!!

Bai Rong hurriedly ran out of the living room and stepped out of the villa, immediately seeing Mu Chongyan sitting inside a big silver chamber staring at him from afar.

“Mu Chongyan!” Bai Rong quickly ran towards the edge of the crystal glass case closest to him, his hands glued close to the transparent wall and his face also squeezed against it. With reddening his eyes, he asked, “What happened?”

“It’s nothing…” Seeing the little star pet reveal such an anxious and worried gaze, Mu Chongyan felt his heart sour and responded gently, “It’s nothing at all, don’t worry.”

“It’s nothing?!” Bai Rong simply did not believe this. It wasn’t as though he hadn’t seen this emergency restoration chamber used for extremely severe injuries in the net before. His heart started clenching and a layer of mist pooled in his eyes as he asked, “Then…why are you lying there?!!”

“I’m alright now…” Seeing the little star pet’s dark eyes well up with tears, his little face stained red from anger and sadness, Mu Chongyan immediately knew that the little star pet had understood something and his heart immediately warmed and swelled while throbbing in pain at the same time. After mulling it over, he decided not to conceal anything and merely avoided speaking about the important and dwelling on the trivial, “There’s nothing wrong with me all right? Don’t worry…..don’t worry, alright?”

“How could I not…” Bai Rong’s eyes remained red, his little hands clenched into fists and his throat producing a whimpering sound.

He didn’t believe that Mu Chongyan would be fine after receiving such heavy injuries at all!!!

Seeing the little star pet crouch down and curl into a ball as though the one who was hurt wasn’t him, Mu Chongyan felt a strong hot current rush into his heart, stimulating the sourness and bitterness that he felt and running amok, causing his heart to start aching…

Mu Chongyan’s gaze quivered slightly as his fingers curled up. The tip of his nose started to sour a little. Previously, he was at the verge of losing his calm. Now, looking at the little star pet’s miserable state, his heart could no longer control himself, the strong hot current forming a vortex and wreaking havoc in his chest….

“…..Dai Suo.” Mu Chongyan suddenly said.

“What’s up?” Dai Suo looked at the Mu Chongyan whose eyes had started to turn red and he also gradually began to feel stuffy.

“Help me…move the crystal glass case over.”

“…..En.” Dai Suo immediately brought the crystal glass case over to the long platform beside the restoration chamber.

Mu Chongyan opened the cover of the crystal glass case and took the little star pet out very gently.

“Don’t cry…” Mu Chongyan said in distress with a slightly raspy voice. The belly of his finger gently wiped away the tears that trickled down Bai Rong’s face. “I’ll tell you everything, alright…?”

“I…” Bai Rong raised his red face, “I didn’t want to guilt you like this, I just…” Bai Rong buried his face in his arms, “I’m just….sad.”

“I know..” Mu Chongyan lowered his head and gently kissed Bai Rong’s head, “I know, but I want to tell you. Are you willing to hear me out?”

“I am….” Bai Rong raised his head, hugging Mu Chongyan’s finger. His glossy black eyes stared at Mu Chongyan as his tone sounded nasal, “Tell me…”

“When I got hospitalized last time, someone had injected a virus in me and without realizing it, this virus had been eating my aptitude away, turning me into a completely obsolete person, moreover…” Mu Chongyan slowly narrated as his face turned calm, cold and terrifying.

It was only when he mentioned Bai Rong that a tender warmth would be revealed in his eyes….

Just like this, as Mu Chongyan continued to narrate in a calm tone, Bai Rong and Dai Suo had finally gotten the gist of the situation.

It was only long after Mu Chongyan’s voice had faded that Bai Rong and Dai Suo had processed the entire series of events and immediately returned to their senses feeling extreme fury.

“It was a good thing you reminded me…” Seeing the little star pet’s originally angry face turn into distress the instant he lifted his head, Mu Chongyan rubbed his little head in gratitude and slowly started speaking, “I’m completely fine right now, in fact, I’ve managed to profit from this disaster so don’t feel sad anymore ok….?”

“But…” Bai Rong was originally going to say something but seeing the look of exhaustion on Mu Chongyan’s face, he immediately swallowed it back. 

He had already been unable to control his tears from falling, letting Mu Chongyan worry for him, so he couldn’t repeat the same insensitive act again….

“Alright.” Bai Rong nodded, however, the look on his face said otherwise as his eyes remained red.

How much pain did Mu Chongyan suffer all by himself yesterday….

“Boss.” Ma’er knocked on the door, “Your meal has arrived.”

“Come in.” Mu Chongyan signalled for Ma’er to put the food on the platform before turning to the little star pet and saying, “Have you eaten today?”

“I… have.” Afraid that Mu Chongyan would worry about him, Bai Rong quickly changed his words.

“Really?” Mu Chongyan’s gaze turned strict.

Dai Suo who had only been requested to take out the crystal glass case after entering the room and had been standing at the side ignored the whole time, suddenly spoke out, “….He hasn’t.”

Because he had forgotten to make something for the little star pet to eat.

“I….I drank a bottle of nutrient dose!” Bai Rong speechlessly cast a glance at his useless comrade and quickly tried to remedy the situation. 

“Just a bottle of nutrient dose?” Mu Chongyan rubbed the little star pet’s face in dissatisfaction, however, he couldn’t muster the slightest bit of strength. He quickly retrieved a set of bowl and chopsticks for star pet use and swiftly prepared his portion, saying. “Quickly eat.”

Bai Rong held Mu Chongyan’s finger and gently gave it a kiss, “…..Ok.”

……After finishing their meal, Mu Chongyan discussed some matters with Dai Suo before Dai Suo departed.

“Mu Chongyan…” Bai Rong obediently sat at the side and raised his face, frowning as he asked, “Are you still going to join the global mech competition?”

If he did, then wouldn’t it expose that something had happened to Mu Chongyan’s constitution. However, in this competition, the Elder Princess was going to pick out seedlings on behalf of the military. If he missed this opportunity, wouldn’t Mu Chongyan feel regret….

“I haven’t thought over this yet.” Mu Chongyan’s face remained calm, “But you don’t need to worry about this. Even if I can’t participate this time, there’s always next time so I wouldn’t put too much thought on it.”

“But…” Bai Rong shook his head, swallowing his question down his throat.

“What is it?” Mu Chongyan rubbed Bai Rong’s head.

“It’s nothing.” Bai Rong exposed a smile and feigned a casual tone, saying, “I’m thinking about something else.”

“What is it about?”

“I’m thinking about when I can learn to operate mechs.” Bai Rong’s thoughts churned and his thoughts glittered.

“You want to drive a mech?” Mu Chongyan looked at the zealous little star pet and felt it amusing but at the same time, he felt proud. His little star pet was really different from other star pets, not only did he like to make cards, he also had an interest towards driving mechs.

“En!” Bai Rong nodded vigorously. Although this was something that he had just blurted out, it didn’t carry the slightest pretense at all.

“Alright then…” Mu Chongyan placed the little star pet in his palm and picked his little hand for a kiss, “When you grow a little taller, I’ll teach you how to drive one, alright?”

“Alright…” Bai Rong withdrew his hand and kept it behind his back, “How tall do I have to grow to?”

“About a meter should be enough.” Mu Chongyan chuckled, “There’s already a child version mech available in the market.”

However, it was only just a plaything and could only execute simple moves.  Not only was it not used for fighting, it wouldn’t even be allowed to run so there was completely no requirement of aptitude needed to utilize it.

“Child version mech…”Bai Rong mumbled to himself unhappily, however, he did not say anything. After all, Mu Chongyan had already agreed to teach him how to drive a mech which was enough to make him happy…

After a while, as if he had recalled something, Bai Rong’s eyes suddenly shone and he looked at Mu Chongyan with blinking eyes, asking, “What mech warrior level are you?”

Mech warrior levels were related to one’s aptitude but they didn’t determine them, so he didn’t have a grasp on Mu Chongyan’s mech warrior level.

However, he could feel that Mu Chongyan must be at an amazing SS Level at present!

“SS.” Mu Chongyan chuckled faintly, “Why?”

As expected!!!

A fire lit up in Bai Rong’s gaze as he stared at Mu Chongyan and a feeling of adoration began to overflow.

His wife was one of the three most amazing mech warriors in the entire Sheng Ya!

How could his wife be so amazing!!!

Bai Rong looked at Mu Chongyan who was smiling at him and secretly decided that he would definitely become the most amazing Spell Card Master!

This way, he would have the confidence to take Mu Chongyan as his wife!!

“Oh….that’s right.” Bai Rong suddenly recalled that he still didn’t know what name Mu Chongyan went by in the virtual city. Although he couldn’t reveal his identity to him, he could still ask his wife and if he somehow came across him, even taking a secret peek would be fine.

“Mu Chongyan…” Bai Rong raised his head, showing an adorable face, “What’s the name you use in the virtual city?”

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