Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 45 Where did your thoughts go off to?

“My name in the virtual city?” Mu Chongyan pinched the little star pet’s hand and chuckled. “Did you suddenly think of looking for me?”

Originally, he had planned to ask how the little star pet enjoyed playing in the virtual city or whether he was bullied but he would always be interrupted by various matters.

“Would you not like it if I looked for you?” Bai Rong’s eyes glittered as he looked at Mu Chongyan, his voice soft.

Mu Chongyan poked bai Rong’s cheeks and smiled gently. “You’re selling meng again. Do you really want to know?”

Bai Rong originally wanted to sternly refute him saying that he wasn’t selling meng. These two words were simply an insult to a tough guy’s honor! However, when he heard the latter sentence, he instantly threw the refute at the back of his head and nodded his head vigorously, “En! Tell me, tell me….”


Mu Chongyan saw the little star pet holding onto his finger and unconsciously wiggle his little body coquettishly and was immediately unable to hold his restraint back. He gently rubbed the little star pet’s head, saying, “Alright alright alright, I’ll tell you…” Mu Chongyan’s voice was tender as he responded, “My name in the virtual city… Wei Huai.”

Wei…Wei Huai?!!!

The soft voice that fell on Bai Rong’s ears was like a sudden clap of lightning. Bai Rong’s eyes suddenly quivered and the waist he was twisting happily, suddenly cramped up.

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“….Gzaktbv.” Jyk Ssdt zyke sd vsr sq bkp yaxp yde rkvkqwzzu dseele.

“AH——! Gen-….gentler please…”


“I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” Mu Chongyan hurriedly eased his strength before starting to rub the little star pet’s waist again.

After rubbing for a full minute, Bai Rong’s cries became comfortable moans, “A little lower, en….a little stronger….it feels good, mmm…”

His Mu Chongyan was really virtuous, Bai Rong thought to himself happily. He secretly lifted his head to take a glance at Mu Chongyan and felt that warmth and consideration from Mu Chongyan’s touch travelled through his waist into his heart….

Mu Chongyan was such a good wife. Bai Rong secretly clenched his fist. He was also going to become a good husband!

However, before he could become a good husband, he still needed to protect his identity, and prevent Mu Chongyan from discovering it too early. Otherwise, it would definitely shock his Mu Chongyan’s little heart!

“……Mu Chongyan.” Feeling relaxed from being massaged, Bai Rong’s voice turned languid and soft, “What’s your contact number….”

Although he felt that the possibility of sharing the same name was extremely low, he still thought it best to confirm.

“67543789678.” Mu Chongyan quickly reported a string of numbers before asking, “What about you?”

As expected, it really was Mu Chongyan! Bai Rong’s eyes flashed. He had previously caught a glance of Wei Huai’s contact number and it didn’t share the slightest discrepancy with the string of numbers Mu Chongyan reported.

“Mine….” Bai Rong rubbed his ears, “Fo-…for the time being, I can’t tell you…”

“You can’t tell me?” Mu Chongyan’s gaze was a little sour as he looked at the back of Bai Rong’s head, however, his fingers did not stop moving, “Why?”

“Because…mmm, so good…” Bai Rong twisted his head, laying his right cheek on his arm as he stared at Mu Chongyan and said: “Because….I’m still too weak and too powerless. I want to wait until I become a promoted Spell Card Master before I find you. By that time, I can make cards for you…”


Imagining them sweeping the entire battlegrounds harmoniously as a couple, Bai Rong couldn’t resist from chuckling mischievously.

“Weak at what?” Hearing the little star pet say this, the sour feeling gathering in Mu Chongyan’s heart instantly disappeared. He gently patted the little star pet’s bum, saying, “Give me your contact number, can’t you practice spell card making at my side?”

“You-…You aren’t allowed to pat my butt!” Bai Rong’s little face turned red from having his little bum smacked out of the blue and he immediately got up in a fluster, stamping his foot on Mu Chongyan’s palm, “In-…In any case, I’m going to find you after studying, I-…I don’t want to become a mascot so you best give up on that thought!”

“Can’t you just go along the flow?” Amused by the little star pet’s expression of pledging to uphold his dignity, Mu Chongyan gently poked his stomach, “Your little head really thinks about a lot of things…”

“You’re also not allowed to poke my belly!” Bai Rong’s hands that were covering his rear immediately shifted to the front.

“Alright alright alright, I won’t poke your stomach…” Mu Chonyan helplessly looked at Bai Rong with mirth in his eyes, “Then….” Mu Chongyan paused, swallowing the words “how long” back in his throat. Although he felt that the chances of the little star pet become a Spell Card Master in a few years was too inconceivable, he merely said, “If you can’t manage to become one in a short time frame….you won’t see me?”

“….No.” Bai Rong decisively shook his head. In half a year, he would reach 1.8 meters, and by then, he would be able to become independent, so the day of confession wouldn’t be too far away….

“Then how long are you planning to take before looking for me?” Mu Chongyan didn’t expect that the little star pet would be quite confident. However, he quite liked this bout of confidence he had.

“….Half a year!” Bai Rong reached out an arm and boldly latched onto Mu Chongyan’s finger, raising his head, “Believe me. Just give me half a year’s time, ok?”

“….Alright.” Mu Chongyan helplessly acceded to him once again “But…if you ever encounter any difficulties or meet someone that bullies you, you need to find me, understood?”

“Ok!” Bai Rong accepted Mu Chonyan’s gaze of concern, feeling his heart warm as he nodded his little head strongly.

Seeing the little star pet obediently agree, Mu Chongyan couldn’t help himself from ruffling Bai Rong’s hair and saying, “We’ll stay here for today and go back tomorrow.”


“Tomorrow…wouldn’t it be too early?” Bai Rong looked at Mu Chongyan a little worried, “We don’t actually have to hurry home, we can wait until you’ve completely recovered.”

“It wouldn’t be early…” Mu Chongyan saw that the urgent restoration liquid had already fallen below the standard level and sent a message to Ma’er, asking him to come over.

“Ma’er, how’s the recovery rate?”

“Boss, please wait a moment.” Ma’er quickly poured in more medicine and restoration liquid until the restoration chamber was full before tapping on the screen, his face immediately revealing a pleasant surprise, “Boss! Your bones have already recovered to about 83% and your tissue cells have recovered about 80%! The speed of your recuperation has accelerated!”

“It accelerated?”

“Yes!” Ma’er excitedly looked at Mu Chongyan, “Boss! It might be due to the recovery and rise of your aptitude!”


Mu Chongyan looked at his own arm with a slight twinkle in his eye.

“Ma’er, take some blood for a lab test.”

“Boss..” Ma’er shook his head in disapproval, saying, “I’ll wait until you’ve fully recovered before taking some blood. “

Before, he had only taken some blood and cells to test for the virus before he had fully recovered, but now, since it was only for the sake of testing the aptitude, there really wasn’t any need to do so.

Mu Chongyan contemplated for 2 seconds before responding, “Alright.”


In any case, only a couple of hours have passed.

“Boss, it’s almost 10pm, you should quickly take a rest.” Ma’er looked at the pair of man and star pet exchanging glances and for some reason, felt his teeth turn sour.

“En…I know.” Mu Chongyan picked up the little star pet in his hand and told him softly, “Go back and rest. We’ll discuss the rest of the matters tomorrow, alright?”

“Alright…” Bai Rong nodded and kissed Mu Chongyan’s finger, softly saying, ”Quickly try to recover, I’ll accompany you early in the morning tomorrow…”

“Alright.” Mu Chongyan planted a kiss on Bai Rong’s head before placing him back into the crystal glass case.

Ma’er who was standing at the side the entire time, “…..”

He must’ve eaten something spoiled this morning because his teeth were aching…

Once Bai Rong had returned to the villa, he felt a little more relieved. He ran back to the bedroom to turn on his optical computer.

After logging into the virtual city within 3 seconds, Bai Rong placed the four intermediate spell cards and 4 basic spell cards he had finished making before, into the spell card detector.

Among the four basic spell cards inserted, 3 were SS Class and one was S Class, and among all four intermediate spell cards, all were of S Class.

Sigh. Bai Rong exhaled in helplessness. Trying to advance into an S Class Spell Card Master was really difficult….

After making a couple more basic spell cards, Bai Rong controlled the card ranking to be of S-level before sending them to the people who placed a custom order for them.

After another three cards, he could finally complete all 20 custom orders.

Seeing the remaining part of the payment sent by the people who had received their spell cards, the corner of Bai Rong’s lips hooked up and he opened the message box of his seller account to take a look.

There were about 9999+ requests to buy a spell card or have one custom made, among them were a few who secretly wanted to uncover his identity as well as poach him.

Heh….Bai Rong harrumphed. He now knew his wife’s identity so he wouldn’t go and help anyone else!

Recalling how Mu Chongyan had put in a lot of effort to rope him in, Bai Rong giggled foolishly to himself.

His wife didn’t even recognize him but wanted to pull him in. As expected, his charm was too formidable. Regardless of whether it was in the virtual world or in reality, it would always consume Mu Chongyan!

Heheh, Bai Rong complacently lifted his chin. Fortunately, he was a tough man who doted on his wife…Otherwise, with such an infatuated and delicate wife, what would he do if his wife had encountered a slag man?!!

Aiya, this couldn’t do…Bai Rong shook his head. He couldn’t even imagine the possibility of this happening, otherwise, it would hurt!

Bai Rong decided that the next time or the next next time he met Wei Huai….no, Mu Chongyan, he would agree to join their group. His eyes curved, and a light flashed in his pupils. 

From now on, he wouldn’t only be able to see Mu Chongyan in real life but also in the virtual world as well!

How fantastic! This was probably called having an inseparable, affectionate….m-marital harmony right!

En, and naturally, he was the husband.

After exiting the virtual city, Bai Rong headed to the bathroom for a quick wash before heading to the second floor to visit Kuku. Seeing that everything was going well with Kuku, he rubbed Kuku’s head in relief before heading back.

Kuku laid on the bed and secretly counted the days left when he could finish the top quality program, a determined glint flashing through his eyes.

On the second day, according to his routine, Bai Rong got up, washed up and recorded his height.


He had grown 0.77 centimeters!

Although it was less than before Mu Chongyan had met a mishap, it was still better than the day before yesterday when Mu Chonyan realized there was something wrong with his body.

Looks like…Mu Chongyan really was on the way to complete recovery!

Happily exposing his canines, Bai Rong raised his smiling face high and hummed the good man song as he ran out of the villa.

As soon as he departed, Bai Rong discovered that Mu Chongyan was already up and he immediately waved his little hands in giddiness, yelling out, “Mu Chongyan!”

Mu Chongyan had already changed into his clothes, walking out of the empty restoration chamber.

Sitting on the long platform, Mu Chongyan picked Bai Rong up into his hand, “Finally awake?”

“En!” Bai Rong carefully measured Mu Chongyan from top to bottom and said in concern, “Have you completely recovered?”

“I did, don’t worry.” Warmth surged in Mu Chongyan’s eyes as he kissed the top of Bai Rong’s head.

“O-…okay.” Having not expected Mu Chongyan to suddenly bend down and kiss him, Bai Rong twisted his clothes in embarrassment, his ears flushing red.

Why did he feel that Mu Chongyan liked him a lot more? It was still early in the morning and..he sud-..suddenly just went and kissed him.

Regardless of that, he was going to strive his best to satisfy his wife!

Bai Rong’s little face turned red as he swiftly cast a glance at Mu Chongyan. H-…He was an excellent tough man who could satisfy all of his wife’s wishes!

“Boss!” Ma’er brought a small instrument with him as he entered the room, “We can now take some blood and cells for inspection.”

“Alright.” Mu Chongyan pulled his sleeves up.

Seeing the glinting needle inserted into Mu Chongyan’s arm, Bai Rong pursed his lips in distress before raising his head and seeing Mu Chongyan’s face remain unchanged.

His wife was truly courageous!!

After half a minute later, Ma’er packed up his instrument and said, “Boss, the results should come out before this afternoon.”

“Understood. Sorry to trouble you, Ma’er.”

“It’s not a problem. It’s not a problem.” Ma’er hurriedly shook his head, “Boss, are you leaving right now?”

“Yes.” Mu Chongyan patted Ma’er’s shoulder, “I’ll hand this place back to you.”

Mu Chongyan then proceeded to use some makeup to disguise himself before leaving with the crystal glass case.

Half an hour later, Mu Chongyan especially transferred through several public aircrafts before finally returning to his abode.

Taking the crystal glass case out and leaving it at the corner of the living room, Mu Chongyan first turned to instruct the housekeeping android to cook before knocking on the crystal glass case.

Three minutes later, Bai Rong ran out with a little red face.

“….” Mu Chongyan looked at Bai Rong and inexplicably felt that his red face appeared somewhat suspicious, however, he didn’t have the cheek to ask him out of nowhere.

Ah, he didn’t even know why he felt it embarrassing to ask him…

A while later, the housekeeping android brought the prepared meals over.

Mu Chongyan arranged Bai Rong’s meal before picking up his chopsticks, however, his thoughts wandered elsewhere while he ate. He thought to himself. Why did the little star pet come out so late and why was his face red?

Unable to hold his curiosity back any longer, Mu Chongyan cleared his throat and asked, “What were you doing just then?”

“Huh?” Bai Rong gulped down his soy milk and was a little confused, “What do you mean just then….?”

Mu Chongyan bit on a steamed stuffed bun unnaturally, “I’m referring to before you ran out of the villa just now…”

“Huh?” Bai Rong raised his head and thought for a few seconds. His face then turned red as he answered, “It-….It’s nothing…”

“It’s nothing?” Seeing his face turn red again, Mu Chongyan’s gaze became suspicious.

“W-…Why?” Bai Rong straightened his neck. In any case, he wasn’t going to tell Mu Chongyan what he had just been doing!

“It’s nothing….” Mu Chongyan retracted his gaze and no longer spoke, silently drinking his soy milk.

Seeing that Mu Chongyan no longer asked, Bai Rong originally heaved a breath of relief, but seeing Mu Chongyan appear listless, his heart leapt.

This Mu Chongyan is simply picking at his weak spot!

Just because he doted on his wife, d-…didn’t mean that he could challenge his bottom line at any time!!

Bai Rong’s face puffed up and he raised his hand unwillingly to poke Mu Chongyan’s arm, mumbling, “Fine, I’ll tell you….”

Mu Chongyan shifted his glance back at him in expectation.

Bai Rong’s face turned completely red as his hands rubbed the chopsticks. He whispered in a small voice, “I…I was just in the toilet, and was suffering from diarrhea….”

The author has something to say:

Bai RongRong (exhale in indulgence): Why would you still need to ask about such sensitive matters? What a sticky person. It can’t be helped, it’s all my fault for spoiling you…

Mu Chongyan (anxiously looking for Ma’er): My little star pet’s having diarrhea, what should I do?!! Can you treat it?!!

Ma’er: ……B-Boss, what do you take me as an interstellar top class doctor for……

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